Open Water Training for Adults

presented by Swymnut Masters
Begins July 12th in Novato

July 12 to Aug 21, 2016


Novato High & IVC Pools


$260 non-refundable
$220 for members of
Swymnut Masters
Program cost
underwater video
analysis of your

Program Description

To join our program, participants
must be able to swim 50 yards of
continuous freestyle without fins or
snorkel. Pre-registration is required.
Participants must be current members
of U.S. Masters Swimming.

This program is designed for the adult beginnerintermediate or intermediate-advanced
swimmer to improve their freestyle stroke
mechanics and open water skills to help with the
goal of completing a triathlon or open water
swim. The program is led by experienced U.S.
For complete details on the program visit:
Masters Swimming coaches who are also
competitive open water swimmers. Sessions will
incorporate a series of drills on breathing,
Questions? Contact Coach Cokie Lepinski
alignment in the water and focus on stroke
technique to develop an effective and efficient
freestyle. Our triathletes can expect to expend
less energy retaining more for your bike and
run! All our athletes will receive regular
feedback throughout the program and will have
the opportunity to practice specific open water
skills such as: effective pacing, close-contact
swimming, sighting, drafting, passing, buoy turns,
and race strategies for open water conditions.