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It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Sohil Gupta.

I first met Sohil three

years ago, at which time he was a student in Analog electronics class during his third year at Delhi
College of Engineering. I hold him in the highest regard both personally and academically.
Sohil demonstrates the exceptional intellectual ability required to understand and apply the various
concepts. He unquestionably derives considerable pleasure and satisfaction from the challenge of solving
complex problems. This fact is certainly supported by his involvement in a variety of inter-college coding
competitions, where he notably achieved a high score among his classmates. Sohil visited my office
frequently for further explanation of topics discussed in class in an effort to truly understand the material.
He was very eager to volunteer during class, and was always open to correction of his mistakes. Outside
of the classroom, Sohil was president of the Math Club on campus, and then spent two evenings a week
tutoring inner-city children with their math homework.
In the two years that I have interacted with Sohil, both inside and outside the classroom, I have found him
to be a polite, responsible, sincere, and an all-around respectable young man. Sohil's self-motivation and
keen desire to learn are to be commended in this day and age when, to many, a good grade is the only
matter of importance.
It was my great pleasure to have Sohil as a student. Overall, he is a very motivated and bright student,
and I certainly believe that he has talent and drive to achieve success in future scholastic endeavors. I
strongly recommend Sohil into your institution of higher learning.
Very truly yours,
Robert S. Smith
Head of Department
Information Technology