Best Of All It Looks Better Than That As Seen On TV Thing!

___________ Things You Will Need ___________ 1.Seeds (Use what you like and want to plant ) Tomatoes, Basil, Lettuce,Peppers, Tomatoes, Chives ...Etc 2.Potting Soil, Top Soil 3.Hanging Basket. Round/Square,Oval .... It doesn't mater and the plants don't care, Simply esthetic at this piont. 4.Someting to hang it from, porch, window, carport, 5. Place for it to grow. ( depending on your seeds, read the sun requirements on the package)

Plants: I've chosen Tomatoes,Basil,Strawberries They require about the same amount of sun. So Here We Go...Put your Helmet On.

I'm using one Tomato Plant picked up from a local Home Improvement Place .... No; Not that one. Planting mix (Just your standard Top Soil with pooh! ) Again not from that place! As you can see in the picture, the Tomato is a Sweet 100. They ripen quickly Bursting with sugary flavor. Fruits produce in long clusters. (like a chain) Perfect for what we are doing here.

OK, The plant hanger(perfect for two) can be found at your local discount closeout store. And the planting Basket. 1. Get something to cut this strange matter with, I found a razor worked good. 2. Cut a small hole in the bottom, big enough to get two fingers in. (2"inches)

Like so!

Take the plant into hand, and strangle it to death push the leaves upward.

Lay it on a wet paper towel, and roll it up like a soft taco. Careful not to use to much force or the beef will fall out.

LIke So

Now poke the soft taco threw the hole we made in the strange matter. Take off the Paper Towel. Save it, we'll need it again.

Save The Towel

Split the Towel into two, and roll it back up like a Burrito this time. Wrap it loosely around the base of the root ball.(not tightly) We need the Towel to lift and separate the rot ball from the Planter. And also to act as a plug.

Pack the soil tightly around the root ball. Tightly, We don't want this thing to plop out when it get full of Tomatoes.

Fill it half way up with soil and split the root ball open to let it start growing.

TopSide: Use your fingers and dig down abut half way. Add you complement Plants.



Strawberries: Look It's almost ripe!

And there you have it. Cost effective Attractive A Conversation Piece A Masterpiece

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