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Corrosion Engineering

Corrosion Engineering & Solutions

for Critical Infrastructure
Our Corrosion Engineering Group provides corrosion
engineering & consulting solutions for protection of
critical infrastructure in gas & oil, water & wastewater,
solar power, and transit sectors. We help ensure
integrity, safety, and appropriate design & operation of
our clients key assets.
Corrosion is one of the leading causes of
infrastructure-related accidents in the world. When
a pipeline or structure fails, the results can be
devastating in terms of loss of life, property damage,
and contamination of the environment. To prevent such
disasters, private firms, and governments have used
corrosion control methods as one of their strongest
weapons in the battle against corrosion failures.
At EN Engineering we offer forward-thinking, longterm solutions that allow our clients to prevent, rather
than react. Because hope is not a strategy, we offer
optimized solutions based upon decades of experience
to preserve infrastructure and protect assets. Potential
for corrosion will always exist, but the harmful effects
of corrosion are avoidable. To prevent corrosion of
your assets, contact the most experienced team in the
industry, EN Engineering.

Overview of Services
Corrosion Surveys
Pipe Condition Assessments
Design Services
Corrosion Monitoring Services
Geospatial Services
Metallurgy & Applied Mechanics
Soil & Water Testing
Other Services

Corrosion Wall Loss and Fitness-for-Service

Atmospheric corrosion inspection, evaluation, and
data management

Pipe Condition Assessments

Records Review
Non-Destructive Inspections
Direct Pipe Inspection & Evaluation
Report and Analysis

Design Services
Cathodic Protection Systems Design, Installation
Oversight, and Commissioning
AC Mitigation Modeling, Design, Installation
Oversight, and Commissioning
DC Stray Current Interference Survey, Design,
Installation Oversight, and Commissioning
Construction Services
Protective Coatings Review, Selection
& Inspection

Corrosion Monitoring Services

Corrosion Surveys
Corrosion Protection System Component Inspection
Close Interval Survey (CIS)
Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) survey
Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) survey
Pipeline Current Attenuation and Mapping (PCM)
Direct assessment and oversight
Pipeline Elevation Profile Survey

Corrosion Monitoring Program Development

On-Site System Survey & Inspection
Remote Monitoring Surveys & Data Collection
Data Analysis and Interpretation
Repair & Maintenance Recommendations
Cathodic Protection Regulatory Monitoring

Geospatial Services
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services
Asset Management Implementation
Alignment Sheet Development
3D Laser Scanning Solutions
As-Built Documentation Solutions
CAD Drafting & Design Services

Corrosion Engineering Services By

the Numbers
16 Offices across United States
700+ Employees Company-Wide
350+ Degreed Engineers
100+ Subject Matter Experts Dedicated to Corrosion, Integrity Management & Metallurgy
40+ NACE-Certified Employees
13th Largest Pipeline Design Firm Per ENR

Metallurgy & Applied Mechanics

Pipe Mill Quantities Purchasing Services
Pipe and Fitting Specifications
Pipe Mill and Steel Mill Audits and Qualifications
Welding Procedure Development and Welder Qualification
Failure Analysis
Engineering Critical Assessment and Fitness-for-Service
Piping and Component Stress Analysis
Laboratory Testing for Mechanical and Chemical Properties

Soil & Water Testing

Soil & Water Corrosivity Testing
Data Evaluation & Interpretation
Reports & Best Practice Recommendations

Other Services
Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony
Classroom Training
Field Training
Construction Oversight

145th Largest Engineering Design Firm Per ENR

8th Fastest Growing Engineering Design Firm
in USA
4 Consecutive Years on INC 5000
Fastest Growing Companies List
50+ Professionally Licensed Engineers
4 NACE-Certified Cathodic Protection
3 NACE-Certified Corrosion Specialists
5 NACE-Certified Corrosion Technologists
9 NACE-Certified Testers/Technicians

American Gas Association (AGA)
American Petroleum Institute (API)
American Society for Testing and Materials
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Water Works Association (AWWA)
American Welding Society (AWS)
Gas Technology Piping Committee (GPTC)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
Midwest Energy Association (MEA)
National Association of Corrosion Engineers
National Center for Construction Education and

