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God has put the keys to a healthy spirit, soul and body in the Bible

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Blood Moons

are not about the

endthey are
about the beginning
For over 3,000 years God has used the blood
moon tetrads on His feast days of Passover and
Tabernacles as a sign of special revival coming
to His people. The last great blood moon revival
came in 1967, when God poured out His Spirit
to begin the charismatic renewal. Today there are over
600 million charismatic Christians who are the fruit of this revival,
including most of the readers of this magazine.
The blood moon tetrad of 2014-2015 occurred in troubled times, as have most of
the previous 14 blood moon tetrads. Yet we can see the beginning of a new revival
coming based on unity in Christ in answer to Jesus prayer in John 17. Dont miss it!
We invite you to study the Scriptures, the heavenly signs, and the history of the
blood moon tetrads in our new book The Mystery of the Blood Moons.
We also want to give you our e-book The Stars of His Coming, which shows how the
heavens declare the glory of God; explains the star of Bethlehem and the other
signs in the sun, moon and stars of the first coming of Christ; and points to the
signs in the sun, moon and stars that we should be looking for in anticipation of the
Second Coming of Christ.

FREE! Just go to our web site,,

to receive your own free download of The Stars of His Coming

and a free chapter of The Mystery of the Blood Moons.



Your Feedback 6
Inspire 16
The evangelism brochure thats
reaching millions of broken hearts
God answers an intercessory prayer
meeting with lightning and thunder
An Israeli Arab pastor risks his
life to preach the gospel

20 Cover Story

Empower 62

Fasting That Breaks Strongholds

This months resources: Jezebels

Puppets, Surrender, The Giver and the
Gift, Fresh Start, The Unbroken Cord,
Jesus Speaks, Floodplain, plus more

Adding fasting to your spiritual warfare strategy

could lead you into massive breakthrough.
By John Eckhardt

Review: Natalie Grants Be One



The Daniel Detox

Learn the secrets to
revitalizing your body and
spirit in 21 days.
By Don Colbert, M.D.


Setting the Emotional

Captives Free
Discover the truth that will set
you free from the bondage of
emotional eating.
By Jennifer LeClaire
and Kathy DeGraw


The Holy Meal That Heals

The daily practice of receiving
Communion is a powerful
source of physical and
spiritual healing that could
radically change your life.


Breaking the Cycles of

Weight-Loss Defeat
This three-headed approach to
reversing destructive patterns
will empower you for victory.
By Braxton Cosby, D.P.T.

By Perry Stone


Fasting Your Way to a

Longer Life
Fasting could reduce your risk
of common health issues such
as heart disease and diabetes
and lengthen your life.
By Francis E. Umesiri


Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

More than Wall Street savvy,
healthy investments are
spiritually aligned with the
Bible. Heres what you need to
know about mutual funds.
By Tim Weinhold

8 Perspective
Are you taking enough responsibility to care
for the physical body God has given you?
By Steve Strang

10 Greenelines
Could food and television watching be
significant hindrances to our prayers?
By Dr. Steve Greene

12 Standing in the Gap

Pressing into the yoke-breaking anointing
By Jennifer LeClaire

14 Straight Talk
Two big choices every believer faces
By Joyce Meyer

66 Fire in My Bones
6 really wrong ways to leave a church
By J. Lee Grady

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realities head on. Youll explore the supernatural principles of Gods Kingdom while reading fascinating stories of
successand failure. Along with solid biblical instruction, Rocha offers inspiring testimonies and prayers that will
increase your anointing and faith for healing and equip you for an
effective healing ministry.

Read this book with expectation, as the

author activates your faith to see the
Kingdom come as promised.
BILL JOHNSON, senior pastor,
Bethel Church, Redding, CA

his is a book I am conident to

recommend. Everyone who reads
it will feel encouraged and
inspired to heal the sick.
DR. TOM JONES, executive director,
Global Awakening Ministries

Your Feedback




Chief Financial Officer JOY F. STRANG

Prophet, arise!
Your time has come.
Thank you for this
... This is a season
of birth, and the
time is now.
Tanya Simpson
The 40th-anniversary edition is truly
great. The issues of your magazine
are truly a blessing. Tim LaHaye, Mark
Hitchcock, Joyce MeyerI have read a
few of their books. When a guy hospitalized me for 2 1/2 days, I wanted revenge.
Fear is a terrible thing. I was ashamed of
this event. But after you started my subscription, I had a slight change of heart.
This priceless treasure is a wealth of
information. Today I believe I can go that
extra mile. I learned to open my heart
to the world of Jesus Christ. Thanks for
showing compassion by opening the
door for a 2016 subscription.
Richard Jenkins,
Jefferson City, Missouri


Thank you for your magazine. I look
forward each month to it. I just finished reading the November issue.
I was reading Fire in My Bones by
J. Lee Grady. It made me think of the
good old days when I was a teenager.
I am now 85 years old. I remember
when I lived in New Mexico. I had
heard of the Jesus People Movement.
Walking down the street, I heard
them singing. I stopped to listen.


I was living in another town. I asked

them to come to our town, so they
said they wanted me to find a place
for them to sing. I told them I would,
so I got the ball field at our high
school. It was wonderful. I bless you
in my prayers.
Dewey DeWeber, Clatskanie, Oregon

CHARISMA | January 2016



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Prophet, arise! Your time has come
(John Eckhardt, Heavens Prophetic
Assignments, Charisma, November
2015). Thank you for this encouragement. It is time for the prophetic
call to come forth and flow with the
power of God like never before. This
is the season of birth, and the time
is now. The Lord God has given me
the tongue of the learned, that I may
know how to sustain him who is
weary with a word; He awakens me
morning by morning; He awakens my
ear to listen as the learned (Is. 50:4).
Tanya Simpson, via email


I am very glad that I have received
the October issue of Charisma. All the
articles are very interesting.
Mang Cin Pau, Yangon, Myanmar
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Your Body Is the Temple

I believe God is glorified when we take good care of our physical bodies

Fasting is a spiritual
discipline that brings
us closer to God and
helps us believe Him in
times of great need.

pullups and situps I could do. Recently,

a military friend told me about the Army
Physical Fitness Test all military personnel
must pass twice a year. For fun, I pulled the
test off the Internet that the Rangers must
pass and I passed it!
I participated for six weeks with a group
of men who did the program, and each
week, we had to do something extreme
and post the results on a special Facebook
page. For example, one day we had to do
as many pushups as possible. I picked a
Saturday when I had the flexibility and did a
set of 25 and then 20 minutes later, another
set of 25. In a 12-hour span, I was able to do
more than 700. I would have never guessed
this possible. Then, for my 64th birthday, I
did 64 pullups. I admit it was fun to prove
to myself and others that I could do more
than I thought possible. If I can do it, you
can do more than you thought possible!
Im well-aware that the apostle Paul said,
Bodily exercise profits a little (1 Tim. 4:8).
There are those who spend so much time
working out others call them gym rats! They
are almost cultlike in how they focus on
physical fitness beyond all else and seemingly worship the human body.
Im not talking about that extreme. Im
taking about the parable of the talents,
which can be summed up as: If you use it,
it will grow, and if you dont use it, you will
lose it. Jesus said that about investing talents, but that also applies in exercise.
God created wonderful bodies and gave
us health. In 3 John 2, it says, Beloved, I
pray ... you may be in good health. I believe
Hes glorified when we are responsible to
use what Hes given for His glory. Everything
we do in word and deedeven caring for
our healthmust be done for His glory.

STEVE STRANG is the founder of Charisma and CEO of Charisma Media. Follow him on Periscope and Twitter (@sstrang) or
Facebook (stephenestrang).

CHARISMA | January 2016



he Bible says the body is the temple of the Holy

Spirit. We must be responsible and take care
of the physical body God has given us. I know
some Christians who wouldnt drink or smoke
(because its unhealthy) but were so obese they had very
poor health. They wouldnt need God to heal them of
their maladies if they had lived healthy lifestyles!
For many readers, I hope this issue is a turning point.
Fasting is a spiritual discipline that brings us closer to God
and helps us believe Him at times of great need. And the
articles on health can help us improve incrementally and
enjoy life to the fullest. No matter how poor or good your
health is, you can improve.
A decade ago, I felt led to fast for 40 days. It was a time
of great spiritual breakthrough for me. I got a physical
exam before I started my 40-day fast, which I recommend
before doing something so radical.
The fast had a side benefitI proved to myself that I
was not a slave to my appetite. Turning away dessert or
avoiding a bag of chips is not hard compared to the discipline of a long fast! It broke whatever compulsive eating
habits I may have had, my body was able to detoxify, and I proved to myself I could do a long fast.
In my mid-20s, I was so out of shape I couldnt run a lap around a football field without being
winded. I had grown up in a family where healthy eating habits and exercise were not emphasized. Several relatives tipped the scales at over 300 pounds. I didnt want to be that out of shape.
Then I read an article about someone who started jogging by running to the next mailbox
and then walking to the next mailbox. Soon he could run to two mailboxes before walking and
gradually built up to a mile. I decided I could do that, and I did! When I travel internationally, I
have enjoyed some pleasant jogs through places like Venice, downtown London and Russia.
Because that article helped me, I read other articles and books and began to educate myself
on the value of health and fitness. It may be why we now publish a line of health books, many
of which have been very popular, under the brand Siloam. Ive also turned to professionals for
advice. I go to doctors who can help me with my health! (I personally avoid overweight doctors.)
Ive found health professionals who can help me work out.
Two years ago this month, I was treated for prostate cancer. Thankfully, I found a procedure
called High Intense Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) that is noninvasive and left me cancer free with no
side effects. I did a lot of research to determine what was right for me because I found the health
professionals recommended whatever they made money doing!
I decided to try to be in as good health as possible before the procedure, so I started going
to a trainer. I actually lowered my percentage of fat and added muscle, and Ive continued the
routine. I also began to set some goals. I ran in some races and decided to increase the pushups,


Television Viewing Fast

hile I served as a senior pastor, I called

for a corporate fast at the beginning of
each calendar year for the first 21 days
of the new year. I felt as though our fast
would please God and be beneficial to the people of
our church. I also felt the fast would help our individual
prayer lives. I provided a church prayer list and suggested
that everyone add specific prayers to their list.
In addition, I called the church to a television viewing
fast to coincide with our food fast. The lite version of a
television fast is to simply eliminate all news programming for 21 days. I encouraged our congregation to
only watch programs which included family time
and laughter.
The options are limited, so viewing is easily decreased.
And prayer time can increase. I have long believed that
significant hindrances to our prayers are food and television watching. If we think about the time we spend
with food preparation and consumption and then consider television-watching time, we have
siphoned away a major block of time which could be spent in Bible study and prayer.
We all seem to be busier than ever, yet television and alternate screen viewing do not seem to
be declining. Viewing time may have switched to a smartphone, tablet or computer monitor, but
viewing of programming continues to impact our inventory of available time.
Ive studied television viewing habits for many years. What I offer for your consideration is not
academic or scientific data. The data are collected from self-reported surveys. I wont offer citations because the data are soft but generally replicate most research into viewing habits. In my
opinion, television viewing habits are more extensive than most people will admit. Its also possible that most of us dont even realize the extent of our commitment to favorite shows.
The following should serve to document that America can certainly find time to pray:
The average adult watches four hours of television every day.
At least one television is on for an average of 7 hours and 40 minutes every day per home.
40 percent of homes view television programs during dinner.
49 percent of Americans agree they watch too much television.
What about the viewing habits of American children?
One-year-old children average 6 hours of television exposure per day.
Children aged 2-17 watch on average 19 hours and 40 minutes of television each week.
Children of that age average 38 minutes of conversation with their parents per week.
Over 56 percent of children aged 8-16 have a television in their bedroom.
Seventy percent of daycare facilities have at least one television on throughout the day.
This data set isnt pretty. Ive provided only a tiny section of a very convicting picture of home
life. We need more than a television fast; we need a lifestyle change.

We need more than a

television fast; we need
a lifestyle change.

Current behaviors seem to indicate a

deepening addiction to what can easily be
considered an enemy within many Christian
homes. Television programming often takes
our attention away from the people in the
home as well as meaningful conversation
and relationship building.
Think for a moment about inviting a
babysitter into your home. You soon learn
the sitter is foul-mouthed, scantily clothed,
violent and sexually suggestive. How many
of us would allow this sitter to spend 6-10
hours with our children? But many parents
give little thought to the impact of television programming on young minds. The
path of least resistance is a straight line
to the TV set. Most of us are aware of the
need to protect our eyes and ears when
we are out of the home and we wouldnt
fellowship with people who behave like the
television actors some seem to worship. Ive
watched autograph seekers. It sure looked
like worship to me.
What we allow ourselves to consume in
programming is not any more healthy to
watch on television than it is to accept in
a live situation. We simply wouldnt allow
our eyes and ears to consume the junk that
invades many homes.
Ive often been asked about how our
television fast affected families. I can report
that some families completely stopped
watching the news. Many reduced their
total hours of viewing and reported closer
relationships in the home. Lives were
changed for the better. Spiritual leaders
of our homes lock doors and protect their
families from all evil doers. We must also
protect our family time and encourage
the development of faith. We dont need a
remote control to connect with Jesus.

DR. STEVE GREENE is publisher and executive vice president of the Media Group at Charisma Media.

