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My Son, My Master

The house was quiet. I was excited, finally some time alone for just me.
Being a mother it seems that time comes few and far between. I knew
just what I wanted. After undressing i went into the bathroom and run
myself a nice hot bath to soak in.
I submerged beneath the hot lapping water, relaxing as I let my mind
trail off to where the kids were. My daughter was out of town for the
weekend, my son was at work and the boy living with us was working too.
The peace and quiet soothing I began to let my hands wander over my
supple curves.. Cupping my breasts... feeling how heavy they were...
noting how the rosy nipples peaked and began to throb. Savoring those
sensations a soft moan escaped my lips.
Before I had gotten into the bath I had turned on some soft music and
left the bathroom door ajar thinking it would just be quiet. I guess I had
become lost in my peace and tranquility, my roving fingers had found the
soft smooth lips of my pussy. I was stroking and teasing my clit when I
felt a presence. My hands stopped I could hardly breathe, turning my
head I froze, there in the doorway stood my 18 year, old son. He said
nothing, just stood there watching me, and I had no idea how long he
had been there but I could tell from the bulge in his pants he had liked
what he was seeing.
My first urge was to cover myself. The water lapped around me as I sat
up in the tub. Pulling my legs into my chest I tried to hide my body from
my child's view. Something in his harsh tone halted me. "No" don't cover
up, said my son. Again I found myself frozen as if suspended in time. My
mind screamed at me to cover up, this was not right, but somewhere
there was a small voice telling me to obey this boy who stood before me
as a man.
He walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. It was my
son before me yet the voice, the tone was unlike anything I had ever
heard from him before. Worse yet was the way I was responding to it. My
body felt flushed and I wanted to crawl away and hide yet I didn't, I
couldn't. He told me to lie back as I was before and I obeyed. My eyes
locked on His face.
What was I doing?

He smiled at me and then dipped his hands in the water, lifting out my
legs, placing one each side of the tub. Droplets of water trickled off
shapely calves, and I could tell from where His eyes fell he was watching
my opened cunt just beneath the surface of the steaming water.
"Very nice mommy slut, I like you like this just for me." said my son.
My heart pounded. I had to stop this, it was so wrong but there I
remained, exposed to my child unable to do anything but obey. I found
my voice finally and heard piteous pleas to him to let me cover up, "This
is not right, I am your mother, you are my son, please go out so I can get
The boy/man before me laughed and shook his head.
"No mommy, I've seen you submit to other men on the internet and
tonight you are going to beg me to own you. "
He began to strip off his shirt, my eyes could not help but feast on the
sight of his strong chest. I found myself wondering when this man before
me changed from the boy I whom I bore 18 years ago. As his hands
fumbled with his belt and began to slide down his trousers I wanted to
look away. Oh how I wanted to stop this but my eyes fell to his hard cock.
I moaned and I felt my pussy throb. His cock was huge. It must be at
least nine inches and the head looked like as big as a light bulb. The
feelings of how wrong this was began to dim in the hunger of needing his
He laughed again and lowered his hand to his cock. He was stroking it,
my eyes glued to the massive meat as it slide through his hand and dimly
I heard him say,
"You want your little boy's cock don't you mommy slut? Don't you? He
almost barked. I could only nod. "Then beg bitch, beg me to let you
submit to me and serve me, your son, as your master."
He had knelt beside the tub and his fingers were fondling my cunt. I
screamed as he pushed two fingers deep inside me. My belly tightened
and the pleasure was so intense. I bit my lip refusing to speak those
"This is wrong!" I cried out between pleasurable pants. "Stop. Please.

His voice was so deep so powerful. "You know you don't want me to stop
mommy slut. Now do you?
Even as I arched my hips into his plunging fingers it was as if something
snapped in me. I shook my head weakly. Gone were the thoughts of this
not being right, no longer were we mother and child but Master and slave.
I wanted to be his, I wanted to beg Him and make him know and see how
his mom could serve him so well. Unlike any other that had tried. My lips
parted and the words came from a place I cannot even begin to know,
"Pleaaaaaaaase," I begged, "please, please master me."
His fingers relentlessly plunged in and out of my cunt now. His fingers
were insistent, ramming and taking.
"Make me your fuck toy. Own me, use me. I submit, oh I yield!!" I cried
over and over...
I came because he allowed it. He then took my hair entwining it around
his fingers and pulled me to a kneeling position at the edge of the tub. My
body glistening beneath the trailing water as it dripped from my naked
form. My son pushed me to my knees and shoved the head of his cock
again my lips.
His voice was hard and strong. I could only obey.
"Suck me now mommy bitch. Eat my dick and beg for it."
I moaned and hissed. Parting my lips I wrapped them around the thick
head. Turning my head slowly, my lips twisting and tightening as my
head spun as I sucked my son's cock deep into my mouth. His hips thrust,
shoving the shaft deep into my throat. I gagged and he laughed. His
moan brought such intense pleasure to me as I began to fuck His thick
meat with my throat. His fingers so strong, and I wondered why I hadn't
noticed before, as they tangled in my hair, pulling my face into his groin.
I could feel his cock twitching and swelling, his big balls pounding against
my chin. The only thing I wanted at the moment was my Master's cum,
my son's cum. My lips and mouth slurped around his pounding meat as I
moaned deep in my throat waiting eagerly for his hot seed. He wailed
loudly and shoved His cock deep. It was then I felt the force of his cum
spurt against the back of my throat. His mommy's throat and I pulled
back as I sucked his dick needing to taste his essence. There would time
enough for him to shoot his cum down my throat but now I wanted it in

my mouth. I sucked fervently at the huge mushroom shaped head of my

son's huge cock and drained his balls like a slut in heat. My son's slut.
I could see he was shaking from the intensity and I suddenly I felt shy
and the shame began to creep through me. Oh God, what had I done,
would he ever forgive me? I slumped into the tub and coiled into a tight
ball. Tears of guilt flowed from my eyes. My shoulders shook with the
force of my shame.
I felt His strong hand slide down to my back and stroke gently.
"Slave," said my son, I looked up at Him and he smiled. "Good slut. You
pleased me well, and will continue to do so from here on out. When and
where I want you." He softly caressed my cheek and whispered, "Did it
feel good mom?"
Hearing his words I cried harder but had to be honest with this man
before me, this child from my womb, the one whom I had raised into
manhood but the one to whom I had submitted, the one I had begged to
let me serve Him and fed off His cock till He gifted me with his come.
My voice soft as I whispered, "Yes Master. Oh god yes!"
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I collapsed in the chair, kicked off my heels and drew in a deep breath.
What a week! It was the weekend and I had no plans but to rest and relax
before starting the same old grind the next week. My feet throbbed and
I lifted one to caress the sole. A throaty moan escaped my lips. I was
really looking forward to this weekend.
As I climbed the steps to my bedroom I passed the bathroom. How could
I ever forget what had happened in there. Instantly my body began to
throb and ache. I could feel the crotch of my panty hose getting wet.
With a start I turned and moved quickly to the bedroom. Leaving the
door ajar I began to undress. How long had it been since that afternoon
in the bathroom when I had given myself to my son? Just a matter of two
weeks, though it seemed like forever. Nothing had been the same since
then. I tried to resist Him but I simply was not possible. The way He
looked at me with those dark piercing eyes seemed to wipe away any
resistance. A heated, blush creeped up my throat. How many nights had
I crawled into His bedroom and begged Him to fuck me? Was it every
night? He would laugh at me and make me beg harder before finally
pounding my wet pussy good and hard and filling it with His cum. I
simply could not resist.