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PInno-ConDUCTOR ee TUNE. UP_A >\= “CRI on ve Cem BER TWe-TY FOUR NINE? mM. EAST-ERN STAN-DARD TIME AROM GRE UL AGE = cr x HERE Od ol LF SHOOT wiTH-out A SCRIPT Sé€ tf AN-Y-THING Comes OF WWl-STEAD OF mY OLD SHIT FIRST SHOT RO-GER Ton- ING THE — o » (Cost —— i Se = yes SSS SS SS ES FEA-DERGUTARHE HAS-NIC PLAYED INA YEAR THIS Wott NE So. we 4 : 2S > =F . Pe =o =o 2 rm | fl ay 3 a HEAR HE'S JUST COM-ING BACK FRom HALE A YEAR. OF WITH-TDRAWAL ARE YoU” We -2- IUNG UF a —_— is Mosk: TALKING TO met Not aT AW ARE You Rea-D¥! HOUD THAT ¥0-CuS Stéa- DY Téu THE FouKs aT HOME _ (agp ao MUHAT YOU'RE DO-ING Ro - GER I'M WRITING oe THE PHONE RINGS: Saved! a wt ON THE Anl- SWER-ING. PIANO-CONDUCTOR {UNE UP B ‘KENT [2 ) Mark. Ros AOL THE Fouts AT HOME _ WHAT You'IRE Do-G Qo-GER Tim MRTG OME GREAT oe Glau; beavis Sole THe-PHONe Rings! WE SoReal CHES T-MUTS RonsT-NG coL-ins! Oy ves! 8 > * =. > rs = == alll — Noack ghetitee. wa. im Dowl-stA2S HEY! Qo- GER PICKED UP THE PHONG? Mo, IT's at =z z, —— Pouy $— it —3 — ME THROW Dow THe KEY A WILD WIGHT 19 How PRE - oR- DAINED a tf or -4- IUNe UF Oo Vamp @ ——" Ud at HAT DOd6 HE mea? WHAT Do meal DeTAINeD? 4 1 n “i AMS NO WO WO! Genuy! suit! CUES Tmo. MY WAY GReaT’ euck | wily + = POF + = cd TWEED THE RENT WHAT RENT! THIS PAST YEAR'S RENT WHICH I cer suDEe Ler SSS ee SUIDE You SAID WE WERE GOLD-EN WHEH You BOUGHT THE BUILD-ING WHEN We WeRE Ee = = a a Re ‘Room - mates mém-BER! You uivéd HERet “5 _— Sat f= = =S55 HOW could £ _ fon-Ger? You. ME, " cou-tins AND MAU-REEN J x SS rz j = = = ae > =e = av _~ How 1S THE DRA- MA Quédal! SHE'S PER-FORM-ING To-NIGHT I KKow y -$- qwNe vr Ye $ ure @ STi HER PRO-Duc-Tien mAH-AG-ER! TWO DAYS A-Go__ I WAS BuMPED s Ea i YOU STI DATING HERE —- LAST mont T WAS DumPED SHE'S Wl Love. SHE'S wate j 5%; 3 Se = v 3 4 A jl SS f = ¥ Gor A WeW MANt weu Wo. WHAT'S HIS WAME? = Jo- ANNE. ig A je aA 2 é 37 A ay ie ian € RGAT, MY AMIGOS. 15 DUE ORT We sa HAVE To Evict You. BE THERE in A Few Pan? of we ) pu ‘ == 4s A THE POWER BLOWS ! A PLANO- CONDUCTOR RENT RENT [3 ' (Biureo 2 PLAY ATH Ib “CAE w/e bre TR mh 4 Bswe C7 P/C VERSE (1), Aremos eve -a- Rent Ihe 1s How DO DOe- U- MENT. REAL LITE WHEN REAL LIFE'S swe & GETTING MORE. LIKE IC - Ton eACH DAYS Pay 8 a 8 HEAD -LINGS BREAD-LINES Blow MY MIND. AND NoW__ THIS DEAD- VINE “E- iF Wie- Tod OR PAY" ___ KENT % D Dd How. Do You WRITE_ A SONG WHEN THE CHORDS. SouND WRONG THoveH HEY ONCE SoulD- ED VGH AND RARE___ WHEA THE NOTES_ ARE SOV-R. Ve vr a = WHERE 19 THE Pow ER You ONCE HAD_ 10 Ie- NITE «= THE arRt@_ FO Ss D F e Tv a5 36 ——3 — WE'RE HUN-GRY ANDFROZEN Some UIFé THAT WE'VE cHO-SéN -4- Kens we 2) CHORUS 9 4 5 = \ peu WE GON- NA How We GON- NA wb. Zim ob > —— Ma =~ 4g S35 Se a: ony How We Gol-NA TAY & a= Gut em “gb Fame gb ——————| f =e be ees c , . C + | > ast yeaa's RENT WE UGHT CANDLES ¥ == ¥ L € Ft v # ee wo eH & we -5- RENT i) vensé =m 53 How Do You START A FIRE __ MEN THERE'S NO-THiNG 10 BURN AND if Fe = = SS FEELS IKE Some-THING'S STOCK IM YOUR FLUE os a= SSS How CAN_ You Geil- EA D NF Tv pete —S——= == erate HEAT_ al You CAn'T FELL YOUR FEEL ANDTHEY'RETURA-ING_ BWWE _ , o 63 te -o- RENT 54) cHoaus we — We GoH- HA PAY How WE Gow- NA bi ene pet | Ga o eo How WE Gol-NA PAY LAST Year's § RaNT 0 Gm Gwe cb og 3 . D Dou'T Screen MAY- Réel __ 1S. fE,—J0- ANNE, Your Céad Wy (ake teouy) » © sup- St- ture PRo-DUC Toll MAN. A-GER WEY HEY HEY! = DID Yor RENT CAT DOn'T CHANGE THE GUB-JECT MAU-REEN BUT. DAR- ule You HAV- EN'T. ° » Oy Be, €A-Téd AU DAY = You Won'_‘fiRow UP YOU. Wo! THRow UP bh BS © dI-GI-TAL DE-LAY ‘DID-W'T BLOW UP EX-ACT-LV THERE MAY HAVE BEEN ONE ' oe © Tee-WY Th- AY SPARK "You'Re Nor” caL- LING MARK! t -8- RENT ) verse 20. How Do_ You STAY___ ON YouR FEér wHeN on Gy- ‘RY STREET ITS aS = SSS] = = S E ee e =F = % % "TRICK OR TREAT AND To- MIGHT IT's “TRICK” 7 9g Wey -Come BACK To Ton": L __ SkOUUD Lie Dowd GU-'RY-TuNG/s BROWN AND = = SF OU-OH EEL SICK. WHERE 19 HEL. Ger-TidG DI2-2 % ~9- RENT 102) ¢ —!? How WE GON- NA PAY. How We GON- NA How wWé —_ Gon-HA Gm a % -l0- RENT AL- Ui- Son PA- = BY You sowwD saD__ rz S calte Be-ugue? “wo AE-TER EVRY THING T'VE DONE gv -ER Sule OUR WeD-DING x'm HOS b ~ as ib L pe pe — = eS % DIRT THEYL See T CAN HELP THEM AL OUT inl THE Lone Bund TR - te aie RENT THE Mu-sic 1G- NITES THE NIGHT. WT PAS-SION-ATE FIRE_ Eun e ce 03. CAN'T TURN A- way “THE MAR-RA- TiO CRACK-LES AND POPS WITH IN— REL Tim NOT A THE-A-TRE PER-Sonl Ye -12- KENT cEA-DL-A-RY WIT” . Zoom AS THEY BURN_ ft CAN'T THINK COuuD N-ER BE A THC-A-TRE PER-SoW Pia 37. 13% & ZF : — = 2s Gat - 'RING Font- 6S ARE GATH - FRING = . => rr 4 a -— SS Se — THe PAST fo THe GROMD_ AND FEEL THE HEAT__ oF THE FU- TURES GoW __ & = == SS) UH vH OH — HEL -LOe___ oO c % -13- RENT MAv- Reg Awe (22 ou) Qui? MeNT Wod't woRK? O- K. Aw Rigel, ru 2 VERSE Ly How Do You UAVE THE PAST_ BE- HidD WHEN Bowe 7 To a Mer Fuld - ile WAYS fo Ger 1 youR HeARTe —— -lhe RENT 150 REACH €5 WAY Dou DEEP = AND TEARS You IN - t= (52. 153 — sve our ‘Ty YourRé wad a Parr: Rent! cas 155, 15 How cad You Con~ Neer IW AN AGE WHERE STRANG- ERS, LAND- LORDS, ET IN AN AGE WHERE 7 a (5B, LY W- Rs, YouR own Bwod ceus Be--tRAYE WHat ES Me -I5- KENT 100. > “a FZ — ——_ t—+. ase eee ii J DnNDS THE FAB- RIC fo- GErH- ER WHEN THE RAG- ING, SHIFT- ING x —_ _—— ek, WINDS OF CHANGE KEEP RiP- ANG A- = zt = UP—-, er, 46 UNG In THE SAND ANDTHEN__ MaKe A STAND_. USE YOUR CAM-'RA 10 SPAR_. vsE_ e D Co (70. ae — WOR GUI-TAR WHEN THEY ACY ToUGH Yo) cau THEIR BFE cal D % ~le- RENT y 173, We SSS SSS SS WERE HOT GoN- WA PAY We're Nor Gol- WA we ay met % ay Am =n F/A e e Bey vast Year's Retr THis YEAR'S Rent Next YEAR'S, RENT % RENT RENT RENT Rent WEIRE HoT God-HA Pay oe D nite... a 7 188 109, Rent "CAUSE «= GU-/RY-THING 15 RENT oe # oe D apo DA NO-CONDUCTOK ‘KEN aS “Kcuristmas Besa | f ‘ ast MAS BENS ARE RING ING CHRIST-MASBEUS ARE RING- ING o “ t CHRISTMAS DEUS ARE RING- ING Some- WHERE Guse No WERE v loco > SéGve / NO-CONDUCTOR RENE PIANO EENPUCION YOU OKAY, HONEY 5 > ‘ £. 6m "GROAN a TRomtnsv& on ST tm A-FRAID 50 Pc ts . You OKAY, HONcY 6. HAD NONE To BUT THEY PUR - LINED MY COAT WEW You MISSED A 23 a THANKS 2p —3 — 2 HEL IT's cHaist- mas Eve _— SSS a kb -3- YOU OKAY, Honey 34 AN- G& ___ AN- = Gert __ IN- DEED SOO 37, 30 AN AN- GEL of THE FiRof DE- GREE. 40 —_ FRIENDS CAULME Cor-LIS §— fom = Cov-LiNS NICE r 4h 45. 46 ARE LENSGETA BAND-AID FOR YouR KNEE S'w_ cHAdEE Ae ~—A- YOU OKAY, HONEY Az, 46 = = = = = WARES AUK SUR PORT MEETING AT NING THR - WY Yes THiS a= oa! 46: 1% = — er SS} ers + We IE 50 BO- DY PRO-VIDES A Com- FoRT-ABLE Home —_ FOR THE AC- 3 % oF QUIRED im- MUN DE-F1- CueA- c¥ SYH-DRoME 3 AS. Does — miNE 5B Ed = GE A- UNG FINE GET You A CoAT HAVE A BITE = MAKE A ew -o- rev enne auney 6, ow a NiGHf L'm #LUSH BUT MY FRIENDS ARE WAIT-ING You'RECoTe WHedl You 6 oH or THE MORE THE MER- RY HO _ 6? AND I DoNof TAKE Ho 52 SEGUE, PIANO- CONDUCTOR {UNE UP- REPRISE KENT [6 ; Z 3 ZL DO'T SUPPOSE You'D LIKE To SE¢ MAUREEN'S SHOW INTHE OT TONIGHT MAUREEN CALS You'RE SUCH A SUCKER WHERE ARE You cowie? a Vawp 6 A 5 OR Come 10 DINNER? oom ih On mY EMPTY TAKE YouR A.2.7. WAUET. Tovcde. a CLOSE ON Ro- GER GIRL-FRIND AP- Riv Lee A Note SAY-ING "we've Gor AIDS” RE-FORE Suttle HER waists W THE “a A TIL CHECK UP ow You LATER . CHANGE Your MIND, p, YOu HAVE To GET Out oF THE House BATH-Room ce tr WUNe Ure KerKine. re , + is 5 == =i mag tty MRT Ne ONE oReat sole Be-FORE_ oT OW STAGE BTR A RENT ANODE One SONG GLORY [7 “Cero muted w/detaylsioms +d) op cay 10 ONE Sone Glo- RY ONE Sone BE-FoRE c -2- ONG SONG GLoRY 6 Go G@lo- RY ONE SONG TO LEAVE BE- HID __ wind corstreve 6v6 ob Bou “6 SSS SS Se One SONG ONE LAST “RE-FRAIN GLO-RY = FROMTHE THET-AV BOY = oh FUME oy Pid Ed ft mage i E s = #Rodt MAN wWHo WASTED OP- PoR- U-NI- TY Suncor d ch Om OME Sou HE HAD TRE WORLD AT HID Feer GW-RY i THE EYES OFA Bhn % -3- ONE SONG GLORY 2 YounG GiRu A YONG = GIRv. ch El Glo-BY BE -YoNDIUE CHEAPCOL-ORED LIGHTS ONE SONG BE-FURC THE SUN SETS Bon Gio- RY ON AN oTH- aR emp — W LiFe Ad Time fués Time Dies op ow -4- ONY SONG GLORY =z Guo ~ RY x ae — onl BLAZE OF Gwo- Siames cb 5 Ww ONE BLAZE oF Glo - We -5- ONG SONG GLORY IM A SOHG THAT RINGS TRUE TRUTH UKEA BiA- ZING FRE _ Bn oe Ad €- TER- NAL FLAME __ & Barer vb 4 73 mh ONE Son A SONG A-BouT Love GLo-RY FROMTHE souL OF A Bm Youle == man A YOUNG = MAN FD Bn, et -o- ONE SONG GLORY ; att iL. oz. SS SSS = Sa 2 THE ONE SONG BE-FORETHE VI-RUS TAKES HOLD GLO-RY LIKE A SuN-Ser Db Om 5 ONE Sone to RE- Deem___-His. em - TY ire od em t es 03 ‘ tTimé pies . THE DOOR “Gare —f cb p ap SEQVE/ - RENT PIANO = CONDUCTOR | GT My CANDLE |é ) —~ SYNTH BREATHY PAD ‘WHAD You FOR-GET? GOT A LIGHT? I KNOW You! YOU'RE YOURE SHIV-ERING eb 8 0 WTS NO-THING THEY TURNED OFF MY HEAT AND TIM JUSTA LIT-TLE WEAKON My FEET, Pe LIGHT MY CANDLE ty 2 3 4 cout You LIGHT MY —————— {WHATARE You STAR-INGAT? NO-THING. YOUR HAIR INTHE MOON- LIGHT ——__ YoU LOOK FA MIL:1-AR CAN YOU MAKE IT? JUST HAVE-NT EAT-EN SF ALN 3 i 23, MUCH TO-DAY AT LEASTTHE ROOM STOPPED SPIN-NING.