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We choose this community because this is accessible to us and as well as one
of our members is the son of Vice Mayor of this Municipality, having that this is just
a municipality it requires more improvement and innovation. The orientation of this
community is more on agricultural structure which is very good spot or subject for
our business proposal. This give us an idea to use this community as the subject for
our business proposal.

Member and roles

Felix Feria
Mimi kim
Jennifer Zweidler
Rizza Mariz Cenabre
Randell Dhan Caram
Stephen Fritz Ore

2. The Barangay
BARANGAY ROBLES, Municipality of La Castellana
Mayor of La Castellana: Alberto Bordig Nicor Jr.
Vice Mayor of La Castellana: Felix chad Feria IV
Brgy. Captain: Joffred Zapanta

Population: estimated 15 thousand

Land Area: estimated 5 thousand hectares
Type of industry: Agricultural

3. The Project

This business aims to distribute to farmers, poultries and fishermen who wants to
harvest/earn almost 30% or more by the use organic fertilizer which is a franchise
from Classique CHC Agritech which is a multi-purpose microbial inoculant, basically
an organic fertilizer good in Vegetables and rice crops, piggery, poultry and fishery.
B. Product services

C. Capital Investments

D. Manpower
2 to 3 Personnel to sell or distribute the said franchised product.
E. Land/Space/Facilities
10 square meters of block will be a good space for the business. Near the
center of the municipality.

Prospect location of the Business.


Sugar Cane Planters (small/big)
Rice Planters(small/big)
Piggery and Poultry Owners
Fishery Owner

B. Pictures

4. the Financial Aspect

A. Loan Details
JA Finance and Lending
Interest rate = 8%
M = 12
Payable for 3 years
Principal Amount 300,000.00
B. Origin And Maturity
Origin Date April 1, 2016
Maturity Date April 1, 2019
C. Payment Scheme
Ordinary Annuity
Payment every month
A= 300,000
I= 0.08/12 = 6.66.x10 ^-3

1( 1+ 0.08/12 )36


= 9400.91

D. Loan Payment Schedule

Every 1st day of the month starting may 1, 2016 until april 1, 2019.
E. Computations
A= 300,000





= 381071.13

5. Learnings
A. Impact to the community
Having this project as a group he have learned that our project can help in
improving the economic growth of the community used as a subject for our
project because this community is mainly centered in agricultural structure in
which the center of their livelihood depends on agricultural business and the
focus of our business is to increase the level of percentage of agricultural
harvest and earning which is good agricultural community.

B. Individual Reflections
Randell Dhan
I learned that Math investment is a very good foundation in putting a
business and it is beneficial for any business transaction to be encountered.
Having this project being just only a student and lack of full knowledge, it is
hard to put up a business and apply in a business transaction.
Stephen Fritz
I learned that there is many uses of math investment such building a
business, lending a money and applying for any kinds of loan. This is also a
great indication that you have to learn many things to be a great
As a individual, my life has been centered in business and politics. Math
Investment has helped me to be wise on my financial transaction in the
business Im holding.
Business Mathematics is very hard but I love it, because it gives me an
idea on how those the business world runs. A good business runs with good
money management.

Business Math has helped to be prepared on the business that will be

passed to me by my parents someday. It gives an idea in payments and
transactions that are centered in money.
Knowing the basics of Math of Investment is very important because it
covers the financing activity of the business. Having a Great foundation with
this, you can have a lot of ideas on how to run a business.