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Warlingham School

Warlingham School is an 11-18,
mixed, comprehensive school that
serves the population of the North
Tandridge and South Croydon areas.
Backing up to tape took too long
Increasing amount of data became
too difficult to backup to tape
Only 50% chance of retrieving lost files
Barracuda Backup 690 and 890

Warlingham School saves 6,000 with Barracuda back-up

Warlingham School is a designated specialist school in Business & Enterprise and converted to
Academy status in 2012. Its business centre is kitted out with state-of-the-art ICT facilities and office
style furniture, providing a modern learning environment for students. With 700 computers, 150 staff
laptops and around 90 BYOD (bring your own device) devices connecting to the schools network
on a daily basis, protecting the schools data through the integrity and reliability of its back-up is
Describing the schools previous back-up solution Lee Palmer, network manager at Warlingham
School said: We used to back-up on tape, but it was taking far too long. It took around three days for
data to be transferred onto tape, which meant we were constantly missing backup schedules. At one
point the back-up was so behind that we had a six-month period when no back-ups were completed

Our system wasnt very reliable, and Id spend

about forty minutes each day rebooting. This would
impact on lessons quite significantly and on the
administrative staff who use email everyday.
Lee Palmer

Barracuda Backup keeps itself
updated even when idol meaning
no need for costly manual updates
Saved the school 6,000
Much quicker than previous
tape solution
Far more cost-effective

Network Manager
Warlingham School

at all. Additionally, the ever-increasing amount of data that the school was generating was becoming
difficult to store on our tapes.
Commenting on his old data recovery process, Palmer said: During the six-month period when
our back-up was not working we had a few documents go walkies, but luckily nothing of huge
importance. We tend to get around five or six requests from students and staff a week to recover lost
or accidently deleted documents. With our previous back-up it was a lengthy process, with only a 50
percent chance we would be able to recover the missing file.

About Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Backup removes tedious complexity from backing up data while driving down costs. Using removable media like tapes to backup and restore
data takes a lot of time and effort. Using tape, restoring even one file or e-mail message can take hours. Then there are the tape rotations and shipping...

Barracuda Backup Fast Facts

Protects physical and virtual (VMware & Hyper-V) environments
LiveBootTM for VMware
User file access via CopyTM (
Deduplicated storage and fast replication
Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and message-level restore
VMware snapshot and file recovery
Cloud storage and site-to-site replication

Barracuda Networks Warlingham School

Describing the breaking point for the school, Palmer said: Our previous solution, ran into some
problems and we were told the only way to fix it was to upgrade to the latest version of the software,
which essentially meant re-purchasing the software at a cost of around 1000.
Not satisfied that purchasing the new software was the best solution, Palmer considered what his key
requirements were: to find a solution that would enable fast back-up; that was easy to use, allowed
fast retrieval and re-instatement of data and had no additional per license fees. Also on his wish list
was to move on from backing-up on tape. The tapes were becoming increasingly unreliable and
inefficient and Palmer was spending eight and half days a year simply inserting and removing the
tapes and ensuring they are stored safely and efficiently.
Finding the solution
Having drawn up his wish list, Palmer considered three options for the school:


To spend money updating the schools current system to have bigger size capacity tapes, a
bigger auto-loader and a bigger hard drive unit
To purchase a Barracuda Networks back-up solution
To purchase a another vendors back-up solution

Barracudas back-up products came onto Palmers radar one day when he was on the Barracuda
website looking at Firewalls and noticed the back-up solutions. Having rolled out Barracudas Web
Filter 610 three years earlier, Palmer was keen to run a 30-day free trial of the Barracuda Back-up 690
and 890 models and its Cloud storage back-up service.
When the three-month trial came to an end, Anthony Westacott, Channel Manager UK, from Barracuda
introduced Palmer to local reseller, Synetix to manage the roll-out of the back-up products. Explaining
his decision to go with the Barracuda back-up, Palmer said: The updates were very competitively
priced and we had a three year maintenance plan included. The fact that you dont need to have
individual client access licenses for different types of servers and that you can have an unlimited
amount is great. The benefit of linking up to the Barracuda Cloud control was an unexpected bonus
too because it allows me to make changes when Im off-site.
Commenting on the roll-out process, Palmer said: The roll-out was a breeze. The interface is very
similar across all Barracuda products and is really user friendly and easy to configure. With a little bit of
help from the Synetix support team, we had it up and running within a couple of hours and the first
back-up was completed within eight or nine hours.
Palmer was also particularly pleased with Barracudas automatic system updates. He said: The Barracuda
back-up keeps itself up-to-date when its idol. It automatically downloads and installs updates with no
need for human intervention. Previously, I had to manually check for updates every month and each
update would take me around two hours to run and would be followed by a lengthy re-boot.
Looking to the future
Contemplating the future of Warlingham Schools network, Palmer said: The Barracuda back-up has
exceeded all of my expectations and has saved the school over 6,000 in the process. For me, the
three best things about it are its speed, cost effectiveness and its low impact its easy-to-use and
configure and there was no complicated set-up process. In addition to the Barracuda back-up and the
Barracuda Web Filter we installed three years ago, I have also recently rolled out Barracudas Spam and
Virus Firewall and will be installing one of Barracudas firewalls during within the next couple of weeks.
Barracudas solutions and the great service from Synetix have impressed me across the board and I
certainly would not hesitate to recommend them.

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