——._AN-Y = WAY, oC = FC LIGHT MY CANDLE Now I AL- WAYS RE: MIND. PED-| a Your SMILE RE-MIND- ED ME OF. ID PEO-PLE OF. WHO 1S SHE? sue pep HER NAME WAS AP ei ITSOUT A- GAIN. ow ' 32 33 4, <> SOR-RY'BOUTYOURFRIEND. WOULD You UGHT MY CAN ~ DLE?. Ab2(we3) aa WELL YEAH, ow oH THE WAK Pe LIGHT MY CANDLE 32 40 4 42 , its DRIP- PING T LIKE 1T BE-TWEEN MY FIN-GERS T FIG-uRED M4 4s 40 al (racks) SSS SSS OH WELL, GooD- NIGHT, E (oe S06 6 mn 4 'T BLEW OUT A- GAIN NO, I THINK THAT T DROPPED MY — STASH 52 T KNOW IVE SEEN You. QUT AND A-GOUT WHEN T USEDTO GO ouT LIGHT MY CANDLE P/C Your CAN-DLESoUT TMILLIN’ THAD IT WHEN T WALXEDIN THE poor IT WAS PURE —__ THE FLOOR 7” THEY SAYTHAT I HAVE _ THE BEST ASS BE- Low FOUR ~ TEENTH Pane IT TRUEP_ WHAT? You'Re STAR-ING A- GAIN OH % LIGHT MY CANDLE —— 1 MEAN You Do HAVE A NICE... I MEAN. piano wy YOU LOOK FA-MIL-1AR LIKE YOUR DEAD GIRL-FRIEND? ON- LY WHEN YOU SMILED Bur IM lo ot a 12 eS SSeS ==SSesss SURE TYE SEEN YOU SOME-WMERE ELSE bo YOU GO To THE CAT ScRATtH CLUB? TTS WHEKETWoRK I DANCE HELPME LOOK Yes! THEY USEDTO TIE You UP 15 A LIN-ING = rw, P/C LIGHT MY CANDLE 7% 78 DID-N'T RE = COG- NIZE You WITH- OUT THE HAND - CUFFS SF we WE COULD LIGHT THE WONT You LIGHT THE Aba(we3) + SYNTH. 88 89 FOR-GET THAT. STUFF YOU Look UKE YoURESIX-TeEN I'M NINE-TEEN BUT IM P/C LIGHT MY QANDLE st 92 3 4 OLD = FOR. MY = AGE___—TM JUST BORN TOBE BAD TONCE WAS BORN 1D BE BAD. 5 ad 1 HAVE No KEAT I Towb You I Gor A coup S Se, o7 8, USED TO SHIY-ER LIKE THAT. I USEDTo SWEAT UH- HHT USED TO BE A 9 SUT NOW AND THEN I UKE TD. FEEL Gop. WHAT'S THAT? 106 02. 103 tog 105 WE COULD LIGHT THE CAN - Aba (m3) PIC LIGHT MY CANDLE "6 bi we ara ou WHaD' You DO WITH MY, CAN = DLE? 3 Alt THAT WAS MY LAST MATCH OUREYES ‘LL AD-JUST THANK GoD FOR THE MOON us We 47 118 MAYBE ITS NOT THE Moo AT ALL. IT HEAR SPIKE LEE'S SHOOTANGDOWN THE STREET BAH HUM-BUG p of la LIGHT MY CANDLE, ug 20 at (a2 3 GAH HUM-BUG COLD HANDS Yours Too 124 125, (2 (27 LIKE MY FA-THERS = You WAN-NA DANCE? Witt You? NO 28 (29 Bo WITH MY FA-THER IM RO- GER THEY CALL ME ANO- CONDUCTOR Kent [10 “TODAY FOR_YOU_A Aa =& fe. EATER TomCounsS! computer GES, TEACHER VAGABOND ANARCHIST, TEAL woo Pa MAKED THROUGH THE PARTHENON ! . “ : i = = Wg 2 +? aH Gg be 6 Bae == = Os.000, s SF z + z = Fs bo- “BSIEEL DRums 4 STE-W MARL- BOR - 0 BA- NA-NA ®BY__ THE BuncH A AW ed TODAY FOR YOU A Box OF CAP- TAN CRUNCH WILL TASTE SO GOOD ___ AND ¥1- RE- & =] = === == SS SS ae 2 <= WooD = LOK IT'S SAN-TA CLAUS HouD YouR A-PLAUSE OH HI — lan HI AF-TER SEV-ENMonTHS? — SOR- RY THIS BOY COULD USE Some sTo- LI (navars % You STRUCK GOLD = AT ( ( eebypns ~3- TODAY FOR YouA a“ m x rr THEY Ex PEUED NE FOR MYTHE-0- RY of ~—-AC-TU- AL. RE-AL- 1 -TY WHICH rw ms 25 SOOM IM~ PART To THE COUCH PO~TA-ToES AT HEW YORK U- NI- VER-SI-TV STM HAVE WIT LEFT THE HOUSE? — L WAS —WAIT-ING-FOR You Dot'r Vou KNOW we To- We “A LUUAY TUR rUU 4% a NIGHT'S THE HIGHT Come To THE LIFE CA- FE AF- TER MAU-REEN'S SHOW No FLOW 4. m —== == <——— + SSS SS 4 30) Ey 8 GENT-Lé-meN OUR BEN- E-FAC- TOR ON THIS CHRIST- MAS EVE WHOSE cHuRcH ORGAN 5 = 33 & an CHAR-1- TY 19 on- WW maTcHeD BY TAL- ENT Co BE-LIéVe A- VANT- GARDE New Mim -BER OF THE AL-PHA-BET CIT-¥ % -5- TODAY FOR You A at ScHu- NARDI PIANO CONDUCTOR = TODAY FOR YOU B (PRE-RECORD) RENT | |() _ 1 3 4 To- DAY FOR You To- MOR-ROW FOR ME AND YOU SHOULD HEAR HER BEAT YOU EARNED THIS ON THE STREET? IT WAS MY LUCK-Y DAY TO-DAY { (ON STAGE) A 9 0 SF = = 7 SS RS Se WHEN A = LA-DY IN A LIM-OU- SINE DROVE MY WAY SHE SAID 24 —— = = '2 8 ‘DAR-LING BE A DEAR THAVE-N'T SLEPT IN A YEAR_ I NEEDYOUR HELPTO MAKE MY NEIGHBORS YAP-PY Kon smmce) 14 - is 6 JoogDis-AP- PEAR. THIS A- Kl TA E- VI- TA JUST WONT SHUT UP, “TODAY FOR You B cy ig 9 LIEVE IF YOU PLAY_ NON- stoP THAT PUP) WILL BREATHE ITS VE-RY LAST. 2 22 . = = + ==] ————— x iy 4 HIGH ~ STRUNG BREATH IM CER-TAIN THAT CUR WILL BARK __ IT-SELF TD DEATH To- D 1 xs a ‘DAY FOR YOU TO MOR: ROW FOR ME TO-DAY FORYOU TO MOR-ROWFOR MEWE A> GREED ay 26 29 — ON A FEE_ A THOUSAND DOL-LAR GUAR: AN-TEE TAX FREE AND A BO-NUS IF OT ONSTAGE) (rfyiion ) 2 TRIM HER TREE — NOW WHO COULD FORE-TELL_ THAT (T WOULD GO SO WELL Bur —3- TODAY FOR YOU B Ye 3 34 35 [J sure AS TAM WERETWAT DOG IS NOW IN DoG-GIE HELL AF-TER AN HOUR E-VI-TA IN = Zz za Fe 3. ” 38 39 ALL HERGLO-RY ONTHE WIN-DOW LEDGE OF THAT TWEN-TYTHIRD STORY LIKE THEL-MA ANDLOU-ISE DID WHEN THEY GOT THE BLUES — SWAN-DOVE___IN-TO THE COURT-YARD OFTHE GRA-CIE.MEWS TO- 8 TO MOR: Row FOR ME To-DAY_ FOR You ‘To- MOR-ROW FOR ME Tpance 48 49 50. . -~4- PC TODAY FOR You B = SACK ON THE STREET. WHERET MET__ MY SWEET WHERE HE WAS MOAN-ING AND GR- OAN-ING ON THE r oF i a oO 59 © poy Op = = — = SSS — COLD CON- CRETE THE NURSE TOOK HIM HOME — FOR SOME. MER-CUR-I-CHROME ANDI | ag. TT TF = 2S 253 ees PRESSED HIS WOUND. AND GOT HIM BACK ON THE STREET. SING-IN’ fo ~ Pe -5- TODAY FOR You & 3) — 3 DAY FOR YOU TO-MOR-ROW FOR ME TO-DAY FoR You TO- MOR-ROWFOR ME I SAW To- 67, $8, 49 = a > ‘DAY FOR YOu TO-MOR- ROW FOR ME TO-DAY. FOR You TO- MORROW RENT PIANO-CONDUCTOR Jou/tL see [11 5 LET THEM KNOW ITS CHRIST- MAS TIME A. HEY YOU BUM,YEAH YOU, MOVE O- VER + GUITAR, GET YOUR ASS OFF THAT RANGE RO-VER THAT ATTITUDE IS EXACTLY WHAT MAUREEN IS PROTEST— P/C : Youit see 9 5 ING TONIGHT. CLOSE UP, BENTAMIN. COFFIN qUITAR TWE THIRD, OUR EX-ROOMMATE NHOMARRIED ALLISON 2 GREY OF THE WESTPORT GREYS, THEN BOUGHT TWE BUILDING FROM HIS FATHER - IN-LAW, a a. 4 IN HOPES OF STARTING A CYBER STUDIO = A YouLt SEE NoT MY ATTITUDE WHAT HAP- PENED TO BEN - NY WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS HEART. AND THE 1 = DEALS HE ONCE PuR-SUED ArRY. Ey OW- NER OF_ THAT LOT NEXT DooR HAS A RIGHT TD DOWN IT AS HE PLEAS ~ Pe a You'LL See HAP- PY BIRTH: DAY JE - sus 28 RENT YOURE WAST-INGYOU TIME. WERE BROKE AND YOU BROKE YOUR WORD THIS IS AB- 2 30 SURD THERE IS ONE WAY You WONT HAVE TO. PAY I KNEW IT NEXT SS = S j== & = z i = == FJ S 4 $e SSS SS SS SS ‘DOOR THE HOME OF CY-BER ARTS YOU SEE AND NOWTWAT THE BLOCK IS RE- ZONED a= a> eo ee a a cal _— SS == SS =se , Pe You’Lt SEE BECOME __ 35) ‘33) chorus You'Lt See __ a sz SS : == ¥ z SK a it ‘STATE OF THE ART ‘Di> GI TAL VIR-Tu- AL IN - TER AC- TINE STU-DI-o XC 73 You'll SEE WL 42 "LL FOR- Go YouR RENT AND ON PA - PER GUAR-AN= TEE THAT You CAN i = — = BSS —— STAY HERE_ FoR FREE IF YOU DO ME ONE SMALL FA- voR, 3 we ——-—. — SSS SS | SS ] WHAT? CON- VINCE MAU- REEN TD (CAN- CEL HER PRO- TEST. WHY NOT JusT ! “8 2 = = 7 = SS 4 GET AN INJUNCTION OR CALLTHE COPS I DID AND THEYRE ON STANDBY BUT MY IN- a efi Poss Ce = Cee Ot = 2 by. | IE = = You'll See PC = 49 50 VES ~ TORS WOULD RATH- ER L HAN-DLED THIS QUI- ET - LY You can'T FF 52 QUIET LY WIPE OUT AN ENTIRETENT CITY THEN WATCH “ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE ON TV ! 54 ‘You WANT TO PRODUCE FILMS, WRITESONGS? YOU NEED SOME-WHERE TODO IT i's F WHAT WE USED TO DREAM A-BOUT THINK TWICE BE-FORE YOU POOH-PooK IT Youll SEE_. WC You'll see 7) cHorus — bors YOu'uLSEE_ Bos. Youu see_ |) BRIDGE THE GEAU-TY OFA STU-DI- oO THAT LETS US Do OUR WORK AND GET PAID —__ WITH be Aye CON-DOS ON THE ToP WHOSE RENT KEEPSO - PEN OUR SHOP gust You'll see = 7—— SS You'LL SEE___ OR You'LL PACK TWAT Boy COULD USE — . —= a Ey SF cn I SOME PROZAC OR HEAVY DRUGS OR GROUP HUGS - WHICH REMINDS ME 13 ns WE HAVE A DETOUR TO MAKE TONIGHT ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CAN COME ALONG Pie P% aes You. see 15 LIFE SUPPORTS A GROUP FOR PEOPLE COPING WITHUFE WE DONT HAYE TD STAY Too LONG Ab2 First IVE GOT A PRO- TEST To SAVE Aba/e, 79 HE'LL CATCH UP LATER HESTJUST GOT OTHER THINGS ON HIS MIND YOULL SEE- Aba Bl) cHoRus “a __ =< =e SS — == 3S % ¢ a va —U- Youlu See LeT iT Be BOYS LIKE GUITARS TT bas S. IANO= CONDUCTOR RENT 12, TANGO MAUREEN - INTRO “Peo AND SO 2 2 A IW- 10 THE A- BYSS THE OT WHERE ASMA STAGE IS “UNE IN” PARTALUY SETUP. A A . yr , 4 3—— Sess SSS SSS SS kh a et a 4 L WENT To HAR-VARD FoR THis? CUosé ond MARK'S NOSE DIVE Me g ut y= 5 SSS 2 == = i z+ 3 7 7 4 = —= ANE INAUKEEN-LNTRO eS SS out WILL He GET our oF HERE A- vet ___ Bm = = = eS ee ee ee ee MARK? Ht LX Tord WER NoTfocAW_ You THAT'S mAU-REEN DUT CAN I A 4“ HOA? since am WERE L HIRED AM ENGMEER a a A ie s a a : + GREAT: $0 ICE To WAVE... Wart... SHE'S THREE HOURS LATE. " A A StGvE To TANGO ~ RENT 7 font FIANO-CMDUCTER (ANGO MAUREEN 12 PLAY ATYST box wt vb Cm Fag NEWORLEANS RUVMBA TEEL pes SAM-PLES WoH'TDE-LAY ‘but THE CA- BEL. THERE'S AN-OTH-R WAY SAY Some-THING AN-V-THING Test one, Two, Tiree AN ¥-THile Bor Re -4- TANGO MavKEEN verse THIS 15 WEIRD IT'S WErRD_ VER-¥ C3 WEIRD. Fuck- id! WEr2D_ I'm 50 MAD THAT I Dod'T KNow WHAT TO % a 43 TIGHT. ING WITH MIC- Ro- PHONES, FRECZ-ING ‘Dowd fo mY Bones, v I'M WITH Ve -3- TANGO MAUREEN FEEL LIKE = GO- ING IN- sane? Gor A wo 3—— FIRE wh YouR BRA! AND You'Ré THINK-ING OF DRINK-ING GAS-O- MAT- TER OF = Fact HoH - EY ao T kWow THis AcT 15 CAUED THE TAN-Go MAv- ReEN THE -4- TANGO MAUREEN ly CHORUS 3— 2 a7 Tal-Go mav- RééN (11S A DARK. DI2-2¥ MER-RY - GO- ME «(usa zarrisa Ge "| ab oe Roudd aS SHE KEEPS You DANG - UNG __ YouR Sete = SSS You'Ré WRONG —3 HEART SHE 15 mAM- =GUING@ AND You Se ——— { it's DIF-FERENT WITH me %, -6- TANGO MAUREEN 35 ——3 055 AND YoU TURN ‘cAVSE HER COLD £YéS CAN BURN YET You Fu —3— = % c—3 — 36 YEAH AND You CHURH AND RE- BOND. ITWiMK I KNOW WHAT You MEAN ? 