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Soul of the Artisan

The Souls Dream

Free the Spirit

When presenting a public performance or display of your

chosen art, you may make a Contested Social Roll of (chosen
art) / Awareness against Etiquette (Courtesy) / Willpower of
the audience members. Those audience members who fail
their rolls are profoundly swayed and their emotions shift in a
direction you desire - becoming friendlier, more hostile, calmer,
or whatever other emotional shift your art is designed to evoke.
This emotional shift normally lasts a number of hours equal to
your Insight Rank.
Note that not all persons are equally susceptible to the impact of
art - the GM may rule that a particular individual is affected for
a shorter period of time, or award a bonus to the resistance roll
for person whose emotions are difficult to manipulate. The GM
should normally have each individual audience member roll
separately to resist this technique (this should always be done
for PCs or important NPCs), but with large groups of ordinary
NPCs the GM can opt to save time by making a single roll for
most or all of them.

Kakita Artisan Rank 1

Kakita Artisan Rank 2

Select one of the three chosen School Skills (Acting, an Artisan

Skill, or a Perform Skill) as the focus of your artistic training.
This becomes your chosen art. When making skill rolls with
your chosen art, you gain a +2k0 bonus and your Raises are not
limited by your Void.
Any time you are using Games: Sadane to criticize someone
elses art or performance, you gain a Free Raise on your Skill

Undying Name

Kakita Artisan Rank 3

You may select a second of your three chosen
School Skills as a chosen art, and all Technique
bonuses and effects which applied to your first
chosen art now applies to it as well. The bonus
to your chosen art skill rolls increases to +2k1.

A Gift Beyond Price

Temper Steel With Honor

Kakita Artisan Rank 4

Kakita Artisan Rank 5

Doji Magistrate Rank 1

You may create a piece of art referring to another person by rolling (chosen
art) / Awareness at a TN equal to 20 plus 5 x their Glory Rank. With a
success, you may either increase (if your art is complimentary) or decrease
(if it is critical) their Glory by up to 5 points, plus an additional 5 points
for every Raise you make on the roll. You may call two additional Raises to
inflict a gain of Infamy on the target instead of a Glory change.
You may not target the same person with this technique more than once
every six months. Furthermore, persons of high station cannot have their
reputations damaged by artist lacking in prestige - the targets Status cannot
exceed your Glory or Status Rank (whichever is higher).

Once per month, you may give a gift of your chosen art to someone from
another clan or faction. Make a Contested Social Roll of your (chosen art)
/ Awareness against their Etiquette (Courtesy) / Willpower. (The GM may
aware Free Raises to you or the target of this technique based on the type
and subject of the art and the attitudes and beliefs of the target - some people
are easier to sway than others.) With a success, you permanently alter their
attitude toward your clan/faction in a favorable direction. With a failure, the
target becomes aware of your attempt to manipulate his emotions, and his
attitude toward your clan/faction permanently shifts in a hostile direction.

They specialize in the use of weapons designed

to disarm or capture foes rather than kill them.
You may add an amount equal to your Air Ring
to your Armor TN (unless caught helpless or
unaware). You gain a +1k0 bonus to your attack
rolls when fighting with a jitte or a sasumata.

Flowing Like Water

Breath of the Law

Flowing Like Air

Doji Magistrate Rank 2

Doji Magistrate Rank 3

Doji Magistrate Rank 4

When rolling to control a Grapple or to

resolve a Disarm attempt, you may use
your opponents Strength Rank in place of
your own.

If you successfully Grapple or Disarm an

opponent, they are also Dazed.

You may make attacks as a Simple Action

when fighting unarmed or when wielding
a jitte, sasumata, or a weapon with the
Samurai keyword.

The Willow in the Storm

Surveying the Land

Scouring the Shadows

Doji Magistrate Rank 5

Daidoji Scout Rank 1

Daidoji Scout Rank 2

You may spend a Void point during the Reactions

stage of a skirmish Round to force anyone who attacks
you on the next Round to subtract their Air Ring from
each of their dice. (Dice which explode have their final
total reduced.) This technique cannot be activated
while you are in the Full Attack stance or the Center

You gain +1k0 with Stealth and Hunting

skill Rolls. Any rural/improvised traps you
create are exceptionally deadly, inflicting
+1k1 extra damage.

When attacking an unaware opponent you

gain a bonus of +2k0 to your attack roll.

