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| Pro-growth Pledge

Support Fundamental Tax Reform

I will work to support a simpler, fairer tax code.
Our tax code is over 74,000 pages. It is an overly complicated system that punishes the middle class, picks winners and
losers in American business, and costs tax-payers $168 billion and 6 billion hours to file. We must reduce the complexity
of our tax code and slash rates across the board, leaving more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans.

Cut Spending
I will work to rein in the national debt by reducing spending.
Our national debt now tops $150,000 per American family far above the average household income in the U.S. Every
dollar the Government spends is taken from our pockets. With a national debt exceeding $19 trillion, its critical that we
have a specific agenda for reining in government spending.

Decrease Regulation
I will work to reduce the regulatory burden on individuals and businesses.
Government regulations are heavy-handed, and stifle American job creation. In the last decade, we have seen new
regulations on health care, power plants, fuel standards and finance. The cost of federal regulations now tops $2
trillion dollars a year, and its the average American who ultimately pays for governments red tape. In order to unleash
Americas full job-creating potential, we need to tackle our over-regulated economy, and reduce the governments

No Bailouts
I will not support government bailouts of private enterprise.
Getting the government out of the way of successful business also means we can no longer prop up failing ones.
The banks that were too big to fail in 2008 are even bigger now, while small businesses received no help at all. The
government can no longer bail out failing business, but must let everyone sink or swim on their own merits. Every
candidate must draw a hard line and say no to bailouts.

Sound Money
I will work to hold the Federal Reserve accountable and to maintain a stable money supply.
The price of groceries has risen significantly higher than our average wage growth rates, as have energy, education, and
medical costs, due to the weakened American dollar. A sound dollar is one of the most critical (yet too often overlooked)
elements of economic growth. Getting money right must be a critical component of any plan to reignite superior
economic growth.

Energy Policy Powered by Consumer Choice, Not Bureaucracy

I will work to remove barriers to market-based energy policies.
The United States is rich in energy natural resources and can be an international leader in energy creation for the rest
of the century. We need a free market energy policy that eliminates government subsidies, and allows all of our energy
resources to be utilized, including our coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear power. The market, not politicians, should
choose the most economically viable power sources. This means allowing drilling on federal lands, building energy
infrastructure, such as pipelines, and reining in Environmental Protection Agency regulations that stifle American energy

Patient-Centered, Free Market Health Care

I will work to implement free market health care reforms.
We will revolutionize health care in our country by repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with free market reforms that
will make health care more affordable and expand coverage. Americans will be able to buy the care they want through
the use of patient-oriented health savings accounts, and medical malpractice reform will reduce costs for consumers.

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