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Myths and Facts about Dating

- A relationship can be fun and scary at the same time.

Lesson Objectives
Students will recognize the nature of adolescent
romances and this knowledge will help them through
the ups and downs of these relationships.
Students will recognize and understand their physical
attractions and sexual feelings and be prepared to
make responsible decisions that have lasting effects .
Students will explore the dynamics of dating and
understand the purposes and importance of
socialization as it applies to dating.

Rules of the Activity

Each correct answer is worth 5 points, while
each incorrect answer costs you 5 points.
Using your Dating card will double
correct/incorrect point values.
You may only use your Dating card 5 times.
Any questions?
Good luck and choose wisely!

Statement #1
Myth or Fact
If you dont date, youre weird.

Statement #1 - Answer
Some people would rather spend time with
their friends or alone than spend time with a
romantic partner.
Just like any other activity, some people date
and some people dont.

Statement #2
Myth or Fact
Teen pregnancy has increased 10% since the
early 1990s.

Statement #2 - Answer
Teen pregnancy has decreased 28% since the
early 1990s.

Statement #3
Myth or Fact
You burn twenty-six calories in a one-minute

Statement #3 - Answer
Kissing is a physical activity and therefore
burns calories

Statement #4
Myth or Fact
You and your partner should discuss the
possibility of pregnancy and disease before
having sex.

Statement #4 - Answer
If you are too uncomfortable or embarrassed
to discuss pregnancy or disease, how will you
deal with it when it happens?
And, if you are not mature enough to discuss
sex, then you are not mature enough to have

Statement #5
Myth or Fact
One in one hundred American women has been the victim of an
attempted or completed rape, and 5 percent of sexual assault
victims are men.

Statement #5 - Answer
One in six American women has been
the victim of an attempted or
completed rape, and 10 percent of
sexual assault victims are men.

Statement #6
Myth or Fact
Since 1993, rape and sexual assaults have
decreased by over 64 percent.

Statement #6 - Answer
The good news: Since 1993 rape and sexual
assault has decreased.
The bad news: Young women ages 16 to 24
still experience the highest rates of rape and
sexual assault.

Statement #7
Myth or Fact
Many STDs can be silent, causing no
noticeable symptoms in men or women.

Statement #7 - Answer
An estimated one in five Americans have a
genital herpes infection, and up to 90% of
them dont know about it.
One out of every four sexually active teens has
an STD, and one in two sexually active youth
will contract an STD by age 25.

Statement #8
Myth or Fact
Between forty thousand and fifty thousand
Americans become infected with HIV every

Statement #8 - Answer
Unfortunately, half of them are between the
ages of thirteen and twenty-four.
That means at least two teenagers and young
adults in this country are infected with HIV
every half hour of every day.

Statement #9
Myth or Fact
Each year one million new cases of STDs occur
among young people aged fifteen to twentyfour.

Statement #9 - Answer
Each year nine million new cases of STDs
occur among young people aged fifteen to
Sexually active youth have the highest STD
rates of any age group in the country.

Statement #10
Myth or Fact
Almost two-thirds of all rape victims are
committed by someone known to the victim.

Statement #10 - Answer

67 percent of sexual assaults are
committed by non-strangers: 47 percent
of perpetrators are friends or
acquaintances of the victim; 17 percent
are intimates; and 3 percent are relatives.

Statement #11
Myth or Fact
Fewer than half of high school students have
had sex.

Statement #11 - Answer

Although it may seem like everyone is having
sex, fewer than half of high school students
have had sex.

Statement #12
Myth or Fact
Condoms are the best method of birth control
and disease prevention.

Statement #12 - Answer

While spermicides seem like a good alternative
to condoms for preventing pregnancy, they
can actually irritate the skin, making it easier
to transmit disease.

Statement #13
Myth or Fact
First dates should include going to the
movies or out to eat.

Statement #13 - Answer

A date can be whatever you and your date like
to do.
You could have a picnic, go for a hike, go to a
sporting event, or visit an art gallery.

Statement #14
Myth or Fact
According to Sperlings Best Places, Austin,
Texas, is the top rated city for dating.

Statement #14 - Answer

Other highly rated cities include Colorado
Springs, San Diego, Raleigh/Durham, and
The worst city for dating is Kansas City.
Bensalem was not mentioned.

Statement #15
Myth or Fact
Your kissing partner is twice as likely to turn
his or her head to the right rather than to the
left for smooching.

Statement #15 - Answer

Onur Gunturkun, a psychology professor at the
Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany, came to
this conclusion after spying on 224 kissing
couples in airports, railway stations, parks, and
benches in the United States, Germany, and

How did you score?

A total of 100 points is a perfect score.

To earn this score, you must have answered all

the questions correctly and Dated correctly on
five of those questions.

90-100 points: You are an EXCELLENT candidate
for dating. You are aware of the pros and cons of
dating and understand the responsibility
necessary for mature relationships.
80-89 points: You are a GOOD candidate for
dating but you might want to think about your
actions and words. Be very careful when you
choose whom you want to date and what you do
on the date!

70-79 points: Okay, I know you think you
might be ready to date, but you still have
much to think about before you do. Do you
really know the safe limits and responsibility
of dating. Remember, you dont want to hurt
anyone and of course you dont want to be
hurt either.

69 and below: STOP THE MADDNESS! You clearly
are not ready to begin dating yet! While dating
should be fun, interesting, and a great way to get
to know someone, you do not possess the personal
development skills to date responsibly. This, of
course, is only a temporary state. All you need to
do is pay attention to Mrs. Bowler, think
responsibly, and act maturely. Then you too can
pass the Dating Game test!

Tips to Improve
Your Dating Experiences
In a healthy relationship, couples talk openly with each other.
It is important to be comfortable with who you are.
Honesty and Trust
Couples need to be truthful and up front with each other.
Respect means that you value the opinions, beliefs, and ideas of others.