CHARISMA | January 2016



Television viewing has a stranglehold on too many Christian homes. But we claim we are too busy to pray


Hear & Share


Hot topics about your Christian faith

Christian newsmakers impacting the world
Powerful and practical leadership insights
One news story a day, well told
Your faith and ignite your walk with the Holy Spirit
Stories of faith from athletes
Life applications for todays women and young ladies




Standing in the Gap


Pressing Into the Anointing Breaks the Yoke

or years, Christians have set aside time in January

to fast. The most hard-core among us choose a
full fast, drinking only liquids. Others go for the
popular Daniel Fast, which shuns meat, sweets
and bread. Still others opt for the partial fast from sunup
to sundown.
There are many fasting variations, all with the purpose
of putting the flesh down so we can be more sensitive
to Gods Spirit, sharpen our spiritual ears to His voice
and otherwise unlock His power in our lives. On top of
all these benefits, science is proving we can fast our way
to health and even add years to our lives by keeping our
temples cleansed.
But theres another side of fasting thats not discussed
much but is just as important for many who are struggling with oppressive forces of poverty, rejection, fear,
sickness and confusion. We can unlock fasting mysteries
in our lives to overcome destructive habits like emotional
eating, addictions or lust.
Many believers can hear God clearly. They hunger and
thirst for Him. They draw near to God and He draws near
to them, yet demonic cycles are operating in their lives.
No matter how much they pray, praise, worship or renew their minds with the Word, harmful
patterns of anger, overeating, procrastination or overwhelming, ungodly emotions manifest.
Fasting can set these captives free.
Im reminded of the account of the boy with the unclean spirit. While Jesus, Peter, James and
John were up on the Mount of Transfiguration, other disciples were down below trying to cast a
devil out of the boy.
When Jesus came down from the mountain, the boys father ran up to Him saying, Teacher,
I brought You my son, who has a mute spirit. Wherever it takes hold on him, it dashes him to the
ground. And he foams at the mouth and gnashes with his teeth and becomes rigid. And I told
Your disciples so that they would cast it out, but they could not (Mark 9:17-18).
Jesus proceeded to cast out the devil, which would throw the boy into the fire and the water.
The devil shook the boy violently and came out with a loud crybut it came out. The disciples
watched in wonder. Later, in private, they asked Him why they could not cast it out. Christs
answer: This kind cannot come out except by prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29).
You see, some strongholds are only broken by prayer mixed with fasting. John Eckhardt, who
has been in deliverance ministry for decades and has seen all manner of wicked spirits come out
in the name of Jesus, carries this revelation. In our cover story, he puts it this way:
Sometimes you have to do something unusual, extraordinary and beyond the norm to see
breakthrough. Normal church, normal Christianity, normal preaching and normal praying are

The anointing of the

Holy Spirit destroys
bondages that tie
you to sinful habits
and desires.

not going to get the job done. Some little,

sweet prayer is not going to do. Religion
wont get it done. It is going to take an
anointing that destroys the yoke. When
you fast, the anointing increases in your
life because you are so into the Spirit. The
authority of God, power of God and faith
of God come alive when you lay aside
some things and fast. You will find yourself
getting stronger and stronger. Shouting
doesnt do it; the anointing does.
Indeed, Isaiah 10:27 declares that the
anointing breaks the yokeand not only
breaks it but destroys it. The anointing of
the Holy Spirit breaks yokes the enemy
has put upon you to pull you in a direction opposite of His will. The anointing
of the Holy Spirit destroys bondages that
tie you to sinful habits and desires. Isaiah
understood this truth and unpacked it in
chapter 58 of his prophetic book:
Is not this the fast that I have chosen: to
loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the
heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed
go free, and break every yoke? Is it not to
divide your bread with the hungry and
bring the poor who are outcasts into your
house? When you see the naked, to cover
him and not hide yourself from your own
flesh? Then your light shall break forth as
the morning, and your healing shall spring
forth quickly, and your righteousness shall
go before you; the glory of the Lord shall
be your reward. Then you shall call, and the
Lord shall answer; you shall cry, and He shall
say, Here I am (Is. 58:6-8).
My prayer is that the stories in this
issue will help you find natural and spiritual health, walking free of any ties that
bind and into divine health that glorifies
our Father.

JENNIFER LECLAIRE is senior editor of Charisma, director of the Awakening House of Prayer, a senior leader of the New Breed Revival Network
and author of many books, including Jezebels Puppets: Exposing the Agenda of False Prophets. Visit her online at

CHARISMA | January 2016



Fasting is about more than just putting our flesh downsometimes its also about casting the devil out

If you start now

Straight Talk

2 Choices Every Believer Must Make

Doing what we want and getting our way all the time arent what will make us happy

have been teaching the Word of God for 40 years,

and one of the most life-changing things Ive
learned is that God is always right. No matter what I
think, how I feel or what my circumstances look like,
His wisdom and His way of doing things are always the
answer to my problems.
We see one message throughout the Bible: Do whats
right in Gods eyes, and youll have a life you enjoy thats
worth living. Dont obey God, and have a miserable life.
Its not the things that happen to us that determine
the quality of our lives. Its how we choose to respond
to them that really matters. Trusting God is the key
to making right choices that bring us the life He has
planned for us.
We can choose to trust God. The truth is, God is the
only one we can completely trust to take care of us and
do whats best for us at all times in every situation.
Maybe youre thinking, Well, I trusted God and
He didnt take care of me. I understand how you feel
because Ive gone through hard things and didnt get
what I wanted when I thought I should get it or the way I
thought it should come.
But the question is: Were you trusting God to give you
what you wanted Him to give you or what He wanted to give you in His time and in His way?
Doing what we want and getting our way all the time isnt what will make us happy. Being
selfish and self-centered is actually a miserable way to live.
We need the Word of God because as we study it and meditate on it, it renews our minds
so we think the way He thinks. It also turns our will in Gods direction so we want what He
wants for us.
Psalm 37:3 says, Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and practice faithfulness.
This verse tells us the two things we must do that will solve every problem we face: Trust God
and do good.
Gods Word is medicine that brings healing and restoration to our souls. Trust God and
Do good are the two prescriptions we all need. Our doctor is Jesus, we are His patients,
and we can take His medicine as much as we need to. Refills are endless! But there are
side effects. When you trust God, you will experience peace, joy, stability, confidence and
overall better health. When you do good, youll have extreme happiness and rewards
in heaven!
I know its not always easy to trust God and do good. But its the best option because
its the only thing that will really work. I know it works because I was a mess. Learning how
to trust God and obey His Word has literally changed my life!

I wish I could get

people to understand
how pathetic my life
was when I received
my first Bible from
my mother-in-law.

I wish I could get people to understand

how pathetic my life was when I received
my first Bible from my mother-in-law. Its
amazing how learning to believe Gods
Wordto trust Him and obey Himhas
taken my brokenness and turned my life
into something that can actually be of value
to other people.
Psalm 37:5 says, Commit your way to
the Lord; trust also in Him, and He will bring
it to pass. Life in God is a journey, and we
partner with Him by putting our trust in
Him (1 Cor. 1:9). When were dealing with a
difficult situation, He may show us something we need to do that will help solve
our problem.
I remember when God spoke to
my heart that Dave and I should take
care of my parents in their old age. This
meant we would move them to the city
where we live, buy a home for them and
provide the care they needed. This was
so hard for me because my father had
abused me throughout my childhood,
and my mother had abandoned me by
not doing anything to stop it.
But God gave me the grace to do it,
and one of the results was that my father
accepted Christ as his Savior before he
died. This is one of the greatest victories
Ive ever had!
I want to encourage you to trust God
completely in every area of your life.
Remember that He is always on your side
and He is fighting for you as you go through
the challenges in your life. He loves you and
has your best interest at heart at all times.
No matter what you need or what your
circumstances are, you can live with peace,
joy, stability, confidence and overall better
health if you will trust God and do good!

JOYCE MEYER is a New York Times best-selling author and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries Inc. She has written more than 100 books,
including Battlefield of the Mind. She hosts the Enjoying Everyday Life radio and TV programs. For more information, visit

CHARISMA | January 2016


At a time when he didnt have the words to pray, Dr. Mark Rutland turned
to the Lords Prayer. Through it, he reconnected with God and found comfort,
hope, and healing. Now he reveals how your soul, too, can be renewed
in the 21 seconds it takes to pray these words of Jesus.

In this book, Dr. Rutland examines the Lords Prayer alongside Psalm 23,
making the two most familiar prayers of the Bible come alive with insight and
inspiring stories. Discover for yourself the power of these prayers to bless and
heal. In the end, its not just about saying the prayersits about getting to
know the Lord of the prayers.

Dr. Rutland has masterfully intertwined two classic portions of

Scripture. . . . The result is a study that will touch your heart and
strengthen your faith.
This book is bold. This book is vulnerable. This book is revolutionary.
Dr. Rutland has given us a compass for our intellect and our spirituality
that is both universal and sufficient.

A Division of Baker Publishing Group

Available at your bookstore or by calling 1-866-241-6733


One of Pastor Jamils team

brings hope to the hurting

Pastor Jamil handed out

a massive amount of
brochures in three days

Bringing Healing to the BrokenheartedWith a Brochure

WHEN JOHN McTernan decided to write a short evangelistic
brochure, he had no idea it would reach millions worldwide. The
brochures creation began with a gentle prompting. McTernan
says he received words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit
revealing that people around him were brokenhearted. He
prayed with them and experienced a tremendous response
and decided more people needed to know about Gods power
to heal and restore them from past hurts.
McTernan initially planned to write a book on the topic, but
scaled back his ambitions to a brochure. He says, I felt like a
few people would read a book, but a lot of people would read
a brochure.
Then he saw miraculous results. The brochureJesus
Christ Came to Heal the Brokenheartedspread like wildfire
overseas, as international pastors adopted it for use among
their congregations. Nearly 3 million copies have been printed
worldwide, and local pastors report the brochure has opened
the door for hundreds to be saved.
In India alone, over 1.1 million copies of the brochure have
been printed, with a backlog of 400,000 requests for more.
Pastor David Karunakar, director of Jesus Media Network and a

CHARISMA | January 2016

pastor in Andhra Pradesh, India, says he has seen the brochure

have a powerful impact on his ministry.
Karunakar says the message is resonating so powerfully
because most of the people in India are brokenhearted but
yet they do not know it. Some who know it try to come out of it
by offering a coconut or goat to idols, but they couldnt (come
out of it) and struggle within themselves. This brochure helped
people in India to understand that to be healed from (being)
brokenhearted, we need to give all pieces of it to a living God
who understands our heart.
Pakistan is experiencing similar success. Pakistani pastor
Jamil Salik reports that hes seen a great revival and miracles
among his congregation since receiving the brochure.
After getting and reading this booklet, many were healed
and got their soul (saved) in sovereignty by the grace of God,
Salik says. Many did receive and accept ... Jesus Christ as (their)
Lord and Savior.
McTernan is working on additional translations of the brochure, including Korean and Chinese. He hopes his humble
writing can continue to mend hearts and change lives for
God.Taylor Berglund

God Lights Up Sky After 30 Days of Intercession

IN A growing multichurch trend,
local congregations are coming together
as a body of Christ to pray around the
clock for their communities. More than
35 churches in Lane County, Oregon,
recently banded together in what they
call the One Church One Day strategic
prayer initiative, put together by One
Hope ministries in Lane County. In a strategic prayer initiative, each church takes
a day of the month to pray for their community so that there is continual prayer
coverage night and day.
Hundreds of believers joined
in prayer gatherings and Scripture
reading before dedicating themselves
to the Lord. They cried out to God,
asking for His grace and empowerment
to pray together as a community of

churches, every day and every month.