0 —__ a> THE TAN ~ Go mAv- RECN cHAS SHE ws ay tS 2 SSS Sa SS t W-ER Poor-ED HER IPSN CAUED You Poo- Kiet Fale © TANGO MAUREEN 3 —, Na- ER HAVE You ev. eR Dover- €D A “0 4 = == Seas ————— eS ——— = KISS OR Wot THis 18 SPoOK-¥ ‘DID You Fw mG Be SWOON WHEN SHE WALKED THROUGH THE = DOOR? = = a EV~'RY Time 50 BE CAU~ Tous, x ‘DID SHE Moo O-VER OTH-ER BOYS? TANGO MAUREEN % & sz MoRe THAM mood! L'm Ef-TING NAv- SéouS, “Pal 7% Anle © & os oy WHERE'D You LeAed To TANGO! WITH THE FRENCH AMBASSADOR'S ~ oe a ‘DAVEHTER, M WER DORM ROOM AT WITH HAWETTE Hint MELFARB, THE RABDI'S DAUGHTER MISS PORTER'S. AND You! AT THE SCARSDALE. ann commudiTY CEXTER 5 : 5 - TANGO MAUKEEN "5 HARD TO Do THIS BACKWARDS >. You SHoud TRY if id Hees: SHE (Pav Artie) ) Versé Ls = CHEAT-ED SHE CHEAT-ED. MAV-REeH CHEAT-ED 4UCK -iN! CHEAT-ED I'm DE- a == SS SS j— == Dm ARI vb we == SS x ae 4 seve, . Ea FeAT-ED LT suovrd Give uP RickT Now GoT- TA § a py —————_— ay 7 SSE 2 = + 7 <= = - A : | cae ——_ Ss Ae adil TANGO MAUREEN vook on THE BRIGHT SIDE WITH AW oF YouR miGHr I'D ¢t t+ = = TAU TOR HER STU AN-V- How WHEN YOURE DANC-ING HER DANCE You Dodie Dea weasel I STAD A CHANCE HER CRIP OF Ro- MANCe makes You 83 — : <= £ SS Ht We FAL $0 You = TWinK omigHY as Wen DANCE A % -10- TANGO MAUREEN “3 4, as ae & TAN-GO To Hew Af Leas T'w HAVE TAN-GoeD AT = AW Dm CHORVS. t —3 — ket ££. = == SS TAN -Go MAU- a TA DANCE ‘Tv YOUR Di- VA 15 aah COAL FARTISA Ap Bb —— a ey THRovGH You PRE- TEND To BE-LieVE HER ___ ‘CAUSE IN THE —3-— 4. ar EXD You CAN'T WAVE HER __ BUTTHE EHD 17 wie Come, stiu You % -U- TANGO MAUREEN % sj ayo ——3 —— 3 HAVE To PLAY DumB 'TiL You'Re GUM AND You Bum AND TURN D ca 100 WHY DO WE Love WHEN SHE'S mean? —__ ui Jor. So od-scene __ RN THe mic. MY MAU- RecN rp ¥ eva ‘DW 4 %, a fa wort. PATCHED! THE TAN-Go MAU- REEN FORGET IT, WERE PATCHED BY5~ Ky |-o- PLAY A m RENT Pald-conpverea SUPPORT GROUP [!3 Sy PLAY AT #13 Owl +0 to(ve) PAM Sue HL DM AN-GeL Tom —cou-LANS. I'm PAUL, L's BEG Dwi oC THERE'S ov- oY vs THERE'S on - wy ) 55 =o Ee ——F == ea pp We wan SuPPORT GROUP , s THIS SOR-RY Ex- CUSE ME 00PS AND VovARE! OH L'mNor t'm | mf PIANO Dost HERE To L DON'T HAVE I'm HERE WITH Sif DOWN MARK —- WEL Conl- TiH- VE THE AF-F1R- MA-Tion Ue -3- SUPPORT GROUP HoR- Ger RE- GRET OR LIFE 18 YouRS To eke IE Miss Ex-CUSE ME PAUL «—-T'M_HAV-ING A PROB-LEM WITHt THIS THIS CRE- DO my 1-Céus ARE WW) L RE-GRET THAT NEWS, 0. KS te we 3 ——— —— + ae =H — AL- RIGHT Bur CoR-DON How DO You #eéL TO-DAY! Y/C -4- DUFYOKT GROUP i th sau i WHAT DO You méAN? Houl D0 You 4&1 T0-DAV? 0, K. 19 THAT AW? Dest TVe FET AW YEAR CHOOSE = FEAR? AL t'M A New YORK-ER! VR, «FEARS MY UTE! A z AS 4% Look, Lind S0me OF WHAT YOU TEACH $0S-PECT Cle SUPPORT GROUP We -5~ 4, _—— 4 Gee = = ———_ — —- — Tév - Lect ‘RE -CAUSE T'M USEDTO RE - LY- th Ce wo == 7 2 Bur T TRY To O-PEN UP fo WHAT I DON'T KNOW BE-CAUSE le e THREE YEARS A-GO___ L SHOULD HAVE DIED (Bae Sol save Bay re -e OUFKOKI GKOUY 3B SR 7 ft ‘KENT PlanO-tontDuCcTOR Out TONIGHT [14 INTRO Pin AT HAS CrLewe +0R } VERSE wt ih WHAT 's THE Time? Wew I'S Gor-tA BE USE To MD. NIGHT J Font Ic -42- OUT TONIGHT 1s ‘BO--DY'S TALK-IN! To mE 11’S SAYS “Time FOR Dan- GER” IT SAYSeL WAd-WA Com-mita CRIME WAN-HA DE THE CAUSE_ OFA FIGHT WAN -NA 23 Put od A TIGHT SKIRT_ AND FLIRT WITHA STRAN-GER” “a> L'vE HAD A KNACK FROM WAY ‘BACK AT BREAK-IN' THE RULES. ONCE T EARN _ “ANALOG ST PAD "ere, A, fF D sme,” CF %, -3- OUl TONIGHT 30 29— 3 —— SOME PLACE SICK WHERE THIS_ a — tHe Game céruP Ufé's Too Ovick & KNOW sus 2. a A a CHICK LL DANCE IN THE FLAMES WE DodIT AEED_ AN-¥ mon - ~ i — ~ ai > ) = 4 Ae pe 6 ep een a = x oe — os LD AL-WAYS GET Wh FOR FREE Yo) CAN GET IN Too — 3. o.—— ae. 5 —o- = t —p * ee thu D c D = = at + — —- ‘ ap a aa a 3 _ - or a? a — fi ce wi with me sus re Bee Yur LUNI GHT CHORUS ovf fo-NiGHT 1 Have To Go 2 Pes A ® ‘ee Re fe 0-0-0 — Faletcgees eeeet ae et f 3 You WAN -Wa PLAY LET'S RUN A-WAY_ WE Worl! Come TACK BE-FORE IT'S CHRIST-MAS DAY _——— -2 — ~~ tha x TAKE ME ovt —_ To-NiGHT __ mé-ow ££ Asus -5- OUT TONIGHT Ae o WAL GET A WINK — FROM THE DOOR- man _ DO You Kilo! How Wek -¥ You" BE Sg. Sa aA len he D 66 That You'Ré_ of ude withme Fe- Lele ___ oF —¢- — D -o- vue sues CHORUS >: A tat —~ out ____ -NiGHT 9 Lf HAVE To GO ——— i ras 277 You WAN-NA PROWL “BE mY NIGHT OWL — We TA mY HAND? GoHl-tl® ee were thn ——. 22: #6 BD % £ ==: f =} ovt = To-NIGHT__ a EE Ae ithe vl tun —i— e7 y IN THO EVE-NING_. I'VE GOTT ROAM CAN'T SLEEP IN THE Ci- TY OF Be PAD S oT EE é D thm 3 8 SE a3 NE-ON AND CHROME FEELS TOO DAMA MUCH LIKE HOME WHEA THE SPAN-ISH BA-BIEs —~ 3K ON _ 50 UAISFHDA BAR S0 DARK _ oO é —— A aja SIT Se : 97 9% — We FoR-GET MMO WE ARE WHERE AU THE SCARS. OF THE es i — Bae G2 (we) A +e —— ——<———: ol — u's Go ¢ Dé ——— NOv- ERS AND MAY-BES Bae, i twee ce fou — : = aa Ao-WGet L WAVE To GO > A aes | fo- ict? _—_ = Asvs uo Me. At THE mood UKE A cat — You'Re SWECA WAL-NA Hit THE SPREETT WANNA WAIL : am -t- OUT TONIGHT WU => Us 3 ue Wy. — w Heatt ost TAKE me our PEASE TAKE mE To-wiGHT 2 —_—C De 2 £ Ze — ue a 40 - WIGHT __ [+ hes fo = Dou" FR-SAMEME — OUT _ — a Asus = = our —3 — ary a — To- niGHT__ L'u Let You MAKE ME So > =e =z > “ae as . fhe f tears gs peat ee & = Sj To-wicHT__ To-aiGHT To-moHT_ To-NiGHT ,s > es I —— ‘Appinvse seve “~ ea) EIA > CON DUCIOK ANOTHER DAY ROGER, MIMI, OTHERS) DO You THINK YoU ARE? Dw s) Chan) Die» Chewy) fo ME AND MY_GUI- TAR —LIT-TLE GIRL HEY Feed Hoa Kun Dowd a a you BET-TER 60 sour Fi- RES OUT. AN-Y- WAY Fed Gy AP BAR-GIMG IN ON Deo THE DooR 18 THAT Luh Y Dray Chud TAKE THE Po-DER ae 2. ANOTHER DAY tb 4 TAKE yuk can -DLE Your SWEET WHISPER I JUST CAN'T HAN-DLE —e . 6 Me Nop Bn? AYep Bin (65.94) 40 welt TARE_YOUR Halk INTHE MOON LIGHT — YOUR BROWN EYES_ GOO0D- Mop Die 25, 2b, 21 / T SHOULD TELL.vou T HouLD TEL You 1 Sou TELL. You T SHOULD -- NO > ye dt ast Ale 3 ANOTHER DAY ]o AN: OTH-ER TIME AN-OTH-ER PLACE OUR TEM- PRA TURE WOU. CLIMB Pwo Arwod | dw Gaon E4ue 9 Aba 3) es Ll je 33 —— SS See = = + 7 ——J t THERED BE ALONG EM- BRACE. WED DO AN-OTH-ER DANCE __ TD BE AN-OTH-ER PLAY_ Pw 9) GPwesy Ebus y Aan Dio D — G4an 3) a 3s 3G = teow for ROMANCE COME BAER AW-OW-ER DAY = eho) Abed Drew) Guy Ew 38 AA-OTH-ER = DAY Aes vic 7 vere Uy @) Gam THE HEART May FREEZE (PHO) em. 45, THE PAN Whe EASE TF IX CAN LEARN —___ THERE 18 HO Dew) D THERE 1S NO PAST | Pie cs ANOTHER DAY oe I lwé THS MO-MENT AS —_______ MY__LAST. Fine THERES ON uy Be 46 20, bu FoR- GET OR LIFE 1S YouRS Po St ple é ANOTHER DAY 1, 2» — way No DAY Bu7 70-DAY thn? $ ge es 72 ‘ROGER: Pad EXCUSE ME JE I'M OFF TRACK Bar 1F YodRe $0 WISE _THENTELL ME Dw CPG 9 Db ws CPG) Dues Xen (5 88) 2 7b 2 a WHY DO YoU. NEED. Smack — TAKE YouR NEE- DLE TAKE YOUR FAN-CY PRAYER. Fs) Glew Ab Nob a 2 & — AUD DONT FORGET TAKE THE MOM-LIGHT OUT OF Youre HAIR Lawé A- G0 You MIGHT=VE eS Mop : AYgb ele 7. ANOTHER Day a, 82 8 LIT uP MY HEAeT BuTTHE Fi-RE'S DEAD Aw'T NE~VER SS Web Die (85.84) €- VER GON-NA q@ ab ANOTHER TIME AN- OTH: ER PLACE THE WORDS WOULD ON-LY RHYME eb a Y Gb eb (eno) WED BE IN OUT-ER Spack IT'D BE AN- OTH-ER SONG W'DSING AN-OTH-ER WAY pb gb eb| eb Ab gb vIC &. ANOTHER. DAY 4a 43 94. - You WANT TO PROVE ME WIRING. come” au ord-ee AY — Ax. OTH ER DAY — THERES oN- uy YES ON- ly To- ‘le 9 ANOTHER DAY Bip 106 WHATS RIGHT Ble U2. Bur To-day %) MIMI + OTHERS: us Me r CAN'T CON TOL ROGER? CON~ TROL YOUR TEM- PER my Ddes- TI ny — . SHE DES- WF Ps 4a3 ae as. rt TRUST MY SOUL MY OW- LY Cn wo SAYS THAT THERE'S A ie WHO BAR- GING Do IN Sov Ws ANOTHER DAY JUST LET ME BE Git (we 3) ght THINK You ARE?__ o Ayo Gp» GUr TAR Digr ab FEAR NO OTH ER PaTH No oTH- ER =—— — CIT-TLE G1, HEY THE DOOR 18 THAT Why. De Aine ” Gbnb LP Alb — GYpb —vT —— ~—v Tv ty 4 a wot [a way: No DAY = Bur TO-DAY — THE FrRES 0UT_ AN-Y¥-wAy_ Disus 7 wy ig 4 a No DAY__ BuT 0-Day. — TAKE THE Pow-DER. TAKE THE CAN-DUE He us ANOTHER DAY SO J No Day BuT To- DAY. TAKE YOUR BROWN EYES Yous | No 28Y. wr To: Day —s No DAY__ a - OTM ER TIME, AN OTHER", AN: OTHER RHYME, A WARM EM- BRACE “y pp : Geb TNL o we reb.. 9 2 jo SO OO, 10- 04¥_—————— — br Aal> THER DANCE AA-OTH-ER. WAY AM- OTH ER CHANCE, A pb Bbm. Few) Guo rit... A by. - OTH. ER Day. -CONDUCTOR wx PIANO- CONDUCTOR WILL £ {16 8 a AUN bd a I'm WRIT ins ONE GREAT SONG =BE-FoRE_ a A ey, DP 6 8 WILL LoSé MY DIG- HI- wa. WI Some-onde caret. oe oe ee ge te | chy _| ob C7 [Om owe : ae : = z — WILT WAKE T0-MOR-Row_ - FROM___ THis. Nia HT ma - Ret ——= * = me = are Td FF On Ge Cha Boa pe Sake si ? Pp Wi L086 mY DIG Nt- TE & Ch, np (Wet Wea TT exvR ow oREAl) GL/ap cba +8 F r r WIL SomME-ONE cCaRet Sn to — = ~ pb F ~ = pigeons = — — WILT WAKE To-MOR- RoW FROM __ THIS NIGHT cha , : Gh/eb Cha ¥—— FF rf Bn mA - RE? vb r 7 -3- Wie L Pee 2 ee Win f Wo8é mY DIG- Nie TYE. Wit Some-onle care? Wut LOSe mY DIE Nhe TE Win Some-one —— Wut WAKE fo-moR-Row_ #Rom__ THIS NIGHT Ma- REE =a Wik L WAKETO-moR-ROW —-FRom_ THIS NIGHT — ch/eb gor gov e ee Ea tf 7 ) 30 Ey 2 —_, Viw L U0se mV DIG- Mie TYE. Wiw Somé-one care? — ma- Ret Win L056 mYDIG- Mit Wu Some- od Wid L W5¢ EDI} Nt TYE “Brees GIRL nT, legato 192: + oReAN Oe ohn asue, — wWiutwAKé fo-mor-Rod_ FRoM__ THIS NIGHT- = mMA- REL —_—_—_>———__. cane? Wiut WAKE To-mR-Row_ Rom __ THIS HIGHT - SSS 3 SSS Win = SomMe-one = CAREE WUT WAKE TO-ImoR-RowW. Rom — L : ~ — = Cha Gh/ev Cha en DP a Wiwe r 36 39 $o > uv WILT L086 MY DIG Ale THE. Wik Some-one CARE? — ma- Ret WILL OSE MYDIG- HI - TY Wi some - one a THIS NIGHT- MA- RET Wil Lose mY DIG- Nt- TYE WIL T LOSe mY DIG- a eta mn Db => = —— WILT WAKE To-moR- Row — FROM —__ Tatts NIGHT — cane? Wh T WAKE T0- MOR- Row — FRom —— — = = 2 SS Se wi Some - one CARE WIL I WAKE To -mor- Somé-ONE CARE £" ¢ ¢- coe SS= Pa ait =e HL 4 . ‘KENT PIANO- CONDUCTOR ON THE STREET 55 S33 SS 6 2 . SS = => SS Utust-mAS Béus ARE Rune - We CHRIST-MAS