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My final statement on reincarnation

Even after my enlightenment, that sudden flash of lightening illuminating to show

suddenly midst a dark that the individual I do not exist, I kept on getting vivid
images of lives that I had lived in the past.
How is it possible then, of remembering several lifetimes if the individual I do not
exist? And then it came to me suddenly... They are only memories.embedded
fascinatingly in this awesomeness of human body through the system of neurons
and DNAs. This self aware intelligent human body that has lived more than a
million years, contains the intelligence of all those years it has ever lived. the
human eyes have the memory of all that it the it being the human race itself has
ever seen. The ear has memory of all that it has ever heard and so on. The body
being nothing but like a freshly done oil painting. Ever so alert, ever so ready to pick
up every slightest thing that falls on it. So, these memories are not my memories.
For, the individual I do not exist. The brain of now picks up dust of information to
make up the mind and the mind passes even further saturated info into the
permanent storage units of the karma meaning the DNAs and the neurons. When
the mind is completely silent through the processes of self destruction of the mind
matter, these buried memories sometimes play on their own. Leading us to mistake them as past life memories. Of course they are the memories of past lives
BUT not your not mine for, the individual do not exist. These memories belong
to the totality of times mankind has ever lived.