Weaken the Resistance

Strike and Move

Cunning of Daidoji

Daidoji Scout Rank 3

Daidoji Scout Rank 4

Daidoji Scout Rank 5

You may ignore any Reduction your opponent gains

from wearing armor or from school techniques. (You
cannot ignore the natural Reduction of creatures,
or Reduction bestowed by magical or supernatural
effects.) If you attack an opponent who has no
Reduction from armor or techniques, you gain +1k0
to your damage rolls.

You may make attacks as a Simple Action

instead of a Complex Action when
wielding a katana, wakizashi, knife, or
bow. Your traps now inflict +2k1 extra

During a skirmish, you may spend a Void Point as a Free Action

to attempt a deadly precision strike on your next attack (this
may be done with a melee or a ranged attack, but cannot be
done more than once in the same Turn). Any Maneuvers called
on this attack require 1 less Raise (to a minimum of 1 Raise),
and if you successfully hit you gain a bonus of +1k1 to your
Damage roll. Furthermore, if your opponent is unaware of you,
your Raises on this attack are not limited by your Void.

Move Like Shadows

Iron Feather

Unforgiving Steel

Daidoji Harriers Advanced School Rank 1

Daidoji Harriers Advanced School Rank 2

Daidoji Harriers Advanced School Rank 3

They train to blend into the shadows and to defeat

their foes with traps and ambushes. You lose only half
the normal amount of Honor (rounded down) for any
dishonorable actions taken on behalf of the Crane
Clan. You gain a +1k1 bonus to the DR of any rural
traps you create (this stacks, with the Daidoji Scout
techniques, if applicable).

When wearing light armor, ashigaru

armor, or no armor, you may add your
Stealth Skill Rank to your Armor TN.

If you successfully attack a surprised or unaware

opponent, or if an opponent takes damage from a rural
trap you created, he is Dazed in addition to any other
effects of your attack. He may not attempt to recover
from the Daze until after the next Reactions stage, and
the TN to recover from the Daze is increased by +5.

Drawing the Void

Kakitas Strength

A Single Moment

Kenshinzen Advanced School Rank 1

Kenshinzen Advanced School Rank 2

Kenshinzen Advanced School Rank 3

If you are in the Center Stance, you add an

additional +10 to your Armor TN.

When making an Assessment or Focus

roll as part of an Iajutsu duel, your dice
explode on a 9 as well as a 10.

If you make only one attack this Turn,

an opponent you hit is Stunned until the
beginning of your next Turn.

The Masters Touch

Mastery Unbound

The Perfect Art

Kakita Master Artisan Advanced School Rank 1

Kakita Master Artisan Advanced School Rank 2

Kakita Master Artisan Advanced School Rank 3

You may attempt to create a inspiring work or performance

with a chosen art Skill roll at TN 40. A success results in a
creation or performance that awes everyone who witnesses its
first public appearance. You gain 5 points of Glory, +1 additional
point of Glory for each Raise called on the Roll. everyone in the
audience at the arts unveiling/performance gains one bonus
Void Point (which can exceed their normal maximum) for the
next 24 hours; if you successfully called at least 4 Raises on the
roll, they gain two bonus Void Points instead. (The effects of this
technique cannot stack.)

You gain a bonus of +2k0 with your chosen

art skill rolls. If you are trained as a Kakita
Artisan you may select a third chosen art
from your School Skills.

Once per month when creating a work or performance with one of your
chosen arts, you may spend 2 Void Points and then roll (chosen art) /
Awareness at TN 50. With a success, the art comes to life - birds fly off a
painting, the characters of a play manifest on the stage, the statue of a
Fortune comes to life, and so forth.
The specific nature of the manifestation, and what action it takes after
appearing, is chosen by the GM - but it will always be helpful to you, and will
usually be something awe-inspiring and extraordinary. The manifestation
normally lasts only a few minutes, but if you successfully call four Raises on
the skill roll it will last for one hour.

No Regrets

Hakes Lesson

The World in the Palm of the Hand

Asahina Archers Rank 4 Alternate Path

Asahina Artisans Rank 3 Alternate Path

Asahina Fetishist Rank 2 Alternate Path

Their technique allows them to call on their

own inherent Air, delivering precisely accurate
shots. When making an archery attack, you
may make Called Shots for one less Raise (to a
minimum of 1) and add half your Air (rounded
down) in unkept dice to your attacks.

When making an Artisan Skill Roll, you may

expend a spell slot to add +2 per slot expended
to the total of your roll. You may expend a
number of slots equal to twice your Insight
Rank in this manner. Air spell slots spent in this
manner add +3 instead of +2.

