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BayNet News BAY AREA LIBRARY & INFORMATION NETWORK Nora Skrukrud, Editor Crosby, Heafey, Roach & May Summer 1990 BayNet ILL Interest Group ‘The most recent meeting of the BayNet ILL Interest Group was held on February 7 at Contra Costa College Library in San Pablo. We listened to a presentation by Lynn Wiepert, UC-Berkeley, on copyright issues pertaining to libraries and interlibrary loan. There will be a continuation of this workshop at the next meeting. A new subcommittee, headed by Brian Lym, California Academy of Sciences, will work on questions of Fax Protocol with the possibility of preparing a BayNet project and grant proposal by next Winter. Progress reports will be presented at upcoming meetings of the ILL Interest Group. The next meeting is scheduled for July 11, from 1:30 - 3:30, at JFK University in Orinda. Anyone who would like to receive meeting announcements, etc. should contact: Barbara Bernhart, Goethe Institute Library, 415/391-0428. HCNC Tour For BayNet/BALIS Librarians On January 25 BayNet sponsored a library tour of the Holocaust Center of Northern California (HCNC) for 24 BayNet and BALIS librarians. Ten years ago the Bay Area Jewish ‘Community formed the Holocaust Center as a non-profit organization to preserve books, documents, and artifacts collected by survivors and refugees of the Holocaust. Located at 14th and Balboa Streets in San Francisco, the HCNC is part of the larger complex of the Bureau of Jewish Education. The Center is located on the lower floor of the Bureau’s Jewish Community Library. After ten years of growth and development the collection now contains more than 10,000 items which focus exclusively on the Holocaust. The collection includes research projects that document and prepare for distribution detailed information about the Nazi program of Jewish Genocide. A computerized data base and map of Holocaust sites has been developed, as well as an extensive oral history collection of taped and transcribed interviews with survivors, liberators, and others who experiericed the Holocaust. Educational programs organized by HCNC staff include public lectures and in-service workshops for secondary teachers involving media demonstrations and lesson plan development. BayNet tour participants were welcomed and’ introduced to the Center’s staff by HCNC director Joel Neuberg. The tour began with presentations by Mr. Neuberg and his assistant Barney Cohen and continued with a walking tour of the Center. Joanne Swedlow, Director of the Jewish Community Library, conducted a second tour of the larger library on the two floors above the HCNC. Tour participants were then provided time to study the collections of the two libraries and the HCNC displays of art work, poetry, posters, pictures and pamphlets. Annual Meeting "The Walls Come Tumbling!" is the title of this year’s program at the BayNet annual meeting. Opritsa Pope, UC Davis Librarian, will discuss the impact of political change on Romanian libraries. A panel of UC Berkeley and Stanford librarians will provide additional perspectives on the conditions of Eastern European libraries today. The annual meeting will be held at the Goethe Institute in San Francisco on Wednesday, May 16, from 9:00 - 12:00. To RSVP, call Barbara Bernhardt at (415) 391-0428. Small Library Administration Group: The Small Library Administration Group held its meeting on February 2 at JFK University where attendees were given the opportunity to practice presentation skills while being video-taped. Each presentation was reviewed by the group with critiques of content and form that were considered, by the participants, to be quite helpful. No date has yet been set for the next meeting of the group, but an announcement will be made at the annual meeting on May 16th. If you need more information, please call Leo Bald at 415/835-3000, ext. 208. Editor’s Farewell It’s difficult to believe that two years have passed since I first joined the BayNet Executive Committee. I have certainly enjoyed meeting new librarians and new challenges, not the least of which was getting the newsletter published on a semi-regular basis! BayNet is such a terrific way in which we can all expand our horizons, not only from the perspective of shared resources, but also as a way to understand the interesting diversity that exists among librarians. Best of luck to the newly elected Committee members; I know you'll enjoy the experiences and opportunities BayNet makes possible. SALES TO LIBRARIES ONLY FOR SALE LIBRARY FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT Sale Starts April 30, 1990 CARD CATALOGS © Variety of sizes, up to 240-drawer units © Golden oak and medium oak finishes © 30 drawers or less -- $50.00 per case + $2.00 per drawer © Over 30 drawers -- $100.00 per case + $2.00 per drawer © Some table-top cases with drawers at special prices MICROFILM CAMERA UNITS © Recordak RV 1 -- $100.00 © Recordak RV 2 -- $200.00 Buyers arrange for own delivery. For more information call Sumi Yaniashita ‘at 273-3617. Make checks and money orders payable to the Oakland Public Library. Proceeds from sales benefit the Oakland Public Library. OAKLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY 125 14th Street, Oakland, CA 94612