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Training Brochure

Drywall Training
Training for drywall professionals


How to be a drywalling expert

Learn from the best

Knauf, the leading brand in drywall construction,

offers professional training for contractors and
applicators for the first time in the Gulf region. Take
advantage of earning hands-on experience under
the guidance of Knauf training specialists and their
German technical know-how.

The Knauf Training Advantage:

Improved efficiency
Proper application methods
Reduced wastage of materials
Faster installation times
Learning best practices
Practice in use of high-end drywall products

Blending experience with innovation and

building on over 75 years of experience,
Knauf have secured a leading status in
the field of building board technology.
Knauf Drywall Systems have been installed
around the world with proven success.

Learn everything you wanted to

know about drywalling.
A Knauf training attendance certificate gives
you an edge over other competitors, as it is an
endorsement that you have been instructed in the
best practices of the industry, by the best in
the industry.
With the best equipment and updated knowledge
at their fingertips, expert trainers at Knauf know
their work inside out. If you learn from Knauf,
youre on the road to perfection.

Basic Training Courses:

Knauf Drywall Partitions 2 Days
Day 1 Construction of W111, wall through to W112
Day 2 Construction of W115 and also W116
Knauf Drywall Ceilings 1 Day
D112 Ceiling System
RCS001- Ceiling System
Dry lining Systems- 1 Day
W623 System
W625 System

Advanced Training Courses:

1 Day Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic Ceilings
1 Day Fire protection & acoustic Training
(max 15 People) , Acoustic & Sound Training.
1 Day Shaftwall Training
1 Day Tape & Jointing Max 10 Person
*Prices available upon request

Highlights for participants:

Receive attendance certificates from Knauf

Get registered with the Knauf database
Receive the Knauf newsletter with updates
on latest developments in your industry
Get recommended by Knauf to developers

he information given in this document is believed to be current and accurate as at

the date of publication, but no warranty express or implied is given. Updates will not
be automatically issued. As part of our policy of continuous product development, we
reserve the right to revise specification without notice. The information given in this
publication is provided for guidance only and is correct to the best of our knowledge
and belief. It is inevitably generalized and users should satisfy themselves as to its
sustainability for the specific circumstances in which they seek to apply it.

Knauf Drywall Systems publishes updated technical information on various products and topics. In order to
request any of the brochures listed below, please contact our office at the address given below.
Knauf General Brochure
Knauf Cost Estimation Guide
Knauf Access Panels Brochure
Knauf Drywall Tools Brochure
Knauf Drywall Training Brochure
Knauf T-Grid System Brochure
Knauf Gypsum Board Datasheet ENBS
Knauf Gypsum Board Datasheet ASTM
Knauf Coreboard Datasheet
Knauf Readfix Datasheet

For more information please contact us at

Knauf Head Office

Phone: +971 4 337 7170
Fax: +971 4 337 9659
P.O.Box: 112871, Dubai



Knauf Qatar Branch

P.O.Box 27111
Doha State of Qatar
Tel: +974 4452 8191
Fax: +974 4452 8181

Knauf KSA Branch

P.O.Box 3051
Jeddah 21471 KSA
Tel: +966 2 606 7364
Fax: +966 2 606 7251

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