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Submission of Information to Special Procedures Report


Reference: fcrrsbu0

Date: Friday, June 17, 2016

Type: Human rights violation

Original: English

Consent: I am/we are the alleged victim(s), and I/we give my/our

Related mandates
Cultural rights
People of African Descent
Indigenous peoples
International solidarity
Truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence

Name: Ilhahi Ankaa El Bey

Type: Individual

Sex: Male

Victim is a child (0 - 18 years of age)? No

Nationality: Morocco


Telephone: +1 856 602 2769

Not an Addressee.

Ethnic, religious, social or other background: I.S.L.A.M.

Occupation: Heir

Other status: Indigenous

Affiliation or activity: Humanitarian, solidarity, human rights-related


Does the alleged victim(s) agree to have their name(s) disclosed in a letter that may be sent to the Government, or others, such as
intergovernmental organisations, businesses, military or security companies?
Yes - My Full, Free National Appellation must be withheld for my privacy and security concerns. However, my attribute and title may be relayed
to help identify me with positive advocates seeking to assist me only in receiving Justice. My attribute and title, Ilhahi Bey, may be relayed publicly.
Does the alleged victim(s) agree to have their name(s) appear in a public report to the Human Rights Council?

Case details
Country where the incident allegedly occured/is occuring/might
occur: United States of America

District: New Jersey Republic Territory

Please provide a short chronological summary of the incident: what happened; when (date/time); who was involved?
On 2 March 2016 A.D., I effectuated a Transfer of Inheritance & Restoration of Right Writ as validated by United Nations Charter Declaration
on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007). The Affidavit of Fact Writ was submitted to CAMDEN COUNTY BOARD OF FREEHOLDERS
and addressed specifically to Louis Cappelli Jr, said Director of the Board, initially. The Writ was mailed via United States Republic Postmaster
File Number(s): 7015 0640 0006 4091 0465 and '7014 0510 0000 6522 1444. The Writ consists of thirteen (13) pages total and submitted in
two parts over the course of sixty (60) days due to the specifications of the Writ to allow national rebuttals to land / parcel claims made by myself,
an Aboriginal and Indigenous Moor / Muur Moorish American National claiming a deemed Vacant / Abandoned Lot and Block per CAMDEN
COUNTY CLERK records under File Number: 2005133700. The alleged last said Owner of the Lot and Block left the premises by unknown
means thus I rightfully claimed the vacant land / parcel, as I realize that I am Aboriginal and Indigenous to Northwest Amexem / North America,
and by bloodline descent, an 'Heir Apparent' to my Ancestral Birth Estate.
Over the course of approximately two (2) months, I have made diligent communication attempts and efforts with the said 'Parties of Interest'
concerning my land / parcel claim, including CAMDEN COUNTY BOARD OF FREEHOLDERS and CAMDEN COUNTY CLERK'S
OFFICE, specifically Louis Cappelli Jr and Joseph Ripa. I have submitted my lawful Writ to be filed (absent of fees) with the Camden County
Clerk, but to no avail have I received confirmation of the actual recording of my Allodial Title and Allodial Deed included in the Writ. I have
posted my claim as 'Public Notice' via URL: for immediate review and
national rebuttal.
United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


Submission of Information to Special Procedures Report

To date, I have not received recording confirmation and Agents continue to TRESPASS upon my land / parcel claim.


Are there witnesses to the incident? Don't know

Is there evidence or substantiating information concerning the incident? Yes
Please specify details of any evidence of the incident. You can attach any evidence to this submission.
My 'Transfer of Inheritance & Restoration of Right' Writ was submitted not only to CAMDEN COUNTY BOARD OF FREEHOLDERS said
'Director', Louis Cappelli Jr, but also to Joseph Ripa, said 'Camden County Clerk', operating CAMDEN COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE. In
addition, copies of my Writ were forwarded to United States Attorney General Loretta Elizabeth Lynch and United States Supreme Court
judiciaries for competent recording and acknowledgement.
Does the alleged victim believe she/he was targeted due to her/his: Belonging to a specific group, National origin
Has the incident been reported to the relevant authorities? Yes
Please include details of any complaints filed or any other action taken by the alleged victim(s) or anyone else on their behalf?
Copies of my Affidavit of Fact Writ have been forwarded to United States Attorney General Loretta Elizabeth Lynch and United States Supreme
Court judiciaries for competent recording and acknowledgement of my Estate claim.
Has the Government taken action to prevent or investigate the incident, punish the perpetrators, or ensure compensation to the
alleged victim(s)? No
Is this case under consideration by any other international or regional body? No
Cultural rights
If the alleged violation relates to the right to access to, and enjoyment of cultural heritage, please provide information about such
cultural heritage: whether it is recognized as national or internation cultural heritage; who is responsible for protecting/safeguarding
and managing it; which communities have a specific interest in it; etc.
In accordance with International Law and our national customs, I simply exercised my Unalienable / Inalienable right to receive my cultural heritage
by bloodline descent, being the lands / parcels which my ancient foremothers and forefathers dwelled upon as Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples
before myself.
Do you believe the alleged victim was specifically targeted because of her/his ethnic or religious background, language, belonging to
a particular group, etc? Please specify.
I realize that the corporate agents/employees operating through CAMDEN COUNTY BOARD OF FREEHOLDERS and CAMDEN
COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, including Louis Cappelli Jr and Joseph Ripa, specifically target the Allodial and Rightful claims made by the
Aboriginal and Indigenous Moor / Muur / Al Moroccan Nationals of Northwest Amexem / North America due to our right to receive our
descendible Estate by birthright and by law (without fiefdom), once we are conscious of such, which could alleviate their malicious profiteering,
racketeering, and Human Trafficking efforts upon the rightful 'Heirs', for the record.

Please specify the number of alleged perpetrators: 15
Is the identity/occupation of the alleged perpetrator(s) known? Yes
Louis Cappelli, Jr, Freeholder Director
Edward T. McDonnell, Freeholder Deputy Director
Susan Shin Angulo, Board Member
William F. Moen, Jr, Board Member
Carmen G. Rodriguez, Board Member
Jeffrey L. Nash, Board Member
Jonathan L. Young, Sr, Board Member
Joseph Ripa, Camden County Clerk
Michelle Gentek-Mayer, Surrogate
Joseph A. Maressa Jr, Esquire, Chief Executive Officer
Caroline Reaves, Chief Executive Officer
Bart R. Vincent, Chief Financial Officer
United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


Submission of Information to Special Procedures Report


John Maxwell, Chief Operating Officer

Marc Hinkle, Senior Vice President
Steve Paton, Senior Vice President of Operations
Were the alleged perpetrators State agents or believed to be State agents? Yes
All of the agents/employees are incorporated through the corporate STATE OF NEW JERSEY, whether they have licenses to do what they do or
not. All States and their corporations (including corporate people) are bound and obligated to operate by the lawful principles within the
Constitution for the United States of America Republic (1791), for which it stands.
If the alleged perpetrators were State agents, were they acting in their official capacity? Don't know

Additional information
Further evidence, that could not be included with this online platform complaint submission mechanism, can be furnished upon request to support
my complaint. I do possess audio recordings and further documentation involving the plight of my complaint and my initiation of the claim, for the

United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights