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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Safety Committee
Summary of Meeting of June 9, 2016
Present: Georgina Stevenson, chair, Jen Mankin, Steve Sterrett, Officer Steve Smith, Aaron
Fraker of Community Crime Patrol, and Katrina Karrick of the City Attorneys offices.
Those present at the meeting introduced themselves. Katrina Karrick explained her role as a zone
attorney in the office of City Attorney Rick Pfeiffer.
Officer Steve Smith reported Veliko Ventures may no longer employ The Barcus Company as its
property manager. Public safety concerns are being raised again around those properties. Officer
Smith will check further to determine who the new property manager may be.
Steve Sterrett reported a resident expressed concern about gunfire coming almost monthly from a
Community Properties of Ohio apartment building. Mr. Sterrett gave further information on the
situation to Officer Smith. Mr. Sterrett also will send the information to Lt. Smith Weir, who
works with CPOs special-duty officers.
Mr. Sterrett noted the primary purpose of the meeting was to hear from residents about their
public safety concerns. Except for Georgina Stevenson and Jen Mankin, no residents were
present. Mr. Sterrett suggested residents may be relatively satisfied with the level of public safety
in the neighborhood.
Ms. Mankin proposed that public safety be discussed at the monthly civic association meeting on
June 22. She invited Ms. Karrick and Officer Smith to talk about their roles in public safety at
that meeting. Ms. Mankin and Ms. Stevenson will talk further to plan the public safety discussion
on June 22.
Mr. Sterrett said his understanding is a young African-American woman from Weinland Park has
not heard further about her complaint with the Columbus Division of Polices Internal Affairs
Bureau. In her complaint, she says she was handled roughly during an interaction with police
officers on High Street in March. Officer Smith said the investigation appears to be ongoing.
Officer Smith asked if the civic association has plans for National Night Out on August 2. After
discussion, committee agreed to include public safety information in the annual Weinland Park
Neighborhood Festival on Saturday, August 6.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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