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April 7, 2016
Dear Peninah,
Welcome to our family! The following contract is to make sure we are all on the
same page about vacation days, taxes, payments and schedules. The attached
Schedule and Guidelines are a little more about how our family works and how
we are hoping to raise our child, written down so it can be clear. While the below
contract is very black and white, the attachments will be agile documents and we
know things will change as our child grows and develops along the way. We hope
we can re-write them with you through the years.
Peninah Jaffee
1197 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215
Jeff and Vivian Kimball
53 Robinwood Avenue #2
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Jeff: 508-475-9749 |
Vivian: 857-366-2387 |
Start Date You will start employment on Monday, April 11, 2016 and continue
until either party elects to terminate the relationship.
Work Schedule The following represents a typical schedule during the school
year. The family will limit fluctuations as much as possible and provide as much
notice as possible.


Begin: 8am
Begin: N/A
Begin: 8am
Begin: 8am
Begin: 8am

Total Weekly Hours

End: 12pm
End: N/A
End: 3pm
End: 3pm
End: 3pm

Daily Hours
Daily Hours
Daily Hours
Daily Hours
Daily Hours



The schedule will be reduced to one or two days per week during the summer; a
revised agreement with the updated summer hours will be provided by
Wednesday, May 18, 2016.
Trial Period There will be a one-month trial period to ensure compatibility;
however, this trial period does not guarantee employment. Any party has the right
to terminate the arrangement immediately for just cause (see Termination And
Severance section) or three weeks notice for any other reason. You would
continue to receive your full pay until your employment ends. We will let you know
by Wednesday, May 11, 2016 whether we will continue the relationship.
Pay Rate
The normal rate of pay is $
per hour
for a minimum of
hours per week during the school year.
Overtime rate of pay is $
in a seven-day week).


per hour (for each hour over 40 hours worked

Time Sheet Both the family and the nanny will keep a signed record of the hours
worked and the payment of wages.
Pay Schedule Wages will be paid weekly on the last workday of each week.
Raises Salary increases will be assessed on an annual basis and are tied to the
performance appraisals. You will be eligible for a salary review after one year of
service. However, a review does not necessarily entitle you to a salary increase,
as all salary adjustments are at the sole discretion of the families.


Paid Holidays You will receive, with pay, the following holidays to the extent that
they fall on regularly scheduled workdays. These holidays are:

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Jr.s Birthday
Presidents Day
Good Friday
Patriots Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Sick/Personal Days You will receive 2 paid sick days. Please give notice as
soon as possible. No one should have to work when they are not well. If you are
unable to properly care for the child(ren), please dont compromise your health. It
would be helpful if you could help find a replacement by a known childcare
Payment for Days Not Worked You will receive the guaranteed base pay, even
if we choose not to utilize your services for some or all of any given week. If the 2
paid sick days have been used up and you still need, and are granted, time off
from work for any reason, this time will be unpaid.
Bad Weather Days Your ability to get to work may be affected by inclement
weather events. On days where it is anticipated that you may have difficulty
getting to work, or the city cancels school because of a bad weather day, we can
mutually decide whether you stay home at half pay or try to make it to work for
full pay.

Other Vacation You are likely to receive a number of "extra" days off throughout
the yeardays where we choose to take the day(s) off and go away with the
child; however, these extra days vary from year to year and it is hoped that you
will be open to switching days/hours to help out that may include date nights,
overnights or weekend childcare.
You will complete Form I-9 (available at and provide the
required documentation verifying employment eligibility within three days of
We will withhold the required Social Security and Medicare taxes from your pay,
along with income taxes per your instructions on Form W-4 and all other
applicable state taxes.
All tax withholdings will be remitted to the state and federal tax agencies on or
before the household employment tax deadlines. In addition, we will match your
Social Security and Medicare contributions and make contributions to the state
and federal unemployment insurance funds on behalf of you.
We will provide you with Form W-2 (available at at
the end of the year (by January 31).
We will report your earnings to the Social Security Administration so that you
receive appropriate retirement benefits.
Health Insurance/Liability You agree to bear all responsibility for health
insurance and health liability.
Training We encourage you to become certified in CPR/First Aid for infants. We
will reimburse the tuition. We will provide training/guidance on the use of baby
carriers, baby sign language, navigating the neighborhood and on any other
issue or method you require to successfully fulfill the obligations of the job.

