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The Gospel (and the Members Only jacket) is apparently making a comeback

If youre not accustomed to fashions mention, as part of the salvific power of the Good News, Id like
to endorse the soul refreshing, rock star ministry of Joseph Prince.
While new Christian coverts (those not still recovering from Word Faith hucksters, Puritanical
Protestants, or Catholic Judaizers) are responding to the Holy Spirits Grace Revolution in numbers
not seen since His last ingathering, the mainline denominations losing patronage are throwing more
stones than the Pharisees. But having personally recovered from these three camps myself, and having
critically compared and contrasted New Creation Church doctrine, I tell you theres more JC in JP than
the others combined.
Prince, with his cover-to-cover expository preaching, wonderfully reveals the risen Lord in type, jot
and tittle, as found in the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. Having beaten the piled high and
deep (PhD) crew at their own obfuscation, Prince invites real life change by bringing this generation
into the presence of Jesus like few others.
To be fair, anyone preaching salvation by grace through faith in Christ is part of the solution. But, its
really in fostering spiritual maturity, matching a converts position and practice (a life-long journey of
personal sanctification), where these ministries differ.
While the Almighty is infinitely holy, and perfect personal holiness is required of those who would live
forever, time in memoriam attests it cant be found in mere mortals so lets stop looking inward for
our solutions, in favor of trusting in our perfect Saviors atonement.
May you grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18)
Roy J. Tanner