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Inquiry with Buyer for Export Order

The managing Director
M/S . Hashimoto Pvt Com .Ltd.
P.O. Box no 1509
Nagoya, Japan.

Dear Sir,
Our interstoff garments is quite a famous & reputed factory in the country .it is working in
the export arena for about seven years . The factory produces knit garments and shirt and
is exporting its products to us and European market .the factory is well organized and
fully compliant .we are interested to expand our business in japan .we appreciate that we
manufacture. We are enclosing a copy of our brochure and price list for examination at
your end and we would be pleased to forward samples of any item of garment that may
interest you .
Thanking you and looking forward to your positive response .

Yours faithfully
Managing director

Buyer Response With The Exporter

Date :

The managing Director

M/S interstoff Garments Ltd.
1360, Motijheel commercial area,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dear sir ,
We are receipt of your inquiry and are seriously considering the matter. We are also
interested to expand our business in Bangladesh .We are considering to send a team of
auditors to evaluate compliance and management situation of your factory. This may
happen in the mid of the next month. Our auditors would also check implementation of
ISO 9001, Quality circle & supplier customer chain systems in your factory.

Thanking you and looking forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully

Managing Director,
Hashimot pvt ci .Ltd. P.O. Box No 1509
Nagoya, japan.

# what is production ?
Ans: The processes & methods used to transform tangible inputs (raw materials, semifinished good, subassemblies & intangible inputs, ideas, information, knowledge) into good
or service.
Production =input/output .

#what is productivity?
Ans: productivity is computed by dividing average output per period by the total costs
incurred or resources ( capital, energy, material personnel) consumed in that period.
Productivity is a critical determine of cost efficiency .

# What is job?
Ans: Job means duties, responsibilities, working conditions, reporting & supervisory

# what is job specification ?

Ans: Skill Requirement, personality, last & achievements.

#what is interview?
Ans: The selection process designed to get the information from the candidates thorough
Aral response to oral questions.

# what is yarn ?
Ans: yarn is a continuous twisted strand of natural or synthetic fibers, usually used for
knitting or weaving.

# what is yarn count ?

Ans: count is a numerical expression which defines its fineness or coarseness of the yarn.
# what is knitting ?
Ans: It is a process of fabric manufacturing by converting yarn into loop from & then here
loops interlock together which from is structure is called is knitting.

# what is woven ?
Ans: A woven is cloth formed by weaving it only stretches in the bias directions (between
the warp and weft direction) unless the thread are classic woven cloth usually frays at.

# what is thread ?
Ans: Find cord made of two or more twisted fibers, used in sewing & weaving.

# what is stitch ?
Ans: distance from one lock to another lock is called stitch.

# what is sewing ?
Ans: The process of joining of fabrics by the use of needle & sewing thread or by other
technique is called sewing.

# what kind of knitwear ?

Ans: There are two types of knitwear:
1. Cut & sewn knitwear.
2. Fully fashion knitwear.

# What is fully fashion knitwear?

Ans: Fully fashioning is a method shaping & knitting structure by increasing or
decreasing the number of needle or wales.

#What is fabric consumption ?

Ans: According to size spec & ratio the requirement of fabric for one dozen garments is
called fabric consumption .

# what is garments wash ?

Ans: To remove all types of germ, dust, fixation of color, measurements and print,
embroidery for softness of the garments.

Types of garments wash :


Normal wash.
Pigment wash.
Bleach wash.
Stone wash.
Acid wash.
Enzyme wash.
Over edge wash.
Whiting wash.

# Types of fabric test :

1) Weight of the fabric 2) Yarn 3) Fabric count. 4) Pilling.
5) Shrinkage 6) Color fastness. 7) Stretch & recovery of spandex fabric.
8 ) Flammability test. 9) Bursting strength.

# Deferent types of fabric defect :

1) Broken ends 2) Broken picks 3) Mixed warp & weft 4) Slob 5) Tight end or pic
6) reed marks 7) warp streak 8) Broken pattern 9) stain 10) Iron mark 11) Mil dew
12) Hole in the fabric 13) Shading 14) Shuttle mark .

Costing/Pricing --
Costing is the principal task of any merchandisers.

Methods of Pricing:

Calculate the fixed and variable costs associated with the product.

Also below cost elements need to consider during costing.

~ Pricing for Fibers & Yarns

~ Pricing for fabric manufacturing

~ Pricing for garment manufacturing

~ Cost of accessories

~ Commercial cost

~ Break even point

~ Consumption of fabric and accessories with wastage percentage.

~ Total cost analysis [how much does it cost to provide merchandise to end customer)

# Deferent types of Apparel fault : 1) puckering 2) floating 3) slip out 4) wavy

5) Broken stitch

6) Needle mark 7) oil mark 8) Un-even dying

9) Fabric hole

10) Shading 11) Shrinkage 12) Size mistake 13) Foreign yarn 14) Slub 15) Dirty / spot .

# what is wales ?

# what is Course ?

# what is dia ?

# what is brand ?
Ans: Brand is a logo, sing & different and other which that identify.
Benefits of brand: 1) value addition 2) Ensure quality3) protection against duplication
4) Increase social degrade 5) unique design 6) Grow up trust 7) easily accessible in overseas
market 8) long life.

5 May2014
The Managing Director.
Dragon sweater ltd.
Malibagh Chowdhury para.
Sub: Application for the post of trainee merchandiser.
Dear Sir,
In response to the advertisement in bdjobs regarding the post of trainee merchandiser. I
would like for the job. I believe my qualifications and skills would be a great asset for your
If you feel my skills and qualifications match up to your requirement, please call ma at
Thank your for reviewing my letter and for your valuable time.

Kazi mojibur Rahman.
Dhaka, Uttara-1230.

# Function of merchandising/ pricing contain international buyer.

1) Idea generation 2) Communication 3) perches order 4) sample development

Out scorching accessories 6) knitting dying program 7) Follow up production

8) checking quality 9) prospering export documents 10) Booking third party
inspection 11) Follow up shipment 12) Follow-up buyer for payment.