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Chapter 32

1. What had been offered for Becky and Tom? Public prayers had been offered up
for them
2. On which day did the village to its rest? Tuesday night
3. Where were the kids in the first half hour? Judge Thatchers house.
4. Where did Tom lay? Upon a sofa
5. How many avenues did Tom walk through to see daylight? Three avenues
6. What did he see when he put his head through a hole? He saw the broad
Mississippi rolling by
7. In what did man come by the kids after they were outside the cave? In a skiff
8. What is the German word for the answer of question 7? Ruderboot
9. How long have the kids been in the cave? Three days and three nights
10. By which day did Tom get all his strength back? On Saturday
11. When did Becky leave her room? Sunday
12. What day was Huck allowed to visit Tom? Saturday
13. What did Judge Thatcher do with the cave? A big door sheathed with boiler and
triplelockedand he got the keys.
14. What did Tom tell the Judge? That Injun Joes in the cave

Chapter 33

What was the name of the cave? McDougals cave

Where was Tom? He was in the skiff that bore Judge Thatcher
Who did they find when the cave door was opened? They found Injun Joe
What was wrong with the bowie knife? The bowie knife was broken in two
What had the person who was found eaten? Half dozen bits of candle & bats
leaving only their claws.
6. Where was Injun Joe buried? Near the mouth of the cave
7. Where is the money hidden? The money is in the cave.
8. What cant Huck do since he takes pills? He cant walk more than a mile
9. How do the boys get into the cave? They got into the cave by a hole
10. What is the name of the gang and who besides Tom and Huck are in it? Tom
Sawyers Gang and Joe Harper and Ben Rogers besides Tom and Huck are in it.
11. What is the German word for ransom? Lsegeld
12. Inside the cave Tom told Huck to look around the corner to see what? A cross
13. What does Tom think the money is hidden? Under the rock
14. How heavy was the box? Fifty Pounds
15. What were the boys doing on the skiff on their way back? They eat and smoke
16. What does Tom tell the Welshman when he asked was in the wagon was? He told
old metal was in the wagon
17. What did Mr. Jones and the widow buy for Huck? Two new suits of clothes -shirts,

Simon Deis

Chapter 34

What did Huck want to do after the widow left the room? He wants to flee
Who comes to the room? Sid
For who is the party? For the Welshman and his sons
Who gave a speech? Mr. Jones
Who gave Huck a home? The widow
What does Tom say about Huck wealth? He is rich
How much money did Huck and Tom have together? Twelve thousand.

Chapter 35
1. How often are Toms and Hucks name mentioned in this chapter?
Tom: 33

Huck: 16

Simon Deis