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From the worlds tallest bike, to another that resemble a shoe, here is a collection of some

weird bikes from around the world

World's tallest ride-able motorcycle

This colossal bike was built by Greg Dunham and it took him 3 years to have it finished.
The bike measures 15 feet tall and 20 feet long and weighs 3 tonnes. It is powered by an
8.2 litre (502 cu in) V8 engine. The gigantic design entered the Guinness World Records
in 2005 as the tallest ride-able motorcycle. The bike is priced at $300,000.

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Shoe bike
This atypical motorcycle was spotted in Chicago promoting a shoe sale.

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Uno motorcycle
The Uno bike was created by 18-year-old Ben J. Poss Gulak and was unveiled in 2008 at
the National Motorcycle Show in Toronto. The bike runs on electricity and is equipped to
read the riders body language.

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The Smart Chopper - Electric motorcycle
The Smart Chopper is a breathtaking electric bike launched by Siemens in 2008. It takes
five hours to charge it and requires a 110-volt socket. Orange County Choppers, a leading
manufacturer of custom motorcycles, had built the Siemens Smart Chopper over the
course of a month. Siemens has also developed a compatible Smart Grid-ready charger
which communicates with the utility to enable charging when the electricity is most

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Suzuki Biplane
This ultramodern concept bike was first revealed by Suzuki at the 2007 Tokyo Motor
Show. Thanks to its splendid aircraft-inspired design, the rider experiences the feeling of
being in an open-canopied biplane.

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Super Sky Cycle - Flying motorcycle
Larry Neal of Boyd, former test pilot, created the Super Sky Cycle - a bike that can also
fly. Priced at $ 25,000, the bike can go as fast as 70 mph.

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World's first motorcycle
The First Motorcycle was created in 1885 in Stuttgart, Germany. It was designed and
built by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. The invention
was also the first petroleum-powered vehicle.

Method 1 (the easy one)
1. Click Start, Run, and then type cmd. When the command prompt opens
type CD C:\Test (replace Test with the name of the folder you want to hide.)
2. Now type attrib file +s +h and replace file with the name of the actual file
name you would like to hide.
3. Now, go back to C:\Test and look for your file or folder, its not there! You
cannot find it through simply browsing around, through the command prompt, or
even if you click Show Hidden Files and Folders.
4. To find the folder and its contents again simply go back to the command
prompt, type CD C:\Test (of course, again replacing Test with the name of the
folder,) and then type attrib filename -s -h. You should now be able to find your
file again!
Method 2 (this is where it starts to get slightly more difficult)
This method, unlike the previous one, hides an entire drive instead of individual files or
(Before you ever use the registry I HIGHLY RECOMMEND backing up your registry
with a tool similar to Registry Tool or CCleaner. You may as well use a manual method
similar to this.)
1. Go to Start, Run, and type regedit.
2. When the registry editor loads, navigate to:
3. Right click on Explorer and select New and DWORD Value.
4. Name the value NoDrives and select Decimal as the base.
5. In the value type the number that corresponds with the drive below:

(E.g. If you would like to hide drive E, type 16. You may also hide multiple drives
by adding the two numbers. E.g. If you would like to hide drives E and G,
6. Now, after you restart your computer, you should not be able to see the drive.
Method 3
1. Create a folder in a drive for easy access, e.g. C:. (Name it something related to
the Control Panel, e.g. Users.)
2. Create a new file in Notepad and copy and paste the following into it:
ren Users Users.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}
3. Replace Users with the name of the folder you created and save the file as
(You should now be able to see your folder and the loc.bat file, with the loc.bat in
the same directory as the folder Not in it.)
4. Now, right-click and create another text file. Copy and Paste the following into
ren Users.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} Users
(Make sure to replace the word Users with the name of your folder.)
5. Save it as key.bat.
6. Now you should see the loc.bat and the key.bat files in the same directory as
the folder you created.
7. Now, all you need to do is double-click on the loc.bat file and the folder should
have an icon that looks like the control panel. If you click on the folder it should
redirect you to the Control Panel and thus you have locked the folder.
8. Of course, to unlock it, simply double-click on the key.bat file and the folder
should turn back into the folder you first created.

Method 4
This final method allows users to hide files in a JPEG image:

1. Create a folder in C:\, e.g. C:\Folder1.

2. Put all the files you want to hide in there, as well as a JPEG image that you
would like to hide the files in.
3. Select all of the files you want to hide, and create a ZIP or RAR file with them
using a program like WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip, etc.
4. Now you should have your archive next to your files that you want to hide,
even though they are in the archived file already, with the JPEG image you would
like to hide all of this in.
5. Go to Start, Run, and type: cmd.
6. Now type: cd \, then type: cd Folder1. (Of course, replace Folder1 with the
name of your folder.)
7. Type the following: copy /b myimage.JPG + archivedthing.rar myimage.jpg
(Note: Replace the name myimage with the name of your image, and replace
archivedthing with the name of your compressed file.)
8. You should receive a response similar to the following: 1 file(s) copied.
9. To find the files in your image, all you need to do is right-click on the image
and select Open With and select WinRAR or the name of the program you
used to archive the original files.