Among the peoples who inhabited the peninsula emerged in the ninth century b.C. the Etruscan

Etruscan writing is mysterious and the Etruscans are considered an Italic people.


The most important city were:



Chiu si
Corton a

Fiesol e Volterra


The cities were organized like the Greek poleis

The Etruscans created a federation that unites the city.

In contrast to the Greek poleis the women were treated very well in fact the Etruscan’s society had got the matriarchy.

They suffered an attack of the Celts. They were Romanized.

In fifth century the Etruscan began to decline

The Etruscans expanded. They improved the fleet. They improved trade.

They conquered the north and south. They became skilled craftsmen and traders and developed agriculture.

Funerary objects, the art, and the objects of daily life were very important

The testimonials of etruscan’s life

In funeral rites, the deceased was lying on a bed and had made banquets and shows. Death was considere d a good thing but due to decline of the company changed the question.

The frescoes painted on the plaster or relief

The inscriptions found speaking society

Religion was based on a child named Tages, released in the wake of a plow and other anthropomorphic deities

The Etruscans had recourse to the nature and entrails of animals to interpret the will of the gods

Romans once occupied Etruria, joined their culture to the Etruscan

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