BELS ARE FF 2,3 RUNG - ING Giust-maAS BEus ARE = RNG - We 3S 3 2,3 +, + WAL ans fot 3 pated bf tp tet = out of Town 4 SAN-TA FE WHISTLING ¥, Sy # 2, we A EAR SaVEAL,, --- ee Holst Livi mad -- 9 LL b . Feu2r HAVIBAD 7 RuovEs ae GE -UNG OF -F1-CER SMILE FOR TED KoPPEL, 3 3 Ie -3- ON THE SiKER he 20 1 \eticeR martin AND A MER-RYCHRIST-MAS”YOUR FAM-LY Risk 0 x f Faster a w WHO THE fucK Do You THINK You ARE? Lt Dw'T NeéD No = GoD- DAMN HELP FROM SOME BUCED-WIG HEART CAM!RA MAN. mY UFe'sS Wor FOR we + 5 ~ oeenees PM 37, - GAS- Y SUG- AR you To MAKE A NAME FOR YouR- SELF on BS v4, eAS- ¥ HE WAS Just TRY-ING TO —-gusT TRYIN’ TO USE mE TO Gial > > O84 he 6 Yo oe 4 py es 4 ¥ Se Kim HIS GUILT 11'S HOT THAT KIND OF Mov-1é Honl-EV Let's Go THIS 2 y “ 5 a % lof 18 fu OF MOTH-ER FUCK-ING AR- TisTs HEY ARTIST, GoT A DOUAR? , T THOUGHT NOT. 0- CONDUCTOR aan BAN NOUR ANITA £E IS 1 INTRO Saar anss & New YORK crf-¥ UH HOH COd-TER OF THE U-HI-VERSE SING IT GIRL Se — SSS SSS TIMES ARE SHIT-TY BUT I'M PRET-TY SURE THEY cANTGET mucH ome 6-700 B02 (9 = -4- DANIA TE WoRse =f HEAR ‘YA (1's A Com-forr To KNOW WHEN You'Re. Ie lia Sine -ING THE HIT THE ROAD Bives THAT AN -¥~-WHERE ELSE You couLD te Ss! — poo = ie . ; ; a * A PLEASURE %S-SIB-LY GO AT-TER NEW YoRK- won BE S , A RUS (avar 4) A , an 4 ae SSS NOW You'Re = TALK ~ IN! WY Me -3- SANTA 46. as y Weu Tim THWART-ED BY A MET-A-PHYS-1¢ 9 Pu2-2Le a AND Tim Sick OF GRAD-ING — PA-PERS “THAT Know By AND I'm sHovf- ING IN mY SLEEP or HEED A Mu2-2Lé AW THIS mis-ER-¥ -4- SANTA FE PAYS NO SAL ~ A~ RY $0 —______ ver’s EI = Mh “as a= He zs F we O- PEN UP A Reés- TAU-RANT IN SAN-TA +e PIANO 3s, DR cont.) ab SON- RY SAN- TA FE word —_—— ee Wen 0- Péd UP A RES- TAUV-RANT = iN we -9- SANTA FE DB yy — Sal tA te AND LéAVE THIS = To THE as 5S. # = 3 SSS == SSS ROACH-€5 AND mice -o- SANTA FE or (feavar79) TEACH com- P-TER AGE PHI- % aed SANTA Fe Wos- O- PHY Dur my STU- DENTS WOULD RATH- ER WATCH __ — tov. A- MER- I- CA A- MER-1- CA VourreA 7 ot —— j SéN- Si-five €5-THEere PRUSH THE SAUCE ON-To THE meAT. You CoucD mAKE THe MEN- SPARK-UB WITH h SANTA Fe 97 six OB s co ‘RHY me You COULD DRUM A GENT-LE DRUM I wurpd —— z 6. L/a SEAT GuéSTS AS THEY Come CHAT-TING NOT A-Bour = HEL- — Veo-ceR BUT win@ —______ at's UW lial SANTA Fe 2 i % 27 . 96 = 7 SS = = SS SS =e = ~ O- Pél Ov? A RES-TAU-RANT IN SAMI- TA rE OUR ARH SAN-TA FE. SS Ss = = t + We'u LA- BORS wWovrdD REAP FI-NAN- CIAL GAINS 7 =p: ¥ ‘ fy ] Glee ; SS SSS GAINS GAINS_ GAINS “) aan tow -W- SANTA Fe y Ly pen (08 09 40 = = ——————= SH Savé FRom vev-A- STA-TioN OUR = BRAINS —______ wWe'w, SAVE OUR BRAINS Welw “3 PACK UP AU OUR JudK ANDFLY SO FAR A- WAV De- PACK UP AL OUR JUNK AND FLY So__._- FAR A- WAV Dée- De-ser) F VoTe OUR-SEWES To PRO-JécT THAT Sséu —_____ we'w 2 == at eS SS 5 =e 4 Vote OUR-SéLvES To PRO- JecT THAT Sséu —_ we'w a -u- SANTA FE A -RES-TAU-RANT IN SAN- TA A -RES- TAU-RANT WW. SAN- TA ue GEt THIS COLD BO- HE- MI- AN ) Aa Hew ol SANTA FE o ( De- BonGos ) Ww sw ANIA FE 150 KNOW THE WAY To SAN-TA¥E 155. 15m Me. Tm-Be weers PRAI-RIE DOGS PIANO- CONDUCTOR mr 1g TLL COVER You Lia SHUFFLE FeeL ( Vamp A (tasrx Yy ee = == Du SEE You AT THE suow TUL TRY AND CoN~ ViKKE fr kt yy aa ak | SI. oT D 3, vAMP ——_—— RO- GER To GO ALOE Ar LAST... ARE WE A THING? DARLING WERE EXERTTHING ca + = ‘pa 7 7 TS Just sup_ me ow Tut BE- YouR BLAW-KET__ es ee or WHER- EV - ER WHAT- Ev - ER ILL BE YouR Corr vie -6- TLL Cover You & 70. = 4 ANO I'LL BE_ YouR CAS -TLE NO W as. Your Be Queen ANO Iti BE_ YouR Mont % " we JZ. THIN, THEY MEA IT wes THEY stip You CANT BUY Lo Now Am4 al in & > KNOW You- CAN RENT Ir A NeW tense You ARE bez —. —~;,: be: — Gm Ebene’ Ue -41- I'L CvER You Cm EDsus4 Y JBRivee 93, WoNGED To 01S - CO- VER Some -THING AS te TRUE AS__ THIS le ts wrt -0- LLL WVEK YOU c a) 103 THOU- SAND Swe KiS- Ses —___ TLL Co-VER You. wrt A IF YouR Cou AND You'Re Lowe - LY__ u 105 or ‘THou- SAND. SWEET KIS- Ses Tu Co-veR You You've GoT ONE NICK- EL ON - LY_ UMA C2 3 1A fr) “ft weal Youke Woe) out AND Tl - RED Tuou- SAAD. Sweet Kis - ses TUL Co-véR Youn A Bba le oo Tu Cover you im a 1S. J WHEN YouR HEART HAS_ EX - PI - RED THou- SAND. SueeT KiS- ses TUL Co-veR You ou to - vER Tu ¢o-ver =~ wo VER Co- VER Ie ~10- T'Ut COVER You OH — Co - VER LLL co-veR Os Co - véR Lt COVER b, 130. a i | = - ne (+6052, Gre) “KENT PIANO-CONDUCTOR WE'RE OK [20 rez, OR 3 VOCAL —S3—4 235 =3—5_ 35 + =f? stéve 30- ANNE THE MUR- GET CASE A DIS-Mis-SAL! Good woRK. $85, DR c -2- WERE OK $5 «@ a Hol-eY BEAR WAIT. tim oN THE OTH-ER PHode Yes Towave tHe Cow-Bew = WERE OK, So BRIDGE epee a Tu THEM WEL Sue Bu A SETE-MENT Wi DO = SEX-U-AL HA - RASS-mEXT AND = $ fr a= ia zo Civ- wy Rents Too Steve, You'Re EREAT Ho, YOU CUT THE PA-PER PLATE DID You -3- WORD VA, Ie i a * oS Set = o ‘Youeat of man A vor wovrd you sav? WeREO. =K au ao 2 2 = + = — HONEY, HOLD ow! Stévé, Houd on Heuot ) verse aL 33 ‘DAD yes LT BELTED You MAU-REEH 19 Com-ING To MoTH-ER'S HEAR-ING z 7 s=Sy + Sass = —_—— Werke Un 373 HOH-EY BEAR WAIT de ——— eS i | Néwt's LES-BI-AN Sis-TeR? TL Tew THEM —- You HEARD? THEY HEARD WERE 0. K. BRIDEE be iy — SS. AS AND fo You DAD_ OH Jiu is Here? = ware STEVE GOT-TA Siw, WwiTH THE SS SS == == ~* -o- nee eee Wy a. ry ) SHORT BLACK HAIR THE CAL-vin KLEIN MOD-ELt STEVE GOT-TA Go! THE MoD-cL WHO — 2 uves in Penf-douse A? —_ We're weREe 0. K. Simon my way ~ ONCE PIANO-CoNDUCTOR CHRISTMAS BELLS RENT [2! 5 o & eo EHUST MAS BEUS ARE _QG- WG CHRISTMAS BEUS ARE RBiNG- We __ to CHRIST MAS BEUS_ ARE _ _Qe- le ont Ane cue G-200K%-B02 (06 ct -2- CAKIDIMAS BEWS i AT SAKS Hol-€5¢ Liv-ING HON-E5T WY-ING HON- EST LIV-ING Hod -€er LiV- ING Hod-€S1 LIV-ING HON-EST LIV-ING — HON-EST LiV-IniG HOM-ESTUV-ING HOM-250 LIVING Hod-EST WY-ING SSS SSS SS Cad You SPARE A DimE OR Twoe HERE Bus FoR THE ERACE oF 9 2 Hodl-es1 Liv-e HOH-est UV- ING S555 GD Gd You Youlu BE meR-RY Tu BE mER- RY THO! Ww -o- VHRIDIMAS BEWS ul a “) men-2Y antir oY ve CAB- v= ARS 3) cHoRuS a 2 26 No SLEIGH BEUS No SAN-TACLAVSE_ NO Wo TiNS- ev ) 2d ae a —?—— ~~ eS eee j NO HoL- LY WO HEARTH NO —- RU-DOLPH THE RED NOSED REN-DEER oe RU-DOLPH THE RED NOSED Rel- DEER No Room AT THE HOU-t- DAY -A- CHRISTMAS BELWS 26 wd oH NO AND it's BE- Gil-KING TO sow — ———=* HAT BATS SHOeS Booze = | FO — 4s 44 SS SS] Movi-Tain BIKES PoT-PUR-Ri — LLATH-ER BAGS GIR-LIG MAGS FOR-TY FES A- 2- % -6- CHKISTMAS EUS 1 So 2 kh Ug a + ee a % % HO-ONG'S Buv-ING Feet UKE” aon. | ORY WE av — wy No Room AT THE HOU-I-DAY «IW OH NO __—_—~ e be os ok { = =f Ald 1115 BE- — Ginl-WING TO SHow (+seerew Beus) + ' -o- CHRISTMAS BEWS oe cz How AxBourATUR wl PER-FECT SHAPE OWNED BYAN mM-B- A FROM vP-TowN BRASS 2 v L Gof A TWEED BROK-G IN BY A GRECD-Y BROKER WEY — AND Titeal BROKE Down WHo BROKE orton Podit Have To Do THIS HUSH YOUR MOUTH IT’S CHRIST- mAs. Ruoves A od 4 Do Not -De- SERVE You AN- 9 GéL Ve -T- CHRISTMAS BES WHAT'S of THE Gwe Gwe me Some vay To ©) 00k urs see Some more eo or ez is e =e: SWow How — YoU'"VE__ ToucHeD ME __ ays 9 CHRISTMAS BEWS KISS mE 115 BE- SHE SAID ze ——— = == Gin- WING To SHow (10 xo) FS tof ‘00 5 WovLD You UGHT my CAK~ DLE AD SHE PUT od A Pout AND SHE Ye -G- CHRISTMAS BEWS & toy. ~ WANT-ED YOU_ 1 TAME HER OUT “To-NIGHT_ RIGHT SHE Gor You our sHé WAS = po Pe + =| | =o —— SSS + . * 7 7 § Tey, 10? pete 7 = ft — fo o- ett. == = et Se =] MOReTWAN OK BOTT PUSHED HER A-WAY TWAS BAD T Gor MAD ANDI HAD To GET_ HER ovr of_ my SIGHT WAIT WAIT WAIT You Got Al-v¥ D MANE __ TWENTY FIVE F14- TEEN Ten -TY five FF -TEEA Ten av Five Fee. “TEN at's & -6- CHRISTMAS BEWS CHRIST-MAS BEALS ARE RING- ING IN MY DREAMS Next YEAR WS UKE THE ones vseD To —-Kow! = Got AX-¥ B mAN ___ Got AU-Y CRACK TOCA-1Y FouR FF -TEEM THEN -TY FOUR FIFTEEN TWENTY FOURFIF-TeEN Not To - DAY MAD Real's PER-FORM-niG —WHo's mAV-Reeal! HIS z > p> b F v We a7 CHKIDSIMAD beLLD Hob 408 Océ You Do-NATE You cA Go céL-€-BRate WW TUCK- A- HOE I - Glé Reus PRIS-on CES Inl- GE Beus ‘PRIS - On CEUs Tim wi in! tim iw-i! Got-TA Ger mY — SICK-NESS OFF TWEA-TY THREE FETE TWed-TY THREE Fe TEEN TWN TY THREE Fre TCE 11'S ov —. = = SS Se ) wT to Am o- VER HER Fi 4% — You'u FEEL CHEERY S'U FEEL CHEER -Y THo! L DoT REAL-LY — KHloW THAT THeo-R¥ FA UA LALA LA FA UA LALA LA YOU HAVE THE RIGHT To Re~ Mant c D HELP me AWEN-AY TWO Fi¢-TEEH Twed-TYTWO Fie TEEN SéV-Cal Teed F1F-TEEN F1¢-Teed SouD! L Stouwd én You < Stoud eu You —2I- Ph, 2 CHRISTMAS BEWS ate ue ae NO BATH-RoBES No STEV-BEHGLASS_ NO CAP-Pu- cI- NO MAK-ERS —S=— si- LAr NIGHT on HO- WY MicHr Fov-low THE mad = FoL-Low THE MAN = Fol-LOWTHE MAN —-Ju-GIE Bo0-G16" Boo GK 0 Gwe Gwe AW You Do ‘s Not HouD HANDS —-YET 16 THATA WARH-INGZ ) Let's i > . r > CHKISTMAS BEUS ae aq No PEARLS NO =—DIA-- MOXDS NO cues lots Rong om Al 0- Ped FIRE " Fa ON YouR Kees on Rout Di- vine You'w. Fov-tow THE mad — -FoL-LOW THE MAN AN-Y CRACK AL-Y x AN-Y 20-GiE Bo0-GtE BOY A-Y Gwe Gwe me ‘somé vay % ao poo SSS SS Hef wef weed To TAKE 2 * e —Ag— CHRISTMAS BEUS ah yp a Auk caest note roast” on a 0- Peal FIRE No Room «AT THE HoL-I- DAY We Po Some = time FA UR LA LALA FA UA ALA LA Brow ANY x AN-Y w-Gie Boo-cie BY Gor AN-¥ D mail Gor AN-¥ C maul — SiS == = = = sHow How = You'vé__ toucve = me __ ) Stow L SHOULD TEL.YOUL SHOULD TEU. YouL SHouLD Teu _ ke - at CHKISTMAS BEUS a 5, —_— > at cresc pote & Lec Wht of Mo AND 1S BE - Gi WING TO €Q UA LALA LA FAA LALALA Ato 1S té- Gil-KiG To Gof AN-V CRACK AN-Y Xx ANY Ju-GIe-B00-GE AMD 1175 BE- — Ginl-Hule to — so Add i's BE- Gil - HIG TO. — Y0T sHOULDTEU You T sHoVLDTELYouL AMD I'S BE- Gul- WING To eT — L£0— mw wy Unniviimins ews £40, £51; 222, AND IT'S BE- GIN- HING 10 AND ITS BE- GIN - WING TOAWIE, WHICH IoAY — oO TO Tore sracet Reena z ANOACONDUETR eR tue MOON "| 2.2 = LAST NIGHT THAD THIS DREAM. I FOUND MYSELF INA DESERr CAUED CYBERLAND. (TWAS HOT, mY CANTEEN HAD SPRUNG {A LEAK AWD T WAS THIRSTY, OUTOF THE ABYSS WALKED ) A COW - ELSIE T ASKED IF SHE HAD ANYTHING To DRINK. oie sap Tim FoR- SSS == BD. Ded fo PR-DuUCe MILK «=I CY- BER-LAKD_ WE ON-LY DRIAL 2 fiz 6 Di- EF COKE SHE SAID ol- LY THING = To f in GS a “ 0 6 yume o- VER THe mood THEY ‘VE Ye -2— OVER THE Moon > 8 # giao! — CLOSeD G-'QY-THING REAL DONH BARNS, TROVEHS PER- te 3 a FoR- MANE SPAL-ES AND RE-PLACED IT AL_ Wit LIES AND RuLes AND A 3, a a WR-T02 AL LIFE Bur THERE 1s BA way ovr... _ A LEAP OF FAI UA OOF FAITH yp a = + SSS] : : an ar? ve -o- Veen We mvun oll —=_ ty zy Ee 5 # e OOH on= W THING = To He LEAP oF FAITH Lear OF = FAITH LEAP OF FAITH __ er veR_ THE mood ) ear of FAITH LAP OF FAITH veAP oF FAITH > $ Bs SS SS SS t GOT-TA GET oUr-TA HERE RY v > vy (1 uke tm BE- ING x 20 — = — SSS SS TED 1% THE HOOD oF A YeL- Wow) REdt-AL TRUCK We PACKED IN WITH FOR-TIL- 12- ER AND FueL_ dhe 35 A — = = = = + PUSHED O-VERA CUITE BY A SU- I~ CID-AL mitK-EY movse_ re ol w -4- Wer Ine inven Got- th GOT- TA Got-TA GOT- Th Gut-TA GOT- TA GoT- TA Gor-TA . #R Got- Th Got-tA fiuD A WAY To dump i Mt 4h O- vER_ THE tool ON- WW THING To 0 15 Jum? I Léa? OF FAITH LEAP OF FAITH WEN AUITIE BULLDOG ENTERED. WS NAM WC HAVE LEARKED.WAS BEAMY AND ALTHOUGH Hé ONCE HAD PRIACIPLES HE ABANDONED o- VER THE moo ar * WOM Te LiVE ASA LAPDOG TO A WEALTHY LEA? OF FAITH UeAP ook FAITH DAVOHTER OFTHE REVOWTION é A 1c ~5- OVEK THE MOON in “a Vamg 5 ¢ He SAID EVER siMté THE CAT TeOK U7 THE (+ ) ars Bou ' “fiyoue tat cow's BEEN. 2vmPY py AD LIB WALKING BASS“ “SHAKER, m2, $e a ny Vamp 33 a i All THE DISHAND Sood WERE —AOPED. SHE'S HAD TROUBLE ENCED FROMTHE TABLE AKD WITHER MILK AMD THAT mood EveR FEMALE THN é SINCE MAYBE IT'S A. a 3 Vamp 5 ‘CAUSE WHO'D WANNA LEAVE CVDERLA Doon AWNWAYE WAUS Anl'T SO BADWE DISH AND _OUMY DOGHOUSE HE SPoon FOR STANCE THEY WORE NOT IN tn BACKYARD, DOOR. T SAID UTedsis! Sg nackte cH A! 3 y.-- Powe ol THER WeK -KNeCKED © -o- Veen ie myers . Ss Ed — THE ol-L¥ WAY OUTIS UP ELSI WHIS-PERED A a een , a oe A FAITH STi THIRSTY! PARCKED. Ch HAVE Some mux T wweReDd myseLt ‘DestearH WER SWouEN oe VDDER AUD SUCKED THE SWEETEST micK TE HAD NS WER TASTED I MAKE SLURPIAG SoVAD) “cum® od BARDS SHE sArD = AND a Yeo -7- OVER THE MOON 5, &, fr TAS A HARVEST moon ROSE OVER CY BERLAND WE REACHED 7 AWOKE, SINGING BACK Ad STRANG wife B GAUOP. LEAPING OUT oF ORBIT! oe ©) po AP OF © FAITH eA OOF FAITH LEAP OF FAITH LEAP OF) AITH O- W THING To Do on - WW THdG 1 DO 1s Jum? LEA? of FAITH eae OF FAITH LEA? OF FANTH_ «LEAP OF) FAITH Ie -6- OVER THE Moon 76 Od- WTHING 1% DO 1s JUMP o- ve. THE moon LAP Of Far ERP OF FAITH LEAP OF FAITH. LeND OF FAITH. Go BI G2. OX- Wie +o Do 15 Jum? o- VER THE Moon VEAP oF FAITH LeAP OF FAITH «LEAP OF FANT. LEAP oF FAITH > >> = > > 7 7A -1- ven we inven We o% oF Dd o- VeR_ He — mood o- VR. HE LCA? OF tart ueap ok Fait lear of FAITH > > > > 7 > > Vane er 86 a an) tMo000 - 000 - M000 - 000 - Maceo -0000 mood WITH ME THANK You Te om a ) ea? oF arta o SEGVE KONI PIANO- CONDUCTOR QUER THE MOON - PLAVOFE PIANO-CONDUCTOR KENT [23 LA VIZ BOHEME/L SHOULD TEU YOU ¥ No PLEASE NO NOT TO-NIGHT PLEASE NO mis-TER & CAN'T YoU GO Not TO-NIGHTCANTHAVE A SCENE WHAT! Go PLEASE GO, You HéL- Lo SIR SSS SS SSS LX Said NO im- POR- TANT cUS-Tom-ER WHAT AMZ DSTA BUREY SIT AU, NIGHT You SS Ss + SS Sa + 4 = == SSS Se == pe ’ -2- + BOHEME/.. TEu You NA-ER BUY THAT'S A IE. THATS A UG =f HAD A TEA THE “ y & OTH- ER DAY You Couw-NiT PAY OH YEAH Fasten ce LJ24) 15 1s DEdSAMIN CoFFiA THE TRDE HERE? — on WINE AND BEER 19 OF AV-E-WWe OA We — STAY oy vey! Ue -3- .. BOHEME/.. TEU You 20 a ab 2 WHAT BRINGS THEMOGUL IN HIS OWN MIND To THE LIFE cate 2 x Py 47 4& 2 WANT-cO To DRINK A TOAST. To MAU- RéEH'S Ho-BLG = TRY aa 2 3 3 WEu Go To HEU WAS THE WP-PIESCUM STOMPED? Wor CoUNT-ING THE Home -L265 HOW Mad Be 3 Tick E15 wera’ comPeD! WHY DID MUF-FY AL-LI- Son M155 THE SHOW ee -4- - Bowemel. Tew Yod SF 36 THERE WAS A DEATH IN THE FAMILY (¢ You MUST KNOW av . __ 40 I'm SuR- PRISED A RRIGHT AND CHARM-MG GIRL__ LIKE You aS +DR { QuccTaRy sware) 43 be ae HANGS ouT WITH THESE SLACK-ERS WHO DON'TAD-HERE DEALS | -5- .. BOHE ME/.. TE You Ue AT 46 4a THEY MAKE Fol YET Lim HONE. —AT-TeMPT-ING TODO SOME GOOD OR D0 You fa 5, so REAL-LY WAHT ANEAGH-GoR-HOOD WHERE Peo-PLE PISS on YOUR STOOP GU-'RY xe Fy Ea x BO- Hem- I-A BO- HEM. 1-A'S A FAW-A-CY IN YouR sO 37 HEAD THis 1S CAL-CUT-TA —BO- HE -hI-A'S DEAD eo -o- se Uvnemies., teu TOU Slower aa —— jo SS ESS =— = DEAR-WV BE-lov- ED WE = GATH- ER HERE To say OuR Good - CHURCH ORGAN — eee Gone SSS oe EEE os BYES HERE SHE Bvbasso Di G5 I-RAC DIES W-LA__KYR-I-E E-Le-1- sod Se ieee ——— t vy HER WORTH THE LATE GREAT DAUGH-TER OF __ a YIT KAD -DAL v'YiC-KAD-DASH -T BOHEME /., Tew You tk “felipe eSy = MOTHER GARTH ON THIS HIGHT WHEN WE CL-C-BRATETHE BIRTH I THAT 73 ut (6 Toul of Berd- ve- Hem we RAISE Ue GtASS YoU —_—_————_——. 7 RET YouR Ass o____ La WE BO- HEME accel. poco a pogo Ye -8- .. BOHEME/. Tew. You "2 A Vie BO - HEME “eass + Tempo Bt “ 26 DAYS OF ils -P1-RA-TOH PLAY? HOOK-Y MAK- 1G Some oT OF WOTH-NG THEACEDT Ex— we THe: Heme LA WE BO- HEME 20 RZ ‘PRESS 10 COM-MU-I-CATE, TO GO-ING A-GANISTTHE GRAM, Go-G- i SAE, 60 -1e tA WE Bo- Heme tA vie Bo- % mh, - BOHEME/.. TEU You 93 cad mad fo Lov-ING TEN-SIoN, HO PEX-SION, TO LA Vie Bo- HEME % @ one tral’ D- MAl-Tion To STARU-ING FOR AT-TEN-Tion HATING Con vektol” ING PRE-TEdl Tron one lat A We BO- HEME A VIE Bo- w Not To méd_tiod of couRsé —HAT- ING DEAROLD mom AND DAD 1A vie BO- HEME vO -w- +» BOHEME/.. TE you ‘ot lon. 1 To RID-ING YouR BIKE, MID-DAY__ Pasr THE THREE Piece A WE Bo- Heme Wve B- ¢ 105 a 106 SS 80m en Suits TORUS «to Ne AB. 50-LWIES 10 AB-36-WT To cHoice To THE 1A WE BO - Heme 108 VIL -LAGE voice _ To Al-Y PaSS- We Zap ere LA We BO- HEME ue -- DOE ME/.. Tew You to Wa “ B6- INGA US FoR ONCE Ie STEAD OF A_THEM LA VIE BO- 1 O SUAVE BO- 1S THE E- QuIP-MeNT A Heme 1A vie BO- HEME ue ug PYR-A-MID If 1S, MAY-REEd THE MIX-ER DOES-MITHAVEA CASE Derr Gwe METHATY A uw ae 1 BOHEME). TEU voy | 4 g at an (suap) Aue HEY MI5-TER SHE'S MY SiS-TER tale SO THAT'STWE MI-S0 SOUP FOUR SEA-WEED SAL-AD THREE SoY BUR- ECR P i = —__= z 5 SSS SS SS ¥ ; 1 @ 2b . oH SS SS SSS SSS ——— DUI-WER two 1-4 Do FATTER AND one PAS-TA WITH MEAT-LZS5 BAUS <= + =. =p => : ; = 4 SSS SSS} : Ye | 1208 UGH é WT Tastes THE same Be 2 Ul, -23- ... DOHEME/,, TEL You 253 L stovrd CL You LveGor BAG- GaAse 00 SHOULD TE, —__ Le L J a ra: t ——— == 7 ass Slower ind 286 3S 4, — You BAG-GASE WINE AND BEER! A ZT BREAK - om le «DHE ME). TEL Vou He a 207) Sub te LGrE we L CmLO f SHovrd feu You I'M Dis- AS- TER L ¥0R- Ger vow ~ (bie. AMO ™, ae, . 2tb AIT, fo Be-Giu it L215 JUSTMAKE THIS “PART Go FAS- TER T wave ver % -d5- ... BOHEME/.. TEW You uy 80 20 oe mM iT L SHOULD Ten You LsHourdtTew You TL SHovtd teu You 263 I Stou Tew @ SHOUPTELL BlEWTHE CAH -DLE ovr Just fo 200 202. % 297 GEC BACK I I'D FoR-GoT-Téel How To Smug vN- Tiv Your Cail- DLE e 2 AL BURAED MY Skil Lt suourptéu eu I SHovlD Téu You Ue ~ho- - BOHEME/.. TEX You 293, ral. SHOULD Tew sHoueD se 0H 205. 306 Some-Tuink 15 HERE GOes HERE GOES Ae — ae ..BOHEME/.. Tew You 300 209 Bio Gvésss0 11'S StART-ING 10 WHO Kdows who KNows Avmt Bn? Gyno” oun, 43 ey WHO KNowWS_ WHERE WHO Goés_ THERE 28 WHO wslows Were oes _ “ z 7 =A HE A-Mmon&. v5 To cod- Demn LA Wie BO- HEME Saal Me —35- ... BOHEME/. TEU You 407. 406 — = ; =F et AN-V-ONE OVTOF THE MANI-STREAM_ 1S, + ova A VIE BO- Heme a Md 1 AN-Y-ONE id THE MAINS STREAM AN Y-ONE A-Uve wrt A it —3 — 45. Sex Dawe TEAR DOWN THE WAU ARAIT WE AU WE pe aluie 20) wene gus =e We —bo~ ... BOHEME/.. TEU You OP PO-SITE OF WAR IS- NIT PEACE ie cRE- Ck ué Aue Ra A-tiod (Yau, WHO? Ere) lA WE Bo- HEME SF w a MLLCONDVCTED — wes, THE RIOT CONTINVES. THE CHRISTMAS TREE CATASTRO G0C5 0? IN FLAMES. THE SHOW DANCES. eam ORLIVIEDS.TOGERAAD Cy mimi EXCHANGE) — (oreye) ASMA WVELY KISS a g guss 415 420 ' an Vi-vVA LA We Bo-HeMme: ORM. WIT ‘ANO-CONDUCTOR KEN) SCASONS OF LOVE .A E ¥ TRO 2 3 4 VFiANO gba Aw! Gul tu? £ C DmAm| BL And | GelCn? 6 BP And Gn? Ca? F © DmAm| BP2 An? | Ga? cot ease Ly Come alo meal Bvbasso Five Hon- DRED TWEN-TY FIVE THOUS-AND SIX HON DRED mil - Bh Ga? Cal £ © Dm Am ah FIVE HON-TRED THlelTY HVE THOUS -AND Mom eats So DEAR J Bra - SEASONS OF cove(a) 4 Me = SSS 7 SS Se == FIVE HOW DRED TWEA-TY Five THOUS-AND SX -HUN- DRED minl- utes Ba How Do You meAs-uRe MEAS- UREA YEARE_ nl Br DAY-UGHTS IN Sun-SEfs, wd mD-HIGHTS i CUPS. oF = CoF- Fee. 2 he dhe fe Aa oont | ga cnt aT zo We INCH ES ih més wh AUGH-TER IN STRIFE ww wr Re -3- SEASONS OF LOVE/A) a ae FIVE HN-DRED TWEA-TY FIVE THOUS-AND Six HUN- DRED Mnl= UTES. How Be . Gn? Cat € © Dm Am ab yeaR wW_ THE ure _ -4- SEASONS OF LOVE (A) 27 How A- Bour MEA- SURE In vee, HOW A-Boor — Lovet MEA- SURE IN, Wer & Love, SEA- Sons OF w- & —*—_# > 5 = = See ave SCA- SONS OF w- es os ———Vé_ S€A-SolS0F Yo ———_____________ ve_ ——— ve SéA- Sols oF W-____e, Gece! FC Dw Am| BeL Gul Cn? FC DmAw a oe Sl SEASONS OF LOVE(A) VERSE 36 SSS SSS 41VE HUN- DRED THEN-TY FIVE THous-, ‘and SIX HUN-DRED MIN- UTES 7 a 7) AVE HOH-TRED TWEN-TY FIVE THOUS -AND JOUR-NEYS To PLAN 2 He —= ——s SSS SS SSS = Five HON-TRED THEA -TY fVE THOUS-AND Six HUW-DReDMI- Tes How : EN % -6- SEASONS OF Love(A) oe 90 You MEA. SURE THEUFE OF A WO-MAN OR— A MAT : ~ od OOH TRUTH THAT. SHE WARNED CORI Ti MES THAT HE CRIED iN 7 46 ood NS its . : — BRID-GES_ HE BURNED OR THE WAV THAT SHE DIED __ ey we Gn? cmt z SEASONS 0F Lo} Ae ~T- Time Wow = 0. SING OUT THOUGH THE S10-RYNEY- ER ENDS vers ~ = Time Now 0 SING OUT THOUGH THE STO-RY NEV- ER ENDS __ Let's 4 ad Ant cont | Gua? Cw! Cév-€- BRA, RE-MEM-BRRA YEAR THE «UTE OF __ FRIENDS_ RE-mem-BER THE Br Aw? Gri Co! en save qaor re tniove,” 3) CHORUS ous ape rte she alo ck [Maistre w- VE — %-men-BELTHE Se ery ont] aye eta? | Oah —-8- SEASONS OF LoVE(A) —_—_— —_a—~ = 2e-mem-BeR tHe a w- ~ ve MEA -SURE IN —— VE Re memeen tHe = = Enea neue wl Dmjle Cc ve ve SEA-S0NS OF =o —_ S€A-Sons OF )’ dll ——_ ar VE_ S€A- Sons OF —vé SEA- 50NS OF w- ve __ Gren FG Dm Am |-BP2 Am? > RENT PIANO-COHOUCTOR aDPY NEw YEAR _A [25 iy Fad ORGAN AT BAR #4S SuTRo CRE (22 fe ==—eS LA GiY-WG UR mY vi- CES. Tim Go-nG BACK BACK TO ScHooL. =~ Gkm oA 7c HAPPY NeW YEAR A u —— i i. = = SS FS wt + <= = ea oe —- G- VIC-TIONOR NOT THIS WEEK'S— BEGIH So HOT THAT LONG AS oe6 SSeS =e SSS 1'VE GOT Vou f KNOW TW BE Coor_ LD COULD-N'T CRACK THE : ' ; SSS - - FET See aS UE CODE DEAR TL Vou MADE Te WCK_ ON MY HEART EX- a doe AG -3- HAFHY NOW TORK A 4 COAST 15 CLEAR You're sur Pastor WORKING THAT'S FoR, 0 (2s /0R ov) tg) 48 —_——— MID- NIGHT WHERE ARE THEY? THERE = IS-A' mucH TIME MAY-BE THEYRE ED DRES- SING L MCA WHAT DOES ONG WEAR THAT'S AP-PRO-PoS_ FOR A we -4- HAPPY NEW YEAR A THATS AL-50 A CRIME __ GIRS, 7 A BP SS ——— TAKE Tice OUT OF HieKs-ViMeé Bul YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HICKS-VIE OUT OF THE GIRL. ew A APG SSSSS5 MY RI- Of Gor YouOH =. Vi, < DE-SeRVE ARoY- AL- TY Av A BP " $8 BE NICE You Two OR No GoD AW-TUL CHAM-PAGNE Dont MIND_ IF A Ab G \ 1c ~o- HAPPY NeW YEAR A ) Dor No wek? — BOLTED “PLY- WooD PAD- LOCKED WITH A CHAIN A 44 < = = — ————— i 1o- TAL DEAD END Bust UKE MY OEX- GIRL- FRIEND | Ye )g swing Feer ORGAN Hon - é¥ L KNOW You'Re THERE _ SAI 2s1pa) Mg oney Ei 4g SS PASE —- PICK UP THE PHONE ARZ Yoo O- KAY? __ > Xe -6- HAPPY NEW YEAR A Sh ee WS NOT fUN-AY IT'S NOT FAIR How CAN A 4 os 3 £ A-tonet ARE You 0 KAYE oe 5 po hy ——— ==: : E 5 = + ee St ee WSE CON-TROL BUF T CAH LEARH To BE-HAVE GIVE ME ONE mORE CHANCE Ler me = =——— = —— ate Fi a a = L SSS t= + = = a F oe. 3 YooR suave__ Tw KISS YoUR Doe MAR- TENS, LET me Pe -% HAPPY New YEAR A e, “ben SS YOUR DOW MAR-TENS, YouR EV-ERY WISH wiw O- BEY! __ or. THAT MIGHT BE O- KAY DOWN GIRL HEEL STAY 26 SS DID A Bit OF RE- SEARCH WITH mY FRIENDS AT LE-GAL AID _ 73 TECH-NI-CAULY You'RE SQUAT-TERS THERES HOPE Bor We -8- HAPPY He YEAR A % To. 2 sts ss ed =—" —. & == Sa = BUST IN CASE ROPE! WE CAN Holst A LIne To THE (ere) 5% Rr %. FIRE ES-CAPE AND TE OFF = AT THAT. ‘BENCH “Dinweve Be os 0% a L CAN'T TAKE THEM AS CHUMS. START HOISTING WENCH A a Te 1° eee eae a £ Hindi L SHOULD BE LAUGHING Burt ToR- Ger FOR-GEruowTo BE-Gil _ GRS/DR (KOT PLAY AT BAR # le’ ) => & bm pb 2, ye -9- HAPPV New YEAR A 8p : Ca 0 — i <= —. Se SS SSS ‘ = oF TIM FEEL“ING SoME-—THING IN-SIDE AND YETI Stive CAN'T DE-CIDE IF L SHOULD (Be) Ew F B, " & HiDE OR MAKE A WIDE 0- PEN GRIN UST WEEK L WAN-TED gust To Be S s- AP PEAR my uré WAS dust Bur Now If cHoRUS & WST MAY BE A HAP- PY NEW YEAR Ae By =10- HAVEY NEW YEAK A a 100 A HAP-PY NEW YEAR ba toe toe POND Jgmgs Bond AND fuS- SY GA-WRE_ IN PER-SoN aw, . " 405 bs (as 102 ony) fou PUS-SY, YOU CAME PREPARED T WAS A BOY scour once AND A @Row-wie ‘Ti Some BRATGOT SCARED A-HA! — mo-ev Pen-NV fay, MAR- Ti - NI Wee 7 bos eat -N- HAPPY Kew YEAR A We (09 100, ——> = IS a a ‘BAD CHAM-PAGHE Do*_ THAT'S SHA-KEAl Nof STIRRED PUS-SYTHE BOLTS JUST SAY THE KloRD ogf, ID ul TWO mN-UTES LEFT TOEX- E-CUTE OUR PLANY eV LRV-oNe Se! Pay’ SPIDER man T- WHERE'S, a 3 RON- 1c Close UP TIGHT Onl THE «PHONE MA-CHINES. RED LIGHT ONCE THE ——_ 4 ws Wt. Do- Ho Boys ARE Gone _ THE — POWER MYSTERIOUSLY ComEs onl TE J PIANO-CONDUCTOR VOICE MAIL £3 RENT |.26 5 MARK IT'S THE WICK-ED WITCH OF THE WEST, YOUR MO-THER HAP -PY NEW YEAR FROM \ 4 SCARS: DALE_ WE'RE ALL IM-PRESSED THAT THE RI ~ OT FOOT - AGE 3 6 3 MADE THE NIGHT- LY NEWS E- YEN YOUR FA-THER SAYS MA- ZEL-Tov HON -EY 8 CALL HIM. lOvE = Mom_ BEEP 1 M2408. eas sar. PLANO-CONDUCTOR VOICE- MAIL #4 rent |27 00H, THAT SHOW'S te $0 SLEANY 4 f ——— | MARK CO- HEN, A-LEX-1 DAR-LING FROM — BUZZ- LINE YouR 4B, FOoT- AGE OF THE RI- OTS_ A ONE FEA~TURE SEGMENT, NET-WORK, © —, DEAL-TIME_ I'M SEND-ING YONA = CON-TRACT ~KER- CHING KER: CHING 3 8 MARK-Y GIVE US A CALL NINE SEV-EN OH FOUR THREE OH ONE to —~, P =—3= OR AT. HOME TRY EIGHT SIX THREE SIX SEV-EN FIVE FOUR oR MY CELL PRONE AT 2 3 a ol NINE ONE NINE SEV-EN Six THREE OH OH NINE OH OR YOU CAN. E-MAIL ME AT 3 4 5 DAR-LING A- LEX-1 NEWSCOM DoT NET — OR YOU CANPAGE ME AT. (BEEP) 0-CONDUCTOR RENT [2 LANO- CONDUCTOR HAPPY NEW YEAR _®B y © Lf THINK WE NEED AN A-GENT Wet THAT's SéL-UUNG our Payar Hi?) a> GIRS cue Muar jem e YEAH 1's Nét-WoRKT ¥ AND IT’S AW w L 2 — = a — THANKS To mé Some HOW Co THINK L Smeu THE WHIF OF A scHEme_ Bb HAIEY NOW YEAR OD »o™ @ o ne too WE CAN PLAN A-NOTH-ER PRO- Test wet TwS Time #2502) pe —— az siniy ESS] = —— = You CAN SHOOT. FROMTHE START You'u DIR- ECT, STAR- RING me! Av tvé FOUR THREE O- Ped SE-SA-me HAP-?Y NeW YEAR —_ = Vases gs Ss err BAR-PY NG YEAR - -3- HAPPY New YEAR B 4 ao HAD -DY New). i v Aye B% wo (48s v v SEL THAT Youve BEAT-C ME 10 THE PUNCH HowDIDYoo KNOW Mt BE HERE? RIGHT I1/SGod-WA BEA HAP-PY New YEAR thm )stower 8? ee STRINGS —— Tim SoR-AN com - INGE WA Mmul- ure go. wt ft tim Fé, Go ___ ~ Snr Kew Fomn oO ave cd Wéu, WEu, WEL WHAT HAVE WE HERE! A = = fh : - — I'S GOH-WA BE A HAP-PY NeW Year __ ba o » a %, L — tie 2 2 = WERE, Twex€ ... ere ‘TANO-CONDUCTOR, KENT VALENTINE'S DAY X-OVER [29 d ELECTRIC PIANO | me oF DIA-PERS, RE-PORT CARDS, IN SPOKED WHELLS IM SPEZD- WG TICK - ETS Gy on cont, “Cm — —-4- DEMDUND Ut LUVE & = ee Ss == = W-FIVE Holl. DRED TWENTY Five mousans (Wl Con-TRACTS DOL-LARS.IN ZonRALS IM. BIRTHS 1 FAVE HUA-DRED Twenty Five THOU SAD oN eS Br Gril mt FC DnAwcoge dil ¢ SX Hou -DRED MIN UTES HOW DO YOU FIG-URE A LAST YEAR. ON EARTH -aig-uRe i dix Hod-PRED Mi-UTES HOW Do YoUTIG-URE A LAST YEAR _oN EARTH tie -URE nl mica? # C DwAn| BbL Gol Cn! _ = SS Am CHORUS oF AiG-uRE ove love FIG-URE IN we we -3- DERDOND OF LOVE © i, —~ is ee ae-veew ove = mea-surew —— FAG-URE IN vové. ——_____________ M@A-SuRE IN ayer Bb SEA- SoS OF we ve Ce SéA~SodS OF love a lm , —__ 4 SéA-Sols OF Love SEA- Soul's OF uve Gan? FC Dov Am| Bh ee JEBVE / PIANO-Conoucr coy Duct withour you 22 2 INTRO _—— 1o_ “Sounds ovbasssVoent LAST x witd = X05 oy -A7 weemwue ru VEesE 2 ° ———— =e = = == ovr You THE = GRowND TaWS —___ Te ¥ RAW fAuUS___s TH& GRASS @Rows wiry — 20 aw oot | You — PAD == a Sat, Divo 3 THE SED Root, THE 0 ee : — Ss Aou-ERS Broom — THE CHIL-DREN PLAY aI wid 8 | Danes D TS Me -3- WITHOUT You STARS” GLeAM THE =P0-EfS DREAM ——————. Te CA-HES FLV. Mit - Our ___ You THE tim Gemet etpmeebe ce CARH TuRNS. + THE SON BURNS ——_——. Witt our as Geto _ You ___ WITH- Str oe i“ (Pravaree)| SS ewe VeRsé a ovr You THE =BREELE warms tHe z —. GRU SmiLes THE cloud moves witH~ DA. os our vou THE tives CHANGE. WE Fr D A -S- WITHOUT You =m a Bors Bud _________ fW@ O- CEANS CRASH tHE 63 Rows RosR___________s fue DAYS «SOAR __ We 6? 68 z P— oe ; = Ss Baw NES CRY itd our You THE fim = G Dro 3 Moo Glows THe = RwW-ER Flows ‘Bur ye wiimuvul you Witt-our You Dios ih —_— tHE WoRD RE- vives : 4 : He 5 ie ie BaD De & Be. Wwrt_iwow awe od. w ” awe Bort wlod -twe x ; Be/p Alc ( A -T- WITHOUT You nt... —~ > Coe. wey 8 ate Se =—: Zz a =; UNE - W Swe __ WITH. ME BwEe a WrtH- out You with ). Verse % our You THE HAND GROPES THE CR HER THE Puss BEATS WITH Dawd Dz wos ovr You THE EVES GARE THE Did | D Daws . 40? 0B eS ae SS = a 7 é6S WALK THe Nes treane ss Daws Diwd Ue oe wervul ry —-> ul Up ewe THe = mind CHureas THe HEART —___ YEARNS THE > MIND CHURNS THE HEART YEARS Bm? 2 Zz with - ovf Dano3 = she 43 = = SSS] SS SS ‘cause = pre , ~S CAUSE o£ Die ___ vitt—our 2— 12 Se WrtH- ovr __ You —S You wWitd-ovr we 131 Hau, 96 oS —— F siiitr-or you — with-oor You ay - PIANO- CONDUCTOR VOICE MAIL #5 RENT 33 MARK CO-HEN A-LEX-1 DAR-LING LA-BOR DAY WEEK-END IN EAST HAMP-TON ON THE x 4 5 BEACH JUST SAW A - LEX BALD-WIN TOLD HIM YOU SAID 6 ; WE STILL NEED DI-REC-TORS YOU STILL NEED MON- ey 8 We JUST KID-DING YoU KNOW YOU NEED MON-EY PICK UP THE PHONE DON'T BE A-FRAID OF KER- a " ) CHING KER-CHING. MARK -Y SELL US YOUR SOUL— JUST KID- DING WERE es Be it WAIT-ING — (BEEP) PIANO -CONDUCTOR CONTACT (PRE-RECORD) Rent | 34 Wor Hor wor SWEAT SWEAT = WET WET = WeT RED HEAT TOUCH = TASTE, ‘DEEP DARK Kiss BEG (star) suaP Wor | HOT = HOT «= SWEAT SWEET © «WET WET wer RED HEAT _ _— CONTACT a ° FEAR THICK RED RED RED RED RED RED PLEASE PLEASE Dowlt STOP PLEASE MEASE Fon'T STOP STOP STOP STOP SiDP DONT PLEASE PLEASE TLEABE PLEASE (4x Feel) eb > WAR-DER FASTER WET-TER SAS-TARD YOU WHORE YOU CAN-AI-BAL MORE YOU A-NI- MAL HoT HoT Hor SWEAT SweeT WET = WET WET RED HEAT 3 = 5 ar a, A FUI-ID NO FLUID NO CONTACTYES No GNTACT FI: RE FI- RE BURN BURN YES STICKY LICK Y TRICK: LE TICK LE STEAMY CREAM-Y —STRDK-ING SOAK~ ING Ab _ CONTACT °C 29 30 31 32 5) NO LATEX —-RUB-BER — RUB-BER FI-RE_LA-TEX RUB-BER LA~TEX BUM-MERLO-YER BUM-MER \ (Bvb meaxnour 70 Exo) Cc BTS — TAKE ME TAKE ME TAKE ME __ TAKE ME____ To- EP (no Sed) ‘Dbz (No3d) F CONTACT XE 5 a 47 48 mw DAY FOR You To-Mog-ROW_ FOR ME To DAY — ME_TD-MOR-ROW_ You To MORROW EP (ne 3nd) Db2 (No 3rd) ’ . ee si You Love You Love You Love, T’ Love You I Love | TAKE ME_ TAKE MET Love — you Eb (we3nd) 9 WM WAIT SLIPPED SHIT OW WHERED IT GO? SAFE DAMN THINKT MISSED P YC CONTACT DON'T GET PISSED IT WAS BAD FOR ME WAS IT BAD FoR You? ITS 63 64 65m O-VER ITS O-VER IT'S O-VvER ITS O-VER Its o-veR y a y segue PIANO- CONDUCTOR ‘KENT [35 L'LL COVER YOU-REPRISE 5 =e ee Vawp . UNDERSCORING “Tella ve Colla voce wi weg. ig we wl mY HOvSe. I'W BE Your SHEL TER aoles ait. “e eas J avo ee S$ 3 SSS S4 Dost PAY ME DAcK = WITH oe THoo- SAND = Kis- eS T'ut Cover You- REP, ’ Slow Gospel feel a fe ate = a ee ad UL You — _—_____—- o- PE YouR DOOR TBE YouR Tel- ANT Dou'T GOT iAvCH BAG- GAGE To Ye mye | & lbs 3 lay AT YouR fceT____ Bur Swed iS- SES TE GOT TO =| Set tt é : | -3- T'w COVER You-REP. “wc pet 4 ee == Sree Sj] Tie D6 THERE, Tu Cov-R_ You Ry §— é t A Bilys vite? =t = 43 = SS Lo THINK THEY meat if Wied THEY SAID You CAN'T BoY love Now L + Ewa! == Fe ae == == = ¢ valow You CAN Rad if, A NEW UCASE You ARE mY Love Ckwlos FFT oq Xe . “AR J'W COVER YOU- KEP. uf rive 3 UNG To DIS-Cov-ER_ SomE-THuIGAS ThE AS THIS 1S, —__ 1F Youre 30 WifH A THou- Sad Sweer kus- s&s AVE Hvd-DRED Twed-TY Five THOU- SAND orese.., Hn? T'u COVER You-REP. Pe -5- CoD AND You're wole- You've GoT ——_—_ = S'u COv-ER You WITH A THou- SAND sweer KIS - SES 3X Huw DRED MIK- UTES FIVE _ HUA-DREDTWEATY FIVE THOD- SAND Ant & ote ONE NICK- EL od- W_ WHEA You'Re — ~~ ~~ SWeér KIS - SES_ L'W Cov-ER YOO WITHA THOU- SAND MO- MENTS So DEAR 4VE_ HOW -TRED THGATY Five THod-SAND that Chau. Awa hy? -o- Tl COVEK YOU- Ker. he >, ae WoRW ovr. AND. Tik- ED WHEN YouR a T'u tov-ERYou With A THou-SAND sweér KIS- Sés_ oa FF SSS wou DRED Mid- UTES _ FivE_ Hon DRED TWE-TY FivE THOV-SAND six thn? é Ama? Cte’ (2) CHORUS Warr HAS Ex- PIR. ED__ ou pay =e oH KH -T- L'u wver You- Rep. — > ee lov- Tw Cov-ER You Yeat Cee ——— v- ER Tw Cov-ER YOv tov. R ftucov-ER YoU ——— cd ma ——_ Se RR w- TIL. Cov-ER 4 -0- 1'U COVEX YOU- Ker. po — a — = 2G SS =: =o Fe_ Hud -TRED HENTY Five THOV-SAKD 51x HOW” DRED MIN - UTES — M2 Awa Chat el tut women wertvave” — fi ae: Thou SAD SEA Sous oF a a Gh te a Me . CTouist ad UB xt... sk “glu coven You " diet SZ i =z we 2 ___———_= # F esas © es lo maa =a oe PIANO - conDUCTOR HALLOWEEN cou 3 = = z Hod DD We = Ger HEREL How THe HEL! Pal —Lé#r CLosé od THE Lem SIe- MWE OF THE CHURCH IC mar HALLOWEEN im 6 How DD £ = eer HeREL_ How THE Hew? caaist- mas! PLAY STRINGS Absys AP @ aye ee . +387 6 19 2 = eS cHRst-maS EYE LAST YAR __ HOU! COD A We ave Aho ab ae 2 ah NIGH SO #20-24H BE 50 ScaLD-ING =o? Hou! cad A We He Abus AP 46 a 28 MoRN- ING THs mud B6 so AW? Db/e we -3- HALLOWEEN > & ). Ps > WHY ARE E-Th-RE VARS STREWN Od THE CUT Room FiooR OF me-Mo-RY ? 5. - ST 2 x =o WHE Sid- GUE FRAMES. FROM ONE MAG-IC NIGHT —-FOR- 38 Q- ERFUK-id Close vP ON THE = 3. D I- MAX OF mY o ao we bh mid THAT'S 70-€f- Ie. THAT'S PA-THET-IC = WHY DID HAWLOWEEN ) 4 MKi- MI KNoeK ON —-RO- GER'SDOOR*_.AND Couns CHooSe THAT PHONE BOOTH BACK KHERE L4H Db e ye Abus +085, 2 _ 46 AP AN-GEL SérUP HIS DRUMS? WHY DID MAV-REASE-GNP-MENT BREAK Dowel! WHYAM Dye We Ay a a — THe wif- West AND WHEAE CAP- TORE To FM wie iT Dye clé Bier Bp & tid 58. Mead tuat is. THe ext AND Tim A- LoNEt 2 — Ajob Avie Chws ada 7 . 2 KEN) PLANO-CONDUCTO Goopave Wve 27 5 “£ 3 ‘ = SS = ‘RHODES mg a 4 6 WS TRUE You SOLD YouR GUI-TaR AND Bouse’ A cARE TV TRUE ox clé ¥ : 10 a“ “wm + + = es T'M Eay- ie Now FoR SAN-TA FE IT's TRUE YOU'RE Wet THIS YUP-PIE =e Em GL EZ & -2- wyounre we be ws % Scum? You SAID You'D Név- ER SPEAK TO Him A> GAIN NoT Now em GL 1B 19 2o WHO SAID THAT You HAVE AN- ¥ SAY IN WHO SHE Says THINGS To ATAU? 43 YEAH! WHO SAD THAT YOU SHOULD STicK YouR Nose ml OH-ER PEO- PLE .. 3 g = i SS WHo Sar WAS TANG” “To ¥o! ut Crest. poco a poco ~ Y #U/G +R % -3- GOODBYE Love ob we sep. fo HAVe____ THis FIGHT GACH WIGHT’ SHE'D N@-ER AD- mit Down: Pies #C (+9n1) +BassF — ww Be £ ex-ist- € HE WAS THE SAME WAY__ HE WAS AL- WAYS ) G)-ERY-oNE = PLEASE! —— we RON A- WAY, HIT THE ROAD, Dotif com-Mif You'Re Fuw OF suit! -4- GOODBYE Love AL HE'S IN DE-HI- = AL DIDNT Give AN INCH SHE'S We Dé-NI- mL- Mt cuys! - ece_be ett ft v = ———— — wWielt_ cave A oie ie cave A mH = =e | Se — LOGE A mie to WHO —__. come of GUYS. cau! R -§- GOODBYE Wve GQ) BRIDGe T'D BE HAP-PY To DIE___ 40R A TASTE. OF WHAT Ad- GE HAD Ab (tore) e B35, 4g nw 4S xy > Some - ONE 9 wE_ oR unl -A-RAID_T0 SAY = t = Le = Ss & — YOUR wWoens ARE — Wee mi-mmy__ But Love's Not A THRée WAY sIRcer Ab e/a ev “on eevee we i a, wn 55, You'uN@- ER SHARE _ REAL Love UN- TiL You Love. YouR- séut, Tw 8 L SHOULD Kilow. Ames” AW SAID You'D BE CooL 1-DAY ce So PUASE __ FR my SAKE... 2 @ tempo 3. oe Cally BE-uWE_ HE'S Goole. t Cal'T BE-UEVE_ —-You'RE z eu te : athe SOOUBYE lve eu 6, 66 oz == = ———S = + ——t vt Go- NG x CANIT BE-UEVE. THIS. Fam- uy __ = Em AN- GEL HEPED US BE-UeVE Wh % eum CAN'T B6-UEVE_ You DIS-A- GREE g & FL CAN RE - UGE _ THIS, 1s GooD- BYE a § oe 5 a? = i: Yc ~ -o- GWUDYE Wve taster Vamp ~ — A -7- eveeure were 93 % HEAR THRE ARE. GREAT = RES - TAU-RANTS_ oof wesT Some OF THE BEST vy How CourD Het How Cour You ver HER Go eee ~ 2 2 ¥- + ei 2 —— = RSS + aS F 2 Z SS a tol 9@ 100 You JosrDol'’ Kou! How Courwe. Wse Ad- Get 103 Joy 2S MAY-BE Youu SE& WHY = WHEN You sToP Zs-caP-INGYOUR PAIN, AT ) Dp He AP & -10- GOODBYE Love == SS SSS SS AST Now If You TRY AN- GeL'S DEATH WoNIY.BE IN VAIN HIS Dole ae Deaty 6 iW vA Us ARS You_ wl- — sanee THERE'S So MUCH To CARE A-Bovt THERE'S ME, THERE! u 130 wae — —— {= == SSeS S =} Mt mt thi th’ GOT HER BAG-GAGE Too So Do You a “A -ie GOODDYE LOVE Me as WHO ARE You To Tet ME WHATT Won WHAT. fo Dot A FRieHD. Bor % aT WHo MARK ARE — You? 5, a 1 132 133 MARK HASGOT. HIS WoRK = THEY SAY MARK UVES. FOR ___ HIS. WORK AD De a a Bess 136 MARK'S nILOVE” HIS WoRK MARK HIDES IN HIS WORK Rom WHAT? FRom with 2, We v vy? Ut 2. 4 4 go Ye -l2- GOODBYE Love 13 Me FAC- ING YouR -FAIL- URE_ FAL- WG YOUR Lode -u-Wess, Dee He omyep Pp 4 My = €AC- WG. THE = ACT You Live __ * AY/pe AVY Cc YES You uve_ A ue TéL You. WHY AIA. -. *| G/B i/ = —=i— + A ~ * Youtré AL-WAVS TREACH- ie No To BE SSS SSS : | FAA s U T1397 suveeT] we 153, 3— HomB = WHEN THAT'S HOW You. ‘THRIVE____ Vou PRE-TeD To cRE- Cs 23 3s, Até AND OB- Serve WHed You REAL - —! 3— TATCH FRom FELL-ING = A- uve PER- HAPS IT'S BE- -14- GOODBYE Love ) Jot Co : SSS — — POOR — SUR vive — BA-BY: 167 Mi- Mi STi Loves Ro- GER 1s Ro- GER REAL- LY = | peye Ble ab ae ps) 220 pegs] Se : a JéAL-ovs OR A- -FRAID THAT Mmi-mi'S_ WEAK mi- mi Dee -lb- wuuvory wre ae 2, ies 17 DID LOOK. PALE me- MS Gor-TeN = TH a Dbeye % Pe SSS = ] = 4 MI- MIS RON- NING OUT OF Time Ro - cer's v 2 9 9 Deas cae ae a = S ne QUA-HING OvT_ THE DOOR fa t & ie ms a — zg eg. HEN, FOR SOMEBODY WHO'S ALIGAVS Tvé_ Goi-1A GO REE Ler Dowd 80's HEAD Our oF TOWNE a ed -lo- GOODBYE Love % fi 4 fl FOR SomEUE WHO NGS FOR WHO'S WITH HIS CAMERA, ALONE? . ACOMMONITY OF HIS OWN... 2 a a You Heard? LJ “9 se as S5 7 =5 + FSP ee Ye sue ewes eve Me 2 5 RS 1%. You Dowl!t WANT BAG- GAGE WITH-OUT LIFE Time GUAR-AN- TEES ee zo You Dol'f wadt fo WATCH ME_ DIE —_ L Jost came To SAV_ Goov- a GooD- BYE lové______ CAmé_To SAy Good-BVe ve GooD-BYE__ Just CAMé_ To SAY Alc# —lB- GoopBve Love == = z r sie oh se ; CAME. 1 SAY GOoD-BYE love GooD- BYe Love GLo - ay ONE BLAZE OF GLO Aleit AS Bie uz == ie == = j GOOD- BYE lové = Goop -BYE —_ = gE a SSS = — wy I HAVE 1 FWD = = SSS Sy = 7 - SS SSS =a 64B Alek ce aS =a == uy Ato Au Fe = =| | a =a % -a- ewuure wre ea, a aay TEASE DON'T TOUCH ME = WN- DER-STAND. I'M = SCARED EX ED TO Se ee ee i A-WAYV_ tf Know A PLACE A Cu- Wic | ae MAY-BE — CourdYou2 Siu PAY GooD- Us. Ue —20- GooDBYE Love 238 CAME. To SAY GooD- Wwe JUST CAME_TO SAY Ale Good-BVE Love, Goop- we Abt wp a co DIS- EASE ‘RENT PIANO-CONDUCTOR WHAT YoU OWN [32 3 Pavary ar OFF THC PREM. 18-E5 Now WE DON'T GIVE HAND-OUTS HERE ua fois ¢ 6 WAP-PeNeDTo"Resrml Peace!” — off Hue PREM-I5-€5 QuéeR THATS Ho WAY To SEHD A ff siliuaals » ¢ g Bo¥ To meer His maK-ER Tey HAD fo KHow WE Coued- Nir PAY THE WHAT You OWN A= Se == DoH'T You WoR- RY "Bour Him, Hev! a “a TW TAKE caréor if! MUST BE NICE_ 10 HAVE Mol-eY No suit! u Pe -3- WHAT You OWN. 9 D0G Let's PAY Him OFF AND THEN GET = DRUNK t 2 — ty SS SS Ee —S = =] Calif L HAVE A Meer ING = PUNK! ver's Go! 3 a AYG Ma a WELFARE QUEENS WHO ARE comPULdIVE BOWLERS.” Ye -4- WHAT YOU OWN (ey 0H MY GOD, WHAT AMI Done” Ate Somos eve VERSE 3s Dowlit BREATHE To DEEP Dolly THINK AW DAY ___ AGI AL #16 He oe S35 == Sits SS 8 DRIVE THE OTH-ER WAY THAT DRIP of = HURT Aue Chow = UW -§- WHAT YOU UWN ° “a ws THAT Pint OF SHAME Goes A-WAY Just on, ohn 8 PAY THE. GAME —__ You'RE Uv-ING IN A- “ AY THE Ext OF THE miL- LE- Ni- B => a = BL Yon wenlg nt As me RICA LEAVE Your con -seicice AT __ Fw y -6- WHAT You OWN WE Tone__ AND WHE YOURE UV-IWG I A ——S SSS —= re ye 3 7 F cc 7 3 eoF7 a9 & = 5 == = Sj == = AT THE END of THE miL- Ye -T- WHAT You oudnl a ow bh Sounds ave we = e THE 2) verse 41M MAK-ERCAN-HOT SEE — ANDTHE SONG WRIT-eRCAM-MoT HEAR _ AUG as Ver LT See mi- MI ev- RY WHERE ke -8- WHAT YOU ond ii = =SSs= Wer TeHT- EN THOSE P voice 1S WN YAR Ave == Sa 73 SHouL-DeRS DUST DoNr Ler Go oR Jost CLENCH YouRIAW. Ti You FROWN — OR === S25 You MAY DRowWN You're Wve wl A- MAY DRowN __ You'ge uv. NG IN A- a _ -9- WHAT YOU OWN a CHORUS 5 A SSS SSS o e- Rie A At THe END OE THE Mi Z- NI- Um — At THe GAD OF THE miL-Le- —NI- Um @3 You'Re WW- ING IN A> Me- Youre wv-WG ih A> MEW R- cA cs WUCRE H'SUKEY Til-UGHT_ 20NE _ Arto Wael” uve ne ih A- HE you're, WHE U's Une fo Went Zone __ ALD Wied You'Re UI-1NG IN A- =l0- WHAT YOU OKIN At THE AD oF THE mic- 5 me - Rie cA AY THE END OF HE miL- = = = 5 = = + = 73 hs AL | Fm + = == +5 eS SS SS SS Sj we. —3 93 % —— You'ne WHat You own So i —)— SS SS SSS SS] ‘eu'QE WHAT Yoo owl So Ue -"- WHAT You own, a9 8 CAPE AitD_ APE cod- Tent I Dol'rowN e- CAPE AND_ APE Con- TENT Lt Don'r owe E- Sa i ¥ + = or a A AL A cS Mo- Tio t£ RENT AW -h- WHAT You OWN toe. WHAT WAS if = 5 ST 107 108 NIGHT Cod- Net - Ton woAd L- So- uaT- nie Col- Néc~ tion IW Ad f= So-tAT- We | ¢ Ye “wwe rene eww ura us } FoR once THE SHAD-OWS GAVE WAY TO UGHT__ = ONCE = THE SHAD- OWS GAVE To UGHT, Cte as. FR once LT DID- Nit DIs- EN- i FR ONE LC DID- NIT pS- a- GAGE __ CR AE uy 3— Al-Ge £ HeAR You L te WHA YOU UKIN Ic u 1 iw —3 Mm-M L SéévouL seé te £ WAR IT £ HEAR IT MY SONG! 3 I > HARI L see c see it mY tum! A- Cb! cmp ONE SONG Go- RY Si SS SS eS Lex- 1 MARK CAL Me A HIP-PO -CRITE x — — Sh = SS é Ch? rai = % = : 2 * atte sibs Se . fat = (Your ES __ Dee ml A- NCSD To Finl- ISH MY OWN FILM faut! D-ine wh A- Gt ot We -19- Wal FUU UMN fey —=> ) 8 me- Be CA AT THE ENDOFIHE MIL-LE- —NI- um ATTHE END OFTHE MiL- LE- W- 13 gs WERE DY-ING Id A- Me- R— ~A To Come inl-To ov2 ) HR REDYING WAS me. cA 1 Come I-10 OVR ome BUT WHEALYOUREDY-MGIMA- ME- Ri- ca =— = = ==5 = - —— own BOT WHEL VOOREDY-ING IN A- ME- RIL Ch . » 5 -lo- WHAT YOU OWN 17 —%~ =~ SS} = = = AT THE END OF THE MiL- Le- NIE um 4 SSS = ; 5 Be SaaS AT THE OND OF THE ML- LE- Ie sm Hig i= eg — You're Hof A- Lowe a> You're HoT A- WHE Tim Nor A- 3 I'm Not A- -IT- WRAL YOU UMN Ue Bee ee —”—O — UNE Timor A- )i tim wor A- Lone aes Abs eee”: PIANO-CONDUCTOR VOICE MAIL £@ RENT | 39 yy 2 RO - GER TS 1S YouR MOTH- ER Ro- GER HON- EY 1 if 2. ‘ 3 J — ye ‘Don't GET THESE POST- CARDS Mo-VING TO SAN-TA- FE BACK IN NEW YORK SIARTING A ~\ RO-GER WHERE ARE YOU Ro- GER WHERE ARE You RO- GER WHERE os ee = Mt MI CH= CA ‘DON-DE ESTAS ARE YOU RO-CER WHERE ARE YOU RO- GER WHERE ARE YOU RO-GER WHERE a —I5 3 35 TU MA- MA —S-TAYA MAN DO__ ‘DON-DEES- TAS M- MI — 3— & : ; : SS} j = KIT- TEN WHER- EY- €R 3 . = = zs ———s - === ARE YOU RO- GER WHERE ARE YOu RO -GER WHERE —s— Are DON-DE ES- TAS MI- MI DON-DE ES-TAS = MI- MI —- 1 Dee You KIT - TEN WHER -EY- ER ~2—- VOICE MAIL #6 ie ARE, You RO- GER WHERE ARE ‘You RO-GER WHERE s —3 si7 ‘DON- DE ES- TAS = MI - MI DON-DE ES-TAS MI-MI —— SS = d 3 = ARE You KIT - TEN WHER - E - VER = as SS SS MARK ARE YoU THERE ARE YOU THERE I DON'T KNOWIF HES THEREWERE ALL HERE WiSH-ING YOU WERE HERE TOO 8 ARE, You RO-GER WHEREARE YOU RO- GER WHERE . ese ss = i= = = = 4 ES-TRS = Mi- MI — 3s a DON-DEES-TAS MI. MU Don: ARE You KIT - TEN WHER- E - VER WHERE ARE YOU MARK AREYOUTIERE ATEYOUWNEREARETOU MAK ARE YOUTHERE AREYOU THERE I DONTINOWIF) PLEASE On CALL — YOUR MoTH-eR _ PIANO-CONDUCTOR in cw |40 6 eee eee a arr at VOCAL CHRIST= MAS BELS ARE _Bil@- ING ___enRIST: MAS DEUS ARE Rine- WE ud. CHUST-mAS BENS ANE -RUNG- WG How time fues WHEA com- 2... 077774 GIR +E. = suaKertd Yl d gm INAV A fe PASS- lon DIES NO sTock-iNGS No CAN~ DY cANes_ — NO Gil- GER BREAD_ NO SATC-TYNET__ No Loose cumileé No cHallGe No at =~, 2 ee 7, Sad- IW cLAUS 1S Com- IG ‘cause Sad- TY CLAUS AM'T COm- ING. c ¥ Ss SS = a AT THE HOLI-DAY INH A- GAIN ——— epee Ce ett x FINALE A 30. 3 aL ? 5 Wew maAv- Be WExt YEAR OR WHEN? __ Fr COS 3) Slower » fe Gite SSS SS SS DE- Cém- BER TWEN-TY FOURTH Ted ?, m. _ Rav ATE (Ou STAGE GT) 7@VT evasi toniug up ar. EC — — CAST-EN Stan-DaRDTimE, £ CAN'T BE-UEVE A YEAR weal’ BY So FAST sis SSS = Time To SEE_ WHAT we HAVE Time to ste tk 4 FINALE A 4h Ch z — = OQN THE PRO-3EL-TOR ON FIRST SHOT RO- GER WITH THe FAA-VERGUIFAR HE JUST Got oT Of Hock, WHE HE SoD THE CAR SS ; == 4 THAT Took Him A- WAY AND BACK L FOUND MY Sone FOUND HIS Son IF HE CouLD Jusr ZIND Mi id Ral mt mi t tuep % ~5- TINALE A you wow xt TRIED FADE WOON MARK WHO'S, Siu wl THE DARK BUT HE'S GOT GREAT = FOOT-AGE WHICH HE'S cur To- Get -eR mH To ScREEH TO- NIGHT nt HOW-OR OF BEA-AV'S wire — muF-ty, e % ——3— At Ul-Sond PUL-UNG BEd-NY Out OF THE CAST vIL-LAGE LO-CA-TiON FINALE A ay 5b TGA AGAIN, MAYBE WE LWonDER HOw ALISON FOVAD Won't SCREEM IT TONIGHT out ABOUT MIMI. MAYBE A LITTLE BRD Toud HER n OR AN ANGEL ) Atempo ela Samira #6" HAD A UIf- Tle HUNCH THAT You CoD use A UIT-TLe “FLOW FoR EL. BONGOS W/Bs 8s we C= 6s TUTORING A- GAIN BakaAT A. ¥, ut Nee - AT- We. No. Wo, No L RE- we -t- TINUE A WIMED THE A-T- m At THE food = em-PoR-1- um THE ) VIDE AN Honl-0R- AR- 1-um To Ad-V-oNe wrt THE Cove 38/DR cont. Xe -38- FINALE 4 wet A- re OS/0R court. ee Rod- W HOOD-We s.r THE SO- WT- 10H THe we ah ob SSS ae FOW-GRS THAT BE MUST BE UN DER-minkeDWHERE THEY DWE. wa % TINAvES rt SMAU EX-CW- SVG Gouk-mMéf IN-STi- Ty-Tiol WHERE WE OU-ER-CHARGE_ THE = WEAL-THY_ CLL- l- Tere O- POP A RES-TAU-RANT I Sad - TA. Fé IC -w- +INA LO PRI- VATE COR- HER Ban verre. WW THE BACK Wee ARM ul THE Back Le MAKG if Vet Wen Some-HoW Gér To SAN TA Fe BUT You'D ' us. ue u ae t= = = = =e = MISS WHEW YORK BE- FoRE: Yoo_Courd ud- PACK. We -uU- TINALE A ve ~ 12 FINALE A 2) Faster “ConDucrED MARK! Ro-GéR_ AN -V-one_ HELP! _ % -19- TINA LS A 7 1 cat of nea uP THE stains! Ho e a a j a) tempo Mt Nd es —Fiailo ONLY “Hup-peD il THE PARK _ wh THE DARK _ AND SHE WAS (oe #REEL- WG ____ AND BesceD To come HERE ov ER HERE. ot: GoD c 4 HINALE & Got A UGHT? it kWow You You! RE SHIVERING +83/KenT —— 1or a SHE'S Bédd LiV-IdG od _ THE sTREET WE NEED Some HEAT I'M SHV-cR-ING 160 sou WE CAL BUY SOME — Wood AND Some -THnl fo EAT SSS Ss =) 22S Ss eS S Lee — ——__ TIMARRAID SHE NCEDS move. THAN HEAT. L REARD THAT 1pm FINALE A te ) Cou-uids Wi CAL FoR A Doc - TOR, HON ey me, me E Ea 176. — ———S— === ‘Don't WASTE YouR Mori — eo On m- Mm Helo Ge ey ) 3 177. Lt 179 4. a - o—= SS = SS eS Ss + Tm od HOLD CoD cord WouD You UGHT mY CAN- DLE a nae YES. WE, OH GOD eno A te -Ww- +INALE A cad - De 2) @ tempo 100, TL shoved Téu You rsHouip Tew You x sHoULDTEU You T sHouD Tew You ‘RHODES+ ThY DO I Swouvo Ten You BEed- WY WAS- NIT A- AY SHH tf KWo Know L show ten You wiy L Let if WAS AIT CAUSE T DipwliT te eee +INALe A 00 ter Lf sHourvtéu You f sHourpTéu You L sSHoviptéu You TL love oh i PANO = - st 7 a ers = = a 209 ——aa qn —. WHO DO You TwiK You ARE? __LeAv-WG MEA-HEY MY GUITAR __ with HouD on THERE'S Some™ You SHourD HEAR_ IT 1S- IY MUCH Bur IT Took Au YEAR TANG RENT 4 PIANO- CONDUCTOR YOUR EYES A INTRO Seuss 8ve) Pay AL £17 Od STAGE OTR FA ) = SSS & eves AS WE SAID OUR GoodD- BYES ULL) oe I CAN'T HIDE. CAN‘ GET THEM Out of my odd Ado £ 4D __ “yee Am 'e -a— YouR tvés — Rom YouR eyes —= AME ONE TAT TOOK me BY SUR-PRISE__ THE MIGHT You CAME I - G/B cle % a 6 = 5 fo MY UIEE WHERE THERE'S moo- UGHT L sé YouR eves —___ —— oO. - A PLAY STRINGS DR iad Oe How'D Ler You SUP A- WAV WHelT’m = LNG-ING So_ To 4 S = 4 % -3- YOUK eve HoLD You__ Now LODE FOR One MORE DAY ‘CAUSE THERE'S i = i ar fr SSS SSS — Some-THING I _SHOULDHAVEToLD___ You YES THERE'S SomE-THING I _ SHOULD HAVE TowD_ — You Wied t woKeDid-o YouR eves — ae 6 WHY Does DIS-TANCE MAKE US Wise? __ You WARE THE SOG AL | % -4- YOUR EYES . B Ps ao A- LONG. AND Be-FoRe __ THE SONG Dies Ed SHOULD Téu YoUL =x HAVE ZL SHOULD Téut_You T pam eareras a wey .. - = SES SSS == = —= = You CAN Séé yA WAYS WwvéD you iT in my ——2 : ¢ — © oR Slow, majesté ) yestic rs eves % YOUR eyES SERVE _/ NANO-CONDVCTOR RENT FINALE B [42 Cond’ Con DUCTED ; A {mwe 5 LIUMPED OVER THE Mood! WHAT! ALZAP OF Mo00.... Z WAS IMA ToNeL, HEADING TOR THIS Q He's Bex! A) WARM WHITE UGHT + —___— -# v. 1a ——_—~.2 Cots we % we e a e OH MY GoD! AUDI SWEAR ANGEL WAS THERE AAD SHE LOOKED GooD! ————~ . yg ——_——____ —S — 5 CO wouwe —nOue Ba . = = = SSS AND SHE SAMD ‘TURN AROUND SHE'S DRENCHED G@RRIEMD AND LisTENTo Ee HER F6-VERS BREAK- ING a ov oo a -a- FINALE B 15 7 THERE IS No tu- = TURE THER 1s No PAST “Piao. (oscar Beus 2 a THAMK GOD THIS Mo-MmedT’s Nor____ THE LAST. Prato THERE'S on wy vS —- THERE'S on- uw a7 20 BCT) FoR- Ger RE- GREeT OR uFEe Is YouRS TO we -3- FINALE B a4 miss = No of- = eR Road =H OTd- ER a5 WAY No DAY = BUT To-DAY e Miu £ wse mY DIG- Ne Ww FINALE B NY VDS- T- my y on my CARE SOUL iW mm Some - One T TR Wi Rom Row To- mOR- WAKE wi r NiGHT- Tis we &) FINALE B DP ovf You THE HAND GROPES __ TACRE'5S od, ou How THERE'S On~ wy = = G0 od 7 Ye -6- FINALE B t De witd- oT __ You WAY No DAY = BuT_ 1-DAY de ates ) Galt an de =) 2 t De ___ witd- ouf__ You NO TAY but fo- DAY. ved thes Par 26 ex Fp. piles Ss = t Dé —__ wit- ov __ You____ iphtt == == Ho DAY But = fo- DAY 2 chet +t $05 Yu ~ FINALE B You. t pe WITH - ouT__ No DAY____ Burs - Day. TT chet ttsus zs = Z 8h De wit our__ You = SSS = oa No DAY__ Bur to- Day. — e. -o- FINALE wy ae 92 +. — No DAY BUT TO- No DAY BuT To- DAY Pinlo-conDvemoR gyi tT MUSIC (tu cover vou) ) lx - PIANO MELODY dx - PIANO SOLO RENT Aa “3x- GUITAR L 500 To dro ENDING GUITAR S010 - HAI- 33 AT #33 PIANO PLAYS MELODY Our SHUEELE TR oR 3% * ni