We are only beginning to pray
together as a community of Christfollowing churches, Steve Buss, executive director of One Hope, said on his
blog. We believe the Lord is only
beginning to answer.
The group believes they have
received Gods approval in a mighty
way. After the commissioning service
of One Church One Day, the sky, previously clear and blue, illed with lightning
and thunder that lasted for hours into
the night. According to the National
Weather Service, there were 225 lightning strikes in Lane County that night
a rare occurrence, they said.
Originally, the all-church prayer
efort was going to be named Operation

Rolling Thunder, from Psalm 18:13-14:

The Lord also thundered in the
heavens, and the Most High gave His
voice, hailstones and coals of ire. He
sent out His arrows and scattered
them, and He shot out lightning and
distressed them.
We cried out to the Lord, asking
for His grace to enable us in unceasing
intercession, and The LORD thundered
from heaven; the voice of the Most High
resounded, Buss said. May His presence be the answer that transforms our
lives and leads our neighbors to know
the unfailing love of Jesus.
For more information, go to or follow the
Facebook page at OneHope Lane
County.Ruth Zschomler


Lightning marked the sky

after more than 31 churches
asked God to empower a 24/7
prayer initiative


January 2016 | CHARISMA



Israeli Arab Pastor Preaches in the Dangerous Backyard of Jesus

Steven Khoury

STEVEN KHOURY grew up between

Bethlehem and Jerusalemthe heart of
Jesus earthly ministry and the focal point
of the worlds greatest religious struggle.

of adults who seldom or never attend religious services say science and religion are often in conflict.
Only half of adults who attend religious services at least weekly say the same.Pew Research

American readers prefer fiction
(53 percent) to nonfiction
(45 percent). The one
exception? Christian nonfiction
(35 percent) is almost twice
as popular as Christian fiction
(18 percent).Barna Group

rental properties recently and is now

meeting at a YWCA facility.
Today, we are in a 90-day negotiation
contract, Khoury says. The building
owner is willing to sell us the building.
We are asking God for a miracle. To move
in, the owner wants $2.5 million, and
then another $2.5 million on a six-year
payment plan. Thus far, God has given us
$1.7 million in commitments and donations. This will make us a lighthouse in the
community. ... If we buy this building, it
would be the only Christian church in that
part of Jerusalem.
At a time when many Arab people
are coming to faith in Christ, Khoury says
the laborers are few, and the harvest is
plenty in Israel. About 22,000 to 23,000
of Israels 8 million residents are Arab or
Jewish believers in the Messiah.
You dont take souls for granted,
Khoury says. You dont take baptisms
for granted, and you start to understand
that nothing comes easy. You have
to be persistent and you have to be
willing to pay a price to make a difference in the world we live in to build the
kingdom to come.
To find out more or donate, go to Anderson

CHARISMA | January 2016

of U.S. adults say they have a more positive

view of the Catholic Church because of
Pope Francis.Pew Research








In his youth, the Israeli Arab follower

of Jesus experienced regular persecution. He was assaulted with metal chains
and wooden sticks and recalls people
tossing Molotov cocktails into his fathers
church, catching the pews on fire. Several
believers have been martyred, including
Khourys uncle.
There would be days when our
church members walked out of the
church doors, and rocks and stones
would come flying at their heads, Khoury
said during a presentation at Charisma
Media headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida.
On Sundays, wed know who caught a
rock the Sunday before because they
would come to church with stitches in
their heads.
Today, the pastor of Calvary Church,
located not far from Calvary, where Jesus
gave His life for the world, seeks prayer,
assistance and a miracle to continue
the work of spreading the gospel in the
Holy Land.
As part of the Save the Jerusalem
Church campaign, Khoury is raising
funds to buy a multipurpose building in
East Jerusalem to serve as a permanent
location for his church. Khoury says his
church has been pushed out of three



Discover how fasting can set you free from oppressive forces
of poverty, sickness, addiction, fear and confusion



CHARISMA | January 2016



ouve commanded, rebuked, prayed prayers, done warfare and shouted, but theres more that needs to be
broken off your life. Its time to add some fasting to your warfare strategy. There is no other way around
some demonic strongholds. No shortcuts. You have to fast and humble yourself until that thing breaks and
leaves your life.
Demons are different in terms of their wickedness. There are demons that are stronger, more wicked,
unclean and stubborn, and higher in rank, ability and intelligence. The longer a demon has been in your
family or in your life, the harder it is to remove because its roots go very deep. Demons such as rebellion,
pride, witchcraft, Jezebel, poverty and lack may only come out with a high level of faith.
Sometimes it seems as if they cannot be dislodged, and people will get discouraged and frustrated and feel they have
failed. In Matthew 17, the disciples of Jesus encountered a demon in a young boy and could not cure him because of
their unbelief. Unbelief hinders us from dealing with strongholds. It takes faith to dislodge the enemy. Fasting helps you
overcome unbelief and build strong faith.
This is the supernatural combination that Jesus gave His disciples in Matthew 17: prayer and fasting. I am not saying
that when you fast you will earn brownie points with God or that you are working your way to enjoying Gods blessings. We dont fast to be saved, please God or go to heaven. There is no law that says if you dont fast you will go to
hell. We fast for breakthrough and revival, for family and loved ones. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but
mighty through God!
Some things take fasting and prayer. There is no other way around it. Some kinds of demons just dont give up. They are
strong, proud, arrogant and defiant. They are familiar spirits that have been in your family. But you have to get to the point
that you dont care how messed up your family is; you say, It is stopping with me. This is not going on to another generation. This is it, devil. If my grandmother or grandfather didnt stand against it, if my mother and father didnt defeat it, Im
going to defeat it. I refuse to be poor, broke, sick, rejected and messed up. No!

We fast for breakthrough and revival, for

family and loved ones. For the weapons of our
warfare are not carnal but mighty through God!

Sometimes you have to do

something unusual, extraordinary
and beyond the norm to see breakthrough. Normal church, normal
Christianity, normal preaching and
normal praying are not going to
get the job done. Some little, sweet

prayer is not going to do. Religion

wont get it done. It is going to
take an anointing that destroys the
yoke. When you fast, the anointing
increases in your life because you are
so into the Spirit. The authority of
God, power of God and faith of God
come alive when you lay aside some

Declaring the Benefits of

Fasting Over Your Life
Learn how to declare Gods promises using these model prayers
The rewards of fasting far outweigh the obstacles of the enemy. Fasting has great rewards.
Many believers are unaware of the great rewards that come through fasting. Understanding
the great benefits of fasting will motivate more believers to make it a regular part of their lives.
Matthew 6:17-18 says, But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so
that you will not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in secret. And your
Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.
God promises rewards to those who fast in secret. Reward is Gods favor, abundance and
blessing. The open rewards of fasting include blessing, abundance, favor and prosperity.
Learn the secret of obtaining Gods reward through private fasting.
No one needs to know you are fasting. As the Holy Spirit leads you, make this a personal
discipline between you and God and see how He rewards you. And without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that He exists and that He is a
rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Heb. 11:6).
Declare these rewards of fasting over your life to break the strongholds of the enemy:
Lord, I believe in the power of Your chosen fast (Is. 58). Let my fasting destroy the yokes
that the enemy has set up against me. Let Your light come into
my life. Let health, healing and miracles be released in my life,
and let me see breakthroughs of salvation and deliverance in my
life through Your chosen fast. Let Your power and authority be
released in my life. I drive every stubborn demon out of my life.
Let every assignment of hell against me be brokenall pride,
rebellion and witchcraft operating in my life will be destroyed
through Your chosen fast.
Believers can also declare the blessings of God in their life:
I humble my soul through fasting; let Your favor exalt me. Let
When you fast and
humble yourself,
Your anointing increase in my life. Let me enjoy restoration. Let
Gods delivering grace
Your covenant blessing and mercy be released on me. Nothing
will meet you
is impossible with You, Lord. Let my impossibilities become possibilities through Your chosen fast. Let my prayers be answered
speedily. Guide me and manifest Your glory to me.
For a slightly different approach, pray and declare the promises God gave his followers
in Scripture: I will fast according to the fast chosen by the Lord (Is. 58:5). I will set my face
toward the Lord God to make requests by prayer and supplication, with fasting, sackcloth
and ashes (Dan. 9:3). I will proclaim a fast and humble myself before our God, to seek from
Him the right way for my family and all our possessions (Ezra 8:21). I will turn to the Lord
with fasting, weeping and mourning (Joel 2:12). I fast to loose the bonds of wickedness,
to undo heavy burdens, to the let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke (Is. 58:6).
I will fast in the secret place, and my Father, who sees in secret, will reward me openly
(Matt. 6:18). I will not depart from the temple of the Lord but will serve God with fasting
and prayers night and day (Luke 2:37).

CHARISMA | January 2016

things and fast. You will find yourself

getting stronger and stronger. Shouting
doesnt do it; the anointing does.
Isaiah 58 talks about how we can
fast to break every yoke to undo the
heavy burdens. Fasting makes room
so that the oppressed go free. Fasting
breaks bondages and causes revival.
When you are dealing with a serious
issuemaybe you are dealing with
something you dont know how to
handlethe best thing to do sometimes
is to let go of some food for a little while.
Pray against that thing. Man may not
be able to help you, and you may not
know how to defeat it, but with God, all
things are possible.
As you fast and humble yourself, the
grace of God will come upon your life.
The Lord will be the strength of your
life. What you could not do in the flesh
you can do by the Spirit of God, because
its not by might nor by power but by
the Spirit of the Lord that every mountain is removed!
Listen, extraordinary situations
require extraordinary measures. Sometimes it only happens when you get
desperatewhen you are so tired of
being defeated and hindered in an area.
Lets see some victories we havent seen
before. Lets get some breakthroughs we
havent had before. Lets
see some miracles we
havent seen before. Lets
drive out some demons
we havent driven out
before. Lets see some
curses broken that would
not leave. Lets see some
generational strongholds
uprooted that could
not be uprooted. Lets
see a change!
Not once. Not twice.
Not even three times. If
you have to fast more times than that,
do it. Dont give up. Keep doing it. Keep
going until you know you have victory,
until you have breakthrough, until you
sense something breaking!
You have to get so tired of the devil
that you say, Enough is enough. If
I have to turn my plate down to get a
breakthrough in this area, I wont eat.
When your stomach starts screaming,
tell it to back up. In the end, you will


Fasting to Break Strongholds

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Watch powerful

testimonies of how God intervened
when these Christians fasted

days should be done by people with

more experience fasting. I do not
recommend long fasts unless there
is an emergency or if one is led by
the Holy Spirit to do so. Daniel
fasted 21 days and saw a great breakthrough for his people (Dan. 9-10).
Daniel was also a prophet, and God
will use prophets to fast for different
reasons to see breakthroughs. Jesus
fasted 40 days before beginning His
ministry (Matt. 4:1-2). Moses and
Elijah also fasted 40 days (Ex. 34:28;
Deut. 9:9,18; 1 Kin. 19:8). I do know
of people who have fasted 40 days and
have seen great breakthroughs.
A partial fast can include some food
such as vegetables and can be done for
long lengths. Complete fasts consist
of only water, and water is important
to cleanse the system of toxins that are
released through fasting.
The Holy Spirit will be revealed to
you when you need to fast. A fasted
lifestyle is a powerful lifestyle.

Approach Your Fast Humbly

win and have victory! Let our spiritual

enemies be smitten and consumed in
Jesus name!
You have to be determined: No
demon is going to control my life. I am
a child of God, and whom the Son sets
free is free indeed. I dont care how stubborn this thing is, how it tries to hang
on. I am going to break every finger and
thumb of the enemy. Im going to break
his wrists and break his grip. Devil, you
cannot have my life!
This is the faith and unshakeable
resolve fasting will build in your life to
see deliverance in every area the enemy
has tried to control.

How to Fast
Fasting is beneficial whether you
fast partially or fully. One-day fasts on
a consistent basis will strengthen your

CHARISMA | January 2016

spirit over time and give you the ability

to discipline yourself for longer fasts.
Three-day fasts with just water are a
powerful way to see breakthroughs.
Esther and the people of Israel went
into a three-day fast when they were
seeking deliverance from death at
the hand of Haman, the kings evil
adviser (Esth. 4:16).
Fasts lasting longer than three
Author and speaker John
Eckhardt reveals how
fasting can break spiritual
strongholds in Fasting for
Breakthrough: Pray. Believe.
Receive (Charisma House). You can find his
book, which includes over 200 prayers for
deliverance, at, christianbook
.com or anywhere Christian books are sold.

In Jesus day, the Pharisees fasted

with attitudes of pride and superiority:
The Pharisee stood and prayed these
things about himself, God, I thank
You that I am not like other men ... I
fast twice a week (Luke 18:11-12).
Anytime you are full of pride, being
legalistic and religious, you can fast
and pray all you want, but you wont
see many miracles. The Pharisees didnt
have any miracles come as a result
of their prayer and fasting. Always
be humble. Always be merciful. We
must approach fasting with humility.
Fasting must be genuine and not
religious or hypocritical. This is what
God requires.
JOHN ECKHARDT is overseer of Crusaders
Ministries in Chicago. Gifted with an
apostolic call, he has ministered throughout
the world. He is a conference speaker,
produces a weekly television program,
Perfecting the Saints, and has written more
than 20 books. Eckhardt lives in the Chicago
area with his family.


The Holy Spirit will reveal truth that will

set you free when you fast and pray




Discover the secrets of revitalizing your body and spirit
in 28 days through a Daniel fast

asting is an ancient biblical and spiritual tool for cleansing the soul and spirit.
Fasting is a key to genuine and deep spirituality. Throughout the ages, people
have used fasting as a tool for entering into deeper spiritual realms and getting to
know God better. In the Bible, fasting was considered a key part of entering into
and maintaining a powerful and spiritually dynamic walk with God. To fast biblically, you must voluntarily abstain from foodpartially or completelyfor a period
of time for a spiritual purpose.
During a spiritual fast, you deny yourself one of the most basic elements of survival, one that is loved and cherished by your bodyfood. The reason is that fasting, when
accomplished through the direction and enabling of the Holy Spirit, has the power to break
the gripping control of our lower nature.
As you develop a life of fasting and prayer, you will find that God will lead and guide you.
You will walk in the footsteps of great men and women who have gone before usmen and
women who increased in purity of body, mind and spirit and who touched heaven with their
prayers and nations with their passions.
Daniel was one of these men. His fasting brought about powerful results. Lets take a look
at the Daniel fast for overcoming the flesh.
A Daniel fast is a partial fast based on the way Daniel and three other Hebrew youths


CHARISMA | January 2016





fasted when the Jews were taken captive and led away to
Babylon. We can also connect the Daniel fast to the time in
Daniel 10 when Daniel waited upon the Lord for help from
heaven on a critical matter concerning the kingdom he served.
Using these references, I have developed the meal plan and
spiritual approach.
I believe the Daniel fast was all vegetables and no grains,
meat, or wine. The 21-day detox plus seven-day juice fast
Ive developed incorporate what I call a modified Daniel fast,
hence the Daniel detox.
Daniel and the three Hebrew young men lived a fasted life
for three years on a vegetarian diet while learning and studying
in the kings court, and God honored their partial fast. God
tremendously favored their decision to fast and granted them
favor, wisdom and insight far above anyone around them.
Like the Daniel fast, the Daniel detox eliminates rich foods
that are tempting to the flesh. Today people are so bound
to their flesh that they often cannot go one meal without
eating some form of meat, something sweet, something fatty
or some other type of rich food. We must crucify our flesh
daily and take up our cross and follow Christ (Matt. 16:24).
What better way to crucify our flesh than to follow Daniels
fasted lifestyle?

