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Gabriel Nguyen
Ms. Holt
Eng. 1P; Per. 3
11 February 2016
An Original Greek Myth: First Invention of Technology
It was a wonderful day in the Greek world and Helios was the goddess of the Sun And one day
Gabicious the goddess of Technology just invented a new technology called a computer and
One day today was so beautiful and then after a few hours later a thunderstorm came and it
interrupts the invention of the first technology from Gabicious, so Gabicious tries to tell the
creator of Thunder which is Zeus and he told him hey I'm trying to invent here and then they
buy came up with an idea, Their Idea was to work together to make a computer but, to make a
computer work Gabicious said, it needs electricity and they only god that have a power of
electricity is Zeus, and the Zeus use his thunderbolt and make electricity through the electric box
that they make and then suddenly it did not work, because Zeuss thunderbolt is too powerful
and it created too many electricity and the computer that Gabicious made doesnt need that
much electricity to power that thing up, o they came up with the idea that they would try a
different idea that the goddess of the sun Helios to shine the sunlight to the solar panel that
they designed after the idea about using Zeus thunderbolt to power the Computer up didnt
work. So they sent far to find the goddess of the sun and there was no hope yet. They kept
walking far far and they end up walking through the hot desert and passing a lot of dangerous
animals like the snake. After Many miles of walking, they started to get tired and they went to
find a lake to drink but they cant find any so far. After many Miles of walking, they pass the
desert and enter the rain forest, and there is the place that has rivers and lakes because the

1. Nguyen

rainforest is they place that rains a lot and that that means if it rains a lot then there must be a
lake nearby to drink out of and there was. After all that drinking, they all started to continue their
journey to find the goddess of the sun and it was still a long journey because they dont know
where the goddess of sun lives. After walking far again, they end up in a village and in the
village, the goddess of tech ask one of the villagers where is the goddess of the sun located,
and they answered they located on the highest mountain. So they went off and finally they saw
the goddess of the sun and he is very nice and Gabicious ask the goddess of the sun to help
him power up the computer of his and he did what he is told and they are very happy about their
computer invention.

Three of the four characteristics included:

X Explains a natural phenomenon (i.e. earthquakes, thunder, etc.) or creation of something
Depicts a struggle between good and evil characters
X Show a relationship between mortals and the supernatural
X Sometimes depicts a heros quest to accomplish a great feat
26/30 pts.
Includes at least one Olympic god and an accurate depiction of him or her.
5/5 pts.
Labeled characteristics and Olympic god
5/5 pts.
36/40 pts.

1. Nguyen