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Communication Workshop: leading a discussion (example)

1. How many times do
you turn on a water tap
each day?
2. For what reasons?

3. Should water always be free?

4. Do you drink bottled water or tap
5. Do you have a favourite brand of
bottled water? Why?
6. How much money do you think
you (or people in general) spend on
bottled water every year?

7. How does this picture make

you feel?
8. Whose responsibility is it to
make sure that water does not
become polluted like this?

9. Describe what is happening in

this picture. Compare their access
to water and yours.
10. What other problems could
result from these women
collecting water like this

11. Think of some ways you

could save water in your daily
12. Think of ways that
companies & schools could save
13. How can we make people
change their actions in order to
save water in the future?