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My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is related to my personal experiences as life-long student. It

pertains to my own personal success over the many trials and tribulations I faced
throughout the development of my own life spanning across my childhood and well into
my adulthood, and how due to the support and mentorship I received from my teachers
along the way, I was able to overcome such hardships and be in the blessed, fortunate
position I am in today.
As an educator my objective is to maintain the same and constant high level of efficiency
and passion that I have towards the hospitality industry, and transfer it in a manner that
will promote student success above all.
My personal experiences, as someone who was a struggling student and knows first hand
the difficulty of education and school can be. That is why it is of great personal belief
that fostering a supportive and dynamic learning community is of great importance and a
direct reflection of me as an educator and as a responsible community member.
Education supplies students with the foundation and building blocks needed to construct
their own future, and that is why the education that students receive plays a vital role in
how their future will be shaped and determined.
I firmly believe that education and school should be a warm and welcoming place.
Assessing students needs and interests is the first step in order for active participation
and success. Further I believe in the students individual ability to learn, as long as they
are provided with a passionate and most of all, dedicated, educator.

Miracles are disguised by hard-work Dwayne Kearney