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To contribute to the goal of preparing reflective practitioners, student teachers will write an Action Plan at the end of first, second, and third field
experience with input from their cooperating teacher and/or the University supervisor. The Action Plan synthesizes each field experiences
evaluation, links each field experience to the next, establishes goals for improvement, and forms an agenda for discussion between the student
teacher, the cooperating teacher and University supervisor at the beginning of the subsequent field experience. For First Field Experience only
(excluding Physical Education students), the Action Plan will be completed during the co-requisite Professional Seminar course.

Brooke Welburn
Name ____________________________
Student Number ______________________
Sec. Eng.
B.Ed. Program: _____________________
Field Experience: 1st
I have shown thorough to advanced development in the following Professional Competencies developed
during this field experience:
Professional competency 2: Throughout my stage I communicated clearly in the language of
instruction orally, when I participated in small group discussion and taught my LES, and written,
when I created and corrected the worksheet for my LES.
Professional competency 11: I continuously engaged in professional development through my
course readings and additionally through conversations between my fellow student teacher and CT.
Professional competency 12: I demonstrated responsible and professional behavior throughout my
stage by arriving properly dressed and on time each day. I further participated in confidentiality
when speaking to my CT and the guidance councilor about problem students.
I would like to improve my skills in the following Professional Competencies developed during this field
Professional competency 6: Although I do believe that I was quite successful in this competency in
regards to maintaining a smooth running class during the teaching of my LES, I do believe there is
much to learn as I was not presented with any difficult or inappropriate behavior. Competency 9:
Although I made an effort to implement my self in extracurricular activities and communicate with
school staff, I believe improvement can be made in regards to communicating with school partners,
parents, and members of the community. As a result, I believe that this competency could be
developed further in future field experiences.

I will make use of the following strategies for improvement:

I believe that I will be able to improve upon competency 6 during my third stage as I will be given
more opportunity to teach and engage in classroom management. I believe I will encounter more
behavioral issues as I will be teaching more. I will use this experience to further develop
preventative measures for classroom management. In order to further develop and improve upon
competency 9, I will make an effort to volunteer in after-school programs and sports events. I
believe this will provide me with a larger opportunity to engage with parents and members of the
community. I further hope to be presented with an opportunity to attend a parent teacher meeting. I
believe an opportunity such as this would help be better fulfill this competency. I will further make
an effort to introduce myself to school partners and make myself available for any projects.
Digitally signed by Brooke Welburn

Brooke Welburn Date: 2016.05.20 16:45:55 -04'00'

Student teachers signature

May 20th, 2016


This completed Action Plan is to be discussed with your cooperating teacher and McGill supervisor at the start of your subsequent
field experience.