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Sarah Fry 13T

My interest in Biochemistry started at a young age. My mother was born with

rheumatoid arthritis and I was interested to investigate more, prompting me to
pursue a career in science. A Biochemistry degree will enable me to continue
learning and be inspired to pursue in a career in science, especially in Synthetic
Biology - which I believe could be used to improve arthritis treatment for people
like my mother. Watching an episode of Horizon, where the potential for synthetic
biology was discussed, as well as attending a lecture enabled me to discover the
interesting aspects of Synthetic Biology.
My ability to analyse data and reach conclusions has helped me in both my
studies of Biology and Chemistry. In my studies of Biology I have learnt to
investigate theories and make deductions based on the knowledge that I have
gained throughout my studies. Chemistry has enabled me to carry out risk
assessments to ensure no injuries happen whilst using hazardous chemicals.
Each of these science subjects has complemented the other; Chemistry has
helped me to better understand the structure of proteins and DNA, and Biology
has allowed me to understand the importance of these molecules in living
organisms. Mathematics has enabled me to hone my problem solving skills and
to use different methods to double check my work to ensure that I reach
reasoned and accurate answers.
The constant barrage of scientific discoveries ensures that it is critical for a
Scientist to be open minded to new ideas and be able to question them when
necessary. I am a patient person with the ability to come up with creative ideas
and the communication skills to get these ideas across. I have used both these
skills as a Science prefect, by helping out in a Year 6 Science lesson and
supporting members of Year 10 and 11 students with their GCSE science. My
reliability and organisational skills are significant reasons as to why I was chosen
to be both a Year 7 prefect and a Science prefect, and I enjoyed these roles. I
constantly try to stay updated with new scientific discoveries by reading New
Scientist and also enjoy reading books, like the Disappearing Spoon by Sean
Kean, which helped me to better understand the periodic table and how the
elements of the periodic table come together to form life and important
molecules. I also listen to scientific podcasts, like BBC Inside Science by BBC
Radio 4, where I can continue to learn about the world around me.
My aptitude for music has allowed me to quickly grasp knowledge about music
theory and put it into practice. Being a member of choir since the age of eight
has enabled me to improve my team work. This helped me especially doing
group fieldwork on a Biology trip in Wales to learn about succession. Working
towards grade 6 in both piano and voice has improved my confidence. I have also
been a member of the Air Training Corps, where I was able to complete all my
exams for Air Cadets in less than a year, which was not a challenge for me since
learning about aircraft engines helped me to better understand fuel efficiency
and auto-ignition in Chemistry.
In summary I consider myself to be a good candidate for Biochemistry and this
course would allow me to harness these skills and abilities to continue to learn
about the world around me and to pursue a career in Biochemistry.