The 28-Day Daniel Fast

This is an introduction to my 28-day fasting program.
It will provide you with the information you need to
prepare for the actual fasting part of this detoxification and
cleansing program. Before you consider fasting, it is important to follow this uniquely designed nutritional program to
strengthen and support your liver, which will prepare it for the
increased role of detoxification during your fast.
Your body was uniquely created to handle enormous
amounts of toxins, poisons, germs and diseases. Your bodys
detoxification system, including your liver and GI tract, is
astonishingly powerful. With proper nutritional support from
you, your body is able to eliminate chemicals and toxins.
The benefits to you of a detoxification system that is functioning at peak efficiency are unending. A properly operating
detoxification system in your body will:
Prevent and even reverse disease
Provide you with more energy
Allow you to feel better
Aid you in losing weight
Help clear up your skin and complexion
The first system of toxic cleansing is your liver. Its an
amazing organ that works day and night to cleanse your blood
January 2016 | CHARISMA


Not Another
Program but a

Daniel and King Cyrus in Bels Temple (1622-1700)
Artist: Stephan Kessler

A Daniel fast is a partial fast based on the way Daniel

and three other Hebrew youths fasted when the Jews
were taken captive and led away to Babylon.

21-Day Liver Support Program

secrets that will
transform Church
as we know it.

Where Fine Christian
Books Are Sold.

For the first three weeks of my fasting

program, you will follow this diet and
regimen of supplements to prepare your
body for fasting.
These dietary guidelines will help
cleanse and support your liver while
you fast and will continue helping your
body to operate at peak efficiency as
you begin your health-first lifestyle at
the conclusion of my fasting program.
The more closely you follow these guidelines, the more benefit you will receive
from your fast. It is important that you
change your diet and lifestyle to reduce
the amount of toxins you are taking in
as well as improve your bodys ability to
eliminate toxins.
The first 21 days of my fasting
program will give you the necessary
dietary guidelines to cleanse and support your liver before you begin the

CHARISMA | January 2016

juice fast part of the program. To get the

optimum benefit, be careful to strictly
follow these guidelines.

Avoid These Foods

Making the right choices of food for
your livers health is important, especially before you consider detoxification
through fasting. Here are some foods
and other productsto avoid:
Colas and chocolate
Alcohol (including wine)
Processed vegetable oils
Animal skins and meats
Deep-fried foods
Microwaved foods
Hydrogenated and partially
hydrogenated fats and oils
Refined foods and processed foods,
including white bread, chips, cereals,
instant oatmeal and instant rice
Simple sugars, including honey,
pastries, cookies, candies, cakes and pies
Fast foods
Processed juices
Wheat products, including crackers,
bagels, pasta, muffins (Sprouted breads
such as Ezekiel or manna bread are OK.)
Corn products
Soy products
Dairy products, including butter,
cheese, milk, yogurt, sour cream
and ice cream
Fish and poultry


from chemicals, poisons, bacteria, viruses

and any other foreign invader that comes
to rob you of your good health.
If you wanted to be an awardwinning Olympic athlete, you wouldnt
enter the competition without spending
months in training, strengthening your
muscles, developing your skills and
building your body with the best diet
and nutrition available. In the same way,
you must train your body to compete
against the toxic world in which you live.


Drs. Craig & Mdine Keener




Join God in
His mission.
Kentucky Orlando Memphis Online

Download your FREE sneak peek of

Craig and Mdines story
Impossible Love at:
In stores and online April 2016


Lion of Judah Hammer Pendant

Individuals with autoimmune

diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid
arthritis and lupus may need to avoid
nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and peppers), since these foods
may aggravate their condition.
For this detoxiication fasting program, I have eliminated all meat, dairy,
eggs and other foods that commonly
trigger allergic reactions or foodsensitivity reactions, including corn, soy,
wheat and processed foods. Sprouted
breads such as Ezekiel and manna bread
are allowed unless you are sensitive to
gluten, which is the protein in wheat.

Eat These Foods Instead

Romans 11 The Grafted in Tree


Zechariah 4
Menorah and Olive Branches

Moshe Ozery



For at least two weeks, in preparation for your fast, eat as many
of the following foods as possible.
Because certain fruits and vegetables
have higher pesticide residues than
others, I strongly recommend organic
for these.
Organic fruit: Drink a glass of
freshly juiced fruits and vegetables in
the morning.
Organic vegetables: Eat as many
raw vegetables as possible. In addition, cruciferous vegetables, such as
cabbage, caulilower, Brussels sprouts,
broccoli, kale, collard greens, mustard
greens and turnips, are very important. Other liver-friendly vegetables
include legumes (all types of beans),
beets, carrots, dandelion root and
greens. You may steam the veggies or
lightly stir-fry them in organic extravirgin coconut, macadamia nut or
olive oil.
Liver-friendly starches: Eat brown
rice, wild rice, rice pasta and brownrice bread.
Good fats for your liver and for
detoxiication: Use organic, extra-virgin
olive oil; avocados; raw, fresh nuts
such as almonds, macadamia nuts and
walnuts (avoid peanuts and cashews);
seeds; laxseed oil (not for cooking); evening primrose oil; black currant seed oil;
borage oil; and fish oil.
Beverages: Drink plenty of pure,
clean water with fresh-squeezed
lemon or lime (two quarts daily),
fresh vegetable and fruit juices,
organic green or black tea and other
herbal teas. While I dont recommend

CHARISMA | January 2016

The successful completion

of this fasting program
requires a winning attitude
and the support of your
friends and loved ones.
that you start drinking organic cofee,
one cup of organic cofee per day is
allowable if you are already a cofee
drinker when you begin the program.

Take These Liver Supplements

here are certain supplements
that are very important to the liver,
which you should take to prepare
for a detoxiication fast and when
ending a fast.
he following is a summary of the
important supplements that I recommend you take every day of the irst 21
daysthe liver support phaseof this
fasting program:
A comprehensive multivitamin and
mineral supplement
Milk thistle (Silybin Phytosome)
NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)
Organic green tea, dandelion tea,
other herbal teas (available at health
food stores)
Phytonutrient powder/drink
Balanced rice protein supplement (optional): one scoop in 4
ounces of water, twice a day, for those
individuals who are sensitive to fruits
or vegetables or who have a sensitive GI tract.

Keep a Positive Attitude

he successful completion of this
fasting program requires a winning
attitude and the support of your
friends and loved ones! Not only do
you need a determined attitude to
make necessary lifestyle changes, but
it will be very important to maintain
a positive and cheerful outlook.
Discuss this part of the fasting
program with your family. Whether
or not they are joining you in this
28-day program, it is best to discuss
the program with them irst. his



In the familiar down-to-earth
and thoroughly biblical style
for which he is so loved,
R. T. Kendall unpacks the
joy that is a gift from God
for all Christians.
Read a FREE chapter now at

/C H A R I S M A H O U S E




John Eckhardt reveals how you

can overcome manifestations of
oppression and break free from
their limitations through fasting.

In The Meal That Heals Perry

Stone explains how to receive
healing in your heart and
body by remembering daily
the Lord and His sacriice.

Read a FREE chapter now at

Read a FREE chapter now at


Receive the



Christ intended

A hope-illed
invitation for
the Church
to rediscover

would be an excellent time to sit

down together as a family and create
the guidelines for your new healthfirst lifestyle you will launch at the
end of the 28 days.
As you begin this phase, it is
extremely important now for you
to make the decision to eliminate
toxins from your life. This should
be a permanent decision for you,
and it is essential during the 28-day
fasting program.

Other Tips and Techniques

Do not cut or prepare fruits and
vegetables before you are ready to eat
them. You may be tempted to slice
up that melon and carrot just for the
convenience of being able to grab
them from the refrigerator, but fruits
and vegetables lose their nutrients
when they are cut and stored. Its best
to prepare them when you know they
will be immediately eaten.
Dont deplete your food of nutrients by improper cooking techniques.
When you boil vegetables, most of
the nutrients leave the vegetables
and end up in the water. By the time
you eat them, the boiled water has
a greater nutrient content than the
vegetables themselves! Soups, however, are an exception to this rule
because you do consume the broth
that contains the nutrients from
the vegetables.
If you must boil vegetables,
bring the water to a boil first and
then add your veggies to the water
for a brief time. Do not allow them
to soak in the water. Drain them
immediately and then serve them. I
strongly recommend that you steam
your vegetables or eat them raw. I also
recommend that my patients avoid

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in his latest book, The Daniel
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CHARISMA | January 2016


Colbert explain the reasons why the
Daniel Detox cuts out meat temporarily

microwaved foods altogether.

Dont prepare too much food
or prepare it too far ahead of time.
Reheating food and leftovers depletes
the food of valuable vitamins, minerals and other nutrientsespecially
if you reheat in the microwave.
Fruits and vegetables should be
eaten unpeeled whenever possible
because many vitamins and minerals
are actually concentrated just beneath
their skin. If you have not purchased
organic items, it is imperative that
you wash these fruits and vegetables
carefully to remove pesticides.
It is best to use fresh, organically grown produce. However, if
fresh produce is not available, choose
frozen fruits and vegetables. Rarely
should you choose canned fruits and
vegetables, making sure the label lists
only organic, whole ingredients.

Before You Begin

Before you start, its important to set
the boundaries of your fast. Determine
what type of fast you will go on. Check
the boxes below that identify the fast or
fasts you will be implementing.
A partial fast to support the liver
during detoxification
A Daniel fast, as in the
book of Daniel
A fruit and vegetable juice fast
Now its time to get started. I pray
that these special days of cleansing
and healing will be some of the most
rewarding days of your entire life. I
pray that you will experience renewed
health, energy and vitality. In addition, I pray that your soul and spirit
will be refreshed and renewed.
board-certified in family practice and
anti-aging medicine. In addition to
speaking at conferences, he is the author
of the New York Times best-selling book
The Seven Pillars of Health, along with
the best-sellers Toxic Relief and the Bible
Cure series. He has treated over 50,000
patients in his more than 25 years of
practicing medicine.

youd be done by now.

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Prayer and fasting cause us to see

inside our very soul the hidden things
of the heart that we often dont want to
seebut that need to be exposed.


CHARISMA | January 2016



When Emotional Eating

Becomes a Spiritual Stronghold
Prayer and fasting can break through the lies the enemy has sold you
that tempt you to nd comfort in food instead of the Holy Spirit

I S TO C K P H OTO / J I L L C H E N ; K A S I N V; A B B I E I M A G E S ; B H O FA C K 2; D R A G O N I M A G E S ; L AU R I PAT T E R S O N ; Z E L J K O S A N T R A C


iving a life of prayer and fasting empowers believers to

break down and destroy spiritual strongholds, some
of which the enemy has been diligently forging in our
souls for years. Praying, fasting and seeking the Holy
Spirit will reveal strategies that expose the devils lies
and help us walk into victory from the ties that bind,
whether those ties are fear, rejection, confusion or
even emotional eating.
In fact, emotional eating is an oft-ignored area when
it comes to fasting for deliverance. The Bible says our
body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are not our
ownwe were bought with a price, and we should glorify
God in our bodies (1 Cor. 6:19-20). Emotional eating
does not glorify God. The Bible also admonishes us to do
everything to the glory of God, even eating or drinking
(1 Cor. 10:31). Paul made it a point to discipline his body
and keep it under control (1 Cor. 9:27) and beseeched us
to present our bodies to God as a living sacrifice, holy and
acceptable to God (Rom. 12:1).
Additionally, the Bible warns us about gluttony, which
can be a result of emotional eating. Paul talks of those whose
god is their appetite (Phil. 3:19), and Solomon warns us
the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe
them with rags (Prov. 23:2). Were called to deny ourselves
and crucify our flesh, not allow our emotions to overrule our
natural appetites. Of course, one of the fruit of the Spirit is
For many who are bound by emotional triggers that
tempt them to find comfort in food, these Scriptures bring
condemnation rather than conviction. But the Holy Spirit
is not condemning anyoneHe wants to come alongside
and help you manage your emotions and ultimately manage
your appetite so you can live long and strong and make an
impact in His kingdom.


Breaking Emotional Bondages

If youve ever been through a severely emotional trial, you
likely do one of two things: You stop eating or you eat too
much. Neither is healthy. Fasting is one thing, but not being
able to stomach food because you are a nervous wreck is something altogether different.
When people have emotional injuries and dont receive
healing from Jesus, spiritual strongholds can form in the
mind. Sometimes that stronghold is lust. Other times it
is addiction. Still other times people turn to food for selfgratification. The latter rely on food to comfort their pain,
ease their boredom, cure their loneliness or reduce stress
levels. Ultimately, when were relying on food to make us
feel better were leaving our heavenly Father and the Holy
Spirit He sent as our Comforter.
Seasonal times of prayer and fasting can break through the
lies the enemy has sold you that tempt you to find comfort
in food instead of the Holy Spirit. Theres a saying in Latin
America: A devil exposed is a devil defeated. When you see the
root by the grace of God, you can lay the ax to it by the power
of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit Himself will help you let go of
pain, fear, anxiety and other emotional issues that cause you to
turn to food as your source of relief.

