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Microsoft + Veeam
Better Together

Veeam Backup & Replication and Microsoft

Azure StorSimple
Extending Backup to the cloud
Businesses struggle to control
the cost and complexity of tape
and on-premises disk solutions
to manage their backup

Veeam Backup & Replication,
with Microsoft Azure
StorSimple, provides fast
backup, granular recovery, huge
cost savings and automatic
transfer of backup data
to and from Microsoft Azure.

Together, Veeam and Microsoft provide our customers with solutions that drive
Availability for the Always-On Enterprise. Microsoft + Veeam has a 1+1=3 effect
on the solutions we deliver, increasing the value of our individual products
and technologies when used together.
We all know Microsoft Azure enables customers to quickly provision cloud-based
resources, including storage, across Microsofts global data center network. However,
the challenge of moving on-premises archived data, such as backups, to Azure can
be a daunting task for the IT professional who is used to working in the world of
local storage. IT operations, automation, security, scheduling, bandwidth and other
moving parts can make the jump to the cloud seem like an overwhelming task.
Pairing Veeam Backup & Replication with Azure StorSimple allows customers
to seamlessly integrate Veeam backup repositories into their Azure hybrid-cloud
operations, making data recoverability and archiving to Azure easy and efficient.
StorSimple looks like any another connected, on-premises data repository to Veeam.
However, StorSimple is more than just storage it automatically manages the
movement of data to and from Azure for efficient Availability.

Traditional vs cloud-integrated solutions

Traditional Storage

Cloud-Integrated with Veeam

Primary volume
Disk array
Cost: $100K

Veeam Servers


Primary volume
Local snapshot

50 TB
Media server
Cost: $25k


Disk backup/VTL
Cost: $100k

Tape infrastructure Transportation

Cost $55k
& storage

Cloud clones
Cloud snapshots
Secondary Azure
Nearby Azure
storage region region for disaster

Traditional backup methods just dont cut it in a world of agile virtualization

and Always-On Business.
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Microsoft + Veeam
Better Together

Businesses, large and small, require more than just backup to meet service level agreements (SLAs). IT administrators
face key backup and recovery challenges as critical data grows in both size and complexity. These challenges include:

How to mitigate the high cost of additional storage and hardware management

How to maintain SLAs while responding to growing business, technology and regulatory demands

To address these challenges, a combination of software, hardware and cloud solutions are needed proven solutions from
Microsoft and Veeam, working together to extend data recoverability capabilities with increased capacity, security and Availability.
Veeams unique approach enables Availability for the Always-On Enterprise keeping businesses moving and helping to avoid
costly downtime. The StorSimple hybrid cloud storage solution adds dynamic storage that tiers across SSD, SAS and Microsoft
Azure to ensure data growth requirements are always met. StorSimple uses Azure as an extension of its on-premises storage
arrays and automatically tiers data across on-premises storage and cloud storage.

Bringing it all together with Microsoft and Veeam

Veeam Backup & Replication provides agentless image-level backup to help meet stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs)
and recovery point objectives (RPOs) while allowing more recovery options than you ever thought possible:

Recovery of a failed virtual machine (VM) in as little as two minutes

Near-continuous data protection with built-in replication

Fast, agentless item-level recovery and e-discovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory,
along with transaction-level recovery of SQL and Oracle databases

Automatic recoverability testing of every backup and every replica, every time

Veeam and StorSimple work in unison to mitigate the cost and management of data growth while providing secure backup and
recovery. Veeam ensures that backups are initially stored on a traditional primary storage for short-term recovery, and depending on
your availability needs, Veeam archives older versions of backups to StorSimple for long-term compliance. StorSimple will, in turn,
ensure that backups are moved into Azure via cloud snapshots.

Veeam and StorSimple automate the use of local storage and Azure for maximum IT efficacy.

You can achieve new levels of Availability and storage efficiencies for your mission-critical virtual environments by extending
your backup strategy with Veeam Backup & Replication, Microsoft StorSimple and Azure. Working together, they provide a costeffective, automated data-protection solution that simplifies your move to the cloud.
For more details, please contact your local Veeam sales representative.
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