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Level 1

Word 1: Weather
Meaning of the word: The temperature and other conditions such as sun, rain, and wind
Word in a sentence: What was the weather like on your vacation?
Word 2: Accident
Meaning of the word: A situation in which someone is injured or something is damaged
without anyone intending them to be.
Word in a sentence : Ken's had an accident at work and he's had to go to hospital.
Word 3 : Gallery
Meaning of the word : A large building where people can see famous pieces of art.
Word in a sentence : Fatimahs family went to an art gallery this morning.
Word 4 : Feather
Meaning of the word : One of the things that cover a bird's body.
Word in a sentence : The peacock has beautiful feather.
Word 5 : Moment
Meaning of the word : A particular point in time.
Word in a sentence : They've been arguing from the moment they walked in the door.
Word 6 : Ability
Meaning of the word : Something that you are able to do.
Word in a sentence : Our ability to think and speak separates us from other mammals.
Word 7 : Handle
Meaning of the word : To deal with a difficult situation or problem
Word in a sentence : She couldn't handle the pressures of her new job.
Word 8: Quality
Meaning of the word: a word meaning very good
Word in a sentence: We provide quality rented accommodation for professional people.
Word 9: Special
Meaning of the word: Not ordinary or usual but different in some way and often better
or more important
Word in a sentence: I keep this suit for special occasions.

Word 10 : Symbol
Meaning of the word : A picture or shape that has a particular meaning or represents an
Word in a sentence : The dove is a symbol of peace.
Word 11 : Bottom
Meaning of the word : The lowest part of something
Word in a sentence : Go downstairs and wait for me at the bottom.
Word 12 : Polish
Meaning of the word : To make something smooth, bright, and shiny by rubbing it
Word in a sentence : It was my duty to polish the silver on Saturdays.
Word 13 : Festival
Meaning of the word : A special occasion when people celebrate something such as a
religious event, and there is often a public holiday.
Word in a sentence : Christmas is one of the main festivals in the Christian Calendar.
Word 14 : Respect
Meaning of the word : An attitude of regarding something or someone as important so
that you are careful not to harm them, treat them rudely.
Word in a sentence : Old people deserve to be treated with more respect.
Word 15 : Popular
Meaning of the word : Liked by a lot of people
Word in a sentence : Video games are very popular with children.
Word 16 : Detective
Meaning of the word : A police officer whose job is to discover information that will
result in criminals being caught.
Word in a sentence : She hired a detective to find out where her husband was going after
Word 17 : Pillow
Meaning of the word : A cloth bag filled with soft material, that you put your head on
when you are sleeping.
Word in a sentence : Paula used her rucksack as a pillow.

Word 18 : Transport

Meaning of the word : A method of travelling from one place to another.

Word in a sentence : It's easier to get to the college if you have your own transport.
Word 19 : Message
Meaning of the word : A spoken or written piece of information that you send to another
Word in a sentence : He left a message saying he would probably be a little late.
Word 20 : Variety
Meaning of the word : A lot of a particular type of things that are different from each
Word in a sentence : The T-shirts are available in a wide variety of colors.
Word 21 : Decorate
Meaning of the word : To make the inside of a building look more attractive by painting
it, putting paper on the walls.
Word in a sentence : I'm going to decorate the bathroom next.
Word 22 : Believe
Meaning of the word : To be sure that something is true or that someone is telling the
Word in a sentence : You shouldn't believe everything you read.
Word 23 : Feast
Meaning of the word : A very good, large meal.
Word in a sentence : Jane's mother had cooked us a real feast.
Word 24 : Protect
Meaning of the word : To keep someone or something safe from harm, damage, or
Word in a sentence : Try to protect your skin from the sun.
Word 25 : Climate
Meaning of the word : An area with particular weather conditions.
Word in a sentence : I could not bear living in a tropical climate.
Word 26 : Proud
Meaning of the word : Feeling pleased with your achievements, family, country etc
because you think they are very good.
Word in a sentence : We are proud that a pupil from our school has won a prize.

Word 27 : Defeat

Meaning of the word : Failure to win or succeed.

Word in a sentence : The government has suffered a serious defeat.
Word 28 : Problem
Meaning of the word : A situation that causes difficulties.
Word in a sentence : There was rarely any problem in motivating the students to study.
Word 29 : Telephone
Meaning of the word : The system of communication that you use to have a conversation
with someone in another place.
Word in a sentence : The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
Word 30 : Ocean
Meaning of the word : The great mass of salt water that covers most of the Earth's
Word in a sentence : She stood on the beach, gazing at the ocean.
Word 31 : Success
Meaning of the word : The achieving of something you have been trying to do, with a
good result.
Word in a sentence : She puts her success down to hard work and good luck.
Word 32 : Burrow
Meaning of the word : To make a hole or passage in the ground.
Word in a sentence : The dog managed to burrow under the fence.

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