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Carlos Alban
Professor Avery Jones
English 401
21, May, 2016

A video game is a computer program created for entertainment, based on
the interaction between one or more persons and an electronic device. Playing
video games has become a popular activity for people of all ages. Some games
connect to the Internet, which allows children and teenagers playing online with
adults and strangers and be part of online communities. It could make people
become violent?
Some studies show that video games are good for different reasons: one
of these is the development of skills, help to avoid the stress and one of the most
popular reason in this times is play video games not only for fun many teenagers
look at video games like a shape to get money while they get fun, we can say
that play video games is a job
Sadly, according to negative reaction of many people, the video games
that before were to entertainment now are labeled as bad habit (vice). But
nowadays children who play video games with responsible behavior could
develop skills. Children that play shooters video games can develop more the
hand eye coordination that produce that you can react faster , strategy games


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can help you to streamline the mind and think like a strategist person, other can
help to improve the concentration, play videos games is not always be sit in a
chair for hours some consoles (Wii) allow to the user move for example a tennis
video game make that you jump, move your body and for consequent you
exercise your muscles also play video games can beneficial when you want meet
cultures from other countries, play online games can help you to know how other
people live in other countries. The RPG video games (Role Playing Game) force
you to work the mind and consequently it improves creativity and to solve
problems in stressful situations. Also improve the visual attention in class and to
take difficult decisions quickly. Then some video games are an important part in
the life of a child, because when a child sits in front of a video game console and
start playing he can be whatever he wants to be for example a child who has as
hero a fiction character the child learn the goods things of him.
Second, stress is a feeling of physical or emotional tension. It can come
from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous.
(Eslasalu) Studies conducted by American universities show that video games
can offer benefits for physical and mental health which makes them an excellent
anti-stress drugs. The scientists say that video games have beneficial health
effects and now are used as a tool for physical and occupational therapy in many
patients. The Journal of Cyber therapy and Rehabilitation published a study on
the positive effects of playing video games like changes in alpha activity of the
frontal areas of the brain that were associated with improve of mood and mental
Third, some online communities win money selling skins weapons like the
site OPskins (steam powered), where the users of video games like counter strike


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global offensive sell skins weapons. They could win a lot of money and it is
another economy alternative, other people that dedicated many hours playing
one video games and are really good are recruited by companies (red bull,
NVidia, intel, others) that promoted him, at the same time the company win

Fig. 1 skins weapons. photograph

Fig. 2 earned money. photograph

Play video games in uncontrolled way could produce addiction and tend to
make people be violent. In some cases, children dont differentiate real life with
the virtual life. Video games could produce addiction that can be harmful in the
life, for example you lose how to interact with others, also can be bad for your
health, stay sit in a bad position many hours in front a monitor can produce back
pain and in extreme cases deformations

Fig. 4 fights between boys. Photograph

Fig. 5 addiction in children. photograph


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Some children who play video games could improve the social
relationships with foreign people and learn another language, Video games that
improve the level of English are the RPG and adventure, these allow you to play
'online' with young people from other countries, as players often communicate
with them in English. A study by the University of Helsinki shows that Finnish
students of high school that play video games regularly have better level of
English who play little or never
In spite of, play video games responsible could help you to development
skills like visual, motorist, mental, also to avoid the stress and an alternative
economy. for these reasons they are that children and young people play video
games. In my opinion video games have been a great help for me because 10
years ago I was very distracted in class and my reflexes were bad, now I play
videos games every day 3 or 4 times a day and I develop skills like visual and
motorist, my reflexes are good also I learn some words in other languages. The
video games are a learning tool for children, teenagers and adults.


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