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Confused about confusing language?

How do you know when something is confused or confusing? When the movie
wasn't so great, was I bored or boring? Does it make a difference if I tell my
friend he's annoyed or annoying?
It does. And there's an easy way to know which one to choose.
Words that end with -ed talk about a person's feelings.
Examples1. John was so bored on his date. He really wanted to leave.
2. Karen was annoyed with her employee. This employee was always late.
3. Curt was confused about the new rules. They were very complicated.
4. The children were excited about the school trip.
5. Melanie was surprised to get a gift.
6. The class was interested in the game.

Words that end with -ing, however, talk about the situation or thing
that cause a person's feelings.
Examples1. The date was really boring. John wanted to leave.
2. The employee was annoying. He was always
3. The rules were confusing. They were
4. The school trip was exciting.
5. The gift was surprising.
6. The game was interesting.
So ...
John was bored/ the date was boring
Karen was annoyed/ the employee was annoying
Curt was confused/ the rules were confusing
The children were excited/ the school trip was exciting
Melanie was surprised/ the gift was surprising.
The class was interested/ the game was interesting
Questions- Choose the correct word
1. I always feel excited/exciting when I take a vacation.
2. The news was very interested/ interesting.
3. Everyone was surprised/ surprising when Tom Cruise came to the party.
4. Teri is always so confused/ confusing when she reads English.
5. That loud TV is so annoyed/ annoying.
6. When I am in the office, I am bored/ boring.