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The Two


Nature/God is over
Man/Woman >


Man/Woman is over
Government >

Government is over
Corporation >

Corporation is over

Natural Man/Woman

Artificial Person

Human Being, Living Factual Entity, Creditor,

Flesh & Blood, Sentient, With Spirit
status naturales
John: Doe

Legal Person, Dead Fictional Entity, Debtor,

Creature of the 'Law', Without Senses
universitates bonorum

The Universe

The Empire

Planet, Earth, Freedom

Realm, State, Kingdom



Innate Human Rights

'Divine Right of Papacy'

Unalienable Rights, un-a-lien-able rights

to the World & Souls, unam sanctam 1302

Endowed by Creation

& 'Divine Right of Kings'

Universal Birth Rights

Proclaimed Birth Rights

Govern by Right

Rule by Claim

True Republic / Democracy

By the People, Of the People, For the People,
Equal Representation and Protection in Law
(People's sElections)

Monotheism, Militarism,
Moneism, Monarchism,

> Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Plutocracy

(Family Bloodlines)

Common Law

Lawful (De jure)


Legal (De facto)

Law of the Land

Natural Law, Trial by Jury, Peoples Law

Law of the Sea

Admiralty Maritime Commercial Law,

< Charters of Liberty: Magna Carta 1215,

Petition of Right 1627, Habeas Corpus 1640,
Bill of Rights 1688

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code),

Law Merchant, Contract Law, King's Law,
Roman Canon Law, Ecclesiastical Law

Precepts & principles serving People

Rules & regulations serving Commerce

To live honourably; to hurt nobody;

to render to everyone his/her due.

Statutes, Acts, Codes, Rulings, Orders,

Charges etc. are Offers Of Contract

Common Law: what is Right or Wrong

Statutory Law: what is Legal or Illegal

Decided by The People (Jury)

Enacted by Government (Acts)

Uncodified/Procedural/Precedential/Case Law

Codified/Prescribed/Written/Substantive Law

Only Common Law upholds JUSTICE

Crime can exist without a victim

Victims are due fair compensation

Debts must be paid for violations/sins



Common Laws apply equally to ALL

Statutes are given the force of law

of the People, being created EQUALLY

by the CONSENT of the governed



People, Natural Man/Woman, John: Doe

> Capitis Diminutio Minima = rights taken min.
sui juris = own master, not under legal disability
Mankind = Man/Woman

Persons, Artificial Person, JOHN DOE

> Capitis Diminutio Maxima = rights taken max.
obligatio = bonded, pledged, being legally liable
Government = corporation/church

A Living Entity

A Legal Entity

sui juris free man/woman: fisher, grower, writer

ens legis juristic person: Judge, Taxpayer, Driver

Record of Live Birth

Certificate of Birth

Affidavit of Life for a Living Man/Woman,

Sovereign Man/Woman, Living Fact,

Registered Title of an Artificial Person,

Corporate Strawman, Legal Fiction,

Evidence of Life outside the Government

Tradename created & owned by Government

Sui juris John: Doe is the Beneficiary

of the Trustee Government by Lawful Right
in the Express Trust (Cestui Que Vie trust)

Government is the Beneficiary and Employer

of ens legis Trustee JOHN DOE by Legal Right
in the Express Trust (Cestui Que Vie trust)

Innate Rights & Freedoms

Given Privileges & Benefits

that cannot be taken away (unalienable).

that can be taken away (usufruct).

All Human Beings are born free and equal in dignity

and rights. They are endowed with reason and
conscience and should act towards one another in
a spirit of brotherhood. Article 1, UDHR 1948

Human Being. Monster. A human being by birth, but in

some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath
no inheritable blood and cannot be heir to any land.
Ballentine's Law Dictionary 1930

Natural Man/Woman Lives in freedom

Artificial Person is played by an Actor

Autograph: The Living Identification, established

with a declaration (i.e. 'Authorised Agent', 'By:')

Signature: A signer is the 'accommodation party'

to the Legal Entity invoking 'joinder' by consent

Bearing Responsibilities

Under Licences & Taxes

Private Sovereign in de jure Jurisdiction

Public Servant in de facto Jurisdiction

(sua vi suaque sponte) with their Autograph

(actorum sive syndicum) has a Signature

The Medium

The Commodity

Money is innate credit

Money is created as debt

as the value of Human Energy

as a product of Sweat Equity

A medium of exchange

A commodity per interest

Common issuance of money:

Monopoly issuance of money:

Full Reserve Banking, Local Currencies,

all interest-free instruments of credit

Fractional Reserve Banking,

all interest-bearing instruments of debt

Open process of Lawful Contract:

Bank Loan is Fraudulent Contract:

Full Dislcosure, Valuable Consideration, Lawful

Terms & Conditions, Autographs of both parties.

Banks provide no Valuable Consideration,

and practice securitisation without consent.

John: Doe is Secured Party Creditor

JOHN DOE is Liable Debtor

Trade & Contracts are needs-based

Trade & Contracts are profit-based

> fairness > honour > trust > security

> greed > dishonour > distrust > insecurity

Promotes earned, productive

Promotes unearned, unproductive

wealth through service

wealth through speculation

Government does not incur debt

Government debt increases tax

to fund public services, so less taxation

burden until impossible sovereign debt

Economies are unique groups

Unique economies are degraded

sustained by unique currencies

and subsumed by currency union

Localisation (community building):

Globalisation (national disintegration):

Complementary currencies, barter, community

networks & markets, Fair Trade (equitable)

Currency union, outsourcing, deregulation,

'resource' exploitation, 'Free' Trade (monopolies)

Wealth remains where created

Wealth is transferred upward

in communities and nations

within and between nations

Promotes equality, social justice,

Increases inequality, social injustice,

political stability and peace

political unrest and war

Lowers birth-rates in third-world

Causes high birth-rates in third-world

due to improved health and living standards

due to debt > povety > low health standards

Strengthens ethical government,

Leads to the corruption of politics,

democratic statute-making, and unbiased media

undemocratic statute-making, and biased media

Less military, more peace-time focus

Builds military and police state

Steady, stable economy

Perpetual economic growth

without debt-based growth imperative

necessary to service interest-bearing debt

Balanced money supply

Exponential debt

promotes human and natural stability

drains all human and natural resources

Money circulates like blood

Money bleeds out like blood

Inherently supports Life

Inherently destroys Life

Living Economy

Deadly Economy

Error & Omissions Excepted

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