Examining Our Hearts

Psalm 139:23-24 says, Search me, O God, and know my
heart; try me, and know my concerns, and see if there is any
rebellious way in me, and lead me in the ancient way. Fasting
causes us to examine our heartsand allow the Holy Spirit
to show us anything were ready to see that is causing us to
stumble, including factors that drive emotional eating.
As you pray, fast and yield to the Holy Spirit, He will colabor with you over a season of time to assist you in breaking
your cravings and changing your eating habits. You could
January 2016 | CHARISMA


ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Watch Dr. Elissa Epel

describe the physical and psychological
reasons we indulge in emotional eating

discover that the things you once sought

will no longer be appetizing to you. He
will begin to speak with you what to eat
and what not to eat. You will hear that
gentle voice leading and guiding you to
Him and away from food.
By cooperating with the grace of God
to crucify our lesh through prayer and
fasting and determining by strength of
our will not to satisfy ourselves with
the things we desire, we are putting the
First Commandment in irst place in
our lives. We are loving God with all our
heart, all our soul, all our strength and
all our mind. Were making the Lord
more important than food. You might
say we are dethroning food and putting
the Lord back where He belongs. We are
sacriicing our wants and desires for His.
Fasting bends our will toward His heart,
plans and purposes for our liveswhich
are good, perfect and acceptable.
When we fast, we draw closer to
God because when we deny our lesh
the food it needs to sustain us, were
forced to rely on Him as the bread of
life. When we are weak in our physical
bodies from fasting, we have to rely on

CHARISMA | January 2016

His strength to carry on. In those times

of solitude, quiet and peace, we experience moments of time and glimpses of
who He really is and the power we hold
within ourselves in Him to overcome
our own emotions.
Prayer and fasting cause us to see
inside our very soul the hidden things
of the heart we often dont want to
seebut that need to be exposed. God
desires truth in the inward parts and
will make us to know wisdom in the
hidden part (Ps. 51:6). When we invite
the Holy Spirit in to search our inward
parts, create in us clean hearts and
renew steadfast spirits within us, we are
inviting His power to change us from
glory to glory.

Beware Satans Condemnation

During times of vulnerability with
the Holy Spirit, the enemy will surely
try to attack, tempt you to look the
other way, cause you to rise up in pride
or make you fall under guilt, shame
and condemnation. In those times,
you need to pull out the sword that is
Romans 8:1: here is therefore now

JENNIFER LECLAIRE is senior editor of

Charisma, a senior leader in the New Breed
Revival Network and author of many books,
including Jezebels Puppets. You can ind her
online at
KATHY DEGRAW is founder of DeGraw
Ministries and author of several books,
including A Worship Woven Life,
Time to Set the Captives Free and Flesh,
Satan or God. You can ind her online


If youve ever been through a severely

emotional trial, you likely do one of two things:
You stop eating or you eat too much.

no condemnation for those who are in

Christ Jesus, who walk not according to
the lesh, but according to the Spirit.
When were walking in this reality, we
can shun the enemys subtle lies and
embrace the Spirits conviction. When
we embrace correction, we will inally
discover the freedom for which we have
been longing.
We need to take responsibility for
where we ind ourselves, but oftentimes
the root cause of our pain is not our
fault. Hurts and woundsinjustices
overtook us by the hands of friends and
strangers alike. As we fast and pray, we
ind strength to forgive and even bless
those who curse us, hurt us and despitefully use us (Matt. 5:44). We learn to
give up our own rights and submit and
release our whole hearts to the Holy
Spiritand we will get to know and
experience the Comforter who will
deliver us from food addictions and
emotional ailments.
Jesus came to set the captives free
(Is. 61:1). If you believe that, you can
believe your freedom from emotional
eating is near. hink of it this way: He
didnt just come to set the captives free,
He came to set you free! Dont simply
believe for another persons freedom,
believe for your own too. hrough
times of seeking the Holy Spirit and
spending quiet time in His presence,
He will give you instructions on how
to live a life of prayer and fasting. Be
obedient and trust Him. You will grow
in your faith as you seek Him. You will
feel refreshed and peaceful and become
emotionally free. 3

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Humanity as we know it, will soon cease to exist. That is the belief of
inuential scientists, who say we will use genetics, robotics, articial
intelligence, and nanotechnology to evolve into a Post-Human species.
Humans todaythey claimare actually entering a transitional period;
a Hybrid Age in which our unborn children and grandchildren will be radically
different from their 20th century ancestors. This is the new eugenics;
a self-directed form of enforced evolution that not only seeks to remove God
from our lives but actually believes we will become gods.
Just what does the Bible say about this new science? How will it impact your
family? Your faith?

INHUMAN: The Next and Final Phase of Man is Here provides the
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The Holy Meal

That Heals
The daily practice of receiving Communion is a powerful source of
physical and spiritual healing that could radically change your life

everal years ago, after I first wrote a book

highlighting the concept of receiving daily
Communion for physical healing, I received a
letter from a woman whose husband had passed
away after a battle with cancer.
She read the book and forced her husband
to receive Communion every day. Within a few
weeks he passed away. In her letter to me, she was bitter and
upset as she wrote: It really doesnt work. If there was anything to it, then my husband would not have died.
After reading the details of her and her husbands situation,
I certainly felt compassion for her. However, I immediately
knew what caused the confusion. First was a lack of personal
revelation, and second was her perception of Communion.
The message she read in the book was not received as a

CHARISMA | January 2016

personal, dynamic revelation for her husband. She forced him

to receive Communion based on what she read and not based
upon his personal faith.
It was similar to someone who reads a book on how to lose
weight in 10 easy steps, and they give up after step two because
they havent dropped 20 pounds yet.
This teaching must move from the printed page and
reach into the depths of your spirit to become a quickened
revelation that illuminates your spirit and causes great
excitement in your soul.
Also, it appeared from her letter that she perceived that
Communion was some sort of magical formula. People,
especially Americans, love quick fixes, including the latest
fads and miracle cures. We purchase workout equipment and get tired just looking at it. We experiment with



the latest revolutionary diet that is

guaranteed to vanquish love handles.
In every miracle that Christ performed, the faith of the individual
was linked to the manifestation of the
miracle. The Lord does not force His
blessings upon anyone. Therefore my
unbelief can make void the promises of
God for me personally (Matt. 13:58).
If an individual reads the promises
of healing through the atoning work of
Christ and does not believe it, then he
will not receive it. Here is what the Bible
tells us: And without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to
God must believe that He exists and that
He is a rewarder of those who diligently
seek Him (Heb. 11:6).

male had cut the covenant with God.

After the resurrection of Christ and
the grafting in of the Gentiles into the
church, it was no longer necessary for
a believer in Christ to be physically
circumcised in his flesh. Paul taught
that true circumcision was when God
removed the hardness of a persons heart
after that person accepted Christ and the
New Covenant.
In the early church, baptism immediately followed a persons conversion
to Christ. Water baptism should be

In every miracle that

Christ performed, the
Releasing Gods Healing Anointing faith of the individual was
When receiving Communion with
linked to the manifestation
the emphasis of releasing Gods healing
anointing into our body, soul or spirit,
of the miracle.
we should never simply go through the
physical motions with an attitude of,
Lets see if this works.
We need to understand Communion
in terms of Gods covenant with man
since redemption and the cross are the
keys to unlocking the promises of the
New Covenant.
What is a covenant? Your English
translation of the Bible is divided
into two sections called the Old and
New Testaments.
The 66 books of the Bible are a
summary of Gods covenants with
mankind. The Hebrew word for
covenant is berit, and it speaks
of a binding contract between
two people.
Every covenant was, in some way,
sealed in blood. In the days after
the flood, Noah burned sacrifices
on the altar and God made an agreement that the Earth would never be
destroyed by water again. In the Abrahamic covenant, the physical act of
circumcision was the sign that a Jewish

emphasized the moment a person comes

to Christ. The act of participation in the
Communion meal also identifies you as
a believer in Christ.

Building Your Most Holy Faith

When I began to understand the
spiritual truth behind the power of
Communion, one of the important areas
of illumination was the power of Communion as it relates to faith and healing.
There are many methods of healing
found in the Scriptures. There is healing
by speaking the Word, healing through
a manifestation of the Spirit, healing
through the gifts of the Spirit and
healing through the prayer of faith.
We are told that the prayer of faith
will save the sick, and the Lord will
raise them up (James 5:15). During
a prayer of faith, the lack of faith (or
unbelief) can become a hindrance to
the prayer being answered. There are
January 2016 | CHARISMA


When I began to understand the spiritual truth

behind the power of Communion, one of the
important areas of illumination was the power of
Communion as it relates to faith and healing.


CHARISMA | January 2016

atmosphere or a greater anointing to

see a manifestation of healing.

Remember the Voice of Healing

In the 1940s and 1950s, there were
many ministers who operated in the
gifts of healing and miracles as spoken
of in 1 Corinthians 12:7-10. Multitudes
attended these meetings, and many were
healed of sicknesses and diseases. My
father recalls how people would say, If
I can just get to the big tent revival of
Brother So-and-so, I will be healed.
Many times they were healed because
they released their faith, not in the man,
but in the anointing presence when he
prayed for the sick. In those days, there
might be thousands of people attending
the service each night. he ministers
often sat in chairs and prayed for hours
on end for individuals in the prayer line.
he ministers would become weary and,
if a person was missed in the prayer line,
he or she left disappointed.
Today there are people who attend


times when a persons faith may be

stronger than other times, and we often
judge the power of our prayers on the
circumstances or feelings surrounding
the request.
In many methods of healing, the
manifestation comes as a result of the
persons faith. he same is true with
Communion. A person must believe
in the healing power of Christs body
and blood, and that the redemptive
anointing of Christ is working in his
or her body to produce healing and
strength. Faith is the path that all spiritual blessings follow.
Communion is powerful because
it is based upon Gods covenant with
us. When I receive Communion, I
sense such a relief knowing that I
am leaning, not on another persons
prayers or another persons faith, but
upon simple trust in Gods covenant!
It takes the human pressure
of a person who thinks he or she
must have a stronger faith, a special

Renew your vocabulary

and transform your life
in just forty days.

Keep the devil out of your

home and raise a strong,
victorious family.

Redefine your life and release

thoughts, feelings, and habits
that have dragged you down.




Pursue the ultimate

knowledge of God, which
leads to true wisdom.

I believe the most perfect way of receiving anything from

the Lord is through your own personal faith in the Word.


CHARISMA | January 2016

miracles through the anointing of His

Spirit (Acts 19:11).

The True Power of Communion

However, I believe the most perfect way of receiving anything from
the Lord is through your own personal faith in the Word. This is why
Communion is so powerful.
God is true to His covenant. He is
true to His Word. He has magnified
His Word above His name (Ps. 138:2).
God is so true to His covenant that
when He threatened to destroy the
Hebrews for worshipping the golden
calf, Moses simply reminded God of
His covenant with Abraham. With that
reminder, the Lord repented of His
decision to destroy Israel (Ex. 32:14).
Faith without works (action) is
dead (James 2:26). Often before Christ
healed the sick, He asked the person to
perform an act of faith to demonstrate
that the person believed for his miracle.
For example, Jesus said:
Stretch out your hand, to a man
with a withered hand (Luke 6:10)
But go and show yourself to the
priest, to 10 lepers (Luke 5:14)
Rise, take up your bed and walk,
to a paralyzed man (John 5:8)
Go, wash in the pool of Siloam,



healing meetings and leave disappointed

because the minister didnt call them out
or the Lord didnt seem to have His eye
on them. The secular unbeliever often
mocks these meetings and considers
them a sham or a show. This causes
stress on the ministers who walk in this
calling because the sincere ones have a
burden for people and are often accused
of being a fraud because someone was
prayed for who wasnt healed.
One great minister in the 1940s was
told by a skeptical preacher, If you
can really heal the sick, go to the local
hospital and pray for them to be healed.
Empty out the intensive care unit. The
man answered, You are a preacher.
Why dont you go to the hospital and
win them all to the Lord? Get everyone
saved if you believe in salvation.
The skeptic replied, A person must
believe in order to be saved. The healing
minister replied, And a person must
believe in order to be healed! Others
seeking healing often believe there
must be a certain atmosphere created to
ensure the healing prayer has worked.
Even some ministers cannot operate
under an anointing unless the stage,
the music and the lighting are set just
right. God does use people to minister
to others, and He does bring special

to a blind man (John 9:7)

Years ago, a gifted evangelist had
great results ministering to the sick.
Before prayer, he would tell folks to
act out their faith by doing what they
could do, for example, to move a part of
their body or to begin praising God in
advance. A young girl had been involved
in an accident and was paralyzed from
the neck down. She began moving her
eyes up and down as a sign of her faith


Creflo Dollar reveals the powerful
significance of taking Communion

based upon walking in repentance and

forgiveness and acting upon the promises given in the New Testament.
Paul taught that we have a better
covenant established on better promises
(Heb. 8:6). By definition, a promise
is a divine assurance of something

We need to understand Communion in terms of Gods

covenant with man, since redemption and the cross are
the keys to unlocking the promises of the new covenant.
that God would heal her. The minister
knew what she was doing; she was acting
on her faith in the only manner she
couldby moving the only thing she
could move, her eyes.
As he prayed for her, the power of
God rushed through her body, and she
was able to stand up and walk. Her
mother was so shocked that she fainted!
By taking the time to prepare the Communion supper and spend time meditating on Christ and His covenant, you
are acting on your faith.
You would not take time to go
through the process if you did not
consider Communion an act of great
importance in your life. God loves to see
people act out their faith, and He loves it
when we understand His covenant.

