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The project titled A Study on cash flow management on DONGWOO SURFACE

TECH PVT. LTD The study is primarily carried out to evaluate the cash management in this
company. The main objective of this project is to study on the management of the current assets
and current liabilities so that satisfactory level of working capital is maintained. The secondary
objectives are to know how to manage receivable, inventory and cash, to study the different
sources of financing capital, to study the operating cycle of company, to study the liquidity
position of company, to look at possible remedial measures if any on the basis of which tied-up
funds in working capital could be used effectively and efficiently, to suggest, if possible on the
basis of conclusion some modification to meet the situation. The study covers all the components
of current assets and current liabilities for the year 2009-2012. The study also deals with the
various ratios imparted in the organization. The working capital is one of the dynamic and vital
aspects of the business operation. Analytical research technique was adopted in this project. The
researcher used analytical type of research to analyze the past data based on which certain future
decision can be made. It provides all the information about the company for the accounting
period. This enables to understand the existing performance of the company. The project has
been concluded as the company has a good liquidity position and does not delay its commitment
in cash of both its creditors and debtors.