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Piston 2.

The purpose of this project is to find out how to make a plane that could fly
far and do tricks like turn left, turn right, and go in a loop.

My hypothesis is that the plane will be able to do a loop and do tricks
according to the flaps. I also think it will go far because the way the plane is made
puts more weight in the front creating drag pulling the plane forwards while the
plane glides.

The materials you will need is the following:
1) Paper

1) First fold the paper in half.

2) Second unfold the paper and then fold the top to make a triangle.

3) Third fold the top again to form a smaller triangle.

4) Fourth fold the paper in half.

5) Lastly fold the top part in half for both sides.

6) Now your air plane is done and you are ready to fly it!