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June 20, 2016

Real Talk About How To Stop Future Terrorist Attacks

There has been much conversation on the banning of assault rifles. Yet, those that support this "ban" have
no idea what an assault rifle is. An AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Converting it (which can be done with
aftermarket parts) can change its configuration just like many other weapons is what can change its
A weapons ban in California did not stop terrorism in San Bernardino. Police Officers armed with AR-15
weaponry stopped that threat. France, which has one of the strictest firearms bans did not stop the Paris
attacks. Heroic Police Officers again stopped this threat with AR-15 type weaponry. Whatever equipment
the bad guys have, the police should have them as well as better training and equipment.
There is a "feel good" online petition supporting for nightclubs to have metal detectors used on all patrons
entering. A metal detector would not have stopped any of the terrorist attacks listed above. If I'm armed
with a rifle, the person with the metal wand will be the first casualty. Properly equipped and highly
trained law enforcement officers are what stop these threats time after time.
What is necessary is for our country to accept that we are at war to protect our freedom. We need to stop
being sensitive to a few that are offended by seeing armed police officers with proper equipment.
Armored vehicles saved countless lives at the Orlando incident. Specialized equipment for law
enforcement is a necessity.
When police are dealing with an individual who is determined to kill as many Americans as well as
themselves, we need to support our law enforcement officers. What do we need to see at establishments
and areas in which are identified as soft targets for terrorism? It's quite simple. We need not only a police
response, but for everyday Americans to rise to the occasion when someone comes to harm our fellow
brothers and sisters. Police leaders should support law enforcement officers to carry on their persons long
rifles (like AR-15 weaponry) when working off duty assignments where large crowds congregate.
Imagine if the off duty officer at PULSE Nightclub would've had an AR-15 on his person while protecting
Americans. We probably would've been able to stop this terrorist dead in his tracks.

The second amendment wasn't created for hunting. It was created to protect our freedom as a nation from
those that hate our values. I implore all responsible Americans to be armed.
We have the Obama administration now censoring the 911 tapes being released to the media by removing
any references to radical Islam.
Let me be clear, if you support radical Islam, you are an enemy of the United States. I'd like to ask
President Obama if he will denounce radical Islam. I said it. Let's see if that gets censored.
God bless America,

Javier Ortiz
Javier Ortiz, President
Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20

A Proud Tradition in Law Enforcement