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Pidilite Industries

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Company Background
Pidilite was established as a partnership firm with Parekh
Dyechem Industries in 1961
Name changed to PDI industries after merger with
Kondivita Industries in 1989.
Pidilite has become the largest manufacturer of adhesive.
Pidilites mainstay of earnings is consumer and
industrial adhesives and sealants.
Fevicol is companys largest brand.

Expansion of product portfolio has lead it to be recognized as
a leading FMCG player
Company has in total 40 brands spanning 400 industrial and
consumer products.
Some leading brands fevicol, parcol, fevibond, fevikwik,
pidifix, pidivyl, pidiseal.
It has launched several new products in last few years like
fevistick, feviseal.

Regional brands
Small players in unorganized sector
Large companies like Jubilant

PIL Export Internationally To

Middle east

Analysis of

main strength is their strong marketing/
advertising skills.
Fevicol is an immensely strong brand. It is so strong
that anything that has a prefix 'Fevi' to it sells
without any effort by the shopkeeper.
Pidilite earns 50% plus revenues from adhesives
segment (Fevicol, M-Seal etc) whose brands have
excellent recall value.


The management seems to be a bit overconfident
about their advertising skills.
Pidilite seems to have strong R&D capabilities when
it comes to adhesives and home construction/care.
But for the rest, they seem to depend on
Pidilite has grown its net profit at only 18% CAGR
in the past 10 years.

One can see signs of '3M of India' in Pidilite. And 3M is a
$60 billion company. Pidilite can become a 'big' company if
things go well.
Growth in the retail sector in India is a positive for Pidilite,
especially the future growth of home specific stores like Home
Town and Home Stop.


50% of their revenues are from adhesives/sealants and the raw

material for this is petrochemicals which in turn is dependant
on crude oil prices.
There is obviously a threat from the asli 3M and small scale
industries. Most of products made by Pidilite doesn't require a
nuclear reactor.

Do you know about pidilite?
What comes to your mind, when
asked about fevicol?
Are you aware about the others
products of pidilite
Sample survey: 10

Do you know about pidilite


YES 30%
NO 70%

What comes to your mind,when asked about fevicol

Bonding a fevicol attribute

Creative advertisment
Consistent quality
Easy availability
Excellent customer relationships

Are you aware about the others products of




Advertise about the company and its products - it motivates
individuals to purchase product
Try to sell the product which the consumer requires at
that movement
Improve the efficiency in operations
Tap the rural market where there is large potential
Make products more straight forward - reduce complexities

Current Scenario
The Company achieved 21.8% growth in net sales
Earnings before interest, taxes, exceptional items and foreign
exchange differences, grew by 23.9% over the last year.
Profit after tax grew by 14.1% over the last year

Marketing New Initiatives

& Products

Introduction of DDL XT Booster, an innovative formula to give exterior

durability to distemper
Wudfin Ezeestain, a water based wood stainer.
Extending the range of offering in waterproofing, Enhanced version of
Dr. Fixit LW, was re-launched as Dr. Fixit LW+ with better
corrosion resistance.
Fevicol Marine, a waterproof adhesive, was relaunched successfully this
year with a new look and an integrated campaign including The radio,
outdoor and below the line activation.
Company expanded its product range for HVAC(Heating, Ventilation
and Air conditioning system) applications.

PILs product ranges

Stationary range: fevicol MR,
Acron range: rangeela, wax, crayons
Fevicry /Hobby Idea Range: acrylic
colors, fevirat magazine
Maintenance Range: Fevikwik, All fix,
Shoe fix
Fabricare Range: Ranipal stain,
Kids Art Range: Safe finger paints,

HowdidFevicolbecomeFevicol- The Brand?

65 percent of furniture production in India is out of wood .

The carpenters play a vital role in deciding which adhesive to
Help carpenters realize the importance of using quality products.
Maintaining close contact with its primary target audience

Fevicol As A Brand
Fevicol ads have played a crucial role in the
phenomenal success of the brand.
Has become the largest selling adhesive in
Asia and is present in over 50 countries.
The earthy humor in Fevicol ads brings a
smile to everyone's face.
Fevicol has also kept itself relevant through
repackaging of variants.
Strong advertising and distribution has
made fevicol a household name.

Question no#1
Does fevicol qualify as a brand
bigger than company? What might
be the implications of this? What are
the possible solutions?

Oldest brand
Higher recall
Popular among consumers and
carpenters alike
Enjoys higher confidence as a brand
Propelled by imaginative ads and

Marketing strategy for other brands
become centric to the successful
Customer loyalty towards the brand.
Benefits the company in long run.
Company shares a positive equity.

Promotional activities for other
brands for strong positioning
Creating awareness among the mind
of customer by associating it with

Question no#2
Comment: should the brand fevicol
be extended? If yes, then when,
where, how should this be done?

"Fevicol" as a name itself is commonly used as a
metaphor for strong bonding or stubborn stickiness.
Extension due to already being a successful brand.
Fevicols popularity due to creative marketing strategy
including successful marketing campaigns.
Awareness of Extension could be created through
other channels like fevicol furniture books, fevicol
champions club which are already launched in market.

Successful brand and line extention

like fevistick, feviquick, fevicol MR.
It could also be launched as a
product that could be used multipurposely using the prefix Fevi.
Capturing high market share by
promoting globally.

When it should be extended?

Jan march,

From the month of jan to march,

there is a demand for paint related products due to
festivals like Id and holi , when people paint their

April june , With the start of financial year , many

new schemes are introduced . Products like fevicol SH
and fevicol SR 900,sell well during these months.

July approaches, sales takes a dip. Due to

monsoon, there is no painting of houses.

August December, demand rises again due to

festive and matrimonial season, where people paint their
houses , goes for new furniture & other renovations.