When using an Artisan Skill or a Craft skill to create a

small token of some kind, you may spend a Void Point
to confer a one-time blessing into the token. Whoever
is in possession of the token may activate this blessing
at any time. Whenever activated, the token grants a
bonus of +2k0 to one High Skill Roll. No more than
one token may be used per day per individual.

Talons of the Daidoji

Way of the Iron Crane

The Golden Path

Crane Elite Spearman Rank 2 Alternate Path

Daidoji Heavy Regulars Rank 4 Alternate Path

Daidoji Trading Council Rank 3 Alternate Path

When using a spear to attack an opponent,

if you strike an opponent who has not
yet acted this round, he must make two
Raises to successfully attack you for the
remainder of this Round.

When wielding a heavy weapon in the Attack

Stance, you may add +1k1 to your attack rolls
against any opponent who is in the Attack or
Full Attack Stances. When wielding a heavy
weapon in the Defense or Full Defense stances,
you may add your Heavy Weapons Skill Rank to
your Armor TN.

Once per month you may wage commercial warfare against

a rival merchant by making a Contested Roll of Commerce
(Merchant) / Awareness against the rival merchant patron. If
you succeed, you inflict a loss on that merchant, a number of
koku equal to the amount by which your roll exceeded theirs. If
you lose the Contested Roll, you lose half that amount of koku.
If the GM allows you to purchase additional Advantages (or
Ranks in existing Advantages) after character creation, you may
purchase Gentry, Wealthy, and Servants for 1 less Experience
Point (to a minimum of 1).

The Power of Innocence

Fan & Sword

To Defend Unto Death

In any situation in which the Crane could gain advantage

or protect their interests by lying or concealing the truth from
a specific person, the Innocent may choose instead to tell that
person the truth, then roll Sincerity (Honesty) / Awareness
against the targets Investigation (Interrogation) / Perception.
With a success, the target realizes what the Crane has just done
and is deeply impressed by the Innocents devotion to honor
and truth. With the GMs permission, the Innocent gains the
target as an Ally with 1 point of Devotion.
This Technique may be used multiple times on the same target,
with each success increasing Devotion by 1 (to a maximum of
4 points); however, it cannot target the same person more than
once per month.
Any time an Innocent knowingly tells a lie, he loses 2 points
of Honor (over and above any other circumstantial Honor
loss that might apply) and is unable to use his Technique for a
period of one month.

Doji Innocents Rank 3 Alternate Path

The Art of Mockery

Kakita Jesters Rank 5 Alternate Path

You may publicly mock a suitable target (someone hypocritical, arrogant,
dishonorable, or otherwise deserving of your attention) by means of
speech, dance, song, or other such methods. This requires a Contested Roll
of you (chosen art) / Awareness against the targets Etiquette (Courtesy) /
Willpower. If you lose the roll, you lose points of Glory equal to the targets
Status Rank. If you win the roll, the target loses face in public, suffering a loss
of Glory points equal to your Glory Rank, and a loss of Honor points equal
to half as much (rounded up).
You may not target the same person with this Technique more than once
per month.

Doji Warrior-Poet Rank 2 Alternate Path

Empress Guard Rank 3/4 Alternate Path

When you spend a Void Point to augment an Iaijutsu

Skill Roll or a Perform: Poetry Skill Roll, you gain a
bonus of +2k1 instead of +1k1. Additionally, whenever
you are victorious in a duel or a poetry contest, you
gain one additional point of Glory. If you were
championing someone else, that person also gains one
additional point of Glory. This is in addition to any
normal amount being rewarded.

You may add half your Honor Rank to all

attack and Perception rolls. Also, while
defending the Imperial family, you may
add +10 to your Armor TN.

Light Banishes Lies

Wall of Pikes

Sisters of the Sacred Light Rank 2 Alternate Path

Tsume Pikemen Rank 3 Alternate Path

When attempting to Banish the kami of Air,

who are of course responsible for the vast
majority of illusion effects, you require only
2 Raises on the Sense spell (rather than the
normal 3) and only 3 Raises on the Commune
spell (rather than the normal 5).

While you are in the Defense posture and wielding

a spear or polearm, immediately after an opponent
makes a melee attack against you or one of your allies
within 10 (whether or not the attack hit), you may
spend a Void Point in order to take a Free Action
to attack that opponent with your spear/polearm.
You may also use this Technique in the Full Defense
posture, but making the attack will require spending 2
Void Points instead of 1.

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