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Honourable judges, loyal timekeeper, respected teachers, fellow
contestants, ladies and gentlement. Once again, a very goodmorning,
I bit you. My name is Neasthy Laade, all the way from Sk Long Gang.
Please lend me your eyes and ears for the speech that Im going to
deliver today.

Based from a research from University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

A study shows that human have 52 thought a day. This study gives
me a notion about the topic that Im going to deliver today. It is a
very interesting topic that I think, everyone of you would like to
listen to. The topic for my speech today is ...............................

Ladies and gentlement,
Times flies like an arrow, it flies so quick so that I have to end my
speech now. I hope the speech that I have delivered just now gives
all of you some ideas and information. I thank you all for your time.
Have a splendid day, Thank you

English Panel SKLG, 2016