Activity Expenses We will reimburse the cost of any pre-approved activities

(such as infant play groups) that you might bring our child to. Please provide all
receipts so we can keep track of these expenses.
It is our responsibility to provide you with adequate information, guidance and
instruction to enable you to complete any task that is requested as part of this
agreement. It is your responsibility to ask for assistance or guidelines in the
performance of any new activity or in any situation for which you desire
additional information.
It is of the utmost importance to us that the child feels that they are in a secure
and loving environment. Tasks related to their safety and well-being take
precedence over all others.
Childcare You agree to put the absolute safety of the child(ren) first before all
other responsibilities. You will keep the child(ren) in sight at all times unless they
are in their crib.
The name and date of birth (DOB) of each dependent is listed below.

Julian Kimball

DOB: January 5, 2016

A specific list of tasks, timelines and instructions are attached in the Schedule
and Guidelines document.
Household Responsibilities
Child-Related Housecleaning You are requested to clean up after the child(ren)
but NOT to do any heavy housecleaning. This includes cleaning up toys/games
(please help us teach them to help clean up after themselves), care and washing
of all feeding instruments (bottles, cups, utensils, food containerswashing of
other dishes would also be appreciated), picking up kids clothes, and doing
diaper laundry. If additional cleaning is requested of you on a regular basis, this
agreement will be amended to reflect the change.

Running Errands If you have quick errands to run in the neighborhood (e.g.,
drugstore, grocery store) you are welcome to take the child(ren). Likewise, we
might ask you on occasion to run an errand for us (e.g., picking up vitamins,
diapers, medicine).
Smoking We are a smoke-free home. Under no circumstances are you or your
guests to smoke in our home. You further agree never to smoke while on duty,
regardless of location.
Alcohol Alcohol consumption is not permitted when not on duty.
Nanny Log Please use a daily log to describe the activities and routine of each
Returning Calls/Texts We expect that you will be available for contact during the
day. If you are not reachable by phone, please call within 2 hours of receiving a
call from us.
Reviews After the initial one-month trial period, reviews will occur quarterly
unless otherwise discussed.
Conflicts The family and nanny will make good faith efforts to discuss and
resolve any conflicts arising under this agreement.
ILLNESSES/ EMERGENCIES (see Emergency Contact Sheet)
Mild Illness On a day-to-day basis, our preference is that the mother be the first
point of contact for general questions such as medicine given.

Emergencies If an emergency arises, you should call 911 immediately. You

should take any and all measures within your power to help the situation and
contact us as soon as possible. Under no circumstance should the child(ren) ever
be released from your care to anyone but the parents and others listed on the
Emergency Contact Sheet unless permission is outlined and granted by the
Termination Either party may terminate this at will employment situation by
giving two weeks notice.
We must give you two weeks' notice if your services are no longer required
unless just cause merits termination. We may give two weeks pay in lieu of
notice to terminate the agreement.
The following are grounds for immediate termination:
Allowing the safety of the dependent(s) to be compromised
Inconsistent or non-performance of agreed-upon job responsibilities
Concerning issues in background checks
Breach of confidentiality clause
Persistent absenteeism or tardiness
Unapproved guests
Smoking or consumption of alcohol while on duty
Use of an illegal drug
At time of termination and prior to final paycheck, you agree to return house keys
and any other family-related property.
Confidentiality Throughout your tenure you may see or hear (or otherwise
discover) information about our family. All information related to our family
(household, medical, financial, legal, career, etc.) is expected to be kept
confidential and may not be disclosed without our consent. Failure to keep

confidentiality can result in immediate termination. This confidentiality agreement

is to be kept even after your tenure as a nanny. Likewise, personal information
that you tell us will also be kept confidential unless it impacts the safety and
security of our family.
Social Media Policy You understand that no information about your location,
plans for the day, or pictures of the child(ren) should be shared on any social
media network. You will also not tell strangers to the family (e.g., your friends)
where you are spending the day, unless we have authorized you to do so.
Workers Compensation If you are injured on the job, you may be eligible to
collect workers compensation benefits.
Both parties understand that workers are protected by labor laws, regardless of
race, gender, immigration status, or age.
Please sign below to agree to these terms.

[Name of Nanny]


[Signature of Nanny]

[Name of Parent]


[Signature of Parent]

[Name of Parent]

[Signature of Parent]