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The French Revolution and Napoleon

Guided Reading
Chapter 22
Lesson 1 (pg. 500)
The French Revolution Begins




1. What causes revolution?

2. How does revolution change society?

3. How did the structure of social classes in France lead to discontent?

4. How did the economic crises of France lead to the meeting of the Estates

5. How did Enlightenment philosophers help cause the French Revolution?

6. How were economic problems a contributing cause of the French Revolution?

7. Why did the 3rd Estate declare itself to be the National Assembly?

8. What were the French peasants reacting to in their rebellions of 1789?

9. At the start of the meeting, what was the goal of most representatives from
the 3rd Estate?

10.What was the connection between the actions of the representatives of the
3rd Estate and the Estates-General and those of the peasants during the Great

11.What role do you think the Great Fear played in inspiring later events of the
French Revolution?

12.How did the French Revolution enter a new phase after the storming of the

Lesson 2 (page 506)

Radical Revolution and Reaction

Coup DEtat

1. Why did the French Revolution become more radical?

2. Why do you think the execution of the king led to further radicalization?
3. What radical steps did the National Convention take?
4. How did the new French government deal with crises?
5. What were some of the social changes enacted by the Committee of Public
6. What was de-Christianization?
7. Why did the French government use force against its own people?
8. How did the French army become the peoples army?

9. How did the constant transition within the French government influence its

10.Did the transition from the Committee of Public Safety to the Directory help
respond to the French peoples needs?

Lesson 3 (page 511)

The Rise of Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars


1. How did instability in the French government create an opportunity for

Napoleon to take power?

2. Why is it important for a military commander to ensure that his soldiers are
well paid and well-supplied?

3. Which members of French society might have disagreed with Napoleons

domestic policies?


How did Napoleons Civil Code address the problems with the French legal
system that were present before the revolution?

5. Why would changes in France cause concern in other European countries?

6. How did Napoleons military background shape his perspective?

7. What ideals and reforms of the French Revolution did Napoleon keep?

8. What were the consequences for a country conquered by Napoleons Grand

Lesson 4 (page 516)
The Fall of Napoleon and the European Reaction

Principle of Intervention


1. How did Napoleon lose his empire?

2. How did Napoleons disaster in Russia affect both his Grand Army and the
French nation?

3. Why did the turmoil of the French revolutionary years result in a conservative
European reaction?

4. What four islands are important in Napoleon life and why?

5. Why did European leaders think it was important to apply conservatism at the
Congress of Vienna?

6. What happened to revolutionary ideas after the French Revolution was over?

7. Why did nationalism become popular after the French Revolution?

8. How did the American and French Revolution differ?

9. How did the Enlightenment inspire the American and French Revolution?