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AAR 4 BayNet Bay Area Library and Information Network Fall 2000 President's Message by Gilles Poitras This is my first message to you as president of BayNet. I have been on the board for some time as the Internet ‘Advisor and will continue in that capacity while holding the office of president. It has been interesting to watch the changes in BayNet since I joined the board as the Inter-Library Loan chair in 1993. BayNet has kept abreast, often ahead, of technological developments which have changed the shape of libraries today. This has been reflected in our highly popular web related workshops covering a wide range ‘of subject from elementary HTML to CGI scripting. The BayNet board is continuing to provide workshops and activities on a large variety of topics to assist our membership improve their skills and services to patrons. But to be able to do this we need to know what your interests are. There are two Way’ to let us know, one is to contact us directly, the other is to post questions and comments to the BayNet email list. Using the list is actually preferred as it allows other members to add com- ‘ments on your posting giving the board a broader view of our needs. If you do not presently subscribe to the BayNet list suggest you do so. It is not very busy so you will not have a dramatic increase in email as a result of subscribing, in fact any increase will be slight. The list is also a good place to find out about workshops and events in the Bay Area as we post notices for our events and the events of other organizations there. For instructions on how to subscribe go to the web page at: http:!/ html In This Issue: New Webweaver Book Review: Being Analog BayNet welcomes Lauren Cuttler as our new Mills College Book Celebrates Webweaver for 2000-01. Every year BayNet Napa Hostess awards a stipend for maintaining our web site toa student in a graduate library program. Thanks go Annual Treasurer's Report to Lori Lindberg for ably filling this slot last year. California Millenium Conference To see Lauren's web site work you may go to Inter Alia: The $800 internet http://senna.sjsu.edw/main/lauren/homepage. htm Station BayNet Bay Area Library and Information Network Fall 2000 Book Review Crawford, Walt. Being Analog: Creating Tomorrow's Chicago: American Library Association, 1999. by Susan Garbarino Reference/Instructional Services Librarian Mills College This is the most recent book by Walt Crawford, author of several books on libraries and technology, including Future Libraries: Dreams, Madness, and Reality which he co-authored with Michael Gorman in 1995. This book revisits many of the same topics as Future Libraries, and cogently argues the case for main- taining many of libraries traditional roles while at the same time moving into new directions. Crawford seeks to strike a balance between print & digital collections, new and traditional services, remote and on-site access and many other issues fac- ing libraries today. By so doing, he gives librarians in all types of libraries intelligent responses to man- agers & administrators who believe the library of the future should be reduced to search engines and all digital collections. The book is divided into four sec- tions. “Being Analog” discusses how and why the future of information storage will continue to be a mixture of analog and digital resources in multiple formats. “Libraries and Librarians” highlights how libraries are and will continue to be complex places serving a variety of user populations with a variety of services and formats. “Resources and Users” differ- entiates among various types of media and how users relate to and use them. Creating Tomorrow's Libraries states why cataloging “still counts" and how libraries can create partnerships with related institutions and new roles for themselves in the future. Some of Crawford's points which I found interesting were: New media create new niches. A good use of a new medium takes advantage of what that medium does well rather than trying to copy an old medium. Libraries matter even though they are not large play ers in the marketplace. For books and libraries to be important they don't need to be the number one source for people to get their information. One of the primary roles of many libraries is as a shared physical space for a community, be it on 2 college campus or in a public library. This need wil not disappear. People like ch es, so new media tend to coexist with old media for a long time. I also especially enjoyed the chapter on numeracy and common sense which discussed how to look at sta- tistics with a critical eye. Crawford paints future libraries as complex and varied places, mixing for- mats, access and services more than ever before. He depicts a rich and varied information landscape, with people getting answers from a variety of sources and formats. 