Research (NCCER)
Pipeline Research Council International
Pressure Vessel Research Council
Project Management Institute (PMI)
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Southern Gas Association (SGA)

Core Industries
Gas & Oil
Water & Wastewater
Alternative Energy
Marine Structures & Bridges
Government & military
Private Industry
Nuclear & Power

Gas & Oil

Pipeline transportation is one of the safest methods of
delivering natural gas and hazardous liquids. Ensuring
pipelines are operated and maintained in compliance
with federal, state, and local regulations is key to
helping ensure the safety of pipeline operations and
the surrounding public. Our team of professionals has
designed and tested galvanic and impressed current
cathodic protection systems for thousands of miles of
gas and oil pipelines. Our engineers and technicians
perform field surveys of existing systems; troubleshoot
systems; and assist our clients in bringing systems into
regulatory compliance and NACE International criteria.
Our unique expertise with transit systems, stray current
evaluations, compliance audits, and pipeline integrity
services enables us to provide best-in-class services to
our customers because we have the depth and breadth
of experience to handle almost any corrosion issue.

Water & Wastewater

Water and wastewater pipelines are crucial to the
sustainability of life in our modern society. Improperly
protected pipelines are susceptible to corrosion and
failure. Our engineers investigate failures to identify
the specific failure mechanism or combination of
failure mechanisms and to recommend measures that
may eliminate
future failures
and extend the
operating life of
piping systems.
We evaluate
the condition
of existing cast
and ductile
iron, reinforced
concrete, and
steel water
mains. The evaluations include an in-site analysis
of soil corrosivity along the pipeline alignment, the
investigation into potential areas of stray current
interference, close interval and cell-to-cell potential
surveys, corrosion rate measurements, and laboratory
analysis of soil samples. The field and laboratory
data are analyzed in order to ascertain the pipeline
condition and its anticipated remaining life and to
identify corrosion control measures, if appropriate,
that will extend the operational life
of the pipeline.

Alternative Energy
Our engineers assure that design life criteria are met for Alternative
Energy structures by evaluating current material specifications and
the environmental conditions they will be deployed to. Our core
capabilities include custom state-of-the-art corrosion control design
methods for solar and wind
equipment deployments,
coating reviews and
specifications, corrosion
rate measurements, field
and soil analysis. RCC
has performed lifecycle
analysis for Buried Metallic
Structures, Anchors,
Structures, Foundations,
Photovoltaic Solar and
Wind Energy to determine
projected asset life per environmental condition. Our engineers have
worked all over the world on these assessments and have been there
done that for almost every type of deployment imaginable; sea, desert,
tropical and rural environments. Dependable resources, extensive
experience, paired with reliable budgets and schedules are what make
us the premiere corrosion engineering firm in the Alternative Energy market.

Stray current from DC-powered rail transit systems can be detrimental
to the rail and adjacent infrastructure components such as buried
pipelines, utilities, and structures. We provide an array of services
to survey, analyze, and mitigate stray current occurrence related
to rail transit.
We provide
corrosion control
services for transit
vehicles, elevated
track structures,
tunnels, utility
piping, elevators,
and station
we design and
maintain corrosion control systems including cathodic protection,
coatings, track isolation, and bonding systems in order to provide
transit system operators with corrosion-free structures and facilities.
Our experienced team can offer a combination of traditional
and innovative services to ensure a reliable and cost-effective
design solution.

Part of a Bigger Picture

Russell Corrosion and EN Engineering joined
forces in 2014 to create one of the largest
and most experienced integrity services
teams in the United States. With over 100
subject matter experts dedicated to corrosion,
integrity management, and metallurgy, we
support clients nationwide, ensuring safe
operation and longevity of assets. Together,
EN Engineering and Russell Corrosion provide
corrosion engineering and consulting solutions
for protection of critical infrastructure in gas
& oil, water & wastewater, solar power, and
transit sectors. We help ensure integrity,
safety, and appropriate design and operation
of our clients key assets. Our team provides
best-in-class, product-independent solutions
by specifying and implementing designs based
purely upon performance and whats best for
the client.

Complementary Services Include:

Integrity Services
Automation Services
Electrical Engineering
Process Safety Management
Industrial Solutions
Pipeline Engineering

Corrosion Surveys & Studies

Design Services

Our survey personnel consist of NACE certified

engineers and technicians who can perform multiple
tasks such as troubleshooting CP systems and
performing corrosion rate testing. Our clients benefit
from having this level of competency versus just
performing data collection tasks. Whether its a cell
to cell survey,
ACVG survey we
have the technical
capabilities to
perform each
task correctly
while ensuring the
highest level of

We lead the industry in corrosion control solutions.

Our team of over 100 professionals provides a full
menu of cathodic protection and integrity services
to prolong the operable life of pipelines and other
critical infrastructure. Our nationwide growth and
list of repeat customers are testament to our quality,
effectiveness, and value of services. We provide a
proven and methodical approach where we inspect,
evaluate, remediate, and prevent corrosion issues with
your assets and ensure a long-term solution backed
by unparalleled experience. For complete corrosion
control solutions, contact the most experienced team
in the industry.

AC Mitigation Services
Pipelines installed in right of way (ROW) parallel to high voltage
electrical transmission lines may be subject to electromagnetic
induction and conductive interference. The effects of this electrical
interference can result in accelerated external corrosion of pipelines
and possible shock hazards for pipeline operators. Federal code
mandates that operators must have a program to identify, test, and
minimize the detrimental effects of stray current. Our team has
the experience and a wide array of tools to provide effective AC
mitigation solutions, ensuring safe operation and longevity of
your pipelines.

Soil & Water Testing

We have the resources to provide all required analytical services,
ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. In
addition, soil corrosion testing and monitoring services are provided
in accordance with National Association of Corrosion Engineers
(NACE) industry standards. We have performed thousands of test
samples for clients around the globe. The results of our data enable
us to not only provide our clients the best recommendations to suit
their needs, but also adds to our best-practice database allowing
us to continue to build a world-class foundation for future corrosion
designs. Upon completion of testing,
our qualified corrosion engineers
will provide you with a written
report detailing conclusions and
recommendations for your
specific corrosion concerns.

For more information please contact us at:
or contact office at 410-997-4481

Tailored Solutions
to Meet Your Needs
CP System Design for Oil & Gas Pipelines
CP System Design for Water/Wastewater
CP System Design for Sheet Piling, Dams,
and Piers
CP System Design for Tanks & Pressure Vessels
CP System Field Evaluation for New Structures
CP System Troubleshooting for Existing
Close Interval (CIS) Surveys
Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Surveys
Alternating Current Voltage Gradient
(ACVG) Surveys
Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM) Surveys
Cell-to-Cell Surveys
External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)
Pipe Condition Assessments for Water/
Wastewater Pipelines
AC Mitigation Design Services
Federal/State Compliance Audits
Expert Witness Testimony
Corrosion Rate Studies
Corrosion Process Studies
Corrosion Material Selection and Evaluation
Corrosion Data GIS Integration
CP Stray Current Evaluation & Design
Transit Stray Current Evaluation & Design
CP System Monitoring
Coating System Evaluation and Inspection
Coating Selection
Soil and Water Testing for Corrosivity
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
Customized Corrosion Training Programs
Isolation Valves
Natural Gas Vehicle (CNG) Fueling Facilities
Cathodic Protection Systems
Fire & Gas Detection Systems
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Asset Management Systems
Asset Tracking & Trace-Ability Systems
Construction Phase Services
River & Rail Crossings
Post Installation Testing

Published 11/2014

Russell Corrosion is a wholly owned

subsidiary of EN Engineering. LLC

EN Engineering is a dedicated group of engineering professionals with decades of experience providing

highest value innovative engineering solutions in the natural gas, liquids, power and processing industries
that meet our clients needs, while consistently maintaining the highest level of ethics and integrity.
Our success is achieved through the valued contributions of our talented and diverse employees.
EN Engineerings mission is to build and sustain long-term mutually beneficial client relationships
and to grow as a leading engineering firm providing