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We have gfeat things in mind.


Promotion and Tenure Committee

Gardner-Webb U niversiry
Boiling Springs, NC 28017

Dear Colleagues,
I am sincerely happy to be able to offer my wholehearted endorsemenr of Dr. Jeffrey Hartman's
application for promotion to the rank of Professor. Dr. Hartman has distinguished himself as a campus
leader, a gifted teacher, and a noted professional and scholar in his field. He has invested himself
significantly in the life of Gardner-Webb and our students and, in so many ways, continues to work to
make our University a better place.

During my time at Gardner-Webb, I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Hartman in several
contexts. Dr. Harcman and I served together on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. There
were two important achievements of our time on this committee: the creation of a form and process
to streamline consideration of curricular proposals and the creation of the General Education
Committee. Dr. Hartman played a significant role in both, and he is almost singularly responsible for the
creation of the General Education Committee. Additionally, Dr. Hartman and I served together on the
Administrative Advisory Committee. ln this role, Dr. Hartman advocated several important changes
that improved faculty participation in shared governance including the creation of a membership and
duties list of all committees on which faculty serve. This list is published on the University webpages
and is regularly updated. Dr. Hartman also served as president of the GWU chapter of the American
Association of University Professors which has further advocated for more active participation of faculty
in university decisions pertinent through shared governance.

Dr. Hartman is a model teacher. He has high standards and models professional integrity in all aspects
of his duties as a professor. He invests much time and energy in his students well beyond the general
expectations of faculty. For example, I was honored to pafticipate in a formal dinner that Dr. Hartman
requires for students in his program. At this dinner, students practice professional etiquette in a social
setting. Not only do they become more familiar with the proper ways to use their cutlery, they also
learn something of the art of conversation in a professional context. As far as I am aware, this event is
the result of Dr. Hartman's expectations and aims for the students in his program.
While I do not know all of the many ways that Dr. Haftman is active as a scholar beyond our campus, I
am aware that Dr. Hartman regularly puts his scholarship to work to enrich our community. While I
have not pafticipated in Dr. Hartman's running group, my wife has. She ran a half marathon in 20 I 0 as a
part of the GWU group that Dr. Hartman formed. Dr. Hartman was instrumental in forming the GWU
Wellness Council which he currently chairs. He also is a frequent guest on WGWG programs
addressing health and wellness issues.

P0 Box 997

Boiling Springs, NC 28017

What I have offered above is just a small sample of the many ways that Dr. Hartman has enriched our
community. Personally, I am always challenged by Dr. Hartman to strive even harder for excellence in
my duties at GWU. I am happy to recommend him to you for promotion to the rank of professor and
do so enthusiastically and with great confidence that Dr. Hartman's meritorious service to the
university, our students, and his {ield amply support this promotion.



., _J/
\-1 fAL4/-/7/6/rrA
T. Perry Hild(|th

Professor of Philosophy

Chair of University Faculty