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Within our communities and across the country, the restaurant industry plays an
important role as a mainstay of the economy, a contributor to worthy causes, a
responsible partner in conserving the environment, and an active supporter of our
guests well-being. SakayInan ni Mang Juan is not just aimed towards maximization
of profit and long-term stability, but also towards giving back to society, and to the
country as a whole through different ways

Tax Contribution
SakayInan ni Mang Juan will help to promote sustainable economic growth
through the rationalization of the Philippine internal revenue tax system in order to
increase economic activity. The business will pay its taxes and duties religiously to
the government as stipulated in the law by maintaining proper accounts and not
resorting to any dubious means of tax evasion. Aside from the taxes that our company
is required to pay, there are other fees like registration, etc. The revenue that could be
generated in the form of taxes both by national and local government can be used for
the development of the country and as well as the community.


The restaurant industry produces millions of pesos in tax revenues for local
communities, while providing jobs for millions of Filipinos. A career ladder for
millions of employees of all ethnicities and backgrounds, the restaurant industry
offers exceptional opportunities for professional development. SakayInan ni Mang
Juan is also envisioned to provide extensive employee training and benefits for the
welfare of its workers.


Filipino Tradition
Today, there is a trend in putting up boodle fight restaurants here in the
Philippines, as well as in the other parts of the globe. SakayInan ni Mang Juan aims
to maintain and uphold this kind of Filipino tradition of eating using bare hands to

partake of an abundant assortment of rice and viand spread on top of banana leaves.
While attacking the food, the boodle fight fosters fraternity and equality among
comrades. This kind of merriment while eating is what the boodle fight restaurant
industry wants to leave as a legacy and as a trademark of the Filipinos, to be popular
locally and to establish a name globally.

As SakayInan ni Mang Juan will be situated in SM Mall of Asia, tourists who
frequent the mall and the seaside are prospective customers, once they have tried the
food and service we offer, they can spread the good news to their friends and relatives
locally and abroad, about the unique experience in enjoying a boodle fight with a tour
in some parts of Manila. It will hopefully lead to an increase in the number of local
and foreign visitors of SM Mall of Asia and Luneta and to be a way of telling tourists
the magnificence of Manila, and to awaken their boodle fighting spirit.


Other social responsibilities

The new business shall be obliged and pleasured to carry out its business with
social responsibility by participating in civic actions and giving donations to the less
fortunate members of the society. SakayInan ni Mang Juan will try to organize an
event and cater to charitable institutions annually, e.g. free boodle fight.
Also, as we enter the business world, the restaurants management will assure that
the food processes and equipment to be used are eco-friendly and proper waste
disposal for clean and safe environment will always be a responsibility for SakayInan
ni Mang Juan.