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Aimee Gillis

Besty Orr
CIED 1003
1 June 2016
Using Mullins Library to Find Articles
1. Title: Our Big Problem: P.E. being rethought in light of new goals for health
Author: Erich Hilkert
In the state of Alabama, educators are looking closely at the way Alabama schools are
teaching physical education. They are focusing on what works and what doesnt work with
school students in order to create the most beneficial and active program. The Department of
Education have moved from looking at the comparison of students against their peers on their
physical ability to making it more comprehensive and more individualized called The Alabama
Fitness Assessment. This program and testing focuses on a number of areas, such as cardio
endurance, muscle strengthening as well as flexibility and body mass index. This programs aim
is to help improve the overall health and fitness of the students involved. This new system has
been implemented from kindergarten through grade eight but is not seen in high schools.
Alabama was known for having the highest obesity percentage in the nation in 2011, specifically
looking at high school students. The reason behind this is that no requirement exists for PE being
integrated in a school day and therefore the percentage of students attending a physical education
class is low.

With the new curriculum implemented, schools will potentially face a penalty if they do
not follow this authorization. Another organization called SPARK are also helping in
contributing to the goal of reducing childhood obesity. SPARK have integrated the typical sports
that are played but with simplified rules so that there is more physical activity in a lesson and it
is not just focused on learning the rules of the game. Physical education does not only improve
health and fitness but can also boost academic standards and classroom learning. Also some
students enjoy a break from every day classroom learning. Being outside and being active gives
students a different and new environment for learning. With all these new ideas arising to help
promote the importance of a physical education class, there will be a decrease in childhood
obesity but this progress will take time.

2. Title: Its a stretch for school to find enough space for P.E.; As students health becomes
a bigger issue, space constraints in L.A. Unified make fitness tougher to achieve
Author: Howard Blume
Schools around the United States are required to provide physical education classes
within their curriculum, however in Los Angeles these physical education classes are oversized
in the number of students and it depletes the purpose of the physical education class. These type
of classes are supposed to promote health and fitness lifestyles for these students. This means
providing them with quality and productive programs but this cannot happen if the classes are
oversized and not enough staff are on duty to give an efficient class. Each class size is more than
60 students to one teacher. There is also another arising problem that teachers are more focused
on teaching because a schools reputation is based on academic testing scores and therefore even

a P.E. class requires theory learning and now is not only physical based. Statistics show that 36%
of Los Angeles fifth-, seventh- and ninth graders are overweight. Some schools have a lack of
space as well as a lack of sporting equipment making it difficult to create a productive P.E. class.
Some schools, however, have sufficient space and enough equipment to be provided for all the
students in a class.
Another factor is that the teachers that conduct these classes are not fully qualified as a
P.E. specialist. California, as a state requirement for a physical education program in schools is
200 authentic physical activity every ten days. A trend has been noticed that as the P.E. standards
decrease so does the health and fitness of elementary and middle school students. The state
lawmakers are willing to help solve this issue by providing funds to schools to hire credentialed
P.E. teachers. For those schools lacking equipment and supplies another legislation will provide
funds for this factor. All of these contributing fund will enable the classes to reduce in size as
well as the classes become more productive and at a good standard.