1 enjoyed reading this book (as well as his earlier book, Future Libraries) and ‘would recommend it to librarians as an antidote to the vision of an all digital future. woecccce Membership Renewal Reminder ©) It’s time to renew your membership in BayNet. Membership runs from July 1, 2000 to June 30, 2001. Membership may be as an individual for $50, for all staff of a library $75 or as a student $20. Send your membership dues to Peggy Watson at ‘Advanced Information Management, P.O. Box 391210, Mountain View, CA 94039-1210. eeccccccce ecccccccce werecccccccccccce ATT BayNet N Bay Area Library and Information Network Fall 2000 Mills College Book Celebrates Napa Hostess hhe Mills Center for the Book announces the launching of a new book, its fourth fine press publication. The limited edition is entitled A Salon at Larkmead and is authored by Drew Sparks and Sally Kellman, longtime researchers on papers of the Hitchcock family. The book was designed and printed by Peter Rutledge Koch of Berkeley, CA. According to Special Collections Curator and Director of the Mills Center for the Book, Janice Braun, “A Salon at Larkmead chronicles in a highly readable, atmospheric fashion, loosely following the seasons,” a life of privilege in late nineteenth century Napa Valley, interspersing colorful sele: swith newspaper accounts, letters, _ photo- ‘graphs and even recipes from the time, "Martha Hitchcock was the moth- et of legendary Lillie Hitchcock Coit," said Braun, “and Lillie was San Francisco's most celebrated bohemian hostess, with connections to literati such as Ambrose Bierce and Joaquin Miller. Martha was obsessed with her daughter, and a cynical observer of contemporary manners. She characteristically named her Napa ranch Lonely, while Lillie's was called Larkmead.” In one excerpt from the diary, Martha Hitchcock recounts how a mountain cat had been caught in a trap at Lonely. "Jim made a cage and brought it to Larkmead, and we gave it grapes and sugar to eat.” The publication process itself is part of the allure of this book. The text was produced via letterpress and the over 40 photographic reproductions are duo- tones. The book was bound by hand. The cost is $275 per book for the limited run of 250 books For more information, contact Janice Braun at (510) 430-2047. Mills College is located at 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94613. For recorded directions, call (510) 430-3250, COO" ANNUAL TREASURER'S REPORT 7/1/99 through 6/30/00 by Peggy Watson Category Description INCOME 99 180.00 Dues 8,815.00 Prof. Development 7,285.00 TOTAL INCOME 16,280.00 EXPENSES Annual Meeting 1124.47, Board Mettings 5852 Database 11250 Directory 59.14 Donations 180.00 Membership Newsletter 1,563.50 Prot. Development 603421 Website 500.00 Miscellaneous TOTAL EXPENSES 10,960.21 TOTAL INCOME - EXPENSES 5319.79 Bank Balance $19,074.36 \, BayNet California Millennium Conference, Part II By Peggy Watson CMC Planning Committee The headline speakers for the California Millennium Conference to be held November 11th have been confirmed. Kevin Starr, California State Librarian and noted historian, will open the morning session with his keynote address, "Honoring the Past" Opening the afternoon session will be John Perry Barlow, speaking on the "Net-Induced Social Revolution”, Together with Lotus's Mitch Kapor, he founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the pre- mier organization fighting for online freedom of expression and privacy. Barlow is currently a fellow at Harvard University’s Beckman Center for Internet & Society. His articles have been published in Wired, George, Microtimes and elsewhere The keynote speaker at the end of the day will be Watts Wacker whose topic will be, "How to Be Your Own Futurist!" Wacker has been the resident futur- ist at SRI International since 1995. He is knéwn for his expertise in scenario development and his provocative technique for studying the future prob- ing social, economic, political, and technological change. The author of The Visionary's Handbook, he is also a regular contributor and commentator to the Nightly Business Report on PBS. In addition to the keynote addresses there will be speakers and panelists grouped into three tracks. Track One is "The Library”, Track Two is "Society" and Track Three is "Knowledge". A topic that caught my eye is a speech entitled "Changing the Motor Oil While the Engine's Running: Re-Energizing Today's, Library Professional”, to be given by John Cope, President of John Cope and Associates, an Oregon- based management consulting firm. In today's rapid- ly changing library environment, the speed of tech- nological innovation is causing many to ask the question, “What does the future hold for me and my career?” \\ Bay Area Library and Information Network Fall 2000 Register early, and be sure of getting in. This confer- ence will be well attended. You can find out much, much more on the CMC web site at wwweme- 2000.0rg, or contact me for more information. SoKCice Internet Librarian 2000 Discount Sign up now through BayNet for a discounted rate to the Internet Librarian 2000 Conference in Monte CA held November 6-8, 2000. The discount price is $195.00 for the general conference, $165.00 for the Internet @Schools conference or $230.00 for the combo of bot Internet @Schools and the Internet Librarian Forum general conference. Send your form from the Preliminary Program and payment to Andy Kivel at Diatlo Valley College Library, 321 Golf Club Ra., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 or fax informa- tion to him at (415)391-9015. If you have questions please call Andy at (925) 685-1230 ext. 441 Popular Web Workshop Continues BayNets popular introductory and advanced Webpage creation workshops will resume this Fall. Dates are not yet firmed up, bbut we are aiming for sessions between late October and early December. For your con- venience, sessions have typically been scheduled for Saturday mornings. The intro- ductory class features elements of Webpage design and HTML, and the advanced class focuses on Perl scripting. Once our dates are confirmed, announcements will be posted to the BayNet reflector first, and then to other library-organization reflectors. , BayNet Bay Area Library and Information Network Fall 2000 InterAlia: The $800 Internet Station by Gilles Poitras Cost is becoming an issue as libraries set up more and more computers as Internet stations. Cost is not only reflected in the initial purchase of a computer but also in the labor it takes to configure it for your network, and to load and set up security software. Many inexpensive computers lack reliable hardware suitable for libraries where machines are given heavy use day in and day out for long periods of time. Most inexpensive computers also lack features such as ethemet which are crucial for high speed access to the Intemet. The solution to this is go with machines made by reputable companies with reputations for good equipment and maintenance. But this adds to the price of the final product. Imagine a reliable system which would cost less than a thousand dollars, including everything you need to connect it to an ethernet net- work out of the box. ve Such a system exists, ee = is the iMac. For $799 you get a computer with monitor built in that has ethemet, two USB ports, built-in speakers which can be disabled, two headphone jacks on the front of the unit for easy access, and no fan to cause additional noise. Security is easily configured by using the Multiple Users control panel to set up the iMac to allow access only to certain features of the machine. This control panel allows you to set up multiple accounts, with the simplest arrangement being two accounts, cone for the administrator, the other for the public. Currently the iMac comes pre-loaded with software that includes AppleWorks 6, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, Earthlink Total Access, Quicken Deluxe 2000, QuickTime 4, Bugdom, Nanosaur, Palm Desktop, FAXstf Pro, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Now you can restrict access to some of this software in your Multiple User settings, as well as, add other programs to the machine should your patrons have additional needs. Ifyour library has many immigrant patrons you may ‘want to add to the language abilities of your comput- ers, One little known feature of all Macs since the introduction of System 9 is the ability to allow read- ing and input in several non-roman writing systems. These include Arabic and Persian, Cyrillic (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian), Central European letters not normally found on computers (for Polish, Hungarian, Czech), Indie (Devanagari, Gujarati Gurmukhi, Nepali), Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, and simplified as well as traditional Chinese. These are not pre-loaded on the Mac but can easily be added by doing a custom install from the system CD-ROM disc for the languages of choice, you can even install all of them. Switching between languages is easy through a menu or by key combinations. For more information on the iMac see: http:/! ‘Your library may even qualify for an educational dis- count.! 1 Check out the Baynet Website at: Tce nce ey BayNet AE N Bay Area Library and Information Network Fall 2000 ‘The BayNet Newsletter is published three times a year. ‘The newsletter is free to BayNet members. Submissions from members are welcome. Please contact the editor: Sara O'Keefe | The RREEF Funds 101 California St, 26th Floor } San Francisco, CA 94111 (415) 781-3300, Fax (415) 781-2229 ‘SOKeefe@RREEF com “Membership is open to any library inthe Bay Area For further information, contact the Membership Chai Peggy Watson ‘Advanced Information Systems 881 Casto St Mountain View, CA 94041 (650) 965-7900, Fax (650) 965-7907 pwatson( Graphics by ‘Anne McGillicuddy BayNet WebSite: htp:/Avww.exploratorium.edwBaynet! | BayNet | clo Jo Falcon 3 7 33 672 Prentiss E San Francisco, CA 94110-6130 o Peay Watson (1) franc vomaton Management 881 Castro st Mountain View, CA 94041 e Bay Net Bay Area Library and Information Network Fall 2000 vS vazera aL Watsesdest Pecesteabosllaahtllcesscfatdbastissall tbo