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i ‘Nes “ 5} & Azmat-e-Islam By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan First published 1995 First reprint 1996 No Copyright This book does not carry a copyright The Islamic Centre, New Delhi being a non-profit making institution. gives its permission to reproduce this book in any form or to translate it into any language for the propagation of the Islamic cause. AL-Risala Books The Islamic Centre 1, Nizamuddin West Market, New Delhi 110 013 Tel. 4611128, 4611131 Fax 91-11-4697333 Distributed in U.K. by IPCI: Islamic Vision 481, Coventry Road, Birmingham B10 0JS Tel. 0121-773 7117, Fax: 0121-773 7771 Distributed in U.S.A. by Maktaba Al-Risala 1439 Ocean Ave., 4C Brooklyn, New York NY 11230 Tel. 718-2583435 Printed by Nice Printing Press, Delhi Ve Uboewheslly