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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Summary of Meeting of June 13, 2016
Present: Matt Martin and Sean Storey, co-chairs, Dan Short, Allie Short, Terry Althouse,
Sheldon Johnson, Erin Prosser, Rory Krupp, Laura Bidwa, Omar El Hag Musa, Brian Williams,
Robert Barksdale, Abigail Hartung, Steve Sterrett, George Skaff, and George Skaff, Jr.
Matt Martin and Sean Storey called the meeting to order at 6:06 p.m. at Godman Guild.
Mr. Martin distributed maps and information regarding housing, including a new map that he
created to explain the housing investments in Weinland Park from 2000 to the present. Mr.
Martin suggested the housing investments in Weinland Park could be a national model for
equitable housing development. He plans to use photographs, text and the map to explain the
housing investments.
Sean Storey provided updates on several matters:
Several houses are being renovated privately in the neighborhood at a cost of about $250,000
to $275,000 each.
Several more affordable single-family homes will be available for sale.
Jen Mankin, Joe Williams, and Susan Colbert met with The NRP Group to discuss the sale of
the lease-to-purchase houses at the end of the 15 years. The NRP Group has offered a 35%
discount off the market price of the house for persons who live in the homes for 15 years.
Erin Prosser reported Steve Bollinger is in contract for the Campus Partners-owned property on
East Seventh Avenue. Contracts are in process for the other potential purchasers of single-family
home parcels.
Rory Krupp reported he prepared a nomination of Grant Commons for an historic preservation
award from the Ohio History Connection. He also reported the University Area Commission
adopted a resolution asking city officials for additional funding for the citys Planning Division.
Dan and Allie Short presented a proposal for a single-family house on the Campus Partnersowned vacant lot at 1463 N. Fourth Street. The house would be about 2,100 square feet with
front porch and an open floor plan on the first floor. Mr. Short said they would like to put an inlaw suite on the top of a two-car garage at the rear of the property. Committee members
discussed valuable elements of urban housing design and were generally supportive of the
Shorts proposal.
Committee members discussed housing concepts for six Campus Partners lots as proposed by
Kevin Lykens and George Skaff. Mr. Skaff and his son, George Skaff, Jr., said they will start
with the four lots along North Fourth Street. Mr. Skaff said the architectural design will reflect
the historic character of the neighborhood with the open floor plan popular today.
The business of the committee being concluded, Mr. Martin adjourned the meeting at 7:30 p.m.
Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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