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Appendix J




SCHOOL: Harrison Hill
MENTOR TEACHER: Brittney Ferretti

DATE: 12/14/15

 CURRICULUM CONTENT AND PLANNING (Domain 1, IUPUI Student Teaching Rubrics)

o How well does the student teaching intern
 Understand the content to be taught
 Understand the students
 Select instructional goals
 Create units and lesson plans
 Design coherent instruction?
Jess demonstrated an enthusiasm for teaching as well as learning. She collaborated with me to
plan lessons for the class. Jess also worked cooperatively with the other third grade teachers and
their student teachers in developing units of study for the third grade students. Jess asked good
questions regarding content and delivery to make sure she is prepared and has a thorough
understanding of the objective and lesson. She has developed into a very prepared, conscious and
reflective teacher. As a first year teacher, she will need to continue to plan lessons with explicit
language and plan for any confusion. Jess looked at content, materials and learning objectives.
She thought about language, reactions and confusion. Jess focused on a gradual release of
responsibility and that made for strong delivery and smooth transitions to independent work.
 CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT (Domain 2, IUPUI Student Teaching Rubrics)
o How well does the student teaching intern
 Set up the social learning environment
 Manage classroom procedures
 Handle discipline
 Set up the physical learning environment
Jess was a strong support for our social learning environment. She made every child feel part of a
community of learners. Her lessons were creative and took into account all interests, learning
styles and abilities. She was respectful of students diverse backgrounds. Jess provided a safe
environment, where all students felt valued. Jess was well-liked by the students. She supported
students by writing good-notes home. Jess took time to take pictures to send home to parents
of students working hard. Jess ate lunch with groups of students almost every day. Students said
lunch with Miss H. was one of their favorite things. Jess worked to follow-through with
established classroom procedures and norms. Jess was able to complete daily routines. She used
positive reinforcement effectively. Jess disciplined students in a consistent and fair manner. She

was firm, but also a good listener. She took the initiative to discipline with care. She became
more conscious of body placement and proximity.
 INSTRUCTION/ASSESSMENT (Domain 3, IUPUI Student Teaching Rubrics)
o How well does the student teaching intern
 Communicate while teaching
 Conduct questioning and discussions
 Engage Learners
 Assess pupils learning and provide meaningful feedback
Jess created lesson plans that were consistent with her objectives, motivated students and
provided a variety of evaluation strategies. She incorporated differentiated instruction in
teaching the writing process for our List Article unit. Jess worked and improved on understanding,
reacting and follow-up questioning. Jess added more rigor to her lessons, questioning and
independent work. She became more conscious of wait-time and rephrasing questions for
students understanding. Jess is a very honest and reflective teacher. Jess took time to clear up
any misconceptions with students after teaching or independent work. Jess became a more
enthusiastic and confident teacher throughout the semester.
o How well does the student teaching intern
 Reflect about his/her teaching
 Take on professional responsibilities
 Demonstrate professional dispositions
As stated, Jess is a very honest and reflective teacher. She is invested in becoming an effective
teacher. Jess makes a conscious effort to improve and take note of best practices after observations
and feedback. Jess spent several extra hours at Harrison Hill for Family Engagement Nights and dance
tryouts for 2 Kold Krew.