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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Planning Committee for Weinland Park Neighborhood Festival

Summary of Meeting of June 13, 2016
Present: Ashley Dixon, co-chair of the committee, Madison Eagle, Terry Althouse, and Steve
Sterrett. Abi Marrah of The Dream Center attended the committee meeting for the first time.
Diane Dixon joined the meeting by conference telephone call.

Ashley Dixon called the meeting to order.

Diane Dixon received the permit from the citys Recreation and Parks Department for the
festival, but the department does not permit animals or a dunk tank in city parks. The Bring the
Farm to You program and dunk tank will have to be on school property. The committee will
hold its next meeting on July 18 behind the elementary school in Weinland Park to determine the
location of various activities.
Madison Eagle has added volunteer tasks to the website to recruit volunteers for the festival.
Terry Althouse will provide Godman Guilds EIN number to publicize the volunteer sign-up
through other organizations.
Diane Dixon and Steve Sterrett will discuss the purchase of popcorn and cotton candy supplies
and other materials for the festival.
Abi Marrah will look into providing book bags and supplies for elementary school children at the
festival. She will determine by July 1 if the school supplies will be available.
Steve Sterrett will ask Jean Pitman if she will do the design the cards for festival-goers to use in
visiting vendors and qualifying for the Proctor & Gamble give-away. Mr. Sterrett also will
contact Simone Clayborn about school supplies for middle and high school students.
The next meeting of the festival planning committee will be Monday, July 18, at 5 p.m. in
the city park behind Weinland Park Elementary School, 211 E. Seventh Avenue.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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