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Trick to Remember G-20 Countries-GURU JI SITA AB SSC FCI ME kaam karti hain
G- Germany
R- Russia
U- U.K
J- Japan
I- India
S- Saudi Arabia
I- Indonesia
T- Turkey
A- Australia
A- Argentina
B- Brazil
S- South Korea
S- South Africa
C- Canada
F- France
C- China
I- Italy
M- Mexico
E- European union
———————————————-———————————————Trick to Remember ASEAN Countries--Those who pass MBBS watch PTV and buy LIC policy.

Japan U.All G7 countries are wealthy nations. plz pay attention) E.France Note: (i) European Union is also a part of this group which is represented by above mentioned European Countries.Laos I. its JUICE GF : J.USA I. they all drink JUICE & have GF (girlfriend).Brunei B. .England (United Kingdom) G.Cambodia Total= 10 countries ———————————————-———————————————Mnemonic for G7 economies:.Thailand V.Burma S. plz pay attention) C.Vietnam L. So.Indonesia C.Canada (not China.Italy (not India.Singapore P.Phillipines T. So.Malaysia B.MBBS PTV LIC M.Germany F.

Fishery (Fauran) .Bangladesh B.Bhutan S.Poultry A. Chronology: G6 ➖ G7 ➖ G8 ➖G7. And again in 1997. it became G8.Pakistan A.India N.Maldives B. due to annexation of Crimea in 2014. Irom Sharmila is fighting to remove it. So. But.Forestry S. AFSPA Fauran Hatao : A. in 1976. ———————————————-———————————————Trick to Remember SAARC Countries-MBBS PAIN M.(ii) Intially.Animal Husbandry F. Later. Russia was added.Agriculture F. when formed in 1975.Sugarcane P.Nepal ———————————————-———————————————Mnemonic for 7 different fields of Rainbow Revolution : AFSPA Fauran Hatao AFSPA is u all kno Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act.Sri lanka P.Afganistan I. Russia was suspended and hence it became G7. it was G6. Canada was added.

Thailand V.India M.Steel Mnemonic for 8 Core Industries in India Economy —————————————————————————————Countries around Caspian Sea : TARIK (Date) T.Fertilizers R.Refinery Products E.Cement F.Coal C.H.Crude Oil C.Vietnam ———————————————-———————————————8 Core Industries of India : CCC FRENS C.Myanmar Ca.Electricity N.Horticulture (Hatao) Mnemonic for 6 Members of Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (Very Imp) : LIMCa TV L.Cambodia (not China. Pay attention) T.Turkmenistan .Natural Gas S.Laos I.

I said GURR in annoyance BuT suddenly I found the mnemonic for the countries bordering Black Sea :: So. its GURR BuT G. So.Egypt Y.Eritrea S.Sudan (not somalia: pay attention and keep rem) E.Somalia E.Saudi Arabi S.Yemen Countries collectively called as Horn of Africa: SEED : S.Russia I.Djibouti E.A.Georgia U.Kazakhstan Countries bordering Red Sea : DESSEY : D.Ukarine R.Azerbaijan R.Djibouti Creating mnemonic for Black Sea is annoying.Iran K.Romania .Russia R.Eritrea D.Ethiopia E.

Denmark Germany S. Effort. it is clear that RUSSIA is the only country which borders three different land locked seas : Black Sea.Turkey One day in the midst of Baltic Sea.Bulagaria T. Speech.Lithuania Poland Finland From above mnemonics. RuDe Germany SELL Poland & Finland : So.Latvia L. mindfulness also called as faith . intention .Estonia L. Action.Sweden E. Mindfulness ( view. Intention. countries bordering Baltic Sea are : RuDe Germany SELL Poland & Finland : Ru. Concentration. thought remembrance) Code of conduct of Buddha Code-->Video CLIP (See Upper cases letters) no Violence no Corruption no Lies .Bu. Livelihood. Baltic Sea & Caspian Sea (BBC) Edit 1: Adding few more Buddhas eight fold path --.Russia De.VISAL CEM (vishal cement) right View.

right Conduct. no Steeling. are: . Truthfulness ———————————————————— Rivers north west India "I Just Checked Rivers Surroundings" Indus Jhelum Chenab Ravi Satluj ———————————————————— .no usage of intoxicants. Trick KFC ( Kentucky freid chicken ———————————————————— Trick--to remember vows COAST ( sea coast ) Chastity .right Knowledge . and no to covet the Property of others ———————————————————— Mahavira principles and vows The three principles of Jainism. also known as Triratnas (three gems). no Own property. Ahimsa.right Faith .

. PhD B risbane S ydney C anberra M albourne A delaide P erth D arwin ———————————————————— Length F Boundary India Shares In Decreasing Order TRICK :.C M.."SAAB" SIKKIM ARUNACHAL PRADESH ASSAM BENGAL ———————————————————— Indian states touch boundary of Myanmar TRICK :.ARUNA MAMI ARUNANCHAL NAGALAND MANIPUR MIZORAM ———————————————————— HOW TO LEARN THE HIGHWAY.Uttar Pradesh M ..A.Cities Of Australia When Moving In Clockwise Direction Trick : .S.. IF 1: is DELHI 2: KOLKATA 3: MUMBAI 4: CHENNAI THEN .BACHPAN Bangladesh China Pakistan Nepal ———————————————————— States With Bicameral System TRICK : .B.Maharastra B – Bihar A – Andhra Pradesh K – Karnatak ———————————————————— Indian states touch boundary of Bhutan TRICK :.JUMBAK J – Jammu & Kasmir U .

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