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Penns Valley Pedals & Pints

Bike Club


Enjoy the Beautiful Penns Valley Scenery

Contribute to Local Charities
Support Elk Creek Caf + Ale Works

Who & What is Welcome:

Men, Women and Children
(under 18 must be accompanied
by an old person over 18)
All Bikes, Road Bikes to Fat Bikes
All Clothing, Spandex to Skinny Jeans
Helmets are required

When & Where:

Starting Wednesday Evening, May 18th @ 6:00

behind the Millheim Fire Company, 103 North St.
(Rt. 445), Millheim, PA. This Bike Club will meet every
Wednesday night, with the last ride on September 14th.
Rain or shine, if its raining and we decide to cancel, we
give more support to the Elk Creek Caf!
Contact: Roy Rupert
(814) 360-0243

How We Hope It Works:

Penns Valley Pedal & Pints will be a very flexible,

non-competitive riding group, always open to
suggestions and hoping to adjust as we ride from week to week.
We meet on Wednesdays, with the ride starting at 6:00
with everyone signing in and contributing $3.00 per ride.
This will be collected before we leave.
These monies will go to a local Charity or Group
of our choice donated at the end of the season. Currently
the Penns Valley Hope Fund, Penns Valley Conservation
Association, Millheim Pool, East Penns Valley Library
and P.A.W.s are on the list.
Each Wednesday we will try and take a different ride
ranging from 15-20 miles.
Riders are welcome to go further, faster, shorter, slower
or just longer. This will be one of the ideas open to change.
Do we all try and stick together, or go where we all want
based on riders abilities? Mountain bike rides are
another option if there is enough interest.
As long as we achieve our goals mentioned above we should
be able to figure out what works after a few rides.
Please come and join us for a Ride,
a few Beers and a chance to get to
know the Valley and your neighbors!