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Harmony Day is when everyone comes together and live

in peace

Accept that youre living in such a wealthy country and that

Australia is such a multicultural country

Respect other people and treat your family and friends


Music, peace and melody brings everyone together

Orange is the color you wear on Harmony Day

Never disrespect your parents or friends
Your personality shows how you are and how you respect
other people
Abbas Mosslmani 6H

Happiness and agreement brings everyone

Appreciate all the things you have.
Respect other peoples cultures and religions.
Many people from different cultures come to
celebrate other peoples cultures.

Orange is the colour for harmony and peace.

Nature is the colour of harmony.

You should respect each other on harmony day.

Abbas Kazan 6H

Harmony day brings us hope, agreement, positivity and is

a day that brings the world together to celebrate.
Accept and appreciate that youre living in a peaceful
Respect the elderly, their rights, religions and what they
Multiculturalism is diverse and unique in every way and
in every person because you learn new things.
Orange is the colour of harmony and the way people
interact with each other with music and a laugh.
Never give up on something that you cant do, believe in
yourself and nothing is ever impossible to achieve.
Your vision and empathy can help donate money and
food to the homeless in the future.
Ali Samhat 6H

Happiness is what we experience when we show

respect to all our different religions.

Amazing things happen on this day, like coming

together to celebrate harmony.

Remember to show respect and empathy to others.

Multicultural people should be respected equally.
Orange is the colour that represents Harmony Day.
Never worry about what people say just, believe in

Your personality is what makes you special so dont

be afraid of what people say about you.
Ayah Kordi 6H

Happiness is all about Harmony Day. We have fun with friends

and people from foreign countries.
Appreciate others suggestions and encourage their ideas.
Respect to elders and people who helped you in the past.
Multiculturalism is diverse and unique in every person.
Orange is the colour of Harmony Day. We should all wear orange
clothes on that day.
Never give up on something you cant do. Nothing is impossible.
Your actions and words wins you respect.
Carolyn Wei 6H

Happiness fills my heart as I listen to the

harmonic sound of music.
Always trying to be as positive as possible.
Respecting everyone for who they are.
Melodic sounds being played to everyone.
Orange is the colour that brings people
Not an ounce of violence to be seen or heard.
Your happiness is something that you should
always have.
Damian Lin 6H

Harmony day is about peace and teamwork.

Appreciate what you have because not
everybody is lucky.
Respect towards your peers.
Music is what brings everyone together.
Orange is the colour that you wear on
harmony day to show respect.
Never give up.
You should be yourself nobody else.
Fatima Khoriazat 6H

Happiness and agreements brings everyone together.

Appreciate the things you have, because not everyone
is as lucky.

Respect all the elders in your family because they are


Multicultural people are great to learn new things


Others will give you the same respect that you give

Nothing positive comes from violence or conflict.

Your values help to shape your character.
Deziah Lagatule 6H

Happiness everywhere you go today or

tomorrow and every time in our world.
Acceptance every time someone comes,
even when we all have different cultures.
Respect to all those that are down with
little faith and hope.
Music flows through the air like birds
chirping happily.
Obey those who you love and forgive
those who have done wrong.
Never ignore the homeless and help them
with their life.
You need to show that everyone is equal
and fairness to others you dont know.
Hussein Jay 6H

Harmony is about peacefulness, positive behaviour,

agreement and celebration

Agreement to harmony is what we need

Respect is needed not bullying
More peace is wanted in our country
Orange is the colour of harmony
Never give up, believe in yourself and anything is possible
Yes to teamwork, no to violence
Iopu Loua 6H

Happiness is the key to success.

Accept everybody and everything that you have, you
are really lucky.

Responsibility is a gift, so respect the responsibility

that you are given.

Multiculturalism is something that people should not

be bullied or judged over.

Others will respect you if you respect them.

Never give up on your dreams, just keep striving for
your goals.

You are you, remember to not be anyone that you

arent, be yourself.
Jessyka Todorovski 6H

Happiness and agreements make friends.

Appreciation is when someone is happy.
Respect your friends all the time.
Music brings friends back together.
Others will give you respect that you give them.
Nothing is much worse than bullying.
You can make friends by being kind to them.
Kassim Sabra 6H

Harmony day is all about caring, celebrating,

appreciation, music and peace.
Agreement is a wonderful thing to have if you
have teamwork and friendship.
Respect other people because some people dont
have what we have.
Multiculturalism is what Harmony day is all about
when all cultures come together and enjoy
Orange is the colour that you wear on Harmony
You have to respect people and treat people how
you like to be treated.
Nour Mousselamani 6H

Hope is a thing that you should take everywhere you go.

Accept all the laws and harmony will spread across

Respect other peoples beliefs and religions.

Music brings us all together to work as a team.
Orange is a colour to display on Harmony Day.
Never think in a negative way, think in a positive way.
Young children should keep being taught about harmony
so in the next generation the world is filled with harmony
and peace.
Osman Sabsabi 6HJ

Happiness and agreement is what brings us


Accept others for being themselves.

Respecting everyones religion.

Many people are not so lucky to have a

family. Be Grateful.

Orange is the colour of friendship and


No one can stop who you really are.

You have the chance to change the world.
Peka Hvass 6H

Happiness brings everyone together and brings peace

Always respect others, as if youre respecting yourself
Remember to respect the people who brought peace
Memories that we stick together
Orange is the colour of peace and harmony
Never be afraid to stand up for peace and harmony
You can make a difference to the world
Peni Ratu 6H

Hope is all around; respect is given if you give it


Acceptance is all you need, appreciate all you get


Respect all those who have been good to you.

Memories are all you need to remember to remind
you about all those good things youve been

Obey your family for whatever they help you with

because theyre not here forever.

New born means new life for a family.

You need to give the people you care about respect
then they will give it back.
Porsha Hawe-De Thierry 6H

Happiness and peace is what brings us together.

Accept people the way they are and treat them equally.
Remember to thank others who care and help you.
Multiculturalism is an important thing that makes up this
country, so respect all the different religions.
Others will forget about caring and respecting people, so
remind them about it.
Never disrespect another person that has a different
Your personality is what makes you unique, so embrace
it no matter what people think.
Ripeka Gear 6H

Happiness shows when people live together in harmony.

Appreciation and friendship will help you anywhere at any

Respect is key for peace everywhere.

Music brings us together and produces beautiful sounds.
Orange is the colour of harmony, the sweetness of this

Nature is beautiful like Harmony Day.

You should celebrate the beautiful day for many reasons.
Sarah Khodier 6H

Harmony day is filled with happiness and smiley

Appreciate what you are given and what you have.
Remember to care and respect everyone from
different religions.
Multiculturalism is what it is all about.
Other people will give you respect if you earn it.
Nothing will separate the different countries.
You are different like everyone else.
Sarah Mouhanna 6H

Happiness is a wonderful feeling that brings

everyone together.

Acceptance is something everyone should get

from one another.

Respect is key so you should respect everyone


Music brings us together and creates a beautiful


Orange is the colour for Harmony Day.

Nothing in this world could ever stop the nations

You should celebrate this day with pride and


Tara Milosevic 6H

Harmony is when everyone gets together and agrees.

Appreciation of other people is what makes them feel
Reconciliation is an important part of a friendship.
Multiculturalism is when countries get together in
peace and Harmony.
On Harmony Day we can celebrate that everyone
No bullying is accepted on Harmony Day because we
get together and celebrate.
You should be happy to have Harmony Day because
we all work in Harmony.
Zeinab Hamad 6H

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