Standing on Gods Promises

The Old Testament was based upon
obedience to the written law of God
recorded in the five books of Moses
called the Torah. The New Covenant is
Discover the healing
available for your heart and
body through Communion
in evangelist and teacher
Perry Stones latest book,
The Meal That Heals: Enjoying Intimate, Daily
Communion With God (Charisma House).
You can find this book at, or anywhere Christian
books are sold.

CHARISMA | January 2016

good. Below are a few of the many

promises given to believers in the
New Testament:
Salvation by faith (Eph. 2:8)
Justification by faith (Rom. 5:1)
The promise of the Holy
Spirit (Acts 2:39)
The promise of healing (1 Pet. 2:24)
The promise of Christs
return (Acts 1:11)
The promise of heaven
(John 14:2-3)
The promise of eternal life
(John 3:14-17)
The promise of ruling with
Christ (Rev. 20:6)
Receiving Communion is both an act
of faith and an act of obedience. God
moves toward us when He sees us act
upon our faith in His Word and believe
the words of His covenant. Jesus said it
this way: If you remain in Me, and My
words remain in you, you will ask whatever you desire, and it shall be done for
you (John 15:7). Remember, the Bible
says: My covenant I will not violate nor
alter the word that has gone out from
My lips (Ps. 89:34).
PERRY STONE directs one of Americas
fastest-growing ministriesVoice of
Evangelism. Perry has written more than
40 books and produced more than 100
videos and DVDs as well as hundreds of
audio teaching album series. Manna-Fest,
a weekly television program, can be seen
via cable and satellite.

Healing Music Orchestrated

by the Lord
I havea rather unusual storyto quickly share. his
divine gift I'm sharing with you today was given to me
while I was in Jerusalem by a wonderful Christian piano
player named David (of course!) who was performing
Christian songs of worship in a Jewish Orthodox
cofee house!
He noticed that I was aware of what he was doing ... and
smiled at mehe knew I was a believer.
On a break, he ran to his car, came back, and sat down
next to me.
What happened next changed my life forever.
You see, Davids lifes work was studying the ancient
psalms of King Davidin ancient Hebraic forms of
music and he handed me manuscript copies of many of
these psalms.
He then said, hese are for you, Yeshua said you would
know what to do with them.
Well, let me tell youboth of us wept!
After studying the manuscript, I could see that this was
a gift from God to be used for His glory. I began playing
the manuscripts and discovered that these were to be
used for healing.
Go to to learn about my moms
healing and other miraculous healings.
It took me almost ten years, but Ive now released to the
public what others tell me is my magnum opusmy
lifes grand work. Its called Wholetones: he Healing
Frequency Music Project. Its a beautiful creation of
instrumental music with underlying healing frequencies.
You can actually feel the hope and healing resonate in
your body the moment you hear the songs. And the early

feedback weve heard from users has been nothing short of

miraculous. It helped Lisa W. get rid of the tinnitus thatd
been bothering her for months after just a couple of
days of listening! It helped eliminate the knee pain that
had Lynn immobilized in just a few hours!
he question iswhat can this easy-to-do yet amazingly
efective music therapy do for YOU?
You simply have to go to to
find out. Ill even let you try it for FREE right now
just listen to the beautiful sample music!
(One lady with rheumatoid arthritis fell asleep at her
computer, listening to the samples in the morning
when she woke up, her pain was gone!) Bottom line is,
I know you are going to love this music and experience
the hope and healing in the frequencies.
It truly is a gift from God, and I am His humble
steward, sharing this with as many people as I can. Please
listen and share this with your loved ones. Was it divine
intervention or was it an ancient healing discovery
thats been locked away for more than 3,000 years?
P.S. Not only are there hundreds of real-life testimonials
(which you can read on that show
Gods healing power its backed up by hard science!
Plus, Ive personally heard from several well-known doctors
in our country who are now
playing this music in their
waiting rooms and clinics,
amazed as their patients are
healed right before their eyes.
Go to to
discover what this amazingly
efective treatment can do for
youor to help your loved
ones, just like it helped my
Michael Tyrrell

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How scientic evidence now reveals intermittent fasting could
reduce risk for common health issues and lengthen life span


everal years ago, I read a fascinating science article that referenced ongoing research in
the area of fasting (what scientists call caloric restriction or intermittent fasting).
The findings immediately caught my attention. Although in the past I had fasted
regularly, I gradually had stopped. Now, jolted by news of the promising prospects
of fasting, I initiated a thorough review of scientific research covering the previous
seven decades. The sheer volume of credible research pointing to the immense health benefits
of fasting overwhelmed me. The results staring me in the face forced me to change my habits.
Returning to my roots, I resumed intermittent fasting.
Next, the medical writer in me took over. I wondered why so many people seemed unaware
of these studies. I came away convinced that now is the time to help the public become aware
of fastings health benefits.
What you will read here are pure scientific facts. No hype. No exaggerations. This is
not a faddish diet or weight loss program. I am a medicinal chemist, not a dietician. I
am confident that, given the raw scientific facts in reasonably understandable language,
people will make up their own minds and apply such facts accordingly. Studies in this
area are still ongoing.
Still, almost every bit of credible research on animal models (from rats to monkeys), as well
as humans, has shown a significant improvement in the ability of fasting to reduce the risk
of such major diseases as cancer, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative
diseasesin some cases, by reductions of up to 50 percent.

Live Longer and Stronger

There is credible biomedical evidence that fasting improves health span, both in animal
and human studies. This is what inspired me to distill some of this evidence and provide
easily understood explanations of how fasting can improve your health, including your health
span. Calorie restriction (CR) or fasting delays the development of age-associated diseases and
increases health span in rodents, monkeys and humans.

CHARISMA | January 2016


What is health span? Simply put,

health span is the time of life in which
we are free from disposition to disease. A strong health span reflects an
increased quality of life and prolonged
health during our senior years. Radically different from life span, health span
involves prolonged delay in the onset
of age-associated diseases. While we all
want to live to an old age, we want that
to be a healthy, disease-free existence.
While research on short-lived animals
has conclusively shown that fasting can
and does prolong life span, studies on
humans are ongoing and seek to ascertain whether calorie restriction can also
increase human life span. Still, most

of cancer, stroke and other diseases may

be due in part to the hormetic effect of
calorie reduction.
Inversely, is it possible that the high
prevalence of diseases associated with
developed and industrialized nations
stemsat least in partfrom our
overindulgence in food? Many scientists
involved in healthy aging, nutritional
studies and physiology seem to think so.
There are five main determinants of
health used by medical and health practitioners around the world to gauge or
guide the health care system: genetic disposition, social circumstances, environmental exposure, behavioral patterns and
health care access. Of all these five health

Fasting can significantly reduce your risk of cancer,

stroke, diabetes and such neurodegenerative
diseases as Parkinsons and Alzheimers.
scientific studies involving primates and
human beings reveal this: In virtually
all studies, fasting improves almost all
indicators of good health measured in
humans. Fasting can significantly reduce
your risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes
and such neurodegenerative diseases as
Parkinsons and Alzheimers.
In fact, while reviewing available
scientific support for fasting to improve
brain health, physicians from the
National Institute on Agings Intramural Research Program had this to say:
Two dietary strategies, caloric restriction and intermittent fasting, ... could
potentially be used to mediate successful
aging and forestall the onset of certain
neurodegenerative disorders.

5 Factors That Influence Health

In a study published by the National
Institutes of Health, the authors
wrote: Put simply, high energy intake
increases, while low energy intake
decreases, the risks of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancers and
possibly neurodegenerative disorders.
Some scientists speculate that perhaps
the reason certain regions of the world
where people eat much less (either due
to lack or cultural and religious considerations) seem to have much less incidence

CHARISMA | January 2016

determinants, the biggest contributor to

premature death in the United States is
behavioral patterns.
Sadly, what this means is there is
little or nothing your medical doctor
can do about a major determinant of
your health. Health care is different from
health. A doctors training prepares him
well enough to solve your health problems rather than address prevention.
To boil it down to a simple fact, your
health is your responsibility.

Stopping Premature Death

Imagine being able to cut your
chance of dying prematurely by 40 percent or more. Put another way, there is a
huge opportunity to increase your health
spanif not always your life spanby
about 40 percent. The key is to take full
Find the motivation you
need to seek God in fasting
and prayer in Francis E.
Umesiris latest book, Fasting
for Life: Medical Proof Fasting Reduces Risk of
Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes (Siloam).
You can find this book at, or anywhere Christian
books are sold.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Vikki Petersen

explains the vast health benefits to
intermittent fasting and why its not as hard
as you think at

personal responsibility for your health.

Quitting smoking is one sure way
to improve your health span. Since a
majority of us do not smoke, however,
the next greatest opportunity there is to
improve your health is caloric restriction. While there are different forms of
fasting, the underlying principle behind
scientific fasting is simply profound:
Eating less could prolong your life and
will definitely increase the disease-free
period of your life.
The opportunity to positively
impact your health also comes with a
responsibility to act. In fact, the biggest
advantage of caloric restrictionunlike
exerciseis the opportunity to do little
or nothing. Just eat less by skipping a
meal or two occasionally.
Exercise and dietary considerations
are two of the most important behavioral health determinants, yet research
has shown that the single most important dietary factor is to skip a meal or
two every now and then. In other words,
eat less and live better.
You have the ability to fast occasionally. Except for those with health
problems, almost everyone can and
should fast.
There is no such thing as gaining
something for nothing. Like all new
habits, fasting may be painful at first.
More than 70 years of research from
some of the worlds most brilliant minds
supports its practice. In other words, the
facts are on your side.
Given the promise of fasting, particularly during the staggering health
crisis that burdens the American
system, initiating a plan today would
seem a wise and prudent course of
action. To paraphrase a familiar commercial: Your stomach deserves a
break today.
FRANCIS E. UMESIRI is an assistant
professor at John Brown University. He holds a
doctorate in chemistry, with research focus in
medicinal chemistry. For over 20 years, Umesiri
has served in Christian ministry helping congregations and campus groups embrace the
practical dimensions of Gods grace.

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Cycles of Weight-Loss Defeat
Spiritual healing is your best tool
for achieving weight loss



CHARISMA | January 2016


hen you think of the biggest problems in the United States,

you probably think of a shaky economy, layoffs in corporate America or even the culture wars. But a more insidious
undertow is threatening to destroy humanity: excess weight
or obesity. This epidemic is spreading fast, and the secondary
effect of carrying a doughnut around your midsection is
seriously hindering our ability to help ourselves and others.
Consider these statistics released from the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention: More than two-thirds of
adults are either overweight or obese (BMI greater than 25); more than one-third are
truly considered obese (BMI greater than 30); and less than one-third are considered
to be at a healthy weight (BMI 18.5-24.9).
As a matter of fact, anyone carrying a BMI (body mass index) greater than 30
is significantly at risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke or developing diabetes,
among other diseases.
Thats alarming. To put it into a better perspective, look around the room you are
sitting in right now. Find a person to your left and right. One of the three of you is
overweight, and one of you is obese.
Id like to point out a few possible reasons. For one, people are becoming more
sedentary in their lifestyles. The boom in the electronics market, the increase in
global warming and the popularity of the fast-food industry have all contributed to
the steady rise in Americans becoming overweight.

In addition, people are not controlling

the amount of food they are consuming.
Going back for seconds, overeating and
drinking, and the lack of monitoring
of the amount of additives will increase
caloric intake.
Finally, many assume there is nothing
more to do. heyve tried to stop eating,
to join the gym, to do all the crazy diets
and to wire their mouths shut, but none
of it has worked. Somehow, the pounds
still get packed on.

Cycles of Defeat
Many people have experienced this
phenomenon. I call it the cycles of defeat.
Fear nothelp is here.
Did you know that 50 percent of all
adults who begin an exercise program
discontinue within the irst six months?
As alarming as this statistic is, it begs the
question: Is society losing the ight against
obesity just because we are growing
more and more lazy, or are there other
factors involved in our insidious passage
into sickness?
Relatively speaking, inactivity appears
to be a major contributing factor. On the
other hand, regular physical activity is
nationally and internationally recognized
for its role in preventing several chronic
conditions, including heart disease,
hypertension, type II diabetes, osteoporosis and certain site-speciic cancers.
Whats the solution? Is it just about
encouraging people to get of their butts
and move more? If it were that simple,
we wouldnt be in this predicament,
and furthermore, you wouldnt be here
reading this article. Right? So there has
to be something else. I want to add one
last motivational component to managing
your weight you may not have tried yet.
How about a godly motivation?

3 Critical Questions


If youre reading this and you are interested in trying to build your relationship
with God so that you can tap into the
power necessary to overcome the cycles
of defeat, you must irst answer these
questions: Do you know His voice?; Are
you sure that God has a special calling

January 2016 | CHARISMA





We are spirit beings who have souls and live in

bodies. Therefore, in order to live in the fullness
of all God has for us, we must strengthen
each of these components of our being.

on your life?; and Are you willing to

answer the calling?
If youre not sure, then you might
not be in relationship with Him. You
may know of Him but not know Him.
And out of everything I have come to
understand, Im convinced that the
one thing God wants us to do is have
a relationship with Him, one that
goes beyond religion and delves into
a spiritual connection with the Holy
TrinityFather, Son and Holy Spirit.
The only way to get there is a daily
walk with Him.
We are spirit beings who have souls
and live in bodies. Therefore, in order
to live in the fullness of all God has for
us, we must strengthen each of these
components of our being.
Our spirit pants for God like the
deer pants for water. It is in constant
communion with God, searching the
deep thoughts of God and providing
divine insight and instruction for us.
The soul is the emotive part of our


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In fact, it was so impacting that I have asked Dr
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Paul Geerling, Senior Pastor
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being. It is the brain center. Our actions,

reactions and responses originate here.
What goes in through the eyes passes
directly into the soul. Information
instantly downloads into all three, and
we either believe the information as the
truth or we dismiss it as fiction. Therefore, it is important for us to evaluate
what we feed ourselves on various platforms: television, reading, computers
and our plates. If you are trying to eat
right, dont go down the aisle of the
grocery store where the cakes, cookies
and other sugar-filled snacks are. Youve
In Fat Free for Life: 13
Principles for Guaranteed
Weight Loss and Ultimate
Health, Braxton Cosby,
D.P.T., gives you the tools you need to
lose weight, empower your mind and
getand stayhealthy. You can find his
book at, or
anywhere Christian books are sold.

already established the connection

between your stomach and your soul for
foods like these. Its time to reprogram
your souls desires and replace them
with what your body needs.
Finally, the physicalthe bodyis
that object in the mirror you are either
fully satisfied with or have some reservations about. I challenge you to consider
that lump of flesh in a new mindsetas
a lump of clay, able to be molded and
reconfigured in the fullness of what
God intended.
Many of us lose the battle of the
bulge because we fail to address all
three of these. We work out like crazy
(the physical) but neglect the mental
and spiritual, which inevitably leads
us back down the path to loss. Our
minds are weak, our spiritual relationship is broken, and we blindly cling to
the notion that looking in the mirror
and focusing only on the physical will
make long-lasting, positive change. The
wounds of soul and spirit are still open
and vulnerable, allowing the enemy


shares his STATS fitness test to
help you with your physical fitness

to take hold of us and send waves of

discouragement and doubt.
This three-headed approach to
reversing the cycles of defeat will give
you the tools to empower you to overcome the things that are holding you
back. Decide that you will no longer
be a victim of yourself. Remove the old
self and walk in the new self that God
has been and is calling you to be. With
the infusion of the new man, you will
be able to walk in victory, be healthy
and allow your testimony to inspire and
encourage others to do great things.
DR. BRAXTON COSBY, D.P.T., is a certified
nutritionist and personal trainer who has
been a physical therapist for more than 13
years. A retired professional track-and-field
athlete, Braxton created a workout video program, co-hosted a weekly radio show and is
now CEO of Cosby Media Production.

Ive had a great time working with the Creation House team.
They are enthusiastic, professional, and gospel centered.
This could be a God-connection for you.

Michael L. Brown, PhD,

author of Authentic Fire

Are YOU our next

CREATION HOUSE has been an industry
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Fresh Oil New Wine March 6 -10, 2016

We live in a world of extremes....extreme violence, extreme weather and
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Learn to live in extreme favor in the midst of an uncertain forecast at this
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Fresh Oil New Wine is an annual conference for pastors, worship leaders,
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Holy Spirit.

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Abba's House

Ron Phillips

5208 Hixson Pike Hixson, TN 37343


Perry Stone, Randy Caldwell, Curt Landry, Dwain Miller, Ronnie Phillips, Jr., Tommy Bates, Chris Brooks, Eric Clark, Ray Willis, Susanne Cox



Healthy, Wealthy
& Wise
More than Wall Street savvy, healthy investments
are spiritually aligned with the Bible

ame, of sorts, came early to

Hadi Ilam.
In 2012, the Australian
Broadcasting Corporation made
Hadi the focal point of one of
its television news pieces. Hadi
was just 8 years old and lived in
a small village in Indonesia. He
had already been smoking regularly for four years.
As for why he smoked, Hadi said, Im just
wanting cigarettesjust wanting them. At
first, his parents tried to stop Hadis smoking
by cutting off his pocket money. He began
stealing to fund his habit, including food from
his own family.
When we didnt give him money, and he
found rice at home, hed go selling the rice,
Hadis father said. Anything he could steal
in the house, he would sell. Hadis parents
efforts to discipline their son away from
smoking were equally unsuccessfulthey were
simply no match for his nicotine craving.
Eventually an Indonesian childrens charity
learned about Hadi and his addiction. They
arranged for him to join a treatment program
in Jakarta. After a month in rehab, Hadi
was released. But the pull of addiction was
too strong.
Before long, Hadi ran away from home,
leaving his parents devastated. It was three
weeks before he was found trying to steal from
a mosque donation box 300 km away.
It would be comforting if Hadis celebrity came about because his story was so
unusual. Unfortunately, its just the opposite.


Throughout the past 10 years, the number of

children smoking in Indonesia has tripled to
21 million, and the average starting age for
smoking has dropped from 19 to just 7.
It would also be less discomforting if Hadis
addiction had nothing to do with you and me.
But once again, its just the opposite. Americans, including many Christians, are investing
insometimes inadvertentlyand profiting
from the very tobacco companies that target
children such as Hadi.
Unfortunately, when we fail to pay appropriate attention to the moral legitimacy of our
investments, we not only put childrens health
at risk, we also risk our financial and spiritual
health as well. God has designed a better way.

Big Tobaccos Overseas Targets

So whats going on here? With smoking
rates in the developed world continuing to
drop, especially among children (U.S. childhood smoking being half what it was 20 years
ago), why is the situation so different in Indonesia and elsewhere in the developing world?
It turns out these two phenomena are deeply
connected. Facing greater restrictions in the
U.S. and other industrialized nations, tobacco
companies dramatically stepped up their marketing efforts in developing countries.
Indonesia, now the worlds fastest growing
cigarette market, represents something of a
poster child. Cigarette advertising is absolutely everywhere in Indonesiatelevision,
newspapers, magazines, even plastered on
trees lining the roads. Moreover, tobacco
companies sponsor almost all of the countrys
January 2016 | CHARISMA


concerts and sports eventsat which

cigarettes are routinely given away for
free, including to children. he situation is not markedly better in many
other Asian countries.
he result, according to professor
Michael Daube, an adviser to the
World Health Organization, is a
tobacco holocaust in poor nations,
especially in Asia. his is an industry
absolutely without a moral radar.
hey are just willfully imposing a
pandemic on developing countries,
Daube says. his is going to cause
far more deaths than any wars weve
ever seen.
In fact, cigarettes now kill more
people than alcohol, AIDS, car
accidents, illegal drugs, murders
and suicide combined. As a result,
global smoking deaths are expected
to total 1 billion over the course of
this century, up from 100 million
during the 20th century. he large
majority of these deaths will be in
developing countries.

Sin Stocks for College

his all makes it especially
shocking that many American parents
who do everything they can to keep
their own children from smoking are
simultaneously helping tobacco companies foist their deadly products on
millions of children across the globe.
In fact, its American parents eforts
to bring about a good life for their
own children that help put children
like Hadi Ilam at risk.
One of the most popular mechanisms by which American parents,
Christians included, fund their childrens college education is through
what are referred to as 529 savings
plans. hese plans allow parents to
make contributions into designated
mutual funds that grow tax free and
are tapped to pay for their childrens
college costs.
But heres what few parents
knowthe biggest owners of tobacco
company equities are 529 plan
mutual funds, which means many

American parents are funding their

own childrens futures at direct cost to
the futures of children throughout the
developing world. Recognizing this
fact would, no doubt, leave many of
these parentsand their children
absolutely aghast.
Until recently, Christians studiously shunned investing in tobacco
companies and other sin stocks such
as gambling, pornography, abortion
and the like. hey knew these companies products ran counter to their
deeply held spiritual and moral beliefs
and that it would be wrong, therefore, to proit from products that so
egregiously violated their convictions.
Unfortunately, mutual funds
changed all that. Most individual investors boughthook, line and sinker
the funds implicit pitch: Investing
is challenging. Let the professionals
do it for you. Today, few individuals
invest directly. Instead, the vast majority
do their investing through mutual
funds. hats not surprising, since the

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Biblical optimism produces
hope. Those with the
most hope have the
most influence.






fund managers are rightinvesting is

challenging. But there has been a large
and hidden consequence to all of this.
Most Christians, and many others
as well, continue to believe that their
investments should align with their
spiritual and ethical principles. But
because they pay little, if any, attention
to the actual holdings of their mutual
funds, a great many investors routinely
proit from companies whose products
and practices directly contradict their
deepest beliefs. his is no small matter,
especially since many of these companies operate in direct opposition to
Gods good work in the world.

A Better Way
Fortunately, there is a better
wayan approach to investing that
is both morally admirable and inancially wise. Business fulills the Love
your neighbor royal law of Scripture
(James 2:8) by creating value for its
several neighborsits customers,
employees, suppliers and so on.

TH ! .97
B AL 4 0.92
RADE $2UE $8

Companies that do this well enlarge

human lourishing and fulill Gods
intent for business.
In turn, fostering such companies
fulills Gods intent for investing. Fortunately, the past couple of decades have
seen a proliferation of mutual funds
explicitly designed for Christian and
other ethical investors. hey ofer the
traditional beneits of mutual funds
diversiication and professional managementcombined with a focus on
ethical and biblically aligned investing.
hese funds invest in companies
whose products and practices enlarge
human lourishing and avoid companiessuch as the tobacco industry
that sow blight rather than blessing.
As a result, investors can beneit
from mutual fund investing without
needing to settle for a portfolio that,
when assessed spiritually, is unsavory
and unhealthy.
heres more good news. God has
created a moral universe in which,
generally and over time, righteous


some investment tips from King Solomon
on the Christian Broadcast Network

behavior is rewarded and unrighteous

behavior reproved. Galatians 6:7 tells
us that we reap what we sow, which
means that companies that fulill Gods
business for blessing intent tend to
prosper sustainably, whereas whatever
success comes to companies that are
exploitative tends to be temporary.
he same goes for the success of
their investors.
he best thing people can do for the
inancial health of their investments
is to pay especially close attention to
their spiritual health. In Gods good
universe, investing in businesses that
prosper others is the investing that
truly prospers. 3
TIM WEINHOLD is director of Faith and
Business for Eventide Funds, an awardwinning, biblical values-based family of
mutual funds.


You get two great books on the Holy Spirit from

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CHARISMA | January 2016



In the book of Hebrews, the apostle Paul tells of two
mountains. The first was Mt. Sinai, an earthly mount that
could be touched with hands, where God spoke audibly to
His chosen people. Obey my voice and keep my
covenant He said, and you will be my special people,
above all people. Exodus 19:5-6 The mountain was on fire,
the earth shook, thunders rolled, trumpets were pealing,
and they heard the voice of God speaking. So fearful was
the sight that the people refused to hear the voice of God,
saying to Moses, Speak thou with us, and we will hear:
but let not God speak with us, lest we die. Exodus 20:19. That
generation never received the promise because they
refused to hear God's voice. The earth shook that day,
and that entire generation, with the exception of Moses,
Joshua, and Caleb, were also shaken and moved out of
the way Hebrews 12:27.

Gods word speaks to our generation saying, You are

come unto Mt. Sion. Hebrews 12:22. The promise that was
lost to those at Sinai is offered to those who gather to Mt.
Sion. Those who receive the voice that speaks there will
be Gods special people, a kingdom of priests, and a holy
nation. Paul tells us about this Mt. Sion. It is the city of
God, the heavenly Jerusalem. In it is an innumerable
company of angels; the general assembly and church of
the firstborn. God, the judge of all is there, along with
the spirits of just men made perfect Hebrews 12:23. Among
these are Abel, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and
all others who died in faith Hebrews 11:13-16.
Jesus, the mediator of the new covenant is also
there, and it is his blood that is speaking. Paul wrote that
this blood of sprinkling speaketh better things than that
of Abel.Hebrews 12:24 The blood that Abel sprinkled was
the animal blood of his more excellent sacrifice, Hebrews
11:4 which spoke of a covering for sins. The blood of Jesus
speaks of better things. It speaks of justification Romans 5:9
and sanctification. Hebrews 13:12 It speaks of cleansing from
all sin I John 1:7, washing from sin Revelation 1:5, redemption
Ephesians 1:7, purification Hebrews 9:13-14, pardon Romans 3:25,
peace Colossians 1:20, entrance Hebrews 10:19, perfected in
works Hebrews 13:20-21, and made to be overcomers

Revelation 12:11.

Jesus warned, Take heed what you hear Mark 4:24.

Always remember, There are many voices, but only one
Word of God. The voice of the gospel is the blood of
Jesus Christ, which was sprinkled to take sin out of the
heart of man, and the voice of a true prophet is always
the testimony of Jesus Revelation 19:10. In Mt. Sinai, the
voice was God, and the people refused to hear. The
voice speaking from Mt. Sion is the blood of Jesus Christ.
See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they
escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much

For over

more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that

speaketh from heavenHebrews 12:25.
Modern day prophets warn of the great shaking,
usually of carnal things like the crash of the stock market
and the collapse of the American economy. These will
come, but the prophets have prophesied visions of their
own hearts when they call it the great shaking. Over four
hundred years before Christ, the prophet Haggai
prophesied, Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake
the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land;
And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations
shall come Haggai 6-7. God said there would be one more
shaking. The first shaking was at Sinai, and the last
would be at Mt. Sion. God shook the earth at Sinai. At Mt.
Sion, the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus shook both
heaven and earth; By it Satan was cast out of
heavenRevelation 12:9-11, and the world was turned upside
down Acts 17:6. But false teachers entered, denying the
speaking of the blood, thus turning the grace of God into
lasciviousness Jude 1:4. Their gospel made Christ to be
of no effect Galatians 5:4 to all who believed it, and the truth
Jesus said would make you free John 8:36 was lost for
centuries. The church has been weak and sinful unto
this day wherever the speaking of the blood is not heard.
My friend Betty Jean Robinson wrote a beautiful
prophetic song titled It's Going to Rain Again. This I
know, the blood of Jesus will speak once more as the
gospel of Christ is restored to the church. Every nation,
kingdom, and religion will be shaken as the blood
speaks through gospel preachers. The fads of religion,
so popular in our generation, will be exposed for what they
are. Those who cling to either law or lasciviousness will
be shaken and removed. While many in the modern
church are being shaken and removed, Hebrews 12:27 many
in the heathen religions of the world will hear. The
greatest harvest of souls will take place just before the
return of Jesus Christ when the message which the blood
speaks is heard once more. And I will shake all nations,
and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this
house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.


The Vision and the Provision
See how the blood of Jesus
Christ brings us from the
depths of sin unto the image
and glory of Gods own son!


Behold the Lamb Publications

years seeking to say what God says through literature books and Bible commentaries


For more reviews,

teachings and
Resources, go to


90 Minutes in Heaven

Don Piper (Hayden Christensen) is welcomed

home from his 13-month hospital stay in a
scene from 90 Minutes in Heaven


BEC Recordings
Kutless returns to its hard-rock roots in
the bands ninth studio album, Surrender.
Bolstered by the intense opener Tear It
Up and anthemic lead single Bring It
On, fans of the rock-worship groups past
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Pure Flix Entertainment

Don Pipers best-selling memoir
comes to life in this inspirational
film. After Don (played by Star Wars
Hayden Christensen) is involved in
a car accident, he is pronounced
dead for 90 minutesonly to
come back to life, claiming to
have seen heaven. Kate Bosworth
and Michael W. Smith also star.

The Giver
and the Gift

Peter Greer and

David Weekley
Bethany House
Peter Greer, president and CEO of
HOPE International, has teamed
up with David Weekley, chairman
of the largest privately owned
homebuilder in the U.S., to teach
ministries how to fundraise effectively. In this book, youll discover
a fundraising model that blesses
both the giver and the receiver.

Fresh Start


CHARISMA | January 2016

Joel Osteens newest book teaches

believers about Gods deep desire for
fresh startsand how anyone can
choose to start over in life. Discover
the giftings and the potential God has
given you and start living for Him today.



Joel Osteen

Steve Hawkins

The Unbroken Cord

Steve Hawkins
Creation House
Unsurprising fact of the day: Our culture is obsessed
with sex. As Christians, we too think about sex
sometimes more frequently than we care to admit.
Why not talk about it in a safe, biblical place? In The
Unbroken Cord, author Steve Hawkins breaks down
what the Bible says about kingdom
sexualityboth when sex is a sin
and when it can be a great thing.

Jennifer LeClaire


Jennifer LeClaire
Charisma House
One of the first
steps in any battle is
getting to know your
enemy. Many Christians are familiar with
the biblical character
of Jezebel, but far
fewer are familiar with
the demonic spirit of
the same name that
still attacks believers
today. You cant defeat
what you cant see
learn to recognize and
expose Jezebel, false
prophets and other
spirits of deception.

Jesus Speaks


Steven K. Scott
WaterBrook Press
Start each day the best possible waywith Jesus wise
teachings. This 365-day devotional begins each entry
with a saying of Jesus taken right out of Scripture.
Spend a year getting to know Jesus and strengthen
the most important relationship of any Christians
life. Theres no limit to what you can learn from Him.


Sara Groves
Fair Trade Services
With Floodplain,
singer-songwriter Sara Groves
has written the most personal
project of her 18-year, ninealbum career. Join Groves as
she meditates on the generosity of friends, the struggles
of the world and Gods miraculous provision in her life.
January 2016 | CHARISMA


Follow our daily reading plan in each issue of

Charisma to read through the Modern English
Version Bible in one year. The plan is also
available online at


sober, and hope to the end for the grace
that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.1 Peter 1:13
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Gen. 18-19; Ps. 3; Luke 7
Gen. 20-22; Luke 8
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Gen. 44-46; Luke 18
Gen. 47-48; Ps. 10; Luke 19
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Ex. 1-2; Ps. 88; Luke 21
Ex. 3-5; Luke 22
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Ex. 12-13; Ps. 21; Acts 1
Ex. 14-16; Acts 2
Ex. 17-20; Acts 3
Ex. 21-22; Ps. 12; Acts 4
Ex. 23-24; Ps. 14; Acts 5
Ex. 25-27; Acts 6
Ex. 28-29; Acts 7

CHARISMA | January 2016



Be One

Deining Moments

Natalie Grant
Curb Records

Bill Johnson with

Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D.
Whitaker House

Sixteen years after her self-titled

debut introduced her music to the
world, Natalie Grant is still going strong,
growing her reach and ministry with
every new recording. Be One, her
latest release, showcases not only the
Grammy-nominated and GMA Dove
artists distinct vocals
but also her
skills on seven
of the albums
11 tracks.
Be One is the irst time since my
very irst record where I was controlling
the process, Grant said. When I started
making this record, I said, I have something to say, and its time to do it.
Considered a family afair, Be One
also includes the production talents
of her husband, Bernie Herms (Barbra
Streisand, Josh Groban), vocals from
their three daughters on the song Ever
Be and a duet with Grants brother
Steve on Nothing But the Blood.
Be One, the title track and irst
radio single, opens the record in
grand fashion, reminding listeners
to respond to the needs of those
around them. The radio-friendly
Good Day mixes in a danceable,
upbeat sound to accompany the
message of unlinching joy.
The album features grand ballads
that help spotlight Grants soaring
voice. Clean is a simple prayer of dedication and cleansing, and the heartafecting King of the World addresses
the idea of limiting God to ones own
understanding: How could I make you
so small/when Youre the One who
holds it all?
With Be One, Grant once again
proves that shes not only an artist of
consistency but also of innovation,
always looking for a new way to ofer
listeners life-transforming good news.
DeWayne Hamby

Pastor Bill Johnson and historian

Jennifer A. Miskov introduce Deining
Moments with a simple premise: Every
great hero of faithbiblical, historic
and modernwas at one point an
average individual. The hero had an
unusual encounter with God. The hero
felt a strong call to action. The hero said
yes to the call of God and pursued His
goals, wherever it led. These unusual
encountersthe titular deining
momentsand their reactions are
the only things that separate those
heroes from any believer. So if you
were confronted with such an unusual
encounter, would you be able to recognize it, and would you be willing to
follow Gods call?
Johnson and Miskov lay out in detail
the stories of
many great
heroes of faith,
John Wesley,
Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn
and Dwight
L. Moody.
But the
bigger thesis
what traits the reader must possess in
order to recognize and take advantage
of whichever deining moments may
ariseuniies the readings and lends
it greater weight. The stories are powerful enough that, with few exceptions,
the book is able to simply show faith in
action rather than talk about it.
Johnson writes in the introduction,
Deining Moments is the most unusual
book I have written. Readers expecting
Johnsons typical style or content may
be caught of guard. Miskovs academic
and historical background can be felt
here. But readers who are willing to
dig deeper into Deining Moments
and ponder its heroes of faith will ind
spiritual riches.Taylor Berglund



P owerful

to Empower



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Fire in My Bones

6 Really Wrong Ways to Leave a Church

y friend Stewart (not his real name) is

one of the friendliest pastors I knowand
his wife is also an exemplary leader. But a
few years ago they began getting emails
from an anonymous church member. The messages
were severely critical and laced with threats. Then a
small package arrived at the church. It was filled with a
white powder.
Stewart called the police to be on the safe sideand
the powder turned out to be yeast. The pastor and his
wife learned firsthand that the package and the ominous
messages came from a former member who was upset.
The persons odd behavior proved that some Christians
dont act like Christians when they leave a church.
Many of my pastor friends have similar stories of
people who leave churches in dramatic and inappropriate ways. They all recognize that this is one of the
most serious occupational hazards of ministry. Pastors
are going to feel rejected when people leave, even when God is leading those people to make an
exit. But if you are directed by the Holy Spirit to leave a church, please do it the right way.
1) Dont leave mad. If you are leaving because you are angry at the pastor or another
member, you are proving your immaturity. Offense is never a reason to leave a church. Jesus
told us to go to the person who offends us (Matt. 18:15). And Proverbs 19:11 says, A mans discretion makes him slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook a transgression. If you break a
relationship every time you are offended, you will never grow up. Even if you are called to leave
a church, you should never hold a grudge. Have the courage to face your offense and disarm it.
2) Dont leave and make threats. Some people get so angry they want to hurt the church
when they leave. They want the pastor to suffer. One man told a pastor I know that he hoped
the church would go bankrupt after he stopped tithing to it. Instead, God sent other people
whose donations more than covered the lost income! Romans 12:19 says, Never take your own
revenge. Even if the pastor or church members are doing inappropriate things, it is not your job
to punish them.
3) Dont leave secretly. When I was a boy, my mother taught me to say, I enjoyed my meal.
May I be excused? when I finished eating. I was not allowed to leave the table without this
announcement. A similar rule applies to leaving a church. Its rude to walk out with no explanation. Your pastor deserves to know why. You can write a letter, but its better to say it in person
and to include some words of thanks for the way the church has helped you in the past.
4) Dont leave and talk about it on social media. Proverbs 6:19 says God hates the
one who spreads strife among brothers. Those are strong words! Some people actually
think they are doing Gods work by badmouthing a pastor, but they are digging a ditch that
they will soon fall into. Keep your judgments to yourself. Posting the details of your rant on

Some Christians dont

act like Christians when
they leave a church.

Facebook only shows how petty and

self-centered you are.
5) Dont leave and try to take others
with you. If God is calling you to switch
churches, thats fine. God will bless your
transition if you do it in a healthy way. But
if you try to stage a massive walkout, you
are undermining Gods authority. Dont
allow the enemy to use you as an agent
of division.
6) Dont leave and stay away from
church altogether. I have often heard
people say they feel God is leading them to
leave a church to go elsewhere. But then I
find out, after three years, that elsewhere
really meant nowhere. They quit church
altogether! This is usually a sign of either
deep disappointment or an unresolved
conflict. You should never, ever give up
on church. It is Gods family. No Christian
should live in isolation.
Obviously there are times when we
must leave a church. It happens because of
job transfers, family issues, ministry preferences, driving distance and many other
reasons. Some churches have unresolved
problems that make them unhealthyand
God does not necessarily require us to stay
there. The Holy Spirit is the one who directs
us to the right congregation.
Good pastors know they cannot hold
onto people in a possessive way. Healthy
churches remind people that the exit
door is unlocked, and that members
are free to go as the Holy Spirit leads.
Deuteronomy 28:6 says: Blessed shall you
be when you come in, and blessed shall
you be when you go out. Pastors should
bless people who leavebut members
should leave in a respectful way that
invites that blessing.

J. LEE GRADY was editor of Charisma for 11 years. He now serves as contributing editor while devoting more time to ministry. You can find him
on Twitter @leegrady or online at He is the author of a new book, The Truth Sets Women Free (Charisma House).

CHARISMA | January 2016



Need to make an exit? God will bless your church transition if you do it in a healthy way

Business as usual is not acceptable in a
world that increasingly sees evil as good
and good as evil.
More than ever, we need the word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in
order to understand and resist the deceptions that are being promoted all around us.
Scripture tells us to let the peace of God rule in our hearts. This peace prevents us from
being unsettled by events in our own country and in the world; it also helps us to make
the best decisions for our lives by
opening us up to the guidance of
the Holy Spirit. Hidden Treasure
shares my story on how the Bible
brought me to an understanding
of this essential ingredient in
Christianity. I share how I arrived
at this place in my own life. This
message is often missed in the
Sunday morning services at church.
People are prone to go elsewhere
when the world presents solutions
that are inferior but nevertheless
provide temporary relief from the
everyday stresses of life. Eastern
meditation and yoga seem to have
more appeal for producing healthy
lifestyles than unconditional trust
in God. We should be following
God, not the world. The emotional
benets of real Christianity are
far greater than those which are
offered by the world. This is not
something that the world can
provide. Our own efforts are
insufficient. These benets come
from Jesus Christ Himself and the
hidden treasures found in the Word
of God.

Visit for a

FREE download of Hidden Treasure

Were going to give up on this concept of insurance and trust
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For more than twenty years, Samaritan Ministries members have been
sharing one anothers medical needs, without using health insurance,
through a Biblical model of community among believers. Samaritan
members share directly with each other and do not share in abortions
and other unbiblical